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SAMEDI 14 MAI 2011
22h32 - Argent · Offre concurrente canadienne pour l'acquisition du Groupe TMX
19h11 - Parti libéral · Plus de temps pour se choisir un nouveau chef
17h12 - Gouvernement fédéral · Harper au pouvoir, les détenteurs d'armes s'en tirent!
17h12 - Gouvernement fédéral · Harper au pouvoir, les détenteurs d'armes s'en tirent!
10h43 - Canada · Les tarifs des timbres augmentent
08h47 - Des souverainistes au NPD? · Des souverainistes au NPD?


This was census week in Canada and it passed pretty much unnoticed.

It was unnoticed in my household from when it came 'til now.
Am I the only one who forgot all about it?

From: "Art Williams"
Subject: -How Canadian or something.
Hi Joe,
Have any of the stone throwers " thought" about giving Harper a chance to show what he can do for Canada.  He has successfully survived with a minority government longer than any previous Canadian PM.
He has delt with Talaban Jack Layton's declaration to just oppose everything in parliament.
Now Harper is in a position to listen to positive presentations only, evaluate their merit and act.  Canada seems to have done well compared to the rest of the world with Harper at the helm.  The test of a true leader is to give him power - not challenges (any competent can handle challenges) - we could have a winner - it might be nice for a change.
Art Williams
From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: History's most notorious villains

The Editor
National Post

History's most notorious villains
Re "In the UK, 'dismal tides of drift and surrender'," Andrew Roberts (May 13).
Andrew Roberts' analogy of the Second World War is apt. Hitler wanted a Germanic empire dominating the world. Bin Laden wanted a Muslim caliphate ruling the world. Hitler blamed Anglo-Jewish conspiracy behind Germany's downfall, bin Laden blamed American-Jewish conspiracy against the Muslim world.
Both Hitler and bin Laden inflicted enormous casualties. But acolytes of bin Laden killed more Muslims. In fact, the Islamist extremists linked with al-Qaeda have been slaughtering fellow Muslims in their own countries. Pakistan is a Muslim-majority country and yet Sunni extremists have been slaughtering fellow Sunnis who don't share their version of Islam while blaming the West. As Imtiaz Alam, editor of South Asian Journal, wrote in Lahore's Daily Times: "Yet there are apologists for terrorism, and they are plenty, who shamelessly shift the blame on to some 'foreign hand' or somebody who is 'alien to Islam'. …They irrationally find lame excuses for jihadists by citing the reaction to the injustices committed by the West against the Muslim world without realizing the fact that they are only eulogising a suicidal course at the expense of their own country and the Muslim world."

Although Hitler took his own life at the end of the war, many tried to assassinate him during the war. In a desperate attempt to end the war, Colonel Von Stuffenberg came close to assassinating Hitler by placing an explosive under a conference table, but Hitler survived as the table acted as a shield. Similarly, bin Laden escaped Afghanistan until American special forces got him. Both faced their well-deserved fates. Britons should do well to look into their own history.

Mahmood Elahi

From: "Anthony \(Silvestro
Subject: Letter to the editor - Re - Gas prices

Letter to the editor – Re Gas prices

The simple facts are all governments across the country could lower gas prices by lowering taxes on gas. Taxes in Canada represented, on average, 35% of the pump price. So quit foaming at the mouth politicians, admit the truth. Lower taxes on gas!!! You can do this you if you really wanted to, you have the power. Anything else coming from your big mouths is just expensive, time wasting spin, propaganda and more spin. Spare us the photo-ops, the grandstanding, we are sick of it. Do something about it or just shut up, all of you.

Anthony Silvestro

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: bankster solution???
Joe--this was a comment on
I like the idea of locking all the banksters and their lawyers up.  Why
should we be so afraid that they aren't making their billions and have
to steal it from us????


From: Lorimer Rutty
Subject: 'something about dinner'

The following does not qualify in the definition of 'Digest'
Machinations  and paranoia don't sell.
Fantasy and hallucinations belong in the tabloids.

So the dirty politics won.  A dictator is born.  The swift boating, the attack ads, the fear tactics about coalitions and the economy, the threats to people's pocketbooks (taxes), the late spread of stimulus money across the country weeks before the election, the unaware misled voters, the Republican style politics, the deceit, the lies, the corruption, the smears, the spin, crony media manipulation, the totally disaffected who have no hope, and all the cynics sick and tired of the last five years - they all worked magnificently to produce the Republican party of the north – a Conservative majority has befallen us.  You know not what you have unleashed. For four more years we are stuck with our Manchurian Candidate, Prime Minister.  What does that say for poor, average, jobless, sick, young and old, hard working Canadians?  What does that say for our service men and women and Veterans?  What does that say for our country?  A two party system, just like you know who!  We have reached a new low, with a Conservative majority and stacked senate.  Not even any possibility for a coalition. We are screwed!   I am in mourning for my country.
As Hitler and his honchos always said, "Tell someone something for long enough and they will believe it."  That tactic sure worked wonders against Mr. Ignatieff

Subject: Done Like Dinner

I wonder how many D DIGEST readers know that we have 4 years of darkness descending
upon us. There isn't much hope in Hope.
Even the CRTC has wrecked our screen. Certain personalities are directly responsible for
creating a paranoia of monumental proportions. There are politics of destruction everywhere.
"Where can we turn?"  "Those stupid voters!'
When getting ready for dinner one should look at the guests; they are often more
competent, more savvy and more experienced than the hostess.
They probably don't mimic the tabloids.


