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Daily Digest April 12, 2011

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17h33 - Corruption au Québec · Maclean's blâmé
Le Conseil de presse reproche au journaliste Martin Patriquin ainsi qu'au chroniqueur Andrew Coyne d'avoir véhiculé des préjugés discriminatoires ayant porté atteinte à la dignité de l'ensemble des Québécois. JDQ
17h30 - Espionnage à l'hôtel de ville · Le sort de Claude Dauphin en suspens
La saga d'espionnage à l'hôtel de ville connaîtra un dénouement ce soir.  LCN
17h12 - Elections 2011 · Logements sociaux en voie de disparition
Le retrait des investissements prévus par le gouvernement Harper pour la construction de logements sociaux suscite l'ire de candidats du Bloc Québécois. Agence QMI
17h05 - Politique fédérale · La vérificatrice générale du Canada enquête sur deux fuites
15h57 - Amphithéâtre à Québec · Paradis réagit à la pub du Bloc
15h01 - Voile dans la rue · Québec refuse d'imiter la France
14h53 - Élections fédérales · Une campagne pour inciter les jeunes à voter
13h52 - Financement d'un organisme pro-vie · Le ministre Bolduc embarrass
11h16 - Suspension de Dauphin · Le conseil tranche cet après-midi
10h05 - Économie · La Banque du Canada maintient le statu quo
06h58 - Finances · Les Canadiens déjà touchés par la hausse des prix
06h53 - Élections fédérales · «C'est le début de la vraie campagne!»
06h48 - Dossier de l'amphithéâtre · Le Bloc contre-attaque avec une publicité
05h20 - Élections fédérales · La pensée magique



From: Ron Thornton

*Hi Joe:

I'm interested in discovering the answer to the question(s), "If not Harper, then who...and why?" As I've mentioned before, the Conservatives are a party that internally is about as democratic as the former Bulgarian Communist Party, they piss away money and even divert funds away from questionable projects to those that have nothing to do with the original intent, and come across as a bunch of pompous asses. Yet, I still plan to vote for my local Conservative as I have failed to come up with a single good reason to vote for alternatives that actually seem worse to me than Harper does. So, if not Harper, then who...and why? I'm hoping for not only stimulating discussion, but maybe I might even learn something.

From: Robert Ede
Subject: Un-discussed Election Topics #16 -Unbundling the FUNDING of Healthcare -

*16a) Nation-ification of Healthcare FUNDING - upload responsibility for collecting the money to fund this "sacred national" boondoggle (suffering a death-of-1000-defunding/delisting-cuts everyday on 10+3+1 fronts) to the broadest tax-base?    what? and offend the provinces (ed.note actually you Ottawa folks might find the provinces are open to the concept fiscally but one or two would balk  s.91 (Fed. powers) vs s.92(Prov-power)-wise)

16b)The FUNDING of this newly-unified-by-uploading Nation's "Sickness-care Insurance" / also could be known as (acbka) "Defined-benefit restorative Health & Wellness program" / acbka "Huge (formerly) employee-benefit-paid-by-employer "cost" that is shared by ALL taxpayers", for the benefit of all residents (note the smaller group {taxFILERS ~50% of Pop. but # of actual taxPAYERS is smaller than 50%} is paying for the larger group {residents ~95+% of Pop} should now be taken OFF the BUDGET of the Confederal/General/Federal gov't that has just received the responsibility for it - in the same way that the Canada Pension Plan is OFF the budget and for the same reason (the program has dedicated contributions paid into separate accounts from which benefits are paid).

--The separate Healthcare Account, with a dedicated stream of payments collected as a simple & single % of Gross (no deductions) personal income (regardless of source) that would vary annually (as Municipal Property Taxes do) based on the coming year's estimated cost of actually FUNDING the Canada's "Sickness&Wellness-care" AND planning the funding of future capital expenditures, improvements, repairs and replacements of hospitals etc etc. - simple full-cost accounting.

--The healthier our population was + the more efficient the (currently unionized, government-monopoly, bureaucrat-administered) system was in delivering the services .... the lower the simple& single % could be or the reverse (as we have experienced since 1965 or so). With this funding system both the general population AND the care-givers, gatekeepers, administrators would be motivated to BE, respectively (and individually), healthier and less-wasteful/more efficient/more effective.

-16c)How about examining the actual dollar numbers in and out of Consolidated Gen Rev Accts for Healthcare system - since every dollar of income tax goes into GENERAL REVENUE & every Healthcare dollars comes OUT of SAME ACCOUNTS (regardless of the circuitous route that the funding actually takes)

Total spent on Healthcare in Canada

est for 2009 ---- $181 Billion

Total Federal Personal Income Tax (fPIT)

2008-09 ------- $116.024Bn Fiscal Reference Table #3

Total Provincial Personal Income Tax (pPIT)

2008-09 ------- $74.301Bn Fiscal Reference Table #38

Grand Total PIT 116.024+ 74.301 = $190.325Bn

If the total spent on Healthcare ($181Bn) roughly equals the Total Personal Income Tax ($190.325 Bn)

That MUST mean that "everything else" in taxation, pays for "everything else" on the Fed+Prov Budgets!!

----the numbers suggest that if we switched to a national program with dedicated "healthcare premiums" .....we would totally eliminate the need for Prov AND Fed Personal Income Taxes!!

---- what aspect of Healthcare is FREE? 

-----During this election ANYONE WHO SUGGESTS BOOSTING or EXPANDING healthcare coverage is actually recommending BOOSTING income taxes!
Robert Ede,