Monday, May 02, 2011

Daily Digest May 2, 2011


From: Rebecca Gingrich

Obama is dead.  Nothing gained in any concrete manner
Leastwise as far as I can see.
Do you see something I don't?

Joe--he couldn't be dead--we just got proof that he was born!!!--Or are you predicting the future if he doesn't follow the script?

Oops! Another faux pas, gaffe, . That's two already this year and I only allow myself three!

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Are we supposed to believe this garbage?

Is there nothing Obama can't do??? He can kill a dead man but can't get his birth certificate straight? And bin Laden is buried at sea? How convenient--no body for people to see. How caring of the US that they follow Islamic tradition in this case but could care less about the millions they have murdered in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another hollywierd production?

Flashback: Benazir Bhutto Says Osama Bin Laden Dead In 2007!

Oh ye of little faith! Yet another conspiracy theory - JFK to now, how many have there been ?

Too Smart by Half Phone: Who's Listening to Your Call?
As Smartphone Scandal Grows, Tech Firms Run for Cover, Reap Windfall Profits by Tom Burghardt l Antifascist Calling...

hat Apple's iPhone and iPad, Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating systems collect, store and transmit records of users' physical locations to central databases--secretly, and without consent--have ignited a firestorm over Americans' privacy rights in an age of hypersurveillance.
And with a lawsuit filed last week in U.S. District Court in Florida by two iPhone users, The Register reports, Apple guru Steve Jobs was forced to respond to complaints after the firm's usual tactic--deafening silence--failed to assuage customer's anxieties.
The lawsuit alleges that "irreparable injury has resulted and continues to result from Apple's unauthorized tracking of millions of Americans," plaintiffs Vikram Ajjampur and William Devito averred. 
They are requesting their case be granted class-action status, a move likely to send shudders along the silicon spine of the secretive Cupertino high-tech powerhouse. Read more...

Last thoughts and numbers from Election 41

The seat projections below are based on EKOS' opinion polling. The projections are based on national, regional, and in some cases, sub-regional polling projected onto the results of the last election. They are not intended to predict individual ridings. MORE...

Liberal insider tipped columnist to Layton massage story in 2008

Montreal Gazette - Max Harrold -  57 minutes ago
In the final days of this election campaign, Jack Layton's opponents were left with throwing out a story about his having been to a massage parlour 15 years ago.
Layton owes his edge to city politics Hamilton Spectator
Layton took page from Dexter's book
Globe and Mail - Vancouver Sun - Toronto Sun - Toronto Star - Wikipedia: Jack Layton
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Quebec ridings to watch for surprises

Montreal Gazette - Philip Authier -  5 hours ago
Bloc Québécois?leader Gilles Duceppe (centre) got a little help from Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois at a campaign stop in Quebec City Saturday.
Duceppe flings final barbs at NDP Globe and Mail
'Orange wave' threatening to wash away the Bloc National Post
Toronto Star - The Canadian Press - - Toronto Sun
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Truro Daily News - Marketwire (press release) - (press release)
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Precedents for forming minority governments

Montreal Gazette - Randy Boswell -  5 hours ago
So what happens after the winners and losers are declared and the seats assigned in the House of Commons? Depending on the outcome of today's federal election, Canadians could be in for weeks or ...
Today might be just the beginning The Province
Here we go again: expect a 'raucous' 41st Parliament, say observers Hill Times (subscription) (subscription)
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