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Daily Digest March 21, 2011

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From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: DD  Equalizing death benefits for soldiers
Joe--this makes me absolutely ill.  Is there no level to which our governments cannot sink?  They are fighting like rabid dogs in the House over stupid useless garbage while Canadians are going without.  Can you understand why we are likely going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to elect the garbage, no matter the Party, but those soldiers that have been used as cannon fodder(this fact is hidden behind flowery,nationalistic words) while these useless pieces of skin collect whatever they want from us for their own entitlements?
They are currently whining that  the CPC has shown 'contempt for Parliament'.  I would state that over the last dozens of years Parliament has shown nothing but contempt for Canadians. But we cannot change anything except pay for a change of the arrogant, corrupt, entitlement grabbing, destructive, dangerous groups that pretend to 'govern' for another group of equal, if not more, of those same 'qualities'.
MPs pay and pension is over the top while Canadians that pay the freight cannot keep up.  When do we demand equality for ALL Canadians, not just those who slurp from the public trough?

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: The Great Global Warming Swindle/                  Fwd: CBC - Global Warming Doomsday Called Off

From: "John D. Wilson"


I guess, because the opposition, propagandists, bloggers and news media have been using the phrase "Harper Government" as a matter of fact, the Tories may have decided to make it official. For example, on this very site between 9 August 2010 and 16 March 2011 the hated term was used 161 times. Guess it depends on who's using it.



The term "Pearson Government" et. al. refers to the Cabinet
in its decision making capacity - "The Pearson Government
angered the President of the US by . . .".

There has never been hithertofore anything but the Government
of Canada on bureaucratic documents..

To be consistent in inconsistency the e-mail addresses ought
to read <healthcanada@hg.ca> but don't tell them please!


From: The Natroses

Hi Joe, To Geoffrey's link, and the author Dr. Josef Oehmen: "I am a mechanical engineer and research scientist at MIT. I am not a nuclear engineer or scientist, or affiliated with Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT, so please feel free to question my competence. The text is based on an email that I send to family and friends in Japan the night of March 12. It was posted on this blog by my cousin Jason, went viral and has been equally popular with people who hate it and love it ever since. It aimed at explaining the events surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi-1 reactor. Great lengths of the text are dedicated to explaining how the reactor works, what the different types of radiation sources are, and what safety features have been implemented. I then continue to describe how these safety features were operated to secure the reactor. To the extent that I could, I have verified this information with experts in the field, while the responsibility for any errors remains with me. The version on mitnse.com is the most accurate, and as you can tell in many parts different to the version that appeared here on Jason's blog. This post is not keeping track of or explaining events after Mar 12. Events kept developing, and many people keep sharing their discovery with me that one is always smarter after the fact."

