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Daily Digest June 8, 2010

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Keeping tabs

Tougher rules needed

A wake-up call from the Gulf of Mexico
All regions are right to take a second look at how vulnerable they may be to a similar accident

Identifying the problems with Israel's Gaza blockade

Old Tory puts on a fresh face

PC leadership: Baillie is in

How can anglo MNAs support Bill 103?

Being prepared

Elite research needs more women

The misguided anti-oil frenzy

Ignatieff needs to win over Canadians before he's PM

Stirring salute to fallen soldiers

When one mistake haunts the rest of your working life

Rocky road to summits

Cohn: Why Israelis can't stop fighting

Steward: Awareness of oil risks seeps north

Bed blockers still there

Liberal refugee policy: if it's broke, don't fix it

Turkey and Israel can still salvage a friendship

An odd crusade for feminists

The less the G20 does, the better

The human-rights abuser on the G20 guest list

More evidence that MPs must be audited

Refugee reform roadblock

Good for New Credit

Minimum wage increases merely add to the Canadian poverty

A crack in Mideast blockade

A world without the great whites

When mothers are driven to kill

Meet Turkey's Mideast gambit

Interest rates in perspective

Protecting Canada's oceans
A new policy for old wells

Judicial system is in need of a massive overhaul

Public broadcasts

Cheap meat and cruelty
Campbell hangs out with global elite


Shrugs greet historic $145M Toronto land claim settlement

Canadian Aboriginals migrating to cities: report

Military has 'clear instructions' on 2011 Afghan withdrawal

Six new navy choppers coming 3 years past schedule

Cost of new fighter jets could soar by billions with maintenance costs

A call for a new kind of Canada: Report urges NORAD responsibility for North 128


                 Israel awaiting U.S. green light for internal Gaza flotilla probe       
                 Reuters under fire for removing weapons, blood from images of Gaza flotilla
                 Obama calls Helen Thomas 'get out of Palestine' remarks offensive
                 Israeli students plan own flotilla to meet next Gaza convoy at sea
                 Russia cautions against 'excessive' Iran sanctions
                 Obama's new vision of Jewish state guarantees rights of Israeli Arabs

Bush protester won't be jailed

Trial judge wrong in child-porn case, Court of Appeal rules

Foreign workers earn 'substantially' less than Canadians

New watchdog to regulate immigration consultants

Feds want court to cancel summons over Afghan documents

Conservative budget passes final Commons vote thanks to 30 Liberal absentees

More than half of Canadians favour Liberal-NDP co-operation: poll

Harper Tories pounce on Ignatieff's leadership

Ottawa fights back against rising tide of criticism over fake lake

Ethics watchdog launches Guergis inquiry

G8/G20 summit fake lake to cost $57K

From fountains to gardens to buried hydrants, it's a new world in the near north

'MEPs' ensure diplomats speak Harper's language

Security firm hired for G20 has no licence to operate in Ontario

Privacy commissioner says mortgage brokers fall short in protecting info

Tories under pressure to delay discussion on sole-source jet deal: official 35

New product safety bill would expand government's recall powers

Keep niqab debate out of the courts

Ontario's top court to decide on woman's right to wear niqab while testifying

Canada should show leadership on aid at summit, advocacy group says

A wanderer from Islam with a message for the West

Jeffrey Simpson: The price we pay for a government of fear

Summits' loonie legacy

Fake lake?? You've got to be kidding!!

