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21h33 - Récentes inondations · Avez-vous votre plan d'urgence?
21h13 - Élections 2011 · Jack Layton se serait trouvé dans un salon de massage en 1996
20h31 - Fédérales 2011 · Horaire des chefs du samedi 30 avril
20h26 - Fédérales 2011 · Gilles Duceppe en veut aux pétrolières
18h57 - Cour suprême · Interdiction de se syndiquer pour les travailleurs agricoles en Ontario
18h31 - Élections fédérales · Layton tente de rassurer les milieux financiers
16h05 - Élections · Layton courtise le vote de l'Ouest
14h54 - Élections · Pour Ignatieff, les jeux ne sont pas encore faits
14h41 - Selon Stephen Harper · Montréal a besoin d'un gouvernement conservateur majoritaire
12h01 - Fédérales 2011 · Duceppe joue les dernières cartes de sa campagne
10h30 - Économie · Le PIB a reculé en février
09h44 - Fédérales 2011 · Des bloquistes appellent à voter pour le NPD
06h52 - Élections 2011 · Duceppe en danger
04h21 - Région de Québec · Plusieurs sièges à la portée du NPD
03h25 - Entrevue · Duceppe attaque Layton


Spent the day composing what follows
once again no time for Income Tax forms

To: National Media <>
Subject: "Good fences make good neighbours" or "Fat and skinny went to bed, . . . "

Stephen Harper raising Canadian-American relations
though of little impact on the campaign, other matters
being the focus, a response is necessitated, though
too soon sent to you after the one earlier in the week.

Joe Hueglin
Member 29th Parliament

The Outcome of  Moving Forward With the Border Vision Plan

That which was a major issue in the 1911 Federal Election in Canada has barely surfaced during the current election.  Yesterday Stephen Harper, late in the campaign , April 28th, Stephen Harper  raised in almost in passing on a visit to Niagara Falls. The effect of this is that should he retain power he has stated his B"order Vision" publicly as aplank in his campaign and would have claim that he received endorsement public endorsement of it.

Looking for reaction to Stephen Harper's election statement regarding Canadian- American relations yesterday in National News Watch and Bourque Newswatch there were none directly.  There were two indirectly "The Liberals' anti-American disease" MORE... and Latest Wikileaks Release Shows How US Completely Drove Canadian Copyright Reform Efforts  .

The first chided Michael Ignatieff for hinting "at American untrustworthiness".  The second, in which is mentioned a provision pressed on Canada though it had failed in the U.S., concludes "The US government, at the urging of the US entertainment industry, has been pushing its own brand of overly aggressive, speech stifling, copyright laws around the globe. It's just too bad that Canadian politicians apparently don't have the guts to stand up to bullying US diplomats."

Yesterday Harper reaffirmed "the importance of moving forward with border vision plan with the United States.The "Border Vision" plan establishes a new long-term partnership that will support trade and commerce between Canada and the United States, while strengthening security and regulatory cooperation between the two countries.

The Declaration will focus on four areas of cooperation: addressing threats early; trade facilitation, economic growth and jobs; integrated cross-border law enforcement; and critical infrastructure and cyber security.

The American focus is extending their need for security, Homeland Security, through "i ntegrated cross-border law enforcement; and critical infrastructure and cyber security". To obtain "trade facilitation, economic growth and jobs" Canada must overcome the inadequacy the US sees in Canadian procedures that have led to their having drones on the border - and some speaking of a wall.  The steps adopted will be their not ours.

When Canada and the U.S. act together in securing our external borders whose views will prevail on who can and cannot penetrate the security perimeter? Will having differing relationships with other countries as Canada has had in the past with Communist China and Cuba be possible? Most probably not.

"Good neighbors respect one another's property." the concept behind the proverb "Good fences make good neigbours" will under the " 'Border Vision' plan" increasingly be inapplicable as the approach to matters of consequence are harmonized, are decided jointly as elements of the "new long-term partnership." Stephen Harper spoke of yesterday.

Will there be equality in decision making in the promised new partnership ? Perhaps the outcome of the soft wood lumber dispute settled by the Harper government is a concrete example, Canada won in judicial bodies but lost in the negotiated settlement.

