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Harper's Arctic sabre-rattling a bid for votes, U.S. diplomats say
Stephen Harper's high-profile focus on Canada's Arctic is more about winning votes than safeguarding sovereignty, U.S. diplomats suggest.
Harper's hard line on Arctic softens among U.S. envoys: leaked cables
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JEUDI 12 MAI 2011

21h09 - NPD · Les députés confiants de conjuguer les intérêts du Québec avec ceux du Canada
Le prix de l'essence a commencé à diminuer à Québec, passant de 1,46 $ à 1,42 $ pour le litre de régulier. Agence QMI
20h48 - Ottawa · Aurons-nous finalement accès à l'agenda du premier ministre?
20h25 - Bloc Québécois · Mario Laframboise et le Bloc s'en remettront aux militants
20h20 - WikiLeaks | Afghanistan · Harper songeait depuis longtemps à une mission de formation
20h11 - Succession au PLC · Marc Garneau intéressé
19h59 - Cour suprême · Les centres d'injection sont-ils dangereux?
19h49 - Le Canada en Libye · Beaucoup d'argent pour peu de résultats, selon l'opposition
19h36 - Partis politiques · Les députés néo-démocrates absents du web
17h51 - Ottawa · Les manifestants pro-vie souhaitent un débat sur l'avortement. Agence QMI
16h20 - Homophobie · Les élèves homosexuels ne se sentent pas en sécurité à l'école
15h29 - Politique fédérale · Le NPD veut une meilleure protection pour les dénonciateurs
12h54 - Essence · Les pétrolières devront s'expliquer
10h27 - Langue · 57 % des Québécois pour l'application de la loi 101 au cégep
02h25 - Institut économique de Montréal · Un nouveau rapport milite pour un rapprochement entre le Québec et l'Alberta
00h09 - Power Corp · Une influence « indéniable »


Can Canada's centre hold?
By: Frances Russell
"As go the political parties, so may go the country. Perhaps there is no longer a Canadian centre for any to hold."

Is there a Canadian centre in your view or not?

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: @CTV_PowerPlay:

Watch: The new President of the Cdn. Police Assc. discusses the much debated long gun registry

From: Rene Moreau <>

To Joe and others
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re; the Alex Newman piece on wikileaks  north american union, in Rebecca Gingrich's piece.
   It is certainly of note that their is no mention in all 4 pages, of  how the corporate world is the pusher in this scam to gain control of the people of the world.
   At this time in history, when corpos are grabbing control of everything and apparently are trying to replace government, world-wide,
why not one mention of the fact, in this so-called, report.
   Meanwhile, when we are being handed examples of the malfeasance of corporate entities, e.g. Goldman-Sachs, Monsanto, G.E., Capital, Enron, Air Canada,,  NAFTA, 25 cent B.C. lumber, the profitability of war, cancer, aids, diabetes, etc., we let them run the north american union?
   COME-ON, EH? Is it time to wake up?

   Or was that part, about corporate influence,  taken out of the report, on the way through the system?

                                     Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

From: Lorimer Rutty
Subject:  me thinks' you are in a rut


The lass from beautiful Port Hope is right on the money.
When mindless pre-election rants prevail; when the moon's green cheese gains substance;
'it's sharing information.'   If you don't like it, go to 'a web site'
The DD is not edited. It is a collection of personal and public text forwarded electronically.
Unfortunately, some text is silly, contrived and downright thoughtlessly dumb.
Not all information is information. It is subject to scrutiny.
"It's not what you do. It's what you bring."

From: Rebecca Gingrich

Subject:  # of spoiled ballots

Joe--I found this LTE interesting.  I have spoiled my ballot for the federal elections since 1993.  Last election I declined my ballot but the number of declined ballots was not mentioned either.  Maybe those that have 'spoiled their ballots' still want to vote but have no choice to vote for?  That is why I spoil mine.  Apparently all spoiled ballots are lumped in with those that were not marked correctly and those that were not printed correctly.  There is no distinguishing those that didn't want any of the candidates.

Subject: On Israel's Independence Day, plenty of questions --DD

Joe--why is it every journalist names Hamas a 'terrorist organization'?  They were democratically elected by the most monitored election on the planet!  Here is another take on the situation

Commemorating The Palestinian Holocaust By Stephen Lendman

Subject: Government will move toward wheat board reform
This is an excellent article on why the CWB has to go--and now.  Sadly, in talking to farmers in the West crops will be iffy this year at best.  The ground is too wet for working and planting.

From: Marjaleena Repo
Subject: It's all about vote splitting, folks!

Hello Joe,

It was bound to happen: the "Conservatives" (misnamed  "Tories" after their forced and highly undemocratic  takeover of the Progressive Conservatives in 2003) won the majority they had been determined to get ever since they were first elected in 2006 ­ but it was delivered to them on platter  by the split vote between Liberals, NDP and often the Greens, which allowed them to come up in the middle and claim victory.

Harper's party took 167 seats.

