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Daily Digest June 9, 2010



Faux Canada

One stronger than two?

G20 wonderland: Now that's a press pool

Temper expectations and be glad

How 'green' regulations helped create the SUV

Another reason to open Parliament's books

Disaster planning

Don't be fooled by rebate cheque

Feds should crack down on sale of illegal cigarettes

You either subscribe to ethics or you don't

G20 summits, climate talks equally dumb

Huge winner in drug fight: Big Insurance

Welcome bill on consultants

Unfair UN terror list

Goar: How to move ahead on foreign aid

Searching for an ass to kick

Making the G8 maternal health campaign meaningful

Will Toronto stand up against anti-Israel hate?

Pablo Rodriguez must step down

Who doesn't have an honorary doctorate?

Inflation should be 0%

Bath bombs hit oil sands

Resist insurance lobby, expand CPP

Coalition time

Israel: step down

Will Israel fare better than Crusaders states

Blockades would fuel tension in Northern communities

No-fault insurance really means less coverage

Prentice talks a confused line on Arctic

Sad end for the dean of the White House press corps

Austerity summit providing visitors costly experience

Reflecting on fake lakes

Even reduced Afghan role remains a risky venture

Little to show for inquiry's millions

Sorry, we're out of staff
Just what Canada needs – a false Muskoka

Flu pandemic offers lessons, but will we bother to learn them?

Moore must act to obtain Henderson's

A terrible failure on mental illness
Arguing over video surveillance in schools


Tape of covert CSIS meeting with activists

Push is on for privatizing native lands

Parts of a major Nato operation against Taliban insurgents in southern Afghanistan
 have been delayed "two or three months", a senior US general said in an interview.

Afghan ex-intel chief opposed Karzai's peace plan

Paper chase begins for detainee docs

Feds want court to cancel summons over Afghan documents

Group to G8: don't cherry-pick maternal-health funding

                 Israel eases embargo on food and drink allowed into Gaza        
                 Gates: Turkey-Israel rift a concern for U.S.
                 Britain: No quid pro quo deal on Gaza blockade
                 U.S., Russia, France notify IAEA of concerns over Iran nuclear fuel deal
                 Obama to offer Abbas fresh aid for Gaza in flotilla aftermath
                 MESS Report / Israel must change its policy on Gaza blockade
Genetic links to autism

Grocer charged for citizen's arrest challenges charter

Testing faith in niqab case is fair, complainant agrees

Tory budget clears Commons as Libs hold fire

Senate girds for sparks as Tory budget hits the floor with a boom

Elections Canada appeals Tory GST giveback

Ignatieff, Layton scoff at merger rumours

Guergis helped Jaffer peddle influence: lawyer

House committee rules that Tory aides were summoned

Security standoff stalls Canadian dam project in Kandahar

Canadians ignored warnings about Afghan security firm

Tories look to overhaul consumer-safety laws

Canadians unimpressed by cost of summit, poll finds

Cost of new fighter jets could soar by billions with maintenance costs

New copyright law would cut artists' earnings

Politics an honest job

Israel should acknowledge Hamas is here to stay

Just what is it we must see through in Afghanistan?

Open Canada to the world's new ways

Dual citizenship: A contradiction in terms

Cheers, jeers for Canada on maternal health

The Commons: Sound and fury signifying a lack of anything

Conservative budget passes final Commons vote thanks to 30 Liberal absentees

Grits desperately seeking an issue

A Liberal-NDP coalition? Forget it .

Despite denials, merger debate continues in restive Liberal ranks

The absurd math of merger

You can't win by losing

Just ask Stephen Harper

The wrath of the right

Co-operation shows Tories in no hurry for election

Going overboard: Fake lake is not so great

Harper's fake lake and the virtual reality summit

G20 is eclipsing the G8 as world's 'steering committee'

Prentice talks a confused line on Arctic
Return of a Conservative organizer who had been dismissed

Parliamentary committees are "puppet courts," said Dimitri Soudas

Hébert: Michael Ignatieff holds all the risks in coalition

Tories start sweating the small stuff

Who's next on the hit list?