Liberal woes begin to add up

Suddenly, a coalition government seems almost respectable

Bring on a two-party system

A pointless union

Why Ontario is more accepting of the HST than B.C. is

A look at reality in Afghanistan

The human-rights abuser on the G20 guest list

Ottawa fights back against rising tide of criticism over fake lake

 MP's rental scheme ups pressure for general audit

Bilingualism defines 'who we are': Ignatieff

NDP fails in bid to clip 'monster' federal budget

Aboriginal Candidates Embracing Electoral Politics

Canadian activist says he hid photos of flotilla raid during Israeli detention

Tories worked hard to paint bloody Afghan war as peace mission: documents

'Game changer' needed in Afghanistan to solve insurgency, top general says

Amnesty could free 1,000 Taliban from notorious prison

Campbell mingles with world elite at private meeting

Province moves on prescription pricing reforms

Deepsea relief well not feasible, Williams says

Liberals admit HST will cost families up to $480 a year

MARDI 08 JUIN 2010

Hélicoptères de la marine · 5 milliards et beaucoup de retard

Communications · Duceppe accuse Harper de se moquer des lois

Armes à feu · 74 % des Québécois en faveur de registre

G8 et G20 · Les conservateurs défendent le lac artificiel

Immigration · Ottawa veut sévir contre les consultants malhonnêtes

Règles financières: une entente est possible au G20 de Toronto

Le Canada parmi les pays les plus pacifiques au monde

Harper défend le coût des sommets du G8/G20

 Les comités du Parlement sont des «tribunaux fantoches», dit Dimitri Soudas

 Mahmoud Abbas partage ses inquiétudes à Bob Rae

Un Canadien sur deux pour une collaboration PLC-NPD

G8/G20: un ordre du jour vide, dit Ignatieff

Malade, Helena Guergis ne témoignera pas devant la Chambre des communes


My thanks to those who acted on my request.

As you will read their is agreement by all that
Canadian Forces be withdrawn in their entirety


"It is my belief the best course of action for the Government of Canada is to withdraw Canadian Forces in their entirety
and financially assist non-governmental organizations in doing what are given as the reasons for our involvement."

If you can spare the time in your busy schedule write AGREE or DISAGREE in the Subject: line and send it back.


From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Campbell mingles with world elite at private meeting...[of] 58th annual Bilderberg Meeting in Sitges, Spain.
Campbell mingles with world elite at private meeting

By Jonathan Fowlie, Vancouver Sun June 8, 2010
The secretive invitation-only meeting -- dubbed by London's The Independent newspaper as an "annual cabal of the world's elite" -- pulls together top international names to discuss issues such as foreign affairs and the economy.... http://www.vancouversun.com/business/Campbell+mingles+with+world+elite+private+meeting/3125902/story.html
Former Nato Secretary-General Admits Bilderberg Sets Global Policy
Bill Gates To Attend 2010 Bilderberg Conference
During a recent TED conference, an organization which is sponsored by one of the largest toxic waste polluters on the planet, Gates told the audience that vaccines need to be used to reduce world population figures in order to solve global warming and lower CO2 emissions to almost zero....

Former prime ministers Paul Martin, Jean Chretien and Pierre Trudeau also made Bilderberg appearances. Prime Minister Stephen Harper took in the group's 2003 meeting in Versailles, France, while he was Opposition leader http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/bilderberg-group/
From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re:  G-summits aren't worth $1 billion, Editorial, June 7

Re:  G-summits aren't worth $1 billion, Editorial, June 7
The problem is not just cost but institutional structure.  In Canada, we have a standing parliament with MPs elected directly by the people to carry out a legislative function.  Would we ever consider abolishing the House of Commons and letting each province send a representatives to Ottawa to dicker with their counterparts, and also give the larger provinces a veto over decisions?  Of course not, but then why do we accept as normal at the international level a system that we would never countenance at home? 
The European Parliament demonstrates the possibility of establishing a democratic body at a supranational level that allow countries to better co-operate.  At the United Nations, an assembly with consultative status could be set up under Article 22 of the Charter, and could gradually be strengthened as it proved itself.  Decisions that come about by inclusive processes will be more easily accepted than those imposed by a few large countries.  See the website of the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly at www.unpacampaign.org for more background.