Take a look at how he got a big chunk of them:

There were  26 Liberal incumbents who lost their seats to the Cons becaue of the vote split. Without that split Harper would have received 141 seats.

In addition to the ridings where Liberal incumbents lost, there were 21 ridings where  a 2- and 3-way split handed the seat to Harper. Without it the Cons would have received 120 seats in all and would not today have their dangerous majority.

(In Quebec, only ONE Con, Maxime Bernier, had a nip-and-tuck majority, whereas the other 4 seats were gained because of a 4-way split, Bloc now included.  If we add these seats to the above, the total for Harper would have been 116!)

A more detailed analysis of vote splitting was done by Matt Peters and Ryan Boldt at
for which they deserve our thanks.

They write:

     Matt Peters and Ryan Boldt decided to dust off their calculators this afternoon and do some 'rithmatic.  They were appalled at what they discovered.  Time for some sobering statistics.  You might want to prepare a barf bag:
  • 6,201.  Friends, this is not the title of the newest Rush album.  This is a number we need to remember over the course of the next four years and especially during the next election.  6,201 is the COMBINED margin of victory across the 14 most closely contested Conservative ridings in Canada.  The COMBINED margin of victory. This is how close the election actually was.  In each of these races the Conservatives had a margin of victory of less than 800 votes.  Most margins were much, much smaller. See below for a statistical breakdown.
  • 14. You need to remember this number for two reasons.  Firstly, it is the number of seats the Conservatives currently have above and beyond their majority.  In these 14 contentious races, if there had been even a slightly more focused effort by the parties on the Left to consolidate their voter bases we could have easily swayed the balance of power away from the Conservatives and prevented their majority (only 6,201 votes total were needed, spread across 14 ridings).  14 is also significant because, if you can believe it, 14 votes was the actual margin of victory for the Conservatives over the Liberals in the eastern Ontario riding of Nipissing-Timiskaming.  In this riding 11,357 people voted for the NDP or the Green party.  27,887 registered electors didn't vote at all.  Only 14 votes were needed to defeat the Conservatives.  Let that sink in.
Here are the numbers in each of the 14 most closely contested Conservative ridings.  The vote splitting is very disturbing:
  Riding :                 Labrador (Newfoundland & Labrador)
Conservatives             Liberals           Margin of Victory           NDP/Green Combined
4,234                            4,003                       231                               2,235
                                       Nipissing-Timiskaming (Ontario)
Conservatives             Liberals           Margin of Victory           NDP/Green Combined
15,507                         15,493                    14                                     11,357
                             Bramalea-Gore-Malton (Ontario)
Conservatives             NDP                  Margin of Victory           Lib/Green Combined
19,907                          19,369                   538                                    18,149
                                         Etobicoke Centre (Ontario)
Conservatives             Liberals           Margin of Victory           NDP/Green Combined
21,661                         21,635                      26                                     9,185
                        Saskatoon Rosetwon biggar (Saskatchewan)
Conservatives             NDP                  Margin of Victory           Lib/Green Combined
14,652                      14,114                        538                                      1,323
                             Elmwood-Transcona (Manitoba)
Conservatives             NDP                  Margin of Victory           Lib/Green Combined
15,280                      14,996                          284                                    2,678
               Montmagny-L'islet-Kamouraska-Riveire-du-Loup (Quebec)
Conservatives             NDP                  Margin of Victory           Lib/Green/Bloc Combined
17,220                      17,110                           110                                      14,861
                      Lotbiniere-Chutes-de-la-Chaudiere (Quebec)
Conservatives             NDP                  Margin of Victory           Lib/Green/Bloc Combined
22,460                      21,683                           777                                      12,183
                               Don Valley West (Ontario)
Conservatives             Liberals           Margin of Victory           NDP/Green Combined
22,992                         22,353                      639                                      7,983
                        Mississauga East-Cooksville (Ontario)
Conservatives             Liberals           Margin of Victory           NDP/Green Combined
18,782                         18,121                       661                                     9,989
                          Winnipeg South Centre (Manitoba)
Conservatives             Liberals           Margin of Victory           NDP/Green Combined
15,468                          14,772                       696                                     9,332
Conservatives             Liberals           Margin of Victory           NDP/Green Combined
5,422                             5,290                       132                                      5,345
                Desenthe-Missinippi-Churchill River  (Saskatchewan)
Conservatives             Liberals           Margin of Victory           NDP/Green Combined
10,504                            1,706                   789                                                  9,715
                                 Palliser (Saskatchewan)
Conservatives             NDP                  Margin of Victory           Lib/Green Combined
15,850                      15,084                         766                                     2,892
                          Total numbers for the 14 ridings
Conservatives        2nd place                Margin of Victory               Rest of the left
 219,939               213,738                 6,201                        103,873
       You'll notice that these ridings are evenly distributed geographically throughout the country and the split affected the NDP and Liberals equally.  Also, this list only represents the closest races.  This is not a regional issue.  It is indicative of what occurred throughout the country.
       Across Canada 7,867,870 people voted Liberal, NDP or Green.  5,832,401 voted Conservative. This is a difference of over 2 million votes.  Do not believe the hype.  A government with 39.6% of the popular vote should not have a mandate to drive through fundamental changes in policy. 
       The Progressive Conservatives and the Alliance had the wherewithal to "unite the right" in 2003 and it seems that until the Left are able to arrive at a similar compromise or agreement they may very well be doomed to repeatedly collect 60% of the vote and wield 0% of the power.
6,201 reasons to get frustrated.
We can not let this happen again.  Get the word out.
The remedy