Williams slams Quebec in Ottawa speech

Ontario HST will take a bite from middle-income earners

Climate summits as dumb as G20

Windfarm turbines deadly for birds, bats

Fertilizer bomb threat a mere 'gardening incident'
Counterterrorism probe of mystery purchase by man with missing fingers proves to be 'nothing nefarious'


Compétition de type Ironman · Des milliers de dollars en location de canots pour nos militaires

Fusion PLC-NPD · Des rumeurs «ridicules» - Ignatieff

Sondage · Registre des armes à feu: 74% des Québécois en faveur

Le budget Harper survit grâce aux libéraux  (33) »

Tempête sur un faux lac

Une coalition réclame d'urgence la nationalisation des plus beaux éléments du patrimoine religieux

Pandémie de H1N1: l'OMS nie avoir géré la crise sous la pression des laboratoires

Électricité: Danny Williams accuse le Québec d'égoïsme

 Nucléaire iranien: Harper appuie les sanctions

La commissaire à l'éthique enquêtera sur Guergis

Retour d'un organisateur conservateur qui avait été écarté

Harper défend le coût des sommets du G8/G20

Les comités du Parlement sont des «tribunaux fantoches», dit Dimitri Soudas


As in all things each of us will judge the following youtube from our perspective.

Believe me the person on Facebook sending it to me was inaccurate in writing
Joe you will love this one".  I love it not.  Rather I abhor its creation was possible.

Joe you will love this one , fake man makes a hypocrite of himself; .

Stephen Hypocrite


From:"Claudia Hudson"

Feds seeks to again boost product safety laws

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Maybe they could put a lighthouse on the fake lake???

Feds looking to unload country's 1,000 lighthouses including one at Peggy's Cove,000-lighthouses-including-one-at-Peggys-Cove/1

Subject: mine tailings in fresh water water

Joe--after reading the Nantrose's report on the government considering leting mining companies put tailings into fresh water bodies of water I can't do anything but shake my head.  Our governments never learn from past mistakes.  What more proof do we need that our government 'governs' for the corporate sector and gives not a damn about anything else.  In years to come the taxpayer will again be held hostage for cleaning up this mess(not that it will be cleaned up but the money will disappear)--remember the Sydney tar ponds??? And how many other areas across Canada are contaminated and ignored?  Turner Valley has mega pollution running into the Sheep River and the ground water from the gas plants there.  Elliot Lake is contaminated with radioactive material.  Remember the mercury contaminated fish and water across Canada from gold mining?  Our corporations and governments are killing us with these actions but the bottom line is more important than the people.  We hear nothing about complaints from the elite that too many people are using health care--I wonder why?

Subject: Gaza should institute a blocade of israel--after all, these are weapons, not love tokens

Israeli request for more arms from US raises fears of regional violence

Subject: All of the aid ships were attacked with live ammunition

By Rev. Ted Pike with Christina Elford

Survivors of Israel's attack on the "Free Gaza" flotilla are now sharing their accounts of the atrocities that took place in international waters. The eyewitness testimony of passengers from all five ships plainly contradicts Israel's claim that its commandos merely acted in self-defense (" In their own words: Survivor testimonies from flotilla 31 May 2010").

What Really Happened?

From: "Mel Christian"
Subject: strongly agree

Thanks Mel.
From: "Eugene Parks"
Subject: Letter to the Editor

We are Canada. You know, the country with the greatest bodies of fresh water in the world. Ontario has about a quarter million of them -- large and small. So of course, the Harper government has to spend $2-million for a fake lake in Toronto because the natural abundance of the real Canada isn't good enough.

Eugene Parks, Victoria. to Editor&s_topic=&s_letter_status=Active&s=letters
etc etc etc


Subject: Paul Hellyer on monetary and banking reform
From: Richard Priestman


In my letter of June 8, cancelling the meeting at St. Paul's on Friday, June 18, I neglected to specify that the Summit meeting with Paul, George and Sydney at the Student Campus Centre, room 115,  55 Gould Street, from 7pm to 9pm  takes place on Saturday, June 19th.


From: Brad Thomson
Subject: oil leak

I hope you are well.
I told you five weeks ago that I did not like the oil leak. I still don't. I told you I thought it could become very serious. I still do. From the beginning I suspected that this was a deliberately staged operation. Now I am convinced.
Dick Cheney's company, Halliburton, recently purchased a huge operation that cleans oceans after oil leaks like this one. Need we say more? All of the top BP executives have been dumping their shareholdings in the company. So have other high players. Also, unusual and secretive visitors appeared at the oil rig itself and then departed shortly before the calamity. BP brass also boarded the rig and made odd and unusual decisions as to drilling procedures. There is testimony to all of this from the rig workers who escaped with their lives.
There are a variety of reasons this was done deliberately. To implode BP, rip off all of the shareholders and further consolidate Oil. To wreck the American economy. To practice huge coastal evacuations with a view to martial law. To use as a pretext to impose the necessary carbon taxes worldwide. To impose fear upon the masses. To have the masses not only asking for but demanding the complete takeover of the planet that these bankers have in mind. In the name of peace and security and stability. These people stage the crises, then offer the solutions, all with a view to their own power. If they cannot have their way, they will implement a scorched earth policy. And plenty of mention already has been made about the possibility of them resorting to a nuclear weapon to try to close the leak.
This oil leak is a culminating historical event. All of us need to wake up and pay attention.
And pray, lest no flesh be saved.
Brad Thomson

Subject: Re: Sickening Journalism
From: Jason David Fibbrestein

Jason Fibbrestein
Edmonton, Alberta

June 9, 2010
Letters Editoral, The Ottawa Citizen, Po Box 5020, 1101 Baxter Road, Ottawa, On. K2C 3M4
 Dear Sirs:
     As a person of Jewish persuasion, I am horrified at (now retired Journalist) Helen Thomas's comments. They were definitely racist and insensitive. But she raises some valid points, if the United Nations got involved (& it did) then the ship was to a degree under "U.N. auspices." Therefore it was clearly a ship of peace. If Canada had been running that blockade with Her Majesty's Royal Canadian Navy, we would have let that ship through.
     Again I am Jewish, but why is it ethical for Israeli Jews to stop clothing shipments to the Gaza Strip for four years. Then at the same time tell their American benefactors they are not doing this without having proof. Then each successive United States Secretary of State tacitly authorizes 2 billion US$ in aid each year. This all really started with Dr. Henry Kissinger.
Jason Fibbrestein
From: The Natroses


I had a good laugh about the picture of pigeons and the caption, With breathless anticipation the crowd awaits the unveiling of the Steven Harper statue.
Now on to more laughs, on the G8 conference, and the money being spent. One does not know if one should cry, laugh or send the Harper crew packing for spending taxpayers money on a conference where the world issues are not on the menu in any shape or form.  Unless one thinks the gathering of a few countries, speaking on issues in the backdrop of fakery is real and impressive. As I read the articles, the G8/20 conferences reminds of the same gatherings in medieval times, practicing the same type of medieval rituals, customs, and traditions, but done in the 21st century. It boils down to the same thing, and that is the visitors of other countries will only see what the host country wants them to see and hear, while their are pamper by the serfs and guards in a setting of luxury, that borders on fantasy, and not the reality.

"Rather than Harper, as the host, showing courage and leadership with bold, creative ideas, he has instead made the concept a mockery.  All the money is being spent on the wrapping paper and none on the possible gift inside.  We learn with the leaking of the draft statement that what's inside is a vacuous, watered down bit of pap.  With both polar ice caps melting and a gusher of oil running amuck in the Gulf they talk about how any effort to fight climate change should not be at the expense of the economy. Can you actually believe they come out and say that. Rather than bold initiatives it's all about avoidance of real commitment. Rather than making us proud to host these meetings it makes us ashamed. Who can have respect for a process that has the final communique practically drafted before the meeting starts? The G8/G20 have become nothing more than a carnival."

"Last Sunday at the Summit Centre we felt we were part of the live audience at a television game show with the show's host, Sanjeev, encouraging applause for every little bit of trivial information.  ". . . and now we've added to this prize package a set of lovely solar street lamps." he shouted out.  "What do you think of that?" . . . applause.  And another round of applause when Tony and Claude were presented with framed canceled stamped envelops.  Now you tell me what the hell does that have to do with famine and catastrophic world poverty?  If anything needs to be cancelled it's the run away federal spending."
Of course, the people need to be entertained.
"Â Meantime, police near the site of the summit are looking for whoever bought a large amount of fertilizer -- enough to make a bomb.
Police say a man bought a tonne and a half of ammonium nitrate from a supply store on Ontario's Niagara peninsula. Investigators are trying to find the man to make sure he's not using the fertilizer to make a bomb.  The supplier didn't get the man's ID. "They were under the impression they were selling it for a legitimate customer and it turned out to be not the customer they thought they were selling to," said RCMP Sgt. Marc LaPorte. "And therefore now we're in the process of trying to identify who that person was, is he a legitimate farmer and for what purpose was he purchasing this quantity of ammonium nitrate."

