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Daily Digest May 23, 2011

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LUNDI 23 MAI 2011


Becky asks:
"When was war declared against Libya???? "

War was declared against Libya under a United Nations motion and a Canadian House of Commons motion
which were to institute a "no-fly zone" to prevent the government of Libya from using air power against civilians.

Canada signed up for three months.

A question:

What Canadian interests would be served by signing up again?

Libya - Great Man Made River Project http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qogT-DDKHgQ&feature=related

Why Is NATO Really In Libya? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPmlUFAXvdU&feature=related

Another question;

Will decisions concerning the North American Security Perimeter flow from these meetings?

Britain, U.S. form new body to fight terror, share intel


From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  When was war declared against Libya????
Canada orders 1,300 smart bombs
$100,000-apiece weapons to be used in Libyan mission
By David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen May 18, 2011
Read more: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/Canada+orders+smart+bombs/4800544/story.html#ixzz1MjbFdDhZ

As the Libyan war enters its third month the Defence Department has quietly ordered more than 1,300 laser-guided smart bombs.
The department could not provide comment about the purchase of the 500-pound Paveway bombs, but sources confirmed the new stocks are for the Libyan campaign, to replace those already dropped and for future missions against the North African country.
No details were provided about how much the purchase will cost taxpayers.
But John Pike, director of the Washington-based defence think-tank GlobalSecurity.org said the smart bomb cost about $100,000 each.
Pike said he wasn't surprised that Canada is ordering more of the bombs, since reports have been circulating for several weeks that NATO nations taking part in the Libyan war are running out of weapons.
"It seems to me that Canada is not alone in misunderstanding its munitions requirements," he said. "What kind of war did Canada think it was going to fight? Did they think this war was going to be over quickly or that the Americans would drop all the bombs?"
But Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola, the chairman of NATO's military committee, has denied that the alliance's member countries are running low on ammunition.
Pike said the Paveway system is not expensive by itself, but without it the fighter aircraft are not as effective. For the Libyan war, the Canadian Forces' CF-18 fighters have been using Paveway GBU-12 bombs, the same type that was used by Canada during the 1999 bombing campaign over Kosovo.
The Paveway system consists of a specialized nose and tail that transforms an unguided dumb bomb into a laser-guided smart bomb, Pike said.
To operate the system, the pilot illuminates the target with a laser. The munition then travels to a spot of laser energy reflected from the target, according to the Global Security.org website page on the Paveway bomb.
As of Monday, Canadian CF-18 fighter jets had flown 272 sorties, but the Defence Department has not said how many bombs those planes have dropped.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper said shortly after the bombing campaign started in mid-March that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's days were numbered. "He simply will not last very long," Harper predicted.
But Gadhafi's forces are holding their own against the largely untrained rebel forces and the ongoing NATO bombing campaign.
The Canadian-led NATO mission has recently targeted a number of what it calls command and control centres. But the Libyan government has accused the alliance of trying to assassinate Gadhafi.
In a recent attack on Tripoli, Gadhafi's youngest son, Saif al-Arab, and three grandchildren were killed. Gadhafi and his wife survived.
"We do not target individuals," Canadian Lt.-Gen. Charles Bouchard, who commands the alliance's operation, said in response to Libya's accusations.
Britain's top military official, Gen. Sir David Richards, recently called for an increase in the bombing campaign, suggesting NATO should start hitting Libyan infrastructure. Shortly after he made that comment, NATO jets bombed a key oil terminal in the country.

NATO is operating with the blessing of a UN Security Council Resolution that sanctions force to protect Libyan civilians.
But some countries, such as Russia and China, have raised questions about whether NATO has gone far beyond the mandate authorized by the UN. Russia accused NATO of meddling in Libya's internal affairs.
Defence Minister Peter MacKay said Canada has no intention of sending more planes or expanding its role in Libya. "We know that Gadhafi is now entrenching, but the reality is were going to stay within the parameters of the Security Council resolution and we have put forward, in my view, an exceptional effort on behalf of our country," MacKay said on the weekend.
Canada has committed 560 personnel, seven fighter aircraft, two refuelling planes and two Aurora maritime surveillance aircraft to the mission. In addition, a frigate is also assigned to the conflict and is patrolling the Mediterranean to enforce an arms embargo on Libya.
There haven't been any discussions on how long Canada's efforts will be required. Parliament is expected to re-examine the mission in June.
On April 15, the Washington Post reported that Britain, France and other countries involved in the Libyan war were running low on stocks of laser-guided bombs.
Pike said NATO nations appear to have been caught off-guard in not having enough bombs on hand. He said the focus for such countries is usually on the multibillion-dollar fighter aircraft, but that having enough weapons is key to fighting any war. It's like buying a car without the tires, he said of having aircraft without enough munitions.