Subject: Fwd: How the Fed is strangling the economy
From: Rene Moreau ;

FYI ----to all
This particular piece takes a laughing view of something that is
turning out to be real serious. Financial Machination. Too many people
are saying 'This is not my bag'. It is, we just don't realize it yet.

   Mention is made here-in of Dexia. This is one of the more nefarious
companies in the money business, but goes un-recognized as such. Call
if you are interested, since the story may not travel well  through
this. It is a beaut! The phrase, 'holy cow' comes to mind. As a
learning opportunity these guys are a gift, like Goldman-Sachs.

The price of stocks and commodities have been
going straight up (until recently.)


A straight forward answer with a hint of
how it will end.


From: Richard Priestman
Subject: The HST is the antithesis of being Canadian

o all and sundry:
A very thoughtful short essay on the HST by Erik Andersen, directed to the citizens of British Columbia, but of use to all Canadians.

From: erik andersen

Date: Sat, May 14, 2011 at 3:39 PM
Subject: The HST is the antithesis of being Canadian

       The HST is the antithesis of being Canadian
  The design of a tax system is a reflection of the character of a community and/or a nation.

 Since the middle of the 18th century our forefathers officially and frequently proclaimed, as first principle, that governments of Canada shall construct laws, statutes and ordinances for the "public peace, welfare and good government". A further formalization of this phrasing was its use in the "Constitution of 1791". In the French version "public peace" was deemed dependent upon "fair welfare and good government". In the minds of Canadians then, one achieved "public peace" by having "fair welfare and good government". The nurturing and securing of "fair welfare", in its broadest sense, was and has been the defining feature that has made Canada what we have all been so proud of as citizens. Canadians had learned the lesson from the indigenous populations, that survival on this part of the planet required living "from a community bowl". This concept did not embody the pejorative and narrow meaning of welfare we so frequently run into these days.

 Following this period the peoples of North America began to resist the British desire for ever more governance and taxation. We know what the Americans did about that matter. The Canadian response was to craft the British North America Act of 1866. At this juncture the Tories of the day substituted "welfare" with the word "Order".  Accidentally or not this change removed the concept of fairness and replaced it with a linear, inflexible, European concept where laws have dominion over common sense. For a hundred and fifty years "fair welfare" for the citizens of Canada has been sabotaged by the increasing dominance of "Order", reflected by our courts and legislatures. These are the chosen tools of those who lust after dominion over the rest, the importation of "kingship" so many of our ancestors wanted escape from.

 So what is the HST? It is nothing more than an inescapable consumption tax much in the way of a "poll" tax or the VAT in Europe we know about. In formal terms the HST is a "regressive" tax (where the taxation impact is greatest upon those citizens least able to pay). In the extreme, these types of taxes are imposed rents we all must pay for simply living on this planet.

 The American War of Independence (1775-1782) was for the most part about over-taxation. The Elite of England were seeking to extract ever greater tribute from their colonies in North America.

 Here in British Columbia we are blessed in having a peaceful way of repudiating unfair taxation, by referendum; which is quintessentially Canadian. The HST and its implementation is the exact opposite which makes it alien in our culture.

 The government has tried to excuse itself by claiming need of increased revenues and proclaiming that it must be the correct way because others do it. Please remember this need has been created by their unacceptably, irresponsible financial miss-management over the past decade. The agency Standard & Poor's is now lending a direct hand to our government by threatening a credit downgrade (see S&P report of 15 April, 2011; New York; titled "Canadian Provinces Face Tough Choices in Restoring Fiscal Balance"). This phrasing puts one in mind of what the Americans of 1774 must have felt about the parasites in London.

Vote to cancel the mean-spirited HST. Be Canadian and assertive about it.

Erik Andersen; May 14, 2011

Primary reference; "A Fair Country" by John Ralston Saul

From: Rene Moreau

To Joe
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re; Tony Clement says he will address the gas pricing problem.
   Tony C is a joke right? Minister of everything, right? Does International Trade, right, Does Foreign Affairs, right? All while being the Minister of Industry, right? If he addressed the item of un-regulated commodity trading, would that make him Minister of Finance?
   Tells the press he will address why and how BIG OIL corpos, can have their way with pricing, unopposed. Meanwhile, NOT ONE BLOODY WORD, about their ability to use the commodity trading market to jack up prices of ANY commodities, wheat, corn, food, fuel, etc., WITHOUT REGULATION!! 
   Then, add to that that the ability to render a very volatile, dangerous financial game, (to the world and to investors), by using the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, in the U.S., and Canadian Government Bonds, in  Canada, as surety, if the investors screw up, or get burned! That way even the common man, but mainly corpo,  can play the dangerous game, RISK FREE!!
   Dan McTeague former M.P. can speak out, on CBC, but the media? Hell no!!
   Holy Cow, eh?  Silence is golden, right?
   Doubtless there is a way  to render this argument just silly, Please, let me know.
   Wake up, eh, world?
                                 Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)