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Plagiarism is defined in dictionaries as "wrongful appropriation"

The greater part of my life, as a student and a teacher this was
not a venal sin to be cleansed through saying "Sorry"
particularly when it occurs not once but twice in the same manner.

Am I alone in determining employing such untruths end all trust?


From: Zeb Landon
Subject: Tax corporations or households?

During the national leaders debate, Harper kept repeating (simplistically) that lower taxes were needed for economic prosperity.  I thought Ignatieff or Layton could have challenged that better.  They could have pointed out that in Europe where taxes are higher, unemployment is the same or less, and the Gross Domestic Product per capita is the same or higher.  Also, on whom the taxes fall makes a difference.

A friend in B.C. commented the following to me.
"The reason why there is an imbalance in the federal budget situation... [is due to]  too little on the income side [and not due only to] too much on the spending side. ...  (Too much on the spending side: e.g., fighter jets and bombs for Libya, both wasteful and morally wrong.)

"Corporate taxation has gone down and individual taxation has gone up. In addition, since 2000, the total tax take has gone from 36% to 31% and that will not be enough to bring down any deficit without hurting the general economy of our country.
"Further, the 5% decrease in taxation has certainly not really created many new jobs. No, lots of companies and industries have farmed out their production to mostly China. Last year, Canadian companies invested $13.5 Billion abroad while their investments inside Canada decreased by $12 Billion.
"It is pretty tiring to be led by the nose by politicians who try to fool you at every turn of the road. The total tax take by the governments in Germany, the Nordic countries, Holland is between 10% and 20% higher than here in Canada and, according to the CIA factbook, in those countries' GDP/capita is about the same or higher than Canada's. 

"So this conservative idea that low taxes creates more jobs is just not true. By the way, unemployment is lower in Germany than here, while it is roughly the same in the other countries mentioned.

"([Note that] the way unemployment is statistically measured varies from country to country. For example, those people who drop out of the benefit programs here are suddenly not counted as unemployed....) What they do have more of in those countries are industries that make finished products..... and that is where I would put the umph if I were in some government. Just fiddling with the fiscal stuff is totally without vision, which creates an uncertain future for our kids and grandkids."
 (end of quote)

.From: Mary-Sue Haliburton
Subject: Misleading quote from Sheila Fraser is the REAL story

The Cons actually quoted Fraser's approving comment about how the Liberals handled security spending ten years ago and applied it to themselves. This is the real story about misleading parliament and the public!! Who's "messing with the facts" now, John Baird?

Hope this report is in Ignatieff's briefing notes!!


Tories used praise for Liberals to defend summit costs: Fraser
< >

The report quoted the auditor general as saying: "We found that the processes and controls around that were very good, and that the monies were spent as they were intended to be spent."
Auditor General Sheila Fraser says the Conservatives used a quote from her in a report that had nothing to do with the G8 and G20 summits. Pawel Dwulit/Canadian PressBut in a scathing letter addressed to members of a Commons committee on Friday, which was received by the clerk and members on Monday, Fraser said the quote had nothing to do with the summits.

From: Larry Kazdan

Subject: Letter to Editor re:  Harper stays cool under fire,  Mark Dunn, April 12, 2011 (from Larry Kazdan 604-874-9982)

Re:  Harper stays cool under fire,  Mark Dunn, April 12, 2011

Stephen Harper's current contention that only the party with the most parliamentary seats can legitimately govern is wrong. In fact, Harper, in a letter also signed by Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe in 2004, wrote to then Governor General Adrienne Clarkson advising that should Paul Martin's minority government fall, options other than calling an election were available. The only reasonable option would have been a minority Conservative government led by Harper and supported by the other two parties. Canadians should not trust this man whose truth is so variable and so utterly self-serving.