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Read more: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/Canada+orders+smart+bombs/4800544/story.html#ixzz1MjbByVW3

From: John Duddy
Subject: YouTube - THE REALITY DETACHED AMERICAN : a SGTbull micro-doc

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Would vested interests starve the world?

Published May 15 2011 by Resource Insights, Archived May 15 2011
Would vested interests starve the world?
by Kurt Cobb

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Climate change denial becomes harder to justify,www.washingtonpost.com,A new report leaves little room for doubt.

Climate change denial becomes harder to justify

A new report leaves little room for doubt.
Larry Kazdan, Vice-President,
World Federalist Movement Canada – Vancouver Branch

 Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

Citizens' watchdog at the UN!

Please read the appeal text and endorse on-line.

From: "Brad Thomson
Subject: Re: Daily Digest May 22, 2011


Once again we are informed about the police brutality at the G20 in Toronto, but the more important question, why the police were ordered to stand down and allow Yonge Street to be trashed, is not even being asked let alone answered.

Brad Thomson

From: Rene Moreau

To Joe
From Rene Moreau
A little something to share.
   This is what happens when you let greed of man turn into entities. All the worst attributes of human-kind go into producing our own enemy, and eventually they find  a way to get rid of all human controls, even buying up the souls of their workers at really high rates of pay. If there is a devil he must be real proud of his work!

Who is the new head of the Canadian Wheat Board? Ian White, formerly head of the Australian Wheat Board. Who puts the Wheat Board 2.6 Billion in debt through putting out a bond issue? Ian White, of course.

   Some-one should ask him what his plans are in the after-life!
                                                   Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

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Cargill buys Agrium's grain trade unit
By Javier Blas in London

Published: December 15 2010 20:21 | Last updated: December 15 2010 20:21

Cargill, the world's largest trader of agricultural commodities, cemented its dominant position after it bought the grain trading business that Agrium of Canada recently acquired from its purchase of Australia-based AWB.

Cargill and Agrium did not disclose the price of the transaction, but in the past the Canadian fertiliser producer has valued AWB's trading business at about $870m.


Portugal wants no stockpiling as sugar soars - Dec-14
Commodities go backwards to futures - Dec-13
Cold weather alert pushes up orange juice - Dec-13
Cargill reaps bumper harvest from grain price - Oct-12

The acquisition, announced on Wednesday, comes amid soaring capital expenditures in the natural resources sector as companies ramp up investment to cash in on rising commodities demand and prices.

The cost of agricultural raw materials such  as wheat, corn and soyabean has surged to its highest level in two years.

The deal for AWB's trading unit also highlights the intense competition in the Australian agribusiness sector after the break-up of the former Australia Wheat Board's monopoly in grain sales in 2008. Since then, global trading houses such as Glencore, Cargill and Bunge have built up operations in the country, competing with local companies for market share as demand in Asia for Australia's grain rises.

The purchase which will be completed in the first half of 2011, will catapult Cargill to the top position in grain trading in Australia and expand its presence in Asia.

In a normal year, Australia is the world's fourth-largest exporter of wheat, the world's most important staple. AWB last year handled 20 per cent of the country's wheat production of nearly 22m tonnes, according to a company presentation.

The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences, the government's forecaster, said this month that Australia would produce a record 26.8m tonnes of wheat. But it warned that heavy rains would cut the country's wheat quality, tightening global supplies of premium wheat.

"AWB's grain businesses are a great fit with Cargill Australia's existing grain and commodity trading operations," Ralph Selwood, managing director of Cargill Australia, said on Wednesday.

The commodities trading unit of AWB reported earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation of $122.5m in its 2010 fiscal year to the end of September, up from $80.4m in 2009 fiscal year.

Agrium, one of the world's leading fertiliser companies, acquired AWB this year for A$1.2bn, trumpeting a bid by rival GrainCorp, as it targeted the Australian company's Landmark farm retail outlets.

From: Robert Ede
Subject: Murray Dobbin and the rabble.ca on the left

I don't know how I got on the mailing list but, I am.
To better know your opponent (or at least the enemy of your enemy), please consider reading 'a notable's' presentation of THEIR position:
"I originally thought of the idea of this series as the economic crisis developed and exposed neo-liberal ideology as bankrupt and destructive. Yet just when the system we have been fighting for decades seemed exposed like an emperor with no clothes, we seemed incapable of responding in a manner that suggested a progressive way out the crisis and into a future that would leave savage capitalism behind. We had no Big Ideas. While the right is expert at taking advantage of "useful crises" we were not. The crisis is still with us and while new ideas are appearing -- for example, prosperity without growth -- (Ed. comment -oh for pete's sake, maybe wisdom without age too?)  we are not yet engaging the public in considering them"
Reinventing democracy, reclaiming the commons: A progressive dialogue on the future of Canada

Robert Ede,

From: "Efstratios (Stratos) Psarianos"
Subject: Canada - A First Nation by any other name?