Very good article for the layperson to understand. This article: "The post is now hosted and maintained by the MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering."  http://mitnse.com/
As you can see, the original version morphed into something, that is less accurate, and the reason why MIT has taken measures to protect Oehmen's original words.
For a more comprehensive information go to this link: http://mitnse.com/
It includes lessons on isotopes.
It is obvious, that the media is not doing a very good job on accurate information. But are doing an excellent job on confusing people to the point, where accurate information is buried among the noise of inaccurate information. It is hard to determine and make decisions on one's own risk, when one is so dependent on outside information that is not part of the average person's knowledge frame. Why would it be, since nuclear energy plus other energy sources is not taught to any depth at the high school level. What is taught, is the social engineering mantra, trust the government and media to provide information and knowledge, and they are in the best position to look after your welfare. Hah!
On another issue, the latest attack on Igatieff and "Stephen Harper is taking aim at Michael Ignatieff's family history, using a Conservative Party-backed website to attack the Liberal Leader's account of how his father emigrated to Canada. "
Further in the article: "The Liberal Leader accused the Tories of twisting the facts and acting outside the bounds of decency. "Their attack on me is a disgrace. They've attacked my patriotism. They've attacked my commitment to the country. And now they're attacking my family."  He said the Tories' targeting of his character and family is unparalleled in this country. "These personal attacks are unprecedented in the history of Canadian democracy," Mr. Ignatieff charged. '
The lowest of political attacks by the Cons. Rather cunning on their part, knowing it plays well with the policies and issues surrounding immigrants. Even before that, hundreds of years ago, people who were force to leave their mother country often had secreted gold and other jewels, to be used to set up in their new country. Some immigrants had more than others, and the ones that had more came from the upper classes. As Ignatieff has described, his family had lost everything. I understand this statement, by they have lost their position in Russia, that carries prestiege and power. What they did not lose is their abilities and skills to make another life in another country. That said, Ignatieff's family carried on in Canada, using their abilities and skills to carry on the tradition of politics and education, that was very much the past of their family's history. Just like my first ancestor who stepped on Canada soil, in the 1700s who acted very much like the baron of the castle, passing knowledge and education to benefit those who were farming and the beginnings of a new community. He had money to, and a bit of gold for expenditures in a new land, just like many of  today's immigrants have, but government would rather want us to see immigrants past and present, as one group who have all struggled to make Canada their new land, except for the exceptions that can be useful to political parties of the day for personal attacks on family. How about turning it around, and attack the Conservative members on their Canadian pedigree? It is quite revealing who of the Conservative members attended private schooling or went the public route? Those that have attended private schools, are in positions and are known to believe in classism. In other words, they would not be caught dead socially with others who are beneath them in income and social status.
"Classism is prejudice and/or discrimination on the basis of social class. It includes individual attitudes and behaviors, systems of policies and practices that are set up to benefit the upper classes at the expense of the lower classes. [1] It can also include attitudes and behavior of prejudice and discrimination by members of the lower class to members of the higher class."  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Class_discrimination 
Probably why there was nothing done about using CPP as a vehicle for retirement savings.  Or their do-nothing policy on poverty in Canada. " The latest blueprint to reduce poverty ­ this time produced by a House of Commons committee ­ was dismissed outright by Human Resources Minister Diane Finley. According to her, Ottawa is already doing what it takes to fight poverty: growing the economy.

The MPs who spent three years studying the matter felt differently. Their report, released late last year, runs to 300 pages. Its 58 recommendations for change include a national housing strategy, increased federal assistance for low-income families and a refundable tax credit for disabled Canadians.

With so many recommendations and so much time and thought put into developing them, how can the Harper government justify tossing it aside with barely a glance?

They've had practice, for one. In 2009, a Senate subcommittee released an anti-poverty plan, which, if anything, covered too much ground with 74 recommendations. The government took no action on that report despite its chilling conclusion that, far from lifting people out of poverty, many of our existing programs are so badly designed that they hold people down." http://www.thestar.com/opinion/editorials/article/952177--poverty-pm-s-policy-is-to-do-nothing

From: Rebecca Gingrich <r.gingrich@sympatico.ca>
Subject: They used to behead men like Tony Blair
Read more: http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/74017,news-comment,news-politics,they-used-to-behead-men-like-tony-blair-iraq-inquiry#ixzz1HFM6qsWh

From: "S Booiman"
Subject: polling

Every interesting polling: PGC ZERO.

From: Tom Brewer

 I cannot believe Canadians assume Harper is so angelic they would vote for
him again! We turfed the Liberals after we learned of their games playing! I
dare suggest there is a need to turf Harper and his crew given a number of
things. The "in-out" scheme... Bev Oda and her
Inability, in my opinion to be a Minister. The deeds of Senators who in my
mind used and abused their position. The list grows yet it seems Harper can
massage voters to his side! Amazing as in my opinion I figured Canadians
would not put up with the arrogance and ignorance we hear about every day.

Yes I'm concerned about the purchase of fighter aircraft when we learn they
cant be refuelled in flight and a number of runways wont accommodate them!
Sure lets by them and spend even more flying them or are these disposable?
Give me a break please!!! We deserve honesty not what we are getting! Its
appalling, in my mind a few bloody bureaucrats can reduce armed forces
pensions for those who have served and were injured! What is wrong with us?

Build more prisons.... Come on.... We surely need more as we want to be like
our American friends, right? NOT! In my mind at least. We cant enforce our
own laws.... So the need to make criminals is needed even more, right? NOT!
In my opinion we might have to build a plush prison for those we elect. It
seems to me this group plays Canadians as fools as they play their little

Get a life people... In my mind you do NOT know what is/has happened by
those we trust. Let us get a handle on these people first!

Tom Brewer

From: Larry Kazdan
To: callet@calgarysun.com
Subject: Letter to Editor re:  Rethinking unions, Marcel Latouche,  March 19, 2011

Re:  Rethinking unions, Marcel Latouche,  March 19, 2011

Do we have to endure another CEO lecturing on union excess?  A recent CCPA study indicates that the average compensation of Canada's 100 top-paid CEOs in 2005 was $9 million whereas the average worker made $38,010.  The whole thrust of corporate-friendly economics is to keep working wages low while at the same time maintaining high consumer demand by persuading people to borrow.  Unfortunately when people borrow more and more, but have less and less to pay back, the system eventually hits a wall.  Welcome to the financial crisis.  Of course, CEO's have a simple answer: blame the unions.
Larry Kazdan C.G.A,

From: Geoffrey West <geoff@greenprintforlife.org>
Subject: Two Prime Ministers....one speech.... About Iraq in 2003

Good morning Joe, those in the Daily Digest and to those whom I have copied in;

As a follow up to what I shared with you today Joe in my Facebook message to you, this is something that I feel should be shared with as many across Canada as possible, in light of a possible election.  Each conservative member should be confronted with this video, or it should be played or made available to people attending town hall forums during an election campaign.  People entering the facilities could see this video, and begin to realize that governments are controlled by a larger group.  How else then, could two Prime Ministers on totally different sides of the world, come up with exactly the same speech about Iraq in 2003? 


For the benefit of those whom I have copied in on this mail, a BBC documentary has already had the courage to finally state that 'Al-Qaeda' never existed, and thus this invalidates everything that has happened since then. This would make Harper and the Canadian government, the Australian government and many other governments complicit in numerous crimes since then, not the least of which is crimes against humanity.


Of course this also invalidates the mainstream media for their complicit role in helping to brainwash people of the world of this charade.  This explains exactly why Clinton no longer trusts US mainstream media to do their work, because people no longer have faith in the 'journalism' that they are claiming to perform.  Humanity finds itself where it is at this time because of complicit lies, frauds and corrupt actions by the elitist cartels that humanity has allowed .....  until now.  

May the truth also come out about the lies that are being fed to the world with regards to the earthquake in Japan because the events are all inter-connected with a common source.

Thankfully this and so many other truths are now coming into the Light of public awareness.  Two days ago, there were almost 400 earthquakes registered through the USGS on this page:    http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Maps/10/140_40.php        By comparison, activity in the rest of the world at this time is negligible.  This allow should be enough to raise suspicions, despite the lies about excessive radiation coming from the reactors:
http://stevebeckow.com/2011/03/dr-josef-oehmen-worried-japans-nuclear-reactors/      (actually, this writer is not worried..despite what it says in the link)

More than ever, journalists are going to have to answer to themselves for their moral and ethical crimes against humanity and against themselves for not having the courage to do the right thing when every opportunity is available to make this choice.  It is time to start doing honest-from-the-heart journalism instead of that which has supported the cabalist control of the global economy and the enslavement of humanity.  Regardless of what anyone thinks..this IS coming to an end...and the question will be which side of the 'truth' do you choose to be on?  Peter Mansbridge, as an attendee to last year's Bilderberg meeting (while not reporting on it) has made it clear where his journalism comes from. Harper, as a member of Bilderberg has made it clear where his political loyalties lie. These institutions will not survive much longer, as the corporate government of the US (the secret government) is fast approaching bankruptcy and those who have been in control are rapidly losing their power now.   It is now time for a true global and holistic peace...a peace that has been impossible until now.  A peace that comes from a sense of ONENESS that the world is now rallying behind, thanks to the fearful tricks of those desperately trying to stay in power.

May humanity be guided accordingly to their service to LIFE at this time.

Geoffrey "Geoff" West
Lecturer/Facilitator, A Greenprint For LIFE, Galactic, Global and Inner Peace/Healing

Masters, Peace Education – UN-mandated University For Peace
Bachelors, Radio and Television

SKYPE:  greenprint4life

From: Robert Ede
Subject: Canada - 21st Century Switzerland albeit with a Perpetually 'Hung'
 House of Commons..
To:nationalpost <letters@nationalpost.com>, Governor General <Info@gg.ca>, Rt Hon Stephen Harper <pm@pm.gc.ca>

If we're headed for another election a la 2008 (it's true purpose was a mandate-renewal just before a world-wide financial crunch) resulting in another 'hung' House of Commons headed by a "Friendly--but-unstoppable Dictator-in-minority" .... why bother?
Instead of another 36 days of homilies about healthcare and bi/multiculturalism, impossible-to-deliver opposition fiscal promises, earfuls of staged-to-seem-spontaneous sound-bites, pronouncements of planned private members' bills plus the oceans of glossy colour paperwork touting the just-within-the-limits-of-puffery attributes and accomplishments of wannabe 50-foot nobodies, party leaders and incumbents, let's have an election "about something".  Let's make it about the Canada of the 21st Century - Switzerland with heft and breadth and depth.
Dear Editor,
For, if as David Rosenberg opines (Breakfast with Dave, March 18/11 pg3) our dollar has "very quietly..emerged as a safe-haven currency -like the Swiss franc but with decent positive yield and exposure to raw materials" and if the real currency price of today's worldly goods is measured in mined minerals, oil, gas and a new handful of 'rare earths'.
And if Conrad Black's Jan 29/11 analyses of President Obama's State-of the-Union and the state of the world are at all accurate (Nat Post, Jan 29/11 America struggles against political dysfunction)"There is a role for Canada and Australia, countries that have most of America's advantages except grandeur of scale, and few of its problems, to start to assume a bigger role in the world. The world wishes it, and we should be ready for it"
And if, as Kevin Page, our Parliamentary Budget Officer said at the Canada 2020 Conference (re-run on CPAC last night) that ~" Canada did NOT experience a financial crisis .... just a fiscal crisis and recession"~, then perhaps the 21st Century will be the Century of Canada, as the 19th Century was of The USA. (apologies to Sir Wilfred)
With this external-affairs opportunity before us, I think it is time we found solutions to
three chronic and one acute internal problems in anticipation of our new status as world-models of excellence.
First, we will forever enjoy Minority/Hung Houses of Commons (with 3-4-5 Progressive Parties versus the Ref/ Con/ Pragmatist bunch that is as-anxious-for-majority as the Pearson & Trudeau Liberals were in the 60's and 70's) until we re-establish the purposely-crafted hierarchical juxtaposition within our Legislative & Executive Orders of ConFederal governance --as specified in the BNA/Constitution Acts (1867-to-date).
I submit that, until we re-establish these 3 as-written, extremely prescient, check-and-balance provisions of our  "similar in principle" ..... but different by design governance system, we'll never "have a century belong to us":
 -i) The Propertied-class, representative-status of our Upper House (the only office in Canada with a Property Ownership and Net-Worth qualification/disqualification standard --sadly never adjusted for inflation since 1867), see the following late-19th century sentiments:
G.E. Cartier  -"to protect the regional interests and also a power of resistance to oppose the democratic element"
Sir James Lougheed - a "bulwark against the clamour and caprice of the mob"
Cicero (carved in oak frieze of Cdn Senate Speaker's chambers) - "It is the duty of the nobles to oppose the fickleness of the multitude"
-ii) the Privy Council as independent Advisors-for-life to the Office of Governor General i.e. NOT a duplicate cabinet wholly populated by the same limo-driven, 100-foot nobodies the Queens Privy Council is intended to oversee.
How? just rescind Order in Council P.C.1940-1121, Wm L M King's deft manoeuvre between GG's in 1940 and re-separate the Office of Clerk of the Privy Council from the control of the person holding the Office of Secretary to the Cabinet,
-and iii) the Governor General's mandate as described in the Executive Power sections of the BNA 1867 and Letters Patent of 1947. The GG is the veritable embodiment of the sovereign powers of the Crown-in-Right-in-Canada, holder of an un-appealable veto (termed Disallowance), holder of the un-appealable power of Reservation (?for ratification by 1992-style plebiscite?) ( ss 55-57) , Commander in Chief of the Military Forces and holder of all HRH's 'Executive' powers save a few particularized-in-writing instances that need the Advice & Consent of the Privy Council of Canada (s.12 vs s.13).
Suggestion-- This new chap seems very capable -Let's give His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, the as-written BNA mandate for the balance of his term .... see how it goes... interim-like basis.
In my view, with this superstructure in place, the "democratic element" of the lower house could return to its intended job-function. MP's could be freed of all the whipping, nomination-badgering and 'trained seal' throttling and allowed to voice the opinions and desires of all-the-people without the constraints of being in the party that is (or wants next to be) "running the country".  An emancipation proclamation for these tertiary-level parliamentary commoners.
Second simplify the Personal and Corporate Income Tax codes by elimination of all but the widest-reaching and broadest-ranging tax-breaks, deductions, tax-expenditures (ie stop subsidizing EVERYTHING) and reduce the tax brackets to 2 levels (PIT: the first $20,000 of personal income exempt and a single rate on the balance; corporate: 2-5% off the top). Thus returning taxation to its proper Revenue-gathering place as opposed to disadvantage-ameliorating, economy-tinkering for political advantage as well as out-and-out vote-buying of small and large interest-group segments.
Third re-examine the applicability of lines of latitude and longitude as provincial boundaries and consider adopting watershed boundaries as the new guiding principle - Canadians don't live in provinces they live near (or far) from major urban centres (even PEI has an urban-rural split personality). Urban centres have 'big-city' problems, but sadly the most brilliantly applicable big-city solutions rarely fit when spread across the non-urban Rest-of-Province.
Let's take a look at the 26 Cantons of the Swiss Confederacy -serving 7.8 million multi-heritaged peoples over 15,940 sq mi (vs Canada's 32-33 million over 3,511,023 Sq mi -land area only) and see if a greater number of highly-localized sub-sovereignties might create a government structure with more "quality, equality and equity" .... ie more chiefs with smaller constituencies.
Finally stop the acquisition of the TSX, the world's finest system for mine development - from exploration & venture financing to capitalization to distribution -  from being gobbled by a aging older brother (who's not really British anymore) based in London.  If we're going to lead a sound fiscal and financial world that is based on natural resources we'll need our industry-leading skill set here at home (never mind the impact on restaurants, embassies, hotels, entertainment, residential real estate, commercial real estate etc etc due to the flight-to-Head-Office of the top players from Bay St that would occur if the merger succeeded).
So my friend, if we're headed for another meaningless-to-the-electorate election a la 2008 (it's true purpose was a mandate-renewal just before a total-surprise-to-Cdn-Fin-Dept. world-wide financial crunch, irrespective of the previous year's legislation to fix a four-yr term of government) resulting in another 'hung' House of Commons headed by a "Friendly-but-almost-unstoppable Dictator-in-minority" .... why bother?
Instead of another 36 days of homilies about healthcare and bi/multiculturalism, hundreds of impossible-to-deliver opposition fiscal promises, earfuls of well-rehearsed sound-bites about spending and tax changes in the new "cream-puff Budget" and pronouncements of planned private members' bills about pro and/or con immigration changes etc etc plus the oceans of glossy colour paperwork touting the just-within-the-limits-of-puffery attributes and accomplishments of wannabe 50-foot nobodies and their better-dressed, smoother-talking incumbent opponents, let's have an election "about something".
Let's make it about the Canada of the 21st Century. Switzerland with heft and breadth and depth.
Robert Ede,
Thornhill ON