The man is described as 40-50 years old, possibly of European descent with a short, stocky build. While police are on the hunt for a potential security threat, the Harper government is fending off scorn and ridicule over the cost of a so-called "fake lake" built in a media centre as a backdrop for photo ops."

Gotta keep the visitors protected at all costs.
"“The Mad Hatter of Muskoka’s Private Shindig” was one of the NDP MP’s references to Industry Minister Tony Clement, whose Muskoka riding is the venue for the G8 summit.  And then there was this: “The Muskoka maniac.” And this: “Captain Bligh on Steamship Tony’s ship of fools” – a reference to the $400,000 refurbishment of a steamboat in Mr. CClement’s riding for the summit and to the captain who was set afloat in the notorious mutiny on the Bounty."

And the costs can add up!

" Contemporary Security Canada, a subsidiary of a U.S.-based company that did private security for the Vancouver Olympic Games, was selected by the RCMP to provide about 1,100 workers to screen pedestrians throughout the summits in Huntsville and Toronto."

"The company is based in Salt Lake City, with an office in Vancouver, and won the contract after a federal “letter of interest” was posted in March announcing the government’s intention to secure a contractor to provide airport-style security at checkpoints.  The letter stipulated that bidders must “submit proof that they can provide the security equipment and minimum required number of security screening personnel that are licensed (Ontario Security Guard Licence).”  The fact that the tender was awarded to an unlicensed company has raised the hackles of Canadian-based security companies.  “We think it’s outrageous. It’s completely unnecessary,” said Ross McLeod, president of the Association of Professional Security."
The guards are being paid $20 to $24 per hour, for harassing the good citizens of Torornto. I call this Nazism at its best!
"But that’s not the end of fiscal follies summit-style. Down the hall from Loonie Lake in the Toronto media centre, taxpayers are being hit up yet again, this time for something called “The Living Wall.” Summit organizers are contracting a massive wall of pre-cultivated plants that come with their own irrigation system. This, we are told in government documents, will be the G20 summit’s “signature environmental project.” “Leaving an environmental legacy is an important component of the overall environmental strategy for the G20 summit.” (Speaking of legacy, Toronto taxpayers will have to take care of this vertical flowerbed for the next century). How much The Living Wall will end up costing Canadian taxpayers is anyone’s guess. With two weeks to go before the structure has to be in full bloom, the summit management office sent us a note saying it still had no cost estimates for the project. Likely translation: The bill for this thing is too outrageous for publication."

" Up north in Muskoka, the summit green theme is also everywhere but on the agenda. For instance, taxpayers are shelling out $207,000 for 15 of what have to be the world’s most expensive solar lights to illuminate the pathways at Deerhurst Resort, where the eight leaders are staying for one night. While it is hard to believe this five-star resort had no path lights of its own, the federal contract assures us “this signature environmental project will contribute to the overall greening of the G8 summit.” And when the leaders have left the next day, the contractors have to dismantle the six-metre lights, and reinstall them somewhere in the nearby town of Huntsville. Your tax dollars at work over and over. But the biggest green project of all is the University of Waterloo’s new environmental research facility being built hundreds of kilometres away in Muskoka, thanks to $9 million of federal “summit funding.” Why it is being located in Huntsville, and what it has to do with the summit was best explained by Industry Minister Tony Clement, in whose riding all this spending is, by no coincidence, taking place.“The building of this building is made possible because we are taking $9 million from our G8 infrastructure fund and using it as a way to build the building, and so this fits into our organizing for the summit. "Summits, it seems, are greener on the far side of the farce."

Being green, in the Harper government means green dollars!

