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Daily Digest April 1, 2011


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From: "Jim Calvert"
Subject: Below 30    01-APR-2011

The difference is pretty glaring...
The parties merged and THEN they went to the people in an election.
There is a significant difference from adding up the number of seats you won and adding them to the guy beside you and forming a coalition to govern without a new election.
Joe, you know that a minority government is in fact a coalition government. Coalitions are formed, dissolved, and reformed based on whatever is on the list today. This government has now set an endurance record for a minority government, having obtained support from at least some of the opposition parties on every piece of legislation passed.
If the opposition parties had not supported the government, no legislation would have passed since the last election.
Jim Calvert

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: No GW in California?????

Glaciers growing on Mt. Shasta
Record snowfall to spur even more growth
By Robert Felix
28 Mar 11 - Although the media has done a great job of covering this up, the inconvenient fact is
that all seven glaciers on California's Mount Shasta are growing. This includes Whitney Glacier,
the state's largest.

Yes, growing. Not melting.

Subject: Comment and Opinion 01-Apr-2011

Chief of Defence Staff or CDS is a combined position at the head of our Canadian Forces. This position was intended to be represented by the Canadian Army, Canadian Navy and Canadian Airforce, with each element taking a turn. 
I for one have contained my pride in being a member of the "Senior Service" and wish this could once again be more apparent. We have a need for "excellence" in Communications.
Yesterday, I heard a woman on CBC radio comment that we in Canada need to work together as a team for the
common good of our Nation and thought this to be a very relevant observation.
"GG Schramm**..."
4612 Walnut Crescent, Box 78,
Okanagan Falls, British Columbia, V0H 1RO Canada.

Subject:            Harper

It almost made me sick to see all the foolish anti Harper comments .
Harper did not want an election, it was the opposition that demanded it knowing it was their only chance of winning even  threatening a coalition again.
Harper has proven himself many times as an experienced, intelligent  leader - firstly by bringing the Conservative and Reform party together and having to contend with a
 media that are over 80% liberal and have blatently expressed their liberal preference throughout past elections but regardless Harper finally won in spite of them.
Considering  it  has only 20% of Canadians listening to it now  Harper should stop the over one billion dollars it soaks up of our tax dollars yet refuses to be accountable on how the money is spent.  Disgusting.
He's the only leader who  has stated he will stand beside Israel l         Harper is the most experienced, intelligent and respected leader of any nation on  earth right now, comparing him to Ignatieff who has been away from  Canada for decades is ridiculous.
 The danger for our democracy isn't external as much as it is internal due to the vacuous, unintelligent and shallow way many voters now vote  based on  personality and charisma rather  than a person's  integrity, courage and ability which is evident in the emails sent below.
If the voters don't wake up and smell the roses Canada will be in the same state as the U.S. who now who have a  personable, charasmatic ,socialist  and leaderless president
 Helen  Nuss

From: Rene Moreau <>
Subject: Re: A BELOW (30) SPECIAL

To Joe;
From  Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
From: "Glenn Harewood", Harper,s record.

   Say Harper's corporate handlers wanted to conduct an experiment on
controlling the masses, for future use on the rest of the world. With
the goal of running the world in the future. As most of us know, they
have the money and organization to do this. Why would they NOT, put in
a controllable being  as Prime Minister to do their testing?  jThe
ploy is called 'knowing your opposition, and is being done world-wide.

   After all, would it not be perceived by the Corpo-world and '
their' controllers, that Canadian media, and government and business
leaders, can be depended on to stay quiet, and not rock the boat, so
to speak?  Also, those who still blab can be neutralized by Echelon,
XE security, etc., by controlling their out-put. Mind you, a pile of
Canadians, communicating vocally, can spread much, effectively. and
undermine  the corpo-plan.

   Food for thought?

                                           Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

I would go further. There will be no UNITED Canada, but a DIVIDED
Canada. A Harper Regime acting with impunity, and the Culture of
Deceit and Division will be rampant.
I repeat the article written in the Globe and Mail by G. Caplan.
G. Harewood.

Subject: RE: Fw: NEWS RELEASE: Liberals fight to end Harper's culture
of deceit - COMMUNIQUÉ : Les libéraux luttent pour mettre fin à la
culture de tromperie

From: J Murray
Subject: Re: A BELOW (30) SPECIAL


Harewood is being very misleading and disingenuous: yes the conservatives
are a 'coalition' of previously separate parties. But they have come
together to run as ONE party ... and everyone knows it , they have been
totally honest, open and up-front about it. They had a public process and
vote to unite. They are running as a united party. Nothing was hidden; the
unification of the parties had extensive media coverage.