Subject: Letter to Editor re:  Which rascals do we mistrust least?,  MARILLA STEPHENSON, Wed, Apr 13  (from Larry Kazdan 604-874-9982)

Re:  Which rascals do we mistrust least?,  MARILLA STEPHENSON, Wed, Apr 13

On Jan. 1, 2011, corporate tax rates were reduced from 18% to 16.5%  and will drop again next year to 15%.  Stephen Harper's comment during the debate that there are no corporate tax cuts is inconsistent with the truth. The Conservatives have misrepresented the words of the Auditor General and the Parliamentary Budget Officer, have misappropriated funds that were diverted from border security to a Tory riding, and have misinformed the public about scheduled corporate tax cuts.  Let the voter beware.

From: Peggy Merritt
Subject: Contempt of Parliament

Hi Joe:  Jack Layton accused Iggy of having the worst
attendance record of any member of Parliament. 

Would lack of attendance rate as contempt of Parliament? 
Just wondering. 


Subject: Another reason not to vote Conservative
From: Arthur Topham

Hi Joe,
Your readers may find this letter of interest. Got it published in the msm today.



Another reason not to vote Conservative

Quesnel Cariboo Observer
Published: April 12, 2011


Re: Pushed to the Polls, Observer Editorial, April 1, 2011

Given the date and the fact that you suggested the Harper Conservatives had been brought down because of "relatively minor policy differences" I momentarily considered that your editorial might have been an April Fool's joke, but after reading further and noting that you also stated, "...Canada's government was functioning in stable fashion, and for the great majority of citizens, the so-called transgressions of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives were hardly registering on the radar, if at all," I quickly realized that it was no joke.

As one voter who has been following the disingenuous, hostile actions of the Harper Conservatives over the past five years I found these statements diametrically opposed to my own views and, contrary to your assessment, the views of close to 62.4 per cent of Canadians who voted against Harper's extremist policies back in 2008.

Harper's house has fallen for a number of valid reasons, least of which is the fact that his government was found guilty of treating Parliament and the Canadian people with extreme contempt. Were his actions judged in a court of law he'd likely be in prison now rather than running for office again.

That alone is serious enough to warrant removing the Conservatives from power but I would also like to add some other good reasons for not voting Conservative May 2.

Harper has dragged Canada into needless imperialist wars, destroying our country's long-standing reputation as a sovereign, peace-loving, neutral nation. The blood of 155 young Canadians is on his hands as well as the blood of innocent Afghan citizens and now the blood of the people of Libya who are being bombed with depleted uranium ordinance that will ensure the deaths of countless numbers over generations to come.

At a time when the global economy is melting down before our eyes like the reactors in Fukushima, Japan and Canadians are hard pressed to make ends meet Harper, rather than showing prudence and restraint, is taking Canada further into debt to the International financial fraud by borrowing $29 billion dollars for a fleet of F35 fighter jets designed for attacking other nations rather than defending our own air space from some bogus enemy. It's all part of his "stable fashion" of fiscal management which, over the past five years, has saddled the nation with a whopping $122.3 billion dollar deficit, the largest in Canada's history and much of it a result of needless military spending.

We must never forget that Harper's Reform-Conservative coalition gained only 37.6 per cent of the votes in 2008 and to suggest that his party speaks for the majority of Canadians is misleading. Nowhere is this fact more blatantly obvious than in the Harper Conservative's foreign policy initiatives which have shown supreme contempt for Canada by their unabashed kowtowing to the former Bush and current Obama administrations in the USA as well as their shameless subservience to the demands of the Jewish state of Israel; actions that openly reveal a Conservative penchant for following extremist, fundamentalist religious ideologies that draw upon a strong voter base of Zionist Christians for unflagging, zealous support for aggressive military actions abroad.

In terms of Canada's natural resources the Harper Conservatives, like the B.C. Liberals, have displayed an abysmal record of selling out our industries to foreign ownership. The mining sector is a good example of this with Harper accelerating the process and rubber-stamping foreign takeovers of companies that once were Canadian. Coupled with Canada's cultural resources which are also being offered to the highest foreign bidders it's clear that this government is at odds with all that the majority of Canadians hold as sacrosanct in an era of growing threats to our national sovereignty.