Canada – A First Nation by any other name?

From: Geoffrey West
Subject: The tsunami of resistance continues to rise, as it gets closer and closer to shore:

Hi Joe;  (and greetings to those copied in on this message)

Lots going on globally.  People still seem to be rather obsessed with many of the (relatively speaking) smaller issues.  There really is not much time more for this.  There are other bigger things unfolding, and people need to be aware of these, and begin 'talking them up' with neighbours and friends.  It is one thing to keep sending messages here amongst the choir.  Most of us have an idea of what is beginning to happen. 

The current and upcoming agenda of events for those who are interested in learning more about the bigger things unfolding can follow these links when it is meaningful for them to do so.  I'll address a couple of rumours first, since these are potentially big.
First, the head of the IMF, a rather criminal and fraudulent organization by itself, was arrested as many know for sex-related offences.  I cannot say definitively, but I suspect this may have been the cover story, as there are rumours beginning to circulate in various circles that mass arrests are either beginning or will soon begin among the elitists that have been enslaving and controlling humanity and the global economy.   I cannot fully validate this just yet, so I will not spend much time on it.  Just keep it in the back of your minds, in events something else happens that is related to this.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/14/dominique-strauss-kahn-he_n_862060.html     - a somewhat 'mainstream' article (now that Huff Post has been sold)

A different perspective comes from Canadian Benjamin Fulford living in Japan.  (By the way, he says there is no radiation in Tokyo...and he has his own geiger counter)
In his weekly update message, he had this to say about this arrest:

Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the IMF, was arrested last week because he was trying to steal the American people's Social Security money to finance the Euro, according to Rothschild family sources. The charge of rape against him was almost certainly a case of entrapment by a female agent although I am sure no proof of this will ever be found. The next phase in the battle against the high level financial gangsters is expected to target Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley but, the closing of these criminal enterprises will only mark an intermediate phase in the battle against the criminal elements concentrated in the central banks of the West, according to White Dragon Society sources. The end result is certain to be a historical change of the sort not seen for thousands of years, if ever.
An 'accident' being planned for the shuttle Endeavour??

There is also a rumour in various circles that the shuttle Endeavour went up with one person connected to the elitist group.  The rumour is that the shuttle is transporting science equipment, but it is alleged that is is a weapon instead, designed to attack the many ships of our galactic family that are now appearing all over the world. This weapon is to be delivered to a secret military installation, also up in orbit, and it is alleged that the one elitist astronaut will stay on board that secret installation to direct operations there, and the Endeavour is going to be targeted for destruction.  The alleged reason for this is because the commander, Mark Kelly is husband to injured Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  The cabal does not trust her 'deteriorated physical state' to keep her mouth shut about the secrecy of this shuttle mission.  The following article is one of many sites reporting this, but what I like about this site in particular is that the writer also includes perspectives of the messages from our galactic families:


"But the fifth crew member, Gregory E. Chamitoff, is a Cabal  operative infiltrated within the Shuttle crew. And his Cabal assignment  is to stay behind on the secret military space station to hook up the  AMS-02 weapon system so it is operationally ready to fire. His  additional reason for remaining on the military space station is also so  that he won't be killed when the Endeavor is set to explode."

The agenda here is to prevent the disclosure of the existence of our galactic family.  Many international sources are now making a bigger push for the release of this info, and when this information is finally known, it will signal the death knell of the cabal and its control over humanity.  All the attempts at weather control, earthquakes and more have been designed to keep people in fear and confusion, to keep them from awakening, and from taking the time to learn more about all this.

IF something should happen to the Endeavour, then you will have read about it, and can begin the process of disseminating information to people to get them to begin asking questions.  It is my personal prayer and goal that an event of this nature can be avoided, merely by making the intentions of the cabal known in advance.  If ordinary people talk and write about these events as much as the mainstream media did about 11SEP, peoples' minds can be swayed, and thus they will desire to become more informed, because everyone around them is talking about these new perspectives.  If people are aware of what is happening, it will be significantly harder for them to pull it off.  Like the global protests happening now, it is a matter of being aware, informing oneself, and speaking up to hold the establishment accountable, as peacefully as possible.  Egypt pulled off an internet social networking 'coup', and Canada is known for being more active in online social networks.  There is no reason why the people cannot be motivated to learn more, merely by hearing more people talk about these issues and reading about these issues.  Use your Facebook page to post articles such as the ones below.  It helps to plant seeds of change.  Become an agent for peaceful change!