This, in SHARP contrast to the Liberals and NDP and Bloc who are
presenting themselves to the public as quite separate and independent
parties, and who won't answer honestly the public's very legitimate
question: "have you done another deal to form a coalition government
should the election result in another minority parliament. Like you did
the last time without telling the public."

This is a critical difference: those voting for the Conservatives know who
and what they are voting for. Without clear and definitive answers to
these questions those voting for the Liberal, NDP, and Bloc parties do

The public has the right to know just WHAT and WHO it is they are voting for!

From: Joseph <>
Subject: Solar highways. [VIDEO]



From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Exposed: The US-Saudi Libya deal...You invade Bahrain. We take out Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. This, in short, is the essence of a deal struck between the Barack Obama administration and the House of Saud....

Exposed: The US-Saudi Libya deal
By Pepe Escobar
This is NATO's first African war, as Afghanistan is NATO's first Central/South Asian war. Now firmly configured as the UN's weaponized arm, Globocop NATO is on a roll implementing its "strategic concept" approved at the Lisbon summit last November (see Welcome to NATOstan, Asia Times Online, November 20, 2010). ...
[Read full article at link below]

From: Jean Johnston
Subject: FW: [LAN] "Canada through Stephen Harper's Eyes, " by Stephen Harper, The Tyee, March 23, 2011

Hi!  I've read this and it is sickening!  Jean
Subject: FW: [LAN] "Canada through Stephen Harper's Eyes, " by Stephen Harper, The Tyee, March 23, 2011
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 15:29:10 +0000

Hi!  I've printed it off so I can read it sometime.  Jean
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 17:07:51 -0700
Subject: [LAN] "Canada through Stephen Harper's Eyes, " by Stephen Harper, The Tyee, March 23, 2011

Here is a glimpse into what Stephen Harper really thinks. What will he do if he gets a majority?


Canada through Stephen Harper's Eyes
What might he do with a majority? Well, he once called his country a "welfare state in the worst sense." Here's that speech.
By Stephen Harper, 23 Mar 2011,

From: "Eduard Hiebert"
Subject: The Freedom Swindle :  UK Lockheed Martin census protestors treated like Canada's G20

The suspension of democratic rights is no accident.
The Freedom Swindle
Posted: 29 Mar 2011 01:11 AM PDT

The government promised us the right to peaceful protest. It is delivering nothing of the kind.

By George Monbiot. Published in the Guardian 29th March 2011

It could have been worse: at least the police didn’t try to kettle half a million people. But as footage obtained by the Guardian from the great march on Saturday shows, the glorious traditions of impartial policing and respect for peaceful protest remain undimmed. The film shows senior police officers assuring members of UK Uncut who had peacefully occupied Fortnum & Mason that they would not be confused with the rioters outside, and would be allowed to go home if they left the store( 1). They did so, and were penned, handcuffed, thrown into vans, dumped in police cells and, in some cases, left there for 24 hours.

Isn’t all that supposed to have stopped? Haven’t we entered a new era of freedom, in which the government, as it has long promised, now defends “the hard-won liberties that we in Britain hold so dear”?( 2) No.

From: Mary-Sue
Subject: G20 "this ain't Canada anymore" = are we in Harperia?

Dear Ms. Mallick:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the Republican/Tea-Party/evangelical Conservatives.
< >
One of the biggest sales pitches they have made for their party was -- and is -- the G20 event: they claim this debacle for democracy justified the expense of $1 billion.

The G20 fiasco did the opposite. It showed that the money was wasted.

What? For a billion dollars they didn't have enough police to protect downtown Toronto businesses? Or, more sinisterly, orders came down from the top to permit the trashing of the business district as a kind of Psy-Op which the media keeps pushing as Harper's great success in "protecting the leaders" (but he protected no one else). Whichever happened, the "Harper Government" apparently abdicated its job of providing Peace, Order and Good Government.

I started skimming through the SECU committee report about the G20, and this very questionable assertion (from the top of page 12 of the G20 report) jumped out at me:
"Although they were prevented from entering the security perimeter, these individuals still managed to escape the police and caused damage estimated at over $2 million dollars in the streets of Toronto."

