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From: Sandra Finley <>
Subject: Lobbyist for Lockheed Martin one month.  Conservative candidate the next month.

Why can Stephen Harper get away with this outrageous conflict-of-interest?  

Why could the Saskatchewan NDP get away with electing a former lobbyist for the nuclear industry and Vice-President of Nexen oil and gas (tar sands interests) to the position of party leader (another outrageous conflict-of-interest)?   And much to the dismay of the good people in the NDP.

Is it our fault?  . . 

In a democracy it is votes that buy the Government.

In a petro-state or corporatocracy,  the corporate interest has so much money that it is they who are buying the Government. 

In order to restore a failing system (Canadian democracy) you have to understand what the actual problem is. 

If you address symptoms and ignore the cause, the decline will continue.

It is not impossible to address corporatocracy,  it is already being done.   Stories of that in a later email.

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Tory candidate lobbied for F-35 jet firm
No indication northern Ont. candidate met with government officials

From: "Glenn Harewood"



HARPER'S DESPERATION -- Using Reverse Psychology

Harpers Conservatives is a Coalition: Canadian Alliance/Reform formed a Coalition with the former


 "Harper's-scare-tactic-of-coalition" is disingenuous.

DEFINITION of Coalition:

Coalition = alliance, union, merger.(Penguin Dictionary of English Synonyms and Antonyms, 1992).

The only real coalition, merger, of political parties that there has been in the last seven years in Canada is:

The Canadian Alliance/Reform and the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

The two parties merged, or coalesced into the CONSERVATIVE PARTY OF CANADA

There is no other coalition but the Conservative party.

They formed a coalition in December 2003 with sole intent to gain power.

 Harper is again not telling the truth. Further, Harper is not being CLEAR in not telling the voter that ONLY the Governor General (GG) can decide whether Opposition parties have the confidence of Parliament, and can form a government, AFTER Parliament decides that the party with the most seats does NOT have the confidence of Parliament.  And if Harper should win less than a majority of seats, he  would have to go to the GG and tell him that Parliament has no confidence in his PARTY.

"Coalition" is not automatic.
 "Harper's scare-tactic-of-coalition" is disingenuous.

G. Harewood, Ph. D.

From: Anthony Silvestro
Subject:  Letter, Why vote???

Letter to the editor.
Why vote when they are all the same? All tax and spend, big government, pro union, lying scum bags?
Liberal, Tory, Bloc heads, NDP...All tax and spend, big government, high taxes, self absorbed, me, me, me...all entitled to their entitlements, just sickening. They don't give a damn about debt, deficits, the future debt they are leaving their own children and grandchildren, just sick. They have all proven this, for decades now. These people deserve no respect.
Its all about greed, just follow the money. We now have over 3.5 million people working for government across the country. Average salary in government is about 70 thousand (including benefits, pension, bonuses...) yearly and rising. Average salary in the private sector is around 45 thousand yearly and dropping. Over 10% of government employees now make over 100 thousand yearly. In the private sector the number is under 2%. Look to Greece, Ireland and Quebec (all bankrupt), this is where Canada is headed if we don't stop equalization and get spending and government growth under control. This tax and spend, union scum, socialist, big government, social engineering that has been destroying this country has got to stop. Yes, it has left Quebec and has been spreading throughout the rest of the country since the 1960"s, that's right over 5 decades of massive government growth, massive government hiring, skyrocketing government salaries and more and more debt. Thanks Trudeau, Tanks kebec (original native spelling). Don't believe me; go check the stats for yourself.
The Liberals and Conservatives have spent the last few decades destroying Ontario and Canada's economy, its English speaking history and culture, not to mention allowing the racism, bigotry, ethnic language cleansing and human rights violations going on in Quebec, a la bills 22, 178, 101... What's really going on? - "First Quebec, then we take over the rest of the country, one step at a time…through bilingualism…" PT, "How to take over a country through bilingualism…" SD.
High taxes, green fees, user fees, HST, high government salaries-bonuses, pensions, benefits…, social engineering – the expensive discriminatory forced bilingual and multicultural policies (only outside Quebec of course), greedy unions controlling just about everything, new programs and more government departments yearly, more debt, more government empire building, the size and growth of government is out of control! Liberal, Tory same old story.
Solution? Well there is only one. A new party and a new leader. People from the private sector with no relationship to any of the mainstream parties. One that details before an election what they stand for. We need a party with specific, fiscally conservative policies. One that defines essential and non-essential (expensive waste) services in a platform before elections. One that will cut waste, reduce taxes, eliminate departments, downsize government...repeal bad laws (the charter, bilingualism, multiculturalism...Bill 101...),One that will tell unions to rot in hell. No more lies, propaganda, and spin, what we now get on a daily basis. Canada needs a party that stands for integrity, honesty, transparency and common sense. One that is proud of our real BNA history.
Anthony Silvestro
Ottawa, Ont