Subject: Letter to Editor re:  Tories defend $2M fake lake being built for summit, Les Whittington and Richard J. Brennan,  Jun 07 2010

Re:  Tories defend $2M fake lake being built for summit, Les Whittington and Richard J. Brennan,  Jun 07 2010

The fake $2 million indoor lake is of course an important stage for Stephen Harper.  When the G20 leaders begin to despair, Harper will walk across it.  

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,

The Harper government, and in part the previous Liberal government are famous for avoiding debate in the House of Commons, via through the regulations route. A change in a rule here and there, and presto what was not legal, is legal now. One of the changes to the regulations was to permit waste tailings of mining operations to go into fresh lakes/ponds.  In NL, there is a newly formed alliance that are lunching a legal challenge to the regulation changes.

"The Sandy Pond Alliance includes members of the Natural History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador, Mining Watch Canada, The Council of Canadians, Sierra Club of Canada and a number of residents of this province who are concerned about the destruction of the pond.

Vale Inco has received federal and provincial approval to destroy Sandy Pond by dumping toxic mining waste in it from their nickel processing plant, which they plan to build in the community.

"This change in the Fisheries Act condones the practice of using lakes as dumpsites, destroying watersheds at a time when the world's water resources are getting scarce,"  Fred Winsor of the Sierra Club, a Sandy Pond Alliance member, said in a press release. "leaves a toxic legacy for future generations."

According to their press release, lakes that would normally be protected as fish habitat by the Fisheries Act are now being redefined as "tailings impoundment areas" according to a 2002 "schedule" added to the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations of the Act. Once added to Schedule 2, healthy freshwater lakes lose all protection and become dump sites for mining waste. There are currently several lakes across the country at risk of destruction because of this loophole in the Fisheries Act."  http://www.thecharter.ca/index.cfm?sid=333590&sc=312

"In St. John's, the Sandy Pond Alliance filed a court action Friday seeking to have this amendment repealed.

"It's kind of a Third World developmental strategy, when you have to be making all these compromises to do developments," said alliance member Bill Montevecchi, a seabird researcher and Memorial University of Newfoundland professor.

"We're above that and we're beyond that. We don't need to be using Third World developmental strategies. We don't need to be destroying ecosystems to make money."

Montevecchi and his group say exempting companies from the federal Fisheries Act required a legislative change, so the regulations are illegal." Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/newfoundland-labrador/story/2010/06/04/nl-tailing-challenge-604.html#ixzz0qGZ3rF2k

This I believe are the first legal challenges to ongoing changes of regulations, without requiring a legislative change. This court challenge should be watch. Keeping in mind, the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster as one's background and example, what happens when government changes regulations without parliament oversight. This challenge will directly impact the cabinet's power and authority that has grown in leaps and bounds in the Harper government.

And will grow more so through Bill C-9
From: Robert G Gauthier
Subject: Re: "Democracy is not about majority rule," by Mahmood Elahi