More factually-supported news:

Protests against the banksters expanding

People around the world are awakening to the lies, frauds and crimes of the international banksters and cartels.  We have witnessed it in numerous countries so far.  The financial crisis in Europe is rapidly expanding to expose the cracks of the criminally-controlled banking and legal structures.  Iceland, to its credit has taken the stand in a referendum to tell the elitist banksters to 'shove it up their perverbial asses.'  The revolution is beginning to spread around Europe, and below, the people of Spain are declaring that 'they want to be Icelanders'.  Italy is begin its revolt. This appears to be a well-written article.

http://www.businessinsider.com/spain-iceland-italy-revolt-protests-2011-5       - Spanish people do not want to bail out banker elitists; they want to be Icelanders!

Once again – it is time for the Bilderberg meeting

Very few media have so vigourously pursued the Bilderberg group like The American Free Press.  Thanks to reporter Jim Tucker, the European media is now beginning to expose more and more the lies, frauds and crimes of this once-secret group that has been responsible for setting economic policy around the world, with no coverage in the corporate North American media.  This needs to be 'talked up' in any circle that is appropriate.  People need to hear the name 'Bilderberg', and begin associating it 'crimes against humanity' and 'enslavement of humanity' and 'control of the economy'.   Will Harper be discreetly absent from Canada around mid-June?  Will Peter Mansbridge be away 'on assignment' during that same period?  What other big name faces may be drawn to this event?  If there are more media around, the chances are less likely that people will go, and it will be harder for them to do their 'thing' when they know that they are being more deeply scrutinized for their 'secret' activities.

http://www.americanfreepress.net/html/countdown_to_bilderberg_270.html    - Countdown to the Bilderberg event in Switzerland in June.

http://www.americanfreepress.net/html/bilderbergers_dangerous_269.html    -    Why is Bilderberg dangerous?

Petition for disclosure of mon-Earth civilizations and technologies

The truth is spreading like wildfire around North America.  This is primarily because the rest of the world already knows what the cabal has been desperately trying to keep hidden from North Americans for the last 70 years at least.  Groups are now making very public and very proactive calls for the disclosure of the very information that has the potential to break down the final wall of power the cabal has had over humanity.   This is the one issue that they are most afraid of, and why all the secret military programs are directed towards space, and the construction of underground cities.  Like it or not, ready or not...this information IS coming. 


(Dr. Rosin was one of the original 400 involved in the www.disclosureproject.org)

Five of the largest mortgage companies being investigated for fraud

More truth coming out to help show the lies, frauds and crimes of the banking system:
(if you are an economic-type who wants to understand what the 'debt ceiling' means)
New energy sources being ignored by media – no need for coal, oil, and nuclear energies

This is just the tip of the iceberg............

Events like these are the ones that are responsible for many, perhaps most, and possibly even all of the smaller issues that are affecting Canadians at this time.  Until the very core of our institutions of leadership are confronted, addressed, and held accountable to their actions (peacefully), everything that we are currently experiencing will only continue, and it is THIS that is wasting whatever money is left in the country.  I will not say wasting tax dollars, because for the most part, our tax dollars are not used for services or anything to help Canadians.  The money goes back to the banksters to pad their pockets and finance their illegal wars...

In being diligent, tax-paying citizens, you are fulfilling your duties of your strawman identity, (your 'person') and perpetuating your own enslavement to an illegal, and criminal banking and legal system.

I remind you that you are not a 'person'.  Your 'person' is the fictional identity your parents paid for at birth to register and entrap you this system of enslavement.  They did not know the truth of this.  You now know the truth about this corporate fiction identity, known as a 'strawman' identity.   It is your name in CAPITAL LETTERS.  Every time you sign your signature to a 'legal' document, you are in fact claiming responsibility for this fictional identity.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME7K6P7hlko   - Meet Your Strawman  (if you have not seen this before)

The legal system that is currently used, the Law of the Sea CANNOT be imposed upon sovereign humans, and the cartels now this.  They created the system of a legal fiction, a mini-corporation of sorts, to get you to voluntarily buy in to their system of control and enslavement.

There are two types of law:  According to the Bill of Rights, the supreme law is the law of God, or also known as Common Law.  This is written on the very first line of the document, and states that this is the supreme law.  However, it is NOT the supreme law, because under that law is the Law of the Sea, also known as 'statute or commercial law'.  Statute law is merely lines of text, in the form of 'acts' and 'statutes' that are given the FORCE of law, and it is backed up with a fear-mongering campaign, promising punishment.  As long as you agree, either verbally, or through written consent, and enter into contract in any way shape or form, they can impose their law upon you, because you have willingly consented to it....even if you are not even AWARE of it!

So, I am helping to make you aware.  It's your choice however.

These structures of control and manipulation must first be stopped, before any significant change can be brought in, for the benefit of humanity and our planet!

Namaste, peace and love to all!
Geoffrey West