From: John Halonen
Subject: Re: Daily Digest March 24, 2011

RE: Brent Cameron 

Brent, you state.  I am a Tory supporter, and I do not like what I am hearing about the behaviour of some who represent that party. I will not condone nor excuse it.
Once you vote for the Conservative Party,  you condone what they are doing. That is your individual right, however you can not rid yourself of joining as a participant.  Much like decisions made in our courts that attach blame to all those  that participate in a crime when only one pulls the trigger.
A much better solution in your case would be to to vote for neither a Conservative or Liberal.
John Halonen

From: Tom Brewer

We too[Sask] will have an election later this year. I was a bit surprised not to see one thing in advertising sent out by the Sask Part in regards to MS. The mailer received today was bulk mail to residents. My concern is... Does the failure to make mention of Sask's plans tell us the matter has been dropped? I think the nay-saying Neurologists will do their best to stifle this! I'm sorry but their actions to date across the board do not, in my opinion look hopeful. A lot of money would be lost not just by Neurologists but big pharma too.

From: Geoffrey Laxton
Subject: Mallick: The Harper anthem: USA! USA!

Mallick: The Harper anthem: USA! USA!

Published On Tue Mar 29 2011
By Heather Mallick
Star Columnist

We're being conquered. If Stephen Harper wins a majority, the United States of Canada is what we'll be. Maybe you're fine with that. I am not.

The Harperites' attitude is Republican with a layer of Tea Party, a "œcurrent of bitterness, an anger born of a sense of exclusion," as Lawrence Martin wrote in his fine book Harperland, Conservatives "eviscerally hating their political opposition" in a way that was new and startling in Canada but old poisoned hat for the Americans. We will become more American in word and deed, in thought and feeling.

I love Americans for their rock 'n roll, their ease and friendliness, their sportswear, their New York state of mind, among other things. But I don't want Canada Americanized.

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe, Vern brought up the media's actions or inactions on their part, when asking questions. It sure sounds to me that the media are working for two bosses. For example, " The Tories are facing accusations of ageism after a prominent Manitoba Conservative described a 68-year-old Liberal MP as being "passed her expiry date," drawing immediate ire from the longtime Grit as well as Canada's national association representing seniors."
Well, I watch the televised version of the Conservative MP, speaking the words passed her expiry date. In my opinion, it was done with purpose, and not as she has stated caught up in the moment, and as the media would like to portray it as.
Meanwhile, Harper is coming to NL, and the local press is out again portraying the Conservatives as the gods from heaven, or at the very least worshiping the Conservatives at the altar. To wake up to this kind of nonsense, and hearing words we have to forget the past, and put our future with the Conservatives, is rather illogical. How does one base their vote, without judging the pass actions or inactions of the Conservative government. The focus is on the loan agreement of Muskrat Falls, gift wrapped by Harper himself, and Premier Dunderdale bowing down to Harper himself, promising that NL will deliver the seats. Does anyone wonder why, former Premier Williams is in a tizzy and probably angry at the provincial progressive conservatives?   It sure looks that the current crop of PCs are selling out, and are now working on the behalf of the federal Conservative party, that dares to call themselves Tories. On the open-line talk shows, ordinary people are lining up behind Williams, because Williams was a man of principle. But this current crop of provincial PCs are going to sell us out, for 30 pieces of silver. 
Here is another spin from the media. " It's jobs versus quality of life in quest for middle-income votes "  Guess what jobs, is part of the quality of life spectrum. Without the jobs, a government would be hard press to supply government services, including pet projects such as F35 jet fighters. One cannot separate the the two.
The Liberals offer of the $4000 tuition for university and college and how it was twisted: "The Liberals, however, believe those same families are less insecure about their jobs than they are about their quality of life. So they rolled out a far more ambitious plan on Tuesday to help parents put their kids through university or college: grants of $1,000 a year for up to four years for any student attending college or university – $1,500 for students from low-income families."  Is going to a post-secondary institute a quality of life issue?  No, but Harper would rather have us believe that we are back in the 1950s, where jobs were plentiful, even for the ones that dropped out of high school. We are not living in the 1950s, and 2011, parents are having a difficult time in helping their children go through a post-secondary institute, to get a job that requires a post-secondary certificate or diploma. Quality of life issue?  I am afraid jobs is part of quality of life issues, along with affordability of post-secondary education. It cannot be separated, but some would have us believe that it can be.

From: Beverley Smith
Subject: election hydrodynamics

Today's lesson class is about ships at risk of sinking. Maybe they
took a direct hit to the ethics bow. Jetsam is what we call materials
jettisoned off the ship, thrown off, so it won't sink. They can be for
instance candidates who make ageist remarks, who hire unscrupulous
volunteers or disgraced legal advisors or who handwrite in 'not' on
documents. Flotsam by contrast is what is left floating after the ship
does sink, such as one hopes, yourself.

Jetsam are ideas thrown out to the public in hopes the ship will not
sink, such as income splitting, caps on credit card interest,
scholarships for post secondary or bullet trains.
Flotsam are by contrast those things that actually stay afloat after
the ship went down, the promises actually kept.  Flotsam and jetsam
are, apparently not the same

From: "Brian D. Marlatt"

The "Conservative Party" is a coalition of too trusting former Progressive Conservatives and the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance, a regional party of "provinical autonomy", "western alienation", self-described "voice of the west" in the same way as the Bloc speaks of "sovereignty", a neoconservative party which speaks of a "conservative movement" like the NDP's "social democratic movement," a Right-wing NDP.

From: Jacob Rempel

Joe --- When you have time, you probably read the

When I've time . . .
From: Robert Ede
Subject: Liz May has $1.8million/yr & no responsibilities- why WOULD she want to win a seat? She doesn't!!

Lorne & letters,

Liz May doesn't deserve to be in leaders' debate

 2 points:
 1) Ms May doesn't WANT to win HER OWN seat! That would take up too much time "being important" authority in the media and to her Obama-like flock of 'blinded-true-believers-necsiently-following-a-political-charlatan'

She picks impossible-to-win ridings -although she came second in 2006 London North Centre ( I was independent candidate there) and might have won if it wasn't a Liberal-through&-through riding with a strong NDP constituency and big temporary-but-qualified univ student population in November.

 Heck,  there are only so many ways you can split the Big-Gov't/Corporatist/Syndicalist vote and expect to win as  the "best tree-hugger"

#2) She has the perfect job - after Jim Harris (former leader, not a syndicalist) figured out the electoral financing strategy to get 0.2-0.5% of vote in EVERY riding would qualify a party for the permanent subsidy, thereby creating almost $2 million in guaranteed revenue.(2010 amount is $1,877,513*** see )

Ms May simply ran to the head of Jim Harris tax-money-scheme-called-political-party

While she finishes her Religious Studies at ?university) Ms May has a big paycheque (+taxpayer covered expenses) and is considered by all the save-a-whale and fruit-fly too, recycling crowd to be the source of all knowledge and authority on Canadian/World Green issues (central gov't dept).

Robert Ede,

From:John Duddy.
Subject: Re: Heather, You speak for me!

Thanks Joe.

Greetings from Mexico.

I will be home in time to vote.

John Duddy.

From: Alex Bussmann
Subject: RE: Heather, You speak for me!

Stupidity like this makes me want to break with principle and support the louse.

From: "Glenn Harewood"

I would go further. There will be no UNITED Canada, but a DIVIDED Canada. A Harper Regime acting with impunity, and the Culture of Deceipt and Division will be rampant.
I repeat the article written in the Globe and Mail by G. Caplan.
G. Harewood. 
Subject: RE: Fw: NEWS RELEASE: Liberals fight to end Harper's culture of deceit - COMMUNIQUÉ : Les libéraux luttent pour mettre fin à la culture de tromperie
Caplan's 11 points (Credit G. Caplan, Globe and Mail article, February 23/24, 2011)
 "...Hold on – we're somewhere between Russia and the good old Canada of yore? That's some accomplishment in five years. Look at Stephen Harper's record.

1. "...* He silences whistle-blowers and punishes dissenters.

2 .* He treats Parliament with open contempt and brazenly lies when found out.

3. * He suspends Parliament at the first sign of political risk.

4. * He makes a mockery of the accountability and transparency he loudly demands of everyone else.

5. * He makes lying to parliament just another tactical device.

6. * He fakes his budgets by refusing to cost new initiatives.

7. * He transforms vital watchdogs of democracy into mushy lapdogs.

8. * He unleashes ministers to attack judges who make unwelcome decisions. He personalizes attacks on his "enemies".

9. * He blithely smears other parties, groups and individuals as anti-Semitic.

10. * He is impervious to the democratic spirit that has galvanized hundreds of millions of people to stand up for freedom.

11. * He makes major economic decisions on the basis of their impact on his electoral fortunes.

* Makes you wonder why Canadians aren't yet out on the streets in the millions. Instead, Michael Ignatieff demands that Bev Oda be fired."

This is definitely a powerful way in which to posit the argument that the Harper Regime  is morally bankrupt, completely deceitful and duplicitous in their dealings with Parliament, the Canadian Public, and will pursue a the "George Bush Republican" culture of the USA. Harper didn't even recognize that we were in a George Bush generated recession in 2008.


From: The Natroses

Joe - " We're being conquered. If Stephen Harper wins a majority, the United States of Canada is what we'll be. Maybe you're fine with that. I am not."   She forgot to include what the provinces would look like, if Harper gets a majority. It won't be a pretty picture.
Cut throat politics will be on the table, and a present example is what happening in NL.
Thirty pieces of silver  to bow down to Harper.
"With the emergence of Loyola Sullivan, John Ottenheimer and, quite possibly, Trevor Taylor as federal Conservative candidates, we could see three of Williams' former cabinet ministerhttp:// running on a Harper-led ticket. All three were front benchers for Williams, holding key portfolios such as finance, health and fisheries.
Clearly, this isn't 2008 anymore.
The big three join a slate of Tory candidates that include former MP and Senator Fabian Manning, former Innu Nation president Peter Penashue, and well-known and highly successful businessman Jerry Byrne. Jerry Byrne is the brother of the late Jack Byrne, who was also a cabinet minister in Williams' first government.
More important than the names is the apparent reunification of the federal and provincial parties.
A week ago, Premier Kathy Dunderdale gave her caucus and staff the green light to campaign for their federal cousins. In 2008, Dunderdale went door knocking with Liberal Siobhan Coady. Now her government is throwing its full strength behind the federal party. As each new conservative candidate comes forward, they are flanked by provincial cabinet ministers and MHAs."
Funny how these former MHAs retired from provincial politics due to heart disease and repairing family relationships. Apparently they are now cured of these ailments, are willing to do battle with Harper for a majority. A poll was done today, where over 77 % of the people polled, are against the current PC government decision to bow down and kiss the feet of the Great Harper, and going after the one leader that ever cared about Newfoundland and Labrador and its people, Danny Williams.
Provincial politics will become just as embitter, lies, creating whole regions of have and have nots. I already have seen the shift since Dunderdale has taken over, the health and education is back to the same old spin and lies where services becomes a lottery, instead of continuing the work of rebuilding the foundation so services can be rendered to all citizens on a solid foundation and is not dependent on a lottery.
On top of all that, apparently Harper can't announce the deal. "  The federal support would take the form of a loan guarantee, which would allow Nalcor to finance the project at lower interest rates. Nalcor CEO Ed Martin has said that it would amount to a difference of two percentage points on the overall interest rate, which would translate into hundreds of millions of dollars in savings. The federal government wouldn't actually have to pay any money, but it would have to carry a portion of the debt on its books. Since the Harper government lost a confidence vote in the House of Commons Friday and an election is underway, Harper cannot actually make any announcements on behalf of the government. Any commitment he makes Thursday would only be in the form of a campaign pledge if the conservatives are re-elected."
Campaign promises of the Harper conservatives have been broken in NL, and in fact a big one to the tune of 10 billion dollars. I suppose the Liberal and NDP can make the same promises, which will dilute Harper's promises that are made of broken glass. No wonder the Dunderdale government is trying to keep the conditions secret from the public. Danny always kept the public up to date, especially in matters dealing with the feds. Now they have come up with a new excuse, to hide the thirty pieces of silver.
From: june koopmans

June C. Koopmans
Edmonton, AB. T5R 5Z2
March 30, 2011
Joe Hueglin
Canadian Daily Digest
Dear Joseph:
I categorically disagree with allowing the Green Party's Elizabeth May into the 2011 Leader's Debates. She will not win her seat, she hasn't been wanted by Atlantic Canadians or Ontario residents either. The Green Party needs to move on.
However I feel that since Helena Guergis & Andre Arthur are democratically elected Independent MP's, they should be allowed into the debates to represent the interests of Indepedent voters.

From: Rebecca Gingrich

Subject: HAARP
European Parliament issues warnings on HAARP
March 22, 2011

"HAARP is a project of which the public is almost completely unaware, and this needs to be remedied."
Toronto, Canada – [ZNN] The daily lives of people seem blissfully unaffected by events about which they know little or nothing. Daily news reports unfold with no mention as to why and how the powerful operate behind the scenes. We pay our mortgages, book our vacations and school our children, as a corporate and government elite engage in projects beyond our wildest imaginations.
Conditioned to accept that 'all is well' or, that we are powerless to affect change in a world dis-integrating before our eyes – we conduct our lives until one day it affects us directly – unfortunately by then it's far too late.
Ask the people of northern Japan how they feel about the last three sentences and the answers they now seek in the aftermath of unimaginable loss and yet another future generation desecrated and ravaged by nuclear radiation.

Subject: election campaign
I do my best to avoid watching or listening to any of the rhetoric spouted by the 'leaders' during this colossal waste of our tax dollars.  But I accidentally saw Ignatieff using his mother who suffered from Alzheimers as his message that he understands what real people suffer when having to look after a family member with a horrid disease.  As if he has any concept of what real people who are not among the elite have to go through.  Here we are having more than $300,000,000. of our tax dollars wasted on these arrogant pieces of skin when that money could have been used for healthcare and to help the average Canadian.  Sadly all their words do is prove that they have no concept of what real life outside of their glass houses is like.


From: Grant Orchard
Subject: "WEIGHT OF CHAINS" Toronto Premiere: The Truth of NATO Intervention in the Balkans:

Dear Friends,

This Saturday, April 2, 9:30 pm is the Toronto premier of an important documentary about the Western role in the breakup of Yugoslavia called, 'The Weight of Chains', directed by Boris Malagurski (see below).

The film will screen at the Bloor Cinema, 506 Bloor Street West, Toronto, at 9:30 pm.

I hope that you can help us by circulating notice of this film to your contacts.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Grant Orchard

From: Mahmood Elahi
Subject: Democracy not a tyranny of the majority

The Editor
The Ottawa Citizen
Democracy not a tyranny of the majority:
Harper should form his own coalition with the NDP
Re Letter: "A predictable election," by Julien Lamarche and Argument: "Some difference" by Dan Gardner (March 30).
Democracy was invented by the ancient Athenians who believed aristocrats and oligarchs didn't have any divine right to rule and ordinary people must have a say in the governing. So they invented a system of government involving all citizens and called it Demokratia -- government by the people.
But when they allowed majority to rule, the poor majority imposed heavy taxes on the rich minority. To stem any tyranny of the majority, they created the Athens Council composed of 500 citizens chosen through lottery. The Athens Council had the power to override any decision that ignored the legitimate concerns of others.
As we don't have any non-partisan citizen's forum with such powers, only a minority/coalition government can stem any tyranny of the majority. Fortunately, a majority government is beyond the reach of Mr. Harper as he cannot replicate the performance of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien who won three back-to-back majorities by winning 100 of Ontario's 103 seats, despite losing most seats to the Bloc in Quebec and to the Reform/CA in the West. Ontario voters are unlikely to put all their eggs in the same basket again and consequently, Mr. Harper can only win another minority. After the coming election, he will have a choice either to form a coalition government with the NDP or let Mr. Ignatieff do that.
The day of coalition government has arrived.

From: "Glenn Harewood"

If we want to bring down Harper and his CONS., here's the type of ad. that needs to be run. I would not go as low as Harper did on      Dion and Ignatieff, but I would concentrate on Harper's past in the Reform party, his time and writings at the Citizen's Coalition, and his five-year record as PM.
G. Harewood.

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe, This letter only touches on the Harper Conservatives and does not mention the long list of neglect that has impacted PEI and the other Atlantic provinces.  Here is one example, and of the volunteer firefighter credit in the latest 2011 budget. This credit is for only firefighters that have paid federal taxes, but in rural parts of Canada, there is just as many volunteer firefighters that do not make enough to pay federal taxes. Therefore, they become ineligible for this new tax credit. How many of them are there?  Probably quite a few in rural parts of Canada, because the Harper government has done little in addressing the federal policies that prevents job creation and economic renewal in rural concern. Throw in the planned cut in the federal fisheries by the Harper government, coastal regions are left holding a bag of empty promises from the Harper government.

In NL, with the Dunderdale government holding a rally for Harper, it leaves nothing to anyone's  imagination that William's legacy has been trashed by those who are willing to sell NL for thirty pieces of silver.  The supporters of Harper, which I do not believed for one second that there is a many Harper supporters as they state, want us to forget the past, and look to the future. Today, it has moved on, that things have change without explaining why things have change, and the Harper government is the best ones to guide Canada through the economic troubles. And nothing about NL current economic troubles, that has a direct tied to federal policies. The Harper advocates response to all of the broken promises, that its in the past, and it would best serve NL if we have a voice. Try that, done that, and our rural fishery went into further decline because of the federal policies. that have other plans to downgrade fishery to a historical footnote.
It appears that Newfoundlanders are not buying the line of Harper, if any of the local online news is an indication. The comment section is running against this cozying up to Harper, and are now more than willing to vote ABC in federal and provincially.  I would say about for every 7 people against, there is only 3 that are for Harper. If Williams decide to step in at any time during the federal election, the Conservative candidates are toast. I do think it is a real possibility of Williams stepping in, because he did what no other premier did for Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans, stand up with pride and be heard. The Dunderdale government wants to return to the thirty pieces of silver style of government, and start giving away NL resources in exchange for a few baubles.
From: "Randy Kubik"

hi Joe...

Here's a wild and crazy new strategy for Stephen Harper, to consider...

… Mr. Harper, sir, a strategy that, if you are willing to take, would 100% guarantee you a majority.

If you can find it in your being and take one small step to the left socially, while still being essentially true to the more conservative economic philosophy… create the olive branch to the people, without alienating the Corporations you are perceived to be beholden to… delay (not eliminate) some of the tax measures for Corporations, military spending and new jails…

I know I would be more enthusiastic about voting Cons again, instead of considering voting elsewhere.  Repeating... I think, doing something like this WOULD guarantee a majority for your Conservative government.

Essentially, you would win votes if you are perceived as getting less nasty and more human… as a matter of professional policy… open up and give a little… listen to what people are saying… really!

I think many average people see Canada as a small-c conservative nation whose people (from all over) have come together to be more socially progressive and create a more free, and caring society, with strong global influence and leadership…

The corporate agenda can go, and many think has already gone, a bit too far in the wrong direction… as seen by people, ordinary citizens, who are supposed to be the ones with the democratic power… what happened?

It's no-one's fault individually, just the nature of the beast being the Capitalist system based on unfettered greed with a small minimalist set of regulations and with emphasis on freedom and the rule of law (laws that are make to suit the system) compared with an alternative still based on merit but with fairness and common sense, ethical and moral standards that seem to be lacking.  Well if you have money, you have power right? who has it?

…it's much, much harder to have any power without money.

So back to the point of this piece and how this election presents a golden opportunity for a visionary and reborn Stephen Harper to do the right thing… if some of the pride can be swallowed and perceived stubbornness reduced… but not to worry, you will save more than face in the end.

Here's a suggestion that would pull the rug right out from under the Liberals and Mr. Ignatieff…

On the Corporate tax reduction: delay the original plan by 2 years… to go back to where we were 2 years ago, then re-implement the tax cuts from there to get back on track, but after we are stronger and further out of this major recession…

The Liberals, as well as anyone who can do the research, are right when they say that we are very competitive globally at 18% corporate rate, especially against the Americans… so maybe a 2 year delay in that tax measure makes sense... no big deal, a small price to pay… but a huge $5 to 10 billion to reallocate to those with the most need, socially (using targeted measures decided by consultation and working together with the other parties.)

On the matter of the F35 jets:  there must be a way to save a few billion on this? the process… more competition, less politics and more common sense… reduce and delay that spending by a year at least.  We all have to make due with less.