Daily Digest,
Joe Hueglin, Publisher.
 June 8, 2010

Hello, Joe,
Re: "Democracy is not about majority rule," by Mahmood Elahi, responding to "PM's tight grip exposed," and Letter: "Remediating our democratic deficit," by Mark Henschel (June 7), in The Toronto Star.
Mahmood Elahi writes that democracy "is about public participation in the governing."
Yet, in Canada, the minority is excluded from the government. A prime minister can to exert enormous and unlimited power. A speaker of the House of Commons can influence, manipulate and control the outcome of proceedings and debate at will and without consistency.
The Parliament is a refuge from the safeguards of the Rule of Law in Canada notwithstanding the pretended protections and guarantees in the Canadian Constitution and The Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
It will take more than a non-partisan Senate "To stem such monopoly of power," as Elahi suggests, with "let's turn our patronage-driven partisan Senate into a non-partisan citizens forum like the Athens Council. Only then, we will have true democracy."
Applicability of the Charter to Canadian Houses of Parliament
The Member of Parliament for Scarborough - Rouge River, Mr. Derek Lee, in his book, The Power of Parliamentary Houses to Send for Persons, Papers & Records: A Sourcebook on the Law and Precedent of Parliamentary Subpoena Powers for Canadian and Other Houses, explores the question of whether the The Charter of Rights and Freedoms applies to the Houses of Parliament and provincial legislative assemblies:
"The question of whether the Charter of Rights and Freedoms applies to the Houses of Parliament and provincial legislative assemblies was addressed by the Supreme Court of Canada in 1993, in New Brunswick Broadcasting Co. v. Nova Scotia (Speaker of the House of Assembly). McLachlin, for the majority, held that there is no 'blanket rule that the Charter cannot apply to any of the actions of a legislative assembly.' Later, she held:
... I would reject the argument that ... the Charter can never apply to any of the actions of a legislative assembly.
Lee adds, "Neither House of Parliament, however, has expressly resolved to apply the Charter to any of its proceedings.
This is not to say that the Houses of Parliament do not already comply with the Charter. They simply have not expressly resolved that they are legally bound to do so. Even if they are bound to comply, the question of what body has the authority to interpret and enforce the Charter in this respect should be addressed. Section 24(1) of the Charter reads:
'Anyone whose rights or freedoms, as guaranteed by this Charter, have been infringed or denied may apply to a court of competent jurisdiction to obtain such remedy as the court considers appropriate and just in the circumstances.'
The position of the Houses of Parliament would likely be that they themselves are the 'court of competent jurisdiction' in respect of matters of privilege."
The Rule of Law as applied to the Parliament of Canada is the exception rather than the rule.
Joe, since it appears the provisions in The Charter of Rights and Freedoms can be arbitrary and optional for Parliament, the principles that define democracy in Canada do not, and cannot, consistently and predictably apply - lacking these fundamental, basic and essential characteristics for all rules of law.
Until the same principles and rules in law that apply to individual Canadians also apply to Canadian Parliamentarians without privileged exemptions, the monopoly powers alluded to by Elahi, and the lack of accountability of the individual elected representatives will continue to prevail and the future of democracy in Canada will continue to erode.
Democracy is about principles - not personalities.
Robert G. Gauthier,

From: "Joan Good"
Subject: agree

From: "Don Keir"

Vehemently agree. Not sure which side are the "terrorists".
Don Keir

Subject: Paul Hellyer on monetary and banking reform
From: Richard Priestman

To friends of monetary and banking reform:

On May 29 I sent out a notice about Paul Hellyer speaking on monetary and banking reform at Trinity-St. Paul's Church, Friday, June 18.  We learned after the notice was sent that the 2010 People's Summit, civil society's alternative "counter Summit" to the G8/G20 summit, begins the same evening and runs for the whole week-end.  Paul did not want to go "head-to-head" with the Summit so it was decided to cancel the meeting at St. Paul's Church.  Subsequently, Paul was invited by Marya Folinsbee, Coordinator for the Summit, to speak at the Summit along with George Crowell and Sydney White.  There will be some similarities in their presentations, but they will not be identical. 

The session with Paul, George and Sydney, will take place at the Student Campus Centre, room 115,  55 Gould Street, from 7pm to 9pm.  Unfortunately, it will conflict with two other presentations happening at that time, but there was no way around that.  For more information on the Summit go to "People's Summit Toronto" on the web.

Canadians concerned about the creation and control of money would  like to see this issue get as much publicity as possible prior to the G20  meeting because it is a fundamental problem affecting all government policy decisions.  Three changes to our financial system are needed namely, *reduce* the  money  created by commercial banks, *increase* the money created by government  and *re-instate* reserve requirements for the commercial banks.

The problem of money creation and control is enormous.  Canadians paid
$170-million per day (over $62-billion) in 2008/09 in unnecessary  interest
on federal, provincial and municipal debt.  The cost for 2009/10 and
subsequent years will likely be higher.  These costs are  reflected  in taxes,
fees, cut-backs in public services such as education and  medicare,  training
and support of laid-off workers and deterioration of  infrastructure  such as
roads, sewers, water lines, affordable housing and the  environment.  More
importantly, government indebtedness to private financiers gives  that sector
undue influence on government policy leading to decisions which  benefit the
interests of the private sector foremost rather than that of the community
as a whole.