These are but some of the issues that Canadians need to bear in mind before they vote May 2. I'm sure others will add to this list.

Arthur Topham
Cottonwood, B.C.

From: Geoffrey Laxton
Subject: Fw: The Harper Stare---creeeeeeepy or what

Sent: Wed, April 13, 2011 4:23:53 AM
Subject: The Harper Stare---creeeeeeepy or what

The Harper camera stare---like yikes , I couldn`t get past it.

I found the longer I watched , the more freaked-out I became---the more freaked-out I became , the more my wife became irritated with me for endlessly pointing it out.

As opponents tried to engage him , he looked past them to talk to Canadians in scripted messages or little speech-lets.

How disrespectful of the other debaters.

I kept wishing that at least one of the three other debaters would walk away from their lectern & go stand right in front of him as he stared at the camera or just scream , we are over here.

Wow , that was creepy..

Dr Mike

The debate winner on Twitter: Stephen Harper's stare; PM gaze gets top tweets
By Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press –

OTTAWA — Among all the issues in Tuesday's election debate it was a bit oof non-verbal communication that may have generated the most attention in the Twitterverse:
Stephen Harper's stare.
An analysis of user messages on Twitter suggests that the most popular topic of the evening was the prime minister's habit of gazing past his opponents, towards the camera.
As of 9:30 p.m., about a half-hour after the debate's conclusion, Harper's stare had generated at least 1,474 messages — including original messages and retweets.

That compares with 1,132 messages about crime; 1,198 about NDP Leader Jack Layton's quips using the modern buzzwords "bling" and "hashtag fail"; 910 about the economy and deficit; 656 about majority and minority governments; 410 about coalitions; and 688 about bickering.

The prime minister's body language was carefully chosen, his aides said, to rise above the partisan cacophony and deliver a clear message to viewers at home: only a Conservative majority can end the bickering.

The direct eye contact had both supporters and detractors. . . . cId=6549456

From: Rebecca Gingrich

Subject: debate'
I found it passing strange that Iggy et al complained about the money spent in a CPC riding for the G8(not that I agree with that colossal waste of our tax dollars) but has everyone forgotten the $2B dollars wasted on the gun control law that Iggy was defending?  The money was never mentioned.  It was never mentioned that the police on the street don't trust it--it is the Chiefs that support it.  But we are supposed to believe all the words that oozed from all the lying politicians? 
Subject: finally someone who is not afraid to tell the truth about war

Subject: Extremely well written and so very True

 This is extremely well written and so very True. This lady needs to be commended for this article and everyone should
read this and make sure to pass it on so as many as possible are aware of this.

This is the typical Alberta view on our relationship with the ROC (rest of Canada ), excluding B.C. and Saskatchewan of course.
Fascinating article by Lisa Corbella of the Calgary Herald.

Something has to give !!

Quebec and the Fairy Godmother

Today, let's have some fun and play Fairy Godmother to
Quebec . Let's grant the province the wish it articulated in Copenhagen . Wave
the magic wand and poof, wish granted. Shut down Alberta 's oilsands, except,
since it's Quebec making the wish, we have to call it tarsands, even though
it's not tar they use to run their Bombardier planes, trains and Skidoos.

From: Peter Chisholm
Subject: Re: Post Debate Coverage

I believe the debate will elicit some participation by those not pre-disposed to vote. I found Harper presented as being remote from his audience, perhaps even detached or condescending on two counts. Repeatedly, he said "what Canadians need to know" in relation to his position on issues thus implying,at least to me, he believes he knows better than his peers and audience. Second, he referred to the televised debate as "bickering" thus demeaning his peers,audience, and himself, for participation in that kind of event. Thanks for the record. Peter Chisholm.