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Daily Digest April 21-22, 2011


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Toronto builder siphoned $1.8M from Gravenhurst project

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Agree or Disagree with Marie

(Family and "honey do"s take up time)
From: Marie Hooey
Subject: FEDERAL ELECTION - for below 30

Letter to the editor:
Unfortunately the weary, resigned, election voters across Canada are failing to realize that this election is the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION in the history of Canada.  Please don't be duped by our neo-con Prime Minister when he blames the other parties for causing this election.  Harper is the one who wanted an election to try and get a majority before the devastating G-20 report, the Afghan detainee report and the Whistleblower's report were going to be made public.  This is his last kick at the can to try to get a Harper majority.  He is so desperate to do so, that he recently played his Americanized fear-tactic card on sovereignty issues.
Greedy, distracted, apathetic Canadians need to SMARTEN UP!  Do you want to end the remnants of democracy we have left in this country?  Do you want privatized for profit health care in Canada?   Do you want the end of subsidies for our farmers, which will bring us corporate mega farms as in the U.S. (which is already happening).  Do you want de-regulation of our banks, which saved us from economic destitution when the recession hit.  Nothing Harper did saved us!   Do you want a 'military industrial complex' of the north?  That is already happening here too!   Do you think that our war veterans are being cared for appropriately?  Not so, especially since Harper's new federal rules for Veterans health care as of June 2009 and the now one-time payment for service.  Despicable!
 Do you want billions spent on American style mega prisons when our crime rate has fallen?  Those prisons will be filled by gay men and women, women who attempt to get abortions, peaceful pot smokers, anyone who has the audacity to speak out against our new government and brave dissidents, who will fight increased corporatism that will follow a Harper majority. Canadians and Americans are living in societies comparable to the 'Weimar Republic'.  (Just take a minute to research the word corporatism and the term 'Weimar Republic if you are unfamiliar with both.)   History does indeed repeat itself!
Do you want to become part of America?  Who knows how much sovereignty Harper gave away in his last secret meeting with Obama?  It is called the North American Union in case you haven't heard of it.  We might as well start flying the American flag and sing "the bombs bursting in air" at our hockey games from here on in.
Not to mention, do you want billions of your hard earned money spent on F-35 fighter jets (while having to pay down the deficit Harper created on top of squandering the budgetary surplus the Liberals left us with)?  Yes, F-35's that will be purchased without motors by the way, which has just been reported!  Fighter jets that will be used to protect American oil companies drilling in the Canadian Artic reserves.
Do you vote for the Conservative party because you think they stand for fiscal responsibility?  Not!
Do you want to live in a country where we no longer have civil liberties?  If you were paying attention to the useless, billion dollar G-20 fiasco, you know how easy it was to slide in secret martial law on the streets of Toronto and jail thousands for doing nothing but peacefully protesting for more fairness across many issues.  Not to mention many bystanders who just got swept up in it all as they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  True there were, some anarchists who the government knew would perpetrate violent acts, but they were purposefully allowed to do just that in order to justify the over-the-top security and the financing of millions for new police 'crowd control' equipment.  Police officers won the lottery in over-time payments.
Do you want to be bullied, lied to and constantly be fed propaganda?  That is what King Steve has been doing during our Parliamentary process, which he disdains by the way.  He has twice shut down our Parliament and is now the first Prime Minister of Canada to be found in contempt of Parliament.  That is an abuse of power and a breach of Parliament, which shows contempt for our democracy such as it is.
***Do you know where Stephan Harper came from?  Do you remember??  He came from the destruction of one of Canada's oldest parties the 'Progressive Conservative Party' orchestrated by Peter Mckay (a lawyer at the time) when, as their new leader he disposed of his signed agreement with David Orchard and joined with the Reform Party.  Harper of the Alliance Party ran for the leadership of the then newly named Conservative Party of Canada.  Mckay was later rewarded with the Defence Ministry.  I might also add, that this skullduggery, was manipulated behind the scene, by former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. 
King Steve is a neo-conservative Straussian, who follows the teachings of Levi Strauss in his politics.  The main crux being, ' politicians should lie to the people, for the good of the people.'  President George Dubya Bush and all of his consorts were also neo-con Straussians too!