Conservative members of the committee must have drafted that one. It bears no resemblance to reality. NB: The vandals did NOT "manage to escape" but were PERMITTED to wreak havoc for two hours. The police were ordered to just stand there and watch it all happen. Reporting on June 30, 2010, Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun quoted officers who expressed frustration at not getting to arrest the vandals. < >

Further, the officers at Queen's Park, who, through their headsets, must all have known what was going on, were apparently ordered to wait and let the vandals huddle and remove their distinguishing gear. It would have been easy enough for the riot police to surround and arrest the group responsible while they were still together and identifiable. But no, that logical action did not happen either.

Instead, the Black Bloc were permitted to remove their disguises and infiltrate the main group of people. Apparently -- and in contradiction to all known principles of law and justice -- this TRANSFERRED the easily-proven GUILT of the small group to everyone who had not committed any offences.

Only after the infiltration were the police ordered to move -- against people whom they knew perfectly well had not been involved in the vandalism!

And it was then that the thuggery was seen, committed by cops against citizens, especially that horrendous abuse of a disabled man who was obviously not one of the vandals. 

A cop who was quoted as saying "this ain't Canada anymore" only spoke the truth.

He was letting us know that in the eyes of the "Harper Government" which fielded this security force (not our normal police, BTW) Canadians are the enemy, potential terrorists, insurgents and criminals, if they dare to express any criticism in public. Pretty soon we won't be allowed to do it in private either. If Harper gets back in power, he's going to need a veritable gulag to accommodate all the dissenters.

From a facebook discussion, I learned something even more disturbing about the Conservative party members on the SECU committee. This indicates to me that they all knew what was really going on, and that it was in order to criminalize and polarize dissent -- all of them support the police-did-a-good-job deception. 

One person who watched the hearings said it was "mindboggling" to see the Conservatives' attitudes expressed. They complimented police rather than question any of their actions, and harrassed and ridiculed young students who had the courage to come as witnesses. "If they acted with such lack of professionalism when they knew they were being broadcast, one can only imagine what occured behind closed doors once they started wording their report!"

The viewer continued: "These were very young adults, who had lived a traumatized event. It could not have been easy to appear in front of a very formal Parliamentary Committee, to testify. And these heartless idiots, treated them like dirt. Wouldn't let them answer without barelling more questions of a type they are not even allowed to ask! I was oh so pleased when a few other MPs made it a point of order to step in and defend them."

"But I was very proud of the young girls. One, who kept being asked "what was your motive for being there", tried to explain that it was her constitutional right to express an opinion. Cons kept hammering asking "did you hope to overthrow the government" etc. She finally got fed up and told him something to effect that she certainly was not proud to be a Canadian under his leadership and that she'd be glad to see him outvoted. LOL. Other MPs had to explain to the cons this was actually democratic."

[NB: the motive behind an accusation "did you hope to overthrow the government"  can only be that Conservatives actually see Canadian dissenters as "insurgents" in our own country!!]

I am looking for journalists who will challenge this fundamental lie that "police did all they could" to stop the riot. The truth is that they did NOTHING -- under explicit orders from the security-force top management.

This fact must be brought into every all-candidate meeting, interview, and article. I believe it's the only pin that can prick the apparently-impervious bubble of Conservative arrogance.

Here's a suggestion for an article I would really like to read. Why not put this question to those business owners whose property was damaged. What is their reaction to being used as a political pawn -- instead of being protected by the police as they should have been?

Let's imagine and put forward to the public an alternative scenario in place of the staged riot by apparent provocateurs: 

Wouldn't it have made great footage for the evening news if police had kettled the Black Bloc in action, taken them down, arrested them and proven in court that they had committed crimes? Wouldn't we all proud of those police? Wouldn't Canada have looked better in the eyes of the world if our democratic rights of peaceful demonstrators had been respected alongside that?

(I find it incomprehensible that the "Harper Government" sent F-18s to Libya to defend the rights of armed insurgents in another country while mouthing platitudes about democracy, when at home even unarmed dissenters are violently thrown to the ground and detained. The Libya venture must be about that tiff with Gaddafi over Petro Canada instead -- Canada is already so Americanized that we send war planes against a dictator who might pose a threat to a private oil company that's based here... Already this is "Harperia"...)

Wouldn't we all feel, if we'd seen that imaginary scene acted out, that even though downtown Toronto was not a good place for this event, at least the criminals were caught, and everyone else's rights were respected?

Only by breaking the brainwashing of nearly 40% of Canadians can the Harper march back into power be stopped. He has shown contempt not only for Parliament, but by his mis-management of the G20, contempt for Canadians at large.

Mary-Sue Haliburton
Ottawa, Ont.