Finally, on the jails: again same as the jets… have another look and see what can be pulled from that or done differently with a budget some billions less…

Then take the $10 billion, or so, a year savings and reinvest that into some new social spending that is targeted by our priorities… again decided on by working together….

Obviously then, all this can be done without raising taxes for individuals…

If one has done the CBC's Vote Compass, we will notice on the results page, that the three left leaning parties are closely bunched together in the top-left quadrant and the conservatives of shown far away in the bottom right quadrant…

The resulting shift from this new strategy might move them closer to the other three by, maybe, half the distance… a good compromise, I'd say... no?.

But who am I to say?  Just someone without power... just a single vote in the wilderness.


RK, 57, Toronto

From: Donlad Schurman
Subject: Topics

It is a long time since I have been in touch with you, from my end. No doubt the best thing that old-time Tories can do these days is to shut up and wait for the Grim Reaper. However, since you are the only contact I have read regularly and have access to, outside what I read in the National Post, I cannot let this election go by without telling you how disturbed I am by all this bloody air force stuff going on in Ottawa, and now representing us all and going forward in the Mediterranean.
Ever since Hellier "unified "the Armed Forces in the palmy days of Pearson the Air Force has been taking the largest possible slice from the defense budget and spending it in any way they please. Of course that means in any way the Americans like. We desperately needed to convene our own forces for short-term purposes  that we could afford, when the whole affair was wrecked by our playing out a lead role in Afghanistan. We had come very close to having our own tri- service outfit in the north when we stepped out into the sunlight of drugs national Asian policies in the war over which we had almost no control. Now all this time we have an in memory that the Air Force people actually begged in Yugoslavia to be able to bomb Belgrade. The Americans kindly granted us that request and of course we show the whole world what a mighty Canadian Air Force could do in such a situation. Meanwhile it looked as if it was tri-service forever until we faced up to the fact that we had Belgrade all over again in our present year and all Canadians strain at the leash to be able to pay some $35 billion in order to make us look good in the technical age. This is a disastrous waste of Canadian taxpayers money. Of course there are arguments in favor, one of which is that we can have some control over what the Russians do in the circumstances.

Does anybody seriously think that the United States government will allow anybody else to have firm control of air events vis-à-vis the Russians? One thing for certain and that is that they never have had a serious debate about it  in the House of Commons. That of course is a Harper way of doing business and we lost control of the conservative Way of doing business when Peter McKay sold the old party down the drain. I see that he is a great supporter of billions of dollars being spent on young men cruising the arctic air spaces. Not only are we condemned to spending vast sums on Air Force we are supporting the defense program whose control is in the hands of our neighbor to the south. Think about it.

What do we control of these policies. At the moment while the election is going on the NATO alliance as is debating how they are going to respond to Omar Gaddafi, and they have taken a Canadian and anointed him with the supreme command. This is from a country that has never seriously discussed the whole business of how we use our armed forces. Years ago there was some question as to whether we could afford the "ARROW", and a bunch of displaced Englishman used to argue that it was important for them to have jobs in the future. Mr. Diefenbaker to his eternal credit said no to that. Well if we refused to pay millions for our own home-grown technical improvement in the air world what does that mean for paying it out now when it means improvements for United States business in the air world. Of course anybody could've predicted this in any event. But it makes it impossible to understand how with a new election kicking out underneath we do not even discuss or debate our new role of top guy in the anti-Gaddafi war. The other members of NATO especially the Americans and French and the British don't have to look very far for a fall guy ; Canada stands ready and waiting to spend the money it does not have on supporting this great alliance. It's high bloody time we took a close look at our capacities and our politics.
Well Joe that is a big rant. However I think it high time one has something to say in the new PC party as it opposes The government of Mr. Harper. You can do what you like with my stuff, probably put it in file 13. But I am damn sure if Robert Laird Borden is watching he does not approve of all this defense spending.
Just one other thing Joe, I am a veteran, I am an Air Force veteran and I do not feel bad about bombing the Germans in World War II, just in case you think I am a bleeding heart retired from Victoria.
Yours sincerely,
Don Schurman

From: "S Booiman"
Subject: CBC

The  only time I watch the CBC is on a Saturday night when the Canucks are on.
The CBC, like rhe political parties, tax payers funded, should be cut in size. Removing
the left secret nagenda it carries.

From: Geoffrey Laxton
Subject: Charge Sheet for Conservative Party, Doug Finley, Irving Gerstein, Susan Kehoe, and Michael Donison | Scribd

From: Larry Kazdan

Letter to Editor re:  Harper performs campaign-trail duet with young Gaga fan, STEVEN CHASE, Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Re:  Harper performs campaign-trail duet with young Gaga fan, STEVEN CHASE, Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wonderful that Stephen Harper likes to sing John Lennon's Imagine!  Perhaps Harper can imagine a country that doesn't spend $30 billion on fighter jets armed to the teeth with cannons, missiles and bombs.

Subject: Letter to Editor re:  Liberals play  politics with -35jetpromise, Adam McDowell  With Files From John Ivison · Mar. 29, 2011

Re:  Liberals play politics with F-35 jet promise, Adam McDowell With Files From John Ivison · Mar. 29, 2011

We learn from Mike Sullivan, director of acquisition management at the US General Accountability Office, that the untendered F-35 will cost at least $25 million more per plane than Conservative government estimates.  The job of the opposition is certainly to challenge a loose procurement process, especially when conducted by a government that refuses to provide costing data, and has been subject to a historic contempt-of-Parliament motion, prompted by a ruling of the Speaker of the House of Commons.  Also we need a better rationale for these jets, other than that they are a neat recruiting tool, and will better integrate our armed forces with the U.S. military.

Subject: Letter to Editor re:  UN leadership needs 'complete overhaul',   Steven Edwards,  March 29, 2011

Re:  UN leadership needs 'complete overhaul',   Steven Edwards,  March 29, 2011

Every city has its fire department - at the global level we need disaster specialists equipped to contain natural and man-made disasters before they escalate beyond control. The UN urgently needs its own standing United Nations Emergency Peace Service (UNEPS) that could deploy quickly to trouble spots.  In addition to a robust military presence, a UNEPS would include an array of civilian teams providing human rights monitoring, policing, humanitarian and disaster assistance.  In addition to giving great responsibility to the United Nations and demanding action, we must also provide it with the tools to do its job.

Subject: Letter to Editor re:  Maria harpoons Harper, PM, young diva sing duet, JILLIAN AUSTIN, March 29, 2011

Re:  Maria harpoons Harper, PM, young diva sing duet, JILLIAN AUSTIN, March 29, 2011

Stephen Harper is very talented.  He can sing, he can play piano, and he can embellish the truth with the flair of a  talk show host on Fox TV.

Subject: Letter to Editor re:  Losers' coalition wouldn't be illegitimate, but unprincipled,   Michael Taube,  March 31, 2011

Re:  Losers' coalition wouldn't be illegitimate, but unprincipled,   Michael Taube,  March 31, 2011

A Liberal minority government supported by the NDP and Bloc would be no more unstable that a Conservative minority supported by the same parties.  Stephen Harper's former speech writer says this first arrangement, though legitimate, would be unprincipled.  Unfortunately, his article fails to identify the principal.

Subject: Letter to Editor re:  Lorne Gunter: Liz May doesn't deserve to be in leaders' debate, May 30

Re:  Lorne Gunter: Liz May doesn't deserve to be in leaders' debate, May 30

Green supporters who constituted 7% of the popular vote in the last federal election are already disenfranchised because there is no system of proportional representation.  They should not be further victimized by having their leader excluded from the televised debates.  And by the way, who elected the media consortium?

Subject: Letter to Editor re:  Harper backing out of debate: Ignatieff,  Daniel Proussalidis, March 31, 2011

Re:  Harper backing out of debate: Ignatieff,  Daniel Proussalidis, March 31, 2011

Breaking news: There will a one-on-one election debate between Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and Conservative leader Stephen Harper not.

Subject: Letter to Editor re:  Why won't Harper take Ignatieff on in head-to-head debate?STEV EN CHASE, BILL CURRY AND JANE TABER, Thursday, March 31, 2011

Re:  Why won't Harper take Ignatieff on in head-to-head debate?STEVEN CHASE, BILL CURRY AND JANE TABER, Thursday, March 31, 2011

Was Harper being truthful when he said he would debate Ignatieff one-on-one?  Gilles Duceppe has already called him a liar when Harper said there was no plan in 2004 to build a political coalition to replace the then-Liberal government.  And Harper clings to F-35 costs that are grossly inaccurate according to the parliamentary budget officer.   Do Canadians really want a Prime Minister guilty of recurring pathological inexactitudes?