During the incredible yet devastating CBC presentation on the G-20 (which brilliantly exposed the suppression of long held Canadian civil liberties), it was interrupted by an unusual late night broadcast by Harper speaking to the Canadian public about standing behind the UN to fight for the civil liberties of the people in Libya.  The irony of it was breathtaking.  Harper in his Libyan speech stated, "One either believes in freedom or one just says one believes in freedom."  Straussian doublespeak at its finest.  Hundreds of protestors are still in the police database for exercising their democratic right to protest.  It's called a police state folks.
Did you vote for accountability and transparency in Government?  Well you were duped.  Neither are, anywhere to be found in the Harper government.  It is undoubtedly the most secret government ever.  The lack of transparency and accountability are what forced an election.  Was Bev Oda held accountable – NO or 'NOT'!  Was Christiane Ouimet held accountable –NO!  She was Canada's first public sector 'integrity' commissioner.  She departed just prior to Sheila Fraser's investigation and devastating report.
***This is the FOURTH REPORT that the public is not entitled to hear about until after the election.  The integrity commissioner spent her first year in that role decorating her office and ignoring complaints that were never investigated and departed with four years left in her mandate.  Ms. Ouimet subsequently disappeared when she was supposed to appear before the Public Accounts Committee but did surface finally.  She also I might add received her $500,000 pension.  There is more, so much more!
Do you want the corrupt, overpaid, criminal gang in the Conservative Senate to remain in place?  We could divvy up all of those ripe senate pay cheques and pensions and help make home care assessable for the disabled, injured and elderly and probably build quite a few long term care facilities to boot. 
Do you want our government web site, which is righteously titled "The Government of Canada" to be changed to "Harper's Government!" and our government letterhead to sport the same heading, "Harper's Governement?"  It was announced by Stockwell Day that that is going to be done.  He stated, he didn't think Canadians would care as they refer to the government as Harper's Government any ways.  Excuse me Mr. Day!  I certainly CARE, as do all of the Veterans who fought for this country.  It is NOT Harper's Government?  It is my government – it is our government – IT is the "Government of Canada", the PEOPLE'S GOVERNMENT!
Do you want to trust King Steve with POWER?  If you do, you won't know what hit you, nor will you recognize our country evermore.  The old saying goes 'power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.'
If you answered YES to all of these questions then Vote Conservative!
Lastly, has Mr. Harper scared you with his talk of coalition?  He signed papers for one in 2004.  The dramatic, political rhetoric floating around on this topic is just that.  Who is doing just fine with a coalition government at this time?  Quite a few countries in fact, are doing quite well thank you especially, the one on whom our Parliamentary system is based - that being Britain of course.  Mr. Harper has stated that a coalition government would harm our economy.  That has in fact been de-bunked by political science professors, chief economists and Steven Hess the lead analyst for Moody's Investors Services in New York.
***Let's not forget that the Liberal coalition government of Lester B. Pearson and the NDP party ushered in universal health care, government loans for students and the Canada Pension Plan. 
All I can ask is that you turn off Survivor, American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars for one night and educate yourself about what is really going on before you go to place your vote in only 10 days.  Don't pay any attention to polls (I think they should be banned.)   I, like you, am so sick of strategically voting BUT – it only begs the case for change in our system.  Otherwise go and VOTE for whomever you think has the best political agenda for you, your family and the country. 
The most important thing that people in a democracy can do is to VOTE.  That is your least responsibility as a participant in a democracy.  We are witnessing people in the far- east literally dying to cast a vote for fair government – government of the people and for the people.  Do we want to end up under military rule, a dictatorship and live under years of emergency rule?  Don't for one moment think it can't happen here!
Marie Hooey
Port Hope