The National Post would have Canadians accept the trustiness of the United States. "But some fear Canadians' privacy will be invaded because Ottawa will share too much of their personal information with Washington. Indeed, the Harper-Obama scheme rings Canada and the U.S. in a single security perimeter, boosting cooperation between Canadian and American police, border, and intelligence services. Because negotiations between Ottawa and Washington are still shrouded in secrecy, it's unclear whether the accord could limit immigration to Canada. That's because the U.S. has tighter controls on immigration than Canada.

The United States acts in its perceived interest.  Its interest in the partnership is security both at the border and externally. Economic entree, the promise held out to Canadians, would be achieved only through acceptance of security demands.  And then be subject as well to the limitations imposed by American economic interests as in the softwood lumber dispute.

Canada to this juncture has maintained "good fences" enabling us to follow self-made policies with which our neighbour has at times disagreed but which have had no permanent effect on our relationship.

In the "partnership" in which more and more decisions will be jointly made and jointly binding it can be said that Canada and the United States have gone to bed together.

The prognosis for Canada's future as an independently decision making political entity? It approximates that which happened to "skinny" in the saying: "Fat and skinny went to bed, Fat rolled over.and  . . .."


From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,
Must respond to today's DD.  I just love Marie Hooey and her response to Lorimer. But she reminds readers of the end results of Harper's policies. The end results that no Conservative MP wants to talk about. Learning the new process the veterans must go through to receive health care, will only lead to negative outcomes for most veterans of the lower ranks. Adding another layer of bureaucracy in the provincial health care systems, will add extra stress and increase costs to the over-burden health system.

But what is behind the policies that limits, narrowing of the criteria, adding layers that hinders access to government services and benefits?  For Harper, and his henchmen, it is about creating jobs, so they can go to the public and state with a sober face, that their government is creating jobs. They won't tell you, the policies are designed to create jobs to prevent access to government services and benefits, and nor will they tell you to increase work in the high skilled sector. Remember the federal dollars pouring into provinces, after the economic crisis to help finance infrastructure and other projects?  Take a look at the price tags of some of the more simple projects, that had its financing by federal stimulus money.  In my small rural community, there is a green patch where the old school stood, and plans were made long before the stimulus money came into the picture to transform it into a park. Well the simple park of picnic tables, swings, slides or teeter-totters has morphed into a $350,000 price tag, and no doubt will climb by the time it finishes with the additional  high-priced skilled help needed to bring the plans of the engineer and architect into reality. A fancy park, that will not serve the needs of the community, besides becoming a short cut for most residents.

Except for the elderly, who for most will find it hard going walking on the pathways of slate. As for the children, the play ground is in one corner, where the 4 way intersection stands. Not exactly safe, and I suspect parents might be incline not to have their children play there in case of a car accident. Which leads me to believe the rumors that a 10 foot chain link fence will surround the park is correct. Than I can assure you the park will not be used by any of the residents, just like the  3 million dollar memorial to sailors where no matter what time of the day, no one is every sitting on the benches, watching the water lap by over the names of seamen lost at sea. A beautiful setting, but render useless when citizens must pay to access the memorial. Even road and sewer projects are coming in at much higher price because of the conditions that are attached to federal policies. Who are receiving the benefits, the high skilled workers but not  the heavy equipment operators or the actual labour that does the heavy lifting.  For the park, the labourers will be lucky to receive a few cents more than minimum wage, since all the money has gone to the high-price help and fancy material to make any politician proud to stand in, sprouting how wonderful they are, spreading their lies.
Marjaleena Repo brought up the other side, on the new voting procedures that are in place and the observation of how close the Harper government  is to the old Reform's platform. I have experience the new regulations when I went to advance poll over the Easter weekend. Every lady working there, knew who I was and yet I had to show identification. And by the way, it was wise  of me to bring the polling card with me, because than I would need two pieces of identification plus a envelope or statement showing my address and name. So I went off to vote, but was stopped once again. I had to signed a form, that I voted. It sort of  through me for a loop for a second or two, and I told the ladies someone above does not trust you to do your job duties, and I scribble my name to make it unreadable. I really do not like the idea of signing, it makes me very uncomfortable in this world of identity fraud.  The old Reform's platform of decentralization of power is one that I never did like, especially when the federal government holds the power and authority in regulating mining, shipping, transportation, finance, internet, telecommunications, forestry, fishery, and a host of other areas, that adds increase costs to the provinces and their residents in meeting the regulations, and at the same time pass down the costs to health, education, housing and other areas to the provinces, by giving them full autonomy over certain areas. No point in having full autonomy over health, when a province must meet the regulations of not only the federal government, but also the standard practices of the health professionals. Meeting the federal regulations, is taking more money away from the health pot, that eventually leads to health cuts in services in the provinces. I can well imagine the picture of huge wards in provinces, with 12 to 20 people  like the good old days of the first half of the 20th century. And I do not believe for a second, the federal government is willing to let go the billions of dollars in revenues in the collection of royalties of oil and mineral resources, when this statement is made, "Guarantee exclusive provincial control."  Harper broke a promise to NL, and 10 billion dollars of royalties removed by a stroke of a pen, through regulatory change. So much easier to govern a country, through regulatory change just like the dictators have practiced throughout the years, where democratic rules do not get in the way.
To repeat Marie Hooey, "If I hear King Steve talk about HIS great economy one more time I will have to hurl my drafts."
I am with you on that one, but I will hurl my drafts at those who dare to defend the Harper economic policies, that produces poor outcomes for the majority of their citizens. Fighter jets and jails does not make an economy strong.

Fom: Robert Ede <>
Date: Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 6:49 PM
Subject: In defense of Bob Rae in Ontario 1990-1995

This morning's interview/discussion with Dave Agar on Jerry Agar's show CFRB 1010 Toronto Apr 28th ~915-930am was excellent.
I held on the line until time expired and I was referred to email as a method of expressing my comment.
I will never vote NDP or for Bob Rae but ...
In addition to the "worst recessionary conditions" Bob Rae also inherited the effects of the (dis-named) Free Trade Agreement with the USA
Previously the 'social contract' of Ontario vis a vis ROC was based on the Branch-plant economy - the US companies had assembly factories-for-CDN-production in southern Ontario, we had the jobs, we had the revenue and in exchange Ontario agreed to subsidize the ROC with the equalization etc criss-cross Have/HaveNot transfer system
Once the BranchPlants closed - we were screwed. Jobs gone, Revenue down .... but still straddled with the Have status towards the other (blatantly un-equal) provinces
Dear ol' Bob Rae(a self-serving Liberal who jumped to the NDP to become a Provincial Party Leader -on the way to being a national Party Leader   -the soon to come merged NDP/Libs to be called the Liberal-Democratic Party)
Mr Rae learned about governing-in-tough-times in Ont and as a result is a much better Leader-for tough times Federally.
As I said early email - When Harper asked for dissolution in 2008 (10 minutes before Lehman Bros blew up) the GG should have refused and asked Harper to form an All-the-Talents gov't by inviting a few Libs into the cabinet in exchange for Lib party support til Harper\s 2007-passed fixed election date in  late 2009.
BOB RAE should've been in that all-the-talents cabinet.
Two or so month's later when Harper asked for prorogation #1 -GG should have said same thing " Invite some NDP'ers and some Libs into Cabinet and carry on for 4 years - We need everyone working together ... not fighting petty political skirmishes"
BOB RAE should've been in that all-the-talents cabinet.
When Harper phoned-in the request for the 2nd (?annual?) prorogation (to delay potentially embarrassing military reports until after the Olympics) the GG should have insisted on All the Talents Cabinet OR an immediate election irrespective of 'owning the podium'.
BOB RAE should've been in that all-the-talents cabinet.
Finally the new GovGen, in the days prior to the fateful friday non-confidence motion (every single Cdn knew it was coming a week before) should have suggested this same solution in ONE BIG MEETING, with ALL THE Current Party LEADERS, in one big room that ALSO included all the members sworn into the Privy Council (it's a life-time appt Paul Hellyer the 'dean' he started in 1957). And made them stay there until it was agreed to form an All-Star, All-Canadian, All-the-Talents cabinet/govt that would be of, for and by the whole assembly.
and again BOB RAE should've been in that all-the-talents cabinet.
But this is not really about Bobby Rae it's about the as-written BNA Act(s) 
--  If the GG had had the chutzpah to truly and fully act as the Monarch's representative and simply enforce the as-written text of the BNA/Constitution of our country, .........we'd not have had to endure all the silly never-to-be-implemented promises (all based on the impossible-to-achieve Budget 2011 w its preposterous 5 yr plan of 40+% Rev increase with <10% Program increases - with of course a 33% increase in Public Debt Charges).
The exercise of that fully-authorized by the highest law of the land, Executive Power would have put all these trump-ed up blowhards from the Legislative Power (who think the public can be fooled again and again by the same old crap) back in their intended-in-1867 place.
Let them fight all they want in the 'Children's Hour' of QP ( C.D. Howe's phrase) and bicker all day long in the lower house of assembly, let them pass all the bills and/or recommendations they wish ... but let the public interest to protected by a check-and -balnceVice Regal.
Just like is says on the BNA documents
Let the legislative order (includes Senate) present their ideas to a newly-restored to relevance and superiority GG (elected at-large, every-other general election for term that starts 365 days the Return of the Writs)
gotta run - still kinda rough - but no time to polish
Robert Ede
More on GG, Privy Council & how Canada's powersharing hierarchy got turned upside down
From: Larry Kazdan
To: Vancouver Sun LetED <>
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Have a beer with Jack -but don't let him near the economy,  Harvey Enchin, Vancouver Sun April 29, 2011

Re:  Have a beer with Jack -but don't let him near the economy,  Harvey Enchin, Vancouver Sun April 29, 2011

Whether Jack Layton spends money on seniors, students and small business, or Stephen Harper spends it on jails, fighter jets and corporate tax cuts, it's the same money. The choices have more to do with ideology than economics, so voters can have their beer with Jack, and rest assured that the sun will rise again tomorrow and the sky will not fall.

From: Dave Palmer
Subject: Fw: Speculation the Conservative Party will slash health care.

Warning Warning Warning!

"Anybody watching the Federal Pension Plan bank account?
Someone tell Flaherty to keep his hands out of the pension plan bank account." Jacques De Winter
The Finance Department recently scaled that Defecit Projection back to $28.3 billion, though economists note year-end adjustments traditionally result in wild swings in the country’s fiscal position.
Critics have railed against the Conservatives for failing to provide specifics on how they plan to balance the country’s books, speculating the party will slash health care.
“Their ability to hold the line on spending is questionable,” Derek Fildebrandt said. “They have not shown an ability to do that to date.”

Flaherty predicts finding $4B in ‘efficiencies’ to end deficit
GUELPH ­ Nip here, tuck there, and poof goes the federal deficit.
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty reiterated his plan for deficit reduction during a brief swing through the city Thursday, claiming his party could erase Canada’s $28-billion shortfall by trimming a little fat from the civil service.
“We’ll have a lot of people retiring from the federal public service, because the baby boomers are of that age now,” Flaherty said, adding many positions will remain unfilled.
The Conservative government will find $4 billion in new “efficiencies” annually over the next five years, he said.
“We’re the largest organization in the country. We have about 400,000 employees. We haven’t looked at the efficiency of the organization in 15 years.”
Flaherty gave his typically sanguine read of the country’s fiscal outlook during a brief stop Thursday morning at the campaign office of Guelph Conservative candidate Marty Burke. The visit marked the third time this month a federal cabinet minister has paid a visit to the hotly contested riding.
“The fact that our guys are coming to town means they care,” Burke said while waiting for Flaherty to arrive from Toronto.
Only the local Conservative Party candidate can deliver access to Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Parliament, he added. “It’s basically from you, to me, to the guy that runs the country,” Burke said. He earlier described the relationship as a “direct pipeline to power.”
Arriving at Burke’s office, Flaherty asked about the local campaign. “We’re just neck and neck here with Frank,” Burke told him, referring to Liberal incumbent Frank Valeriote, before the pair headed out for some door-to-door campaigning.
A former Ontario finance minister under Premier Mike Harris, Flaherty became federal Minister of Finance when the Conservatives took power in 2006, inheriting a $13.2-billion surplus from the Martin Liberals.
Reached Thursday afternoon, the director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation challenged the federal Conservative Party’s fiscal record. “Their ability to hold the line on spending is questionable,” Derek Fildebrandt said. “They have not shown an ability to do that to date.”
The Conservatives increased program spending by 40 per cent during their first four years in power, “the largest four-year increase in program spending since Trudeau,” Fildebrandt added.
“If we don’t get our budget back to balance, taxes will go up. It’s a fact of math,” he said. “If you don’t balance what you’re doing today, you’re going to give an excuse to a future government to raise taxes.”
Spending increases plus a two-point cut to the Goods and Services Tax brought the Conservatives into deficit territory in early 2008. The recession and subsequent stimulus spending pushed this year’s projected shortfall to a record $55 billion.
The Finance Department recently scaled that projection back to $28.3 billion, though economists note year-end adjustments traditionally result in wild swings in the country’s fiscal position.
Critics have railed against the Conservatives for failing to provide specifics on how they plan to balance the country’s books, speculating the party will slash health care.
Those claims are baseless, Flaherty said, adding his government will not reduce transfers to provinces or individuals in order to shave down the deficit.
Later on Thursday, the finance minister was scheduled to attend a fundraiser and rally in Creemore, Ont. “This is fertile ground for Conservatives,” Flaherty said of the Guelph riding, throwing his support behind Burke. “We need to have a very strong candidate and very good organization, and we have both this time.”

Jacques M. De Winter

From: John Halonen
Subject: Re: Daily Digest on April 28, 2011

D-Day   -    Monday May 2, 2011

    Canadians can once more stand proud and make this a DECISION Day.

   There is only one choice, and that is Anything But Conservative ( ABC ).

   This choice is only for true Canadians, ones who do not support Harper`s agenda.

   No more non-engine Stealth Bombers.
   No more changing documents to support Harper philosophy.
   No more secret agendas  where Harper reaffirms the importance of moving forward with border vision plan with the United States, all unknown by his Canadian citizens.

   Just No More Harper.

   It is your choice but make your vote count.  Our original D-Day made all Canadians proud.   So can your vote.

John Halonen

From: Rebecca Gingrich <>
Subject:  Harper no longer on  high moral ground and

Meanwhile, at the Ottawa Sun…[A journalist is let go]
Another journalist dismissed for writing the truth???

The imbroglio over Patrick Muttart's alleged attempts to swiftboat Michael Ignatieff via Sun Media has brought even more scrutiny to bear on the news agency's relationship with the Prime Minister's Office. One thread suddenly relevant is the recent departure from the Ottawa Sun of Michael Harris
An award-winning journalist and novelist, Harris says he was told his column was dropped to make room for other voices.
He suspects, however, that a column he wrote on the eve of the election, titled  "Harper no longer on high moral ground," might have lubricated his exit....
[Read full article at link below]

Harper no longer on high moral ground
First posted: Friday, March 25, 2011 3:10:27 MDT PM | Updated: Friday, March 25, 2011 3:11:14 MDT PM

Even when the Liberal party was run by the Nutty Professor, the best Stephen Harper could do was win a minority government.
Despite the pollsters, despite the government having put a Rock Cornish hen in every budgetary pot, the coming federal election will be close, full of surprises and bitterly contested. The last result I expect to see is a majority government.
The coming campaign will not be launched around the budget. It will begin with a damning vote in the House of Commons. For the first time in history, a sitting government will be found in contempt of parliament.
Not important? Rubbish.
It's not just a case of Steve doesn't play well with others. It's a case of preventing duly elected MPs from doing their jobs. It's about having foisted the death march of partisanship on our seminal institution. It's about making dizzying spending decisions as if this were a one-party system.
Unlike 2008, Steve has a lot of explaining to do this time around.
Does he really have a weakness for disbarred ex-forgers with an eye for the ladies when it comes to staffing the PMO? How appropriate is it for a PM to say, "You win some, you lose some," when the Federal Court of Appeal makes a legal finding that his party has broken the law?
Own scandals
And how many times can Steve call in the RCMP on his own brood without admitting that he hasn't exactly put honesty and integrity back into our politics?
In Steve's finest political hour, he occupied the high ground when he said that the Liberals no longer had the moral authority to govern. He was right: Adscam was like a hundred gallon drum of rotting fish.
But now the moral high ground is occupied by others who will be measuring the PM's once credible rhetoric about integrity and transparency against the tawdry backdrop of the in-and-out scandal, the Bev Oda affair and contempt of parliament.
Iggy as underdog
Michael Ignatieff may yet prove that he should be marking papers, not running a country. But he begins this campaign in the always advantageous position of the underdog, though not as feisty a one as Jack Layton.
Little is expected of Ignatieff based on years of listless underperformance as Opposition leader. So if he shows even a little bit of spunk in the battle, there is a chance he can at least stave off a rout.
Ignatieff has already served notice that the government's sad ethical record won't be the only thing under the microscope; the economy too will be front and centre.
Despite the prime minister's chorus of enablers on his canny management skills, there is a case to be made that this guy spends like a Liberal.
How can you take a bow for being a good manager when you have racked up the largest deficit in history, grown government by 15% since 2006, and come up with a budget that would make increased government spending a reality for the next five years? Is that even Conservative?
If the past is any guide, Steve will dismiss the scandals and contempt finding as trivial.
Meanwhile, he will relentlessly raise the bogeyman of a coalition government if Canadians don't give him an outright majority.
Fear works. How long it will work is the main question of the next election.

Subject: Jackie Boy All this information was reported on the radio this afternoon. Send it to everyone you know!

For all those who think the Sun shines out of Jack Layton's rear end, the basic facts are as follows

. Layton and his wife Olivia Chow both sat on Toronto City Council for years before making the move to federal politics. While on City Council, they were making $100,000 a year. They used a fraudulent scheme to get into subsidized housing. What they did was register the house in the name of Chow's mother who was an unemployed immigrant. In this way, they lived for years in a taxpayer funded house while being paid $100,000 yearly from taxpayers.
They only moved when a reporter exposed the story. The real irony is that Chow styled herself as an advocate for the homeless on City Council.
It astounds me that the media never mention this. It was theft, pure and simple.Today, Layton and Chow earn $350,000 together as MPs. They each get a housing allowance for living in Ottawa although they live together.
According to House of Commons records for 2010, they spent one million dollars last year on travel and perks. Because they're MPs. there is no detail. When asked, Layton said that most of it was for travel back to Toronto to visit their constituents. That comes out to $20,000 a week for travel. Toronto is 300 miles from Ottawa. Again, it's  theft, pure and simple. But speaking of simple, NDP loyalists see Jack and Olivia as the working man's friends. The simplistic media play up this image. Simplistic Canadians give Jack a free ride on trust. Now the other night during the big debate Jack had the nerve to say we don't need more jails because all the crooks are already in the Senate. I think we better make Jack a Senator!


Meanwhile, at the Ottawa Sun…

The imbroglio over Patrick Muttart's alleged attempts to swiftboat Michael Ignatieff via Sun Media has brought even more scrutiny to bear on the news agency's relationship with the Prime Minister's Office. One thread suddenly relevant is the recent departure from the Ottawa Sun of Michael Harris
An award-winning journalist and novelist, Harris says he was told his column was dropped to make room for other voices.
He suspects, however, that a column he wrote on the eve of the election, titled  "Harper no longer on high moral ground," might have lubricated his exit....
[Read full article at link below]

From: Tom Brewer>

How could I vote for Harper? Sorry,  I'm a Canadian MSer and given what
Harper's government has done... My vote would never-ever suggest his
government is helping MSer's! When committee's were formed they assured
themselves of tainting the results, in my opinion. How in hell could you get
anything from a group of mainly neurologists, and we already know their
minds are closed to what is and has been going on around the world! Big
Pharma too, could be well assumed have their finger in the pie right up to
their elbow. All in all IR's have been out numbered thus we wont hear their
side of our plight.

Strange as it is not one MSer says this is THE cure BUT it seems
Neurologists assume we are saying this. Strange to wherein not one drug
cures MS yet doctors readily prescribe some drugs that kill. Tysabri for
instance has a terrible record BUT the all knowing Neurologists seem ready
to prescribe it. One wonders WHY. Could it be there is a kickback? All in
all, and in my opinion most doctors only know about drugs and big pharma
blesses them!.

No, my vote will NOT be for Harper or his bunch of cowboys/cowgirls.


From: Richard Priestman
Subject: FW: Which Canada will YOU Vote for?? This is fabulous!
En français ici:  Pour quel Canada allez-vous Voter?

A really fabulous piece of work. Long but every bit jam packed with
useful information for voting decisions. Covers the economy, taxes,
environment, research funding, climate change, contempt of parliament,
war & peacekeeping, F-35s, prisons, Charter of Rights, equality for
women, poverty, Senate, Supreme Court, aboriginals, and more.
Feel free to cut and paste any bits or send on the whole thing!
---------- Forwarded message ----------
All done by a volunteer, very committed Canadian in clever cartoon-size bits.

You can cut & paste & use his cartoons in messages of your own.

A great civics lesson & SO worth reading!!!!

Pls. circulate widely!!