The remedy to vote split is an electoral coalition beween opposition parties ­ NOT a
"merger" but a strategic agreement not to run against each other in a select ridings ­ as advocated by retired professor John Ryan and David Orchard, candidate in the federal election in 2008. You can read all about "The idea whose time has come" on, where you will  find Ryan's  "Canada needs a Liberal-NDP-Green Coalition" and Orchard's "Coalition move can checkmate Harper," two practical and far-sighted articles from 2008.

... and a correction

Peters and Boldt  are quite wrong about the "uniting the right" which they refer to as "a ... compromise or agreement" between the Progressive Conservatives and the Reform/Alliance. It was no such thing: it was a coup d'etat and takeover, made possible by Peter MacKay's betrayal of the agreement he made and signed with David Orchard, and greatly resisted by PC party members, politically and legally. On  our website there is a whole section titled "Opposition to the PC-CA merger" that tells the true story about what actually took place, which is nothing to endorse or emulate.

Marjaleena Repo
Subject: Minister of Foreign Affairs defeated, bids staff farewell.

Hello, Mr. Joe Hueglin,
From: Robert G. Gauthier, Ottawa
May 12, 2011
Well done, Marie Hooey, who wrote to DD:
"I appreciate Joe’s constant efforts year after year, and the time it must take him, away from his family, to bring us daily news and views from across the country.  Let alone providing a forum for discourse." Thank you.
Re: "Cannon to bid Foreign Affairs staff farewell," By Bryn Weese, Parliamentary Bureau, The Ottawa Sun, May 9, 2011.
Outgoing Minister Lawrence Cannon is described by the Director of Communication of Foreign Affairs, Melissa Lantsman, as "an unrelenting advocate of democracy, justice and human rights." In 1999, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mrs. Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, read before the UN Annual General Assembly:  "The denial of access to the author to the press facilities of Parliament for not being a member of the Canadian Press Gallery Association constitutes therefore a violation of article 19 (2), the fundamental right of freedom of expression of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and to provide a remedy. Canada is under the obligation to provide Mr. Gauthier with an effective remedy including an independent review of his application to have access to the press facilities in Parliament. The State party is under an obligation to take measures to prevent similar violations in the future."
Canada has yet to comply with the UN Human Rights Committee's 1999 Views.
The enclosed letter to the Citizen may be of interest as we cannot protect our Canada when State Officials hold the rule of law in contempt and we know there is a problem when a Canadian citizen has to go to the United Nations to try to fix a problem that should and could be fixed in Canada.
It will be 30 years (1982) next year since I launched my newspaper in Ottawa and 12 (1999) since the UN Human Rights Committee found Canada in violation of freedom of expression.
The Editor,
The Ottawa Citizen,
May 10, 2011
Re: "Separatism is alive and well, Cannon warns," By Jordan Press, The Ottawa Citizen, May 10, 2011.
Departed Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Lawrence Cannon, said, "I wouldn't change one iota from what we did. We stood on principle...Our overriding goal was promote freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law around the world." These are noble thoughts but are hollow if the rights of Canadians at home are ignored.
As a Canadian newspaper proprietor and citizen whose fundamental right of freedom of expression has been infringed since 1999 in Canada by the Parliamentarians led by the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Hon. Peter Milliken, perhaps the Honourable Minister would concede that perhaps he could have respected the rule of law and provided one iota of compliance instead of contempt for the ruling of the United Nations Human Rights Committee against Canada. Interested readers can see the full text of the 1999 UN Human Rights Committee Views at 633/1995 on the Internet and at:
The media in Canada owe it to Canadians to bring to light this serious threat to the fundamental rights of freedom of expression by our Government, not in some foreign country, but right here in Canada. We are in big trouble if the laws do not apply to those who govern. Some public officials are of the opinion that they may create (or inherit) a mess, simply ignore it, and then conveniently get transferred or retire and then sail off into the sunset, leaving it to someone else to clean up.
As I said to Mr. Justice James Chadwick in the Ontario Court, "In other countries, state agents simply execute people who demand rule of law from the government. In Canada, the government does a "financial execution." Chadwick CJ replied, "You're not too far off!"
The antics of Canadian Governmental/Parliamentary Officials do not go unnoticed in the international community. Mr. James Walugembe, the editor of a newspaper in Uganda, a member of the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) wrote: "One wouldn't expect such problems in the more advanced democracies."
Robert G. Gauthier, Proprietor,
The National Capital News Canada, est. 1982,
174 Bank Street, rpo 71035,
Ottawa K2P 2L9