"While policing costs for the G8 and G20 summits will cost $1 billion, Canadians are on the hook for a host of other related costs, everything from electronic jamming to safeguarding what the leaders eat for dinner. Industry Canada is spending $2.8 million for signal jammers to ensure secure communications for the summit leaders. And Health Canada has earmarked more than $1.2 million for its summit work. That includes assigning environmental health officers “to supervise food preparation areas and procedures to ensure that proper sanitation and food safety measures are respected,” a department spokesperson said. The health department is also providing "monitoring services, hazard assessments, information and advisories and decontamination strategies for chemical, biological, radiological and/or nuclear explosive events," she said in an e-mail. As well, working with the province, Health Canada is responsible for providing health service for visiting leaders – known as Internatioonally Protected Persons – and their families. "The precise details of the summit health contingency plan are not for public release in order to protect its integrity, as well as the security and privacy of the individuals that may require assistance," an official said in an e-mail."

Now are we also paying for the food tasters for the world leaders, just like in the medieval days of lore?  Just wondering, since the President of the U.S. does when he travels, and some other leaders as well. I also wonder if Harper has a food taster on staff?

Subject: "The National" (According to Bilderberg) , with Peter Mansbridge..  
From: Geoffrey West

Good morning/afternoon to journalists across the country;

There is a news story that should at least be brought to the attention of Canadians, so that they may be given their choice about what they feel to be worthy of news, especially since it concerns an individual who is considered among the list of more 'trusted' journalistic voices in our country.

Recently, there was a meeting in Sitges, Spain of a (formerly) very secret group called Bilderberg.  This group consists of (mainly) wealthy elite power-brokers, parliamentarians, corporate executives, royalty and other very influential people on the global economic stage.  For those who do not know what Bilderberg is, you may find information online, but also at the following links:                                      ~ list of attendees for 2010

This meeting followed another 'secret' meeting of global power-brokers in Dublin in May called the Trilateral Commission.  These meetings of the powerful controllers of the global economy have been taking place for more than two decades.  This group helps to 'direct' how the global economy will unfold in the coming year.

There were four or five Canadians who attended this year, including Gordon Campbell, Premier of BC and Frank McKenna.  Of special interest to Canadians this year however, will be one name in particular, the name of Peter Mansbridge.  Other than the Washington Post (a known Bilderberg supporter) and The Economist, Mr. Mansbridge is apparently the only other journalist there.

As Chief Anchor for 'The National', he has been trusted with reporting news.  So far to my knowledge, he has not reported on this event. A group wielding the power that this group has had is certainly worthy of being reported, however this group has for years, until recently, been able to keep this secret.  His attendance at a meeting like this without reporting on it, given its power and secretive reputation represents in my opinion, a serious breach of journalistic ethic.  Although unverifiable at this time, it is POSSIBLE that his ties to this group MAY affect his reporting of events that take place at the G8 and G20 summits.  This group has been known to swear people to secrecy and to threaten them if they choose to expose any information relating to this group or its meetings and plans.  For those who know this group, they are aware of the influence and control this group has maintained over the global economy and indeed the enslavement of humanity.  If Mr. Mansbridge has chosen this willingly, it is a breach of ethics and service to Canada.  If he has been coerced in any way, then perhaps he deserves the help of the Canadian media to expose this group, especially ahead of the G8 and G20.  This is information that people are already finding out, whether or not the mainstream media is helping.  Journalists and media that have been honouring the secrecy of this group are now facing the risk of losing their reputations.  Indeed, they already are, as more and more are no longer placing their trust in news reporting and I am one of them, as a former broadcaster and newsroom employee myself.

The mainstream media (or some of them) are now feeling the pressure to cover this event after years of hard work from the American Free Press to expose the corrupt influence this group has had on what we are currently experiencing in our world.  Journalists seeking to maintain their reputations at this time are wise to consider taking on a role to expose further all the truths that are now coming into the Light, and report on information that has been kept hidden from the masses with regards to so many issues.

I am a lecturer on global events, peace and healing.  I have been researching 'truth' and humanity's larger relationship to LIFE, what we are currently experiencing, and where we are potentially heading as a species in the very near future.     I will be offering a presentation of my work in Parry Sound, about one hour away from the location of the G8 summit several days before, to discuss all that is happening in our world at this time.  You are welcome to contact me for more details on the date/location of this event.

Global peace and healing begins with a  choice – a choice made by YOU!

Namaste, peace and love to all,
Geoffrey West