Friends of monetary and banking reform are asked to support the proposals for change.  As Paul said, "The G20 meeting is the best opportunity we have had in decades to educate both leaders and rank and file about the vagaries of the  monetary and banking system......Unless governments agree to take back some of their power over the  creation of money .... they just won't have the financial flexibility to prevent global warming" or to respond to the needs of their people as they should.

Paul hopes we can get a million e-mails or letters sent to our members of Parliament and the prime minister in the two weeks leading up to the G20.  He has prepared a letter as a guide to the type of letter you could send and suggests that you send it to 5 of your friends and ask them to send it to 5 of theirs and so on.  If everyone participates it will not take long to reach a million.

 I am sending you Paul's letter by separate mail.

Richard Priestman

From: Vern Bretin
Subject: Disagree

Hi Joe:  I agree to the total withdrawal of our military forces from Afghanistan, and the OFFERING of NGO's provided the request is made by the Afghanis and Not from any NATO or UN source.  It's their country, not ours to run.

Subject: Wow!  Bilderberg news !  (concerning Canada)
From: Geoffrey West

Good evening all!

Wow...here it is, something potentially BIG here, I think!

The final list of attendees to the Bilderberg meeting has come out, and among the list of Canadians in attendance is none other than  CBC Chief Correspondent, Peter Mansbridge!

What does this mean?  It means one of two things.  He is either a part of the secret group, and this MAY explain why I have not seen any Bilderberg coverage on the CBC.  Based on my training in radio/tv, this would represent a rather serious breach of journalistic ethic, considering the very secretive nature of this particular group.
The other possibility is that he is there to do a report, or possibly (although unlikely) an expose.  I have sent an email to Lloyd Robertson at CTV news to see if he is interested in this.  If any of you have contacts with other media, this really should get out to as many people as possible.

Among the other Canadians in attendance:

CAN, Clark, W. Edmund, President and CEO, TD Bank Financial Group
CAN, Campbell, Gordon, Premier of British Columbia
CAN, McKenna, Frank, Deputy Chair, TD Bank Financial Group
CAN, Prichard, J. Robert S., President and CEO, Metrolinx
CAN, Reisman, Heather M., Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc.



This could potentially be a big break!

Namaste, peace and love to all!  Let the truth be known!

Geoffrey "Geoff" West, LIFE Counsellor, Lecturer and Writer – A Greenprint For LIFE,  Peace and Global Healing
M.A., Peace Education, UN-mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica
B.A.A., Radio and Television Arts, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

? []
A Greenprint For LIFE -- Global Peace and healing   begins with a choice  -  a choice made by YOU!!
FACEBOOK group:   http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2296960950  or  A Greenprint For LIFE
LINKEDIN:               http://www.linkedin.com/in/geoffreywest

Subject: De facto vs De jure -the Elite's Cdn Political conspiracy-of-silence
From: Robert Ede
Cc: Governor General <Info@GG.CA>, Rt Hon Stephen Harper <pm@pm.gc.ca>, Privy Council Office <info@pco-bcp.gc.ca>
Dear Canadians,
1) Either we have a Constitution or we do not.
2) If the gov't of the day isn't following it - why should you?
Once more with a hope and a prayer.
As I walked my dogs this morning it struck me that the "Office" of Canadian Prime Minister should really be considered more in terms of holding the Office of "Leader of the Majority/Plurality in the House" ie viewed more as Ms Pelosi in the USA's House of Reps than as Mr Obama in the Executive Mansion.
Notwithstanding our current "Hung House with Minority Ministry" (vis a vis the current UK cabinet-in-coalition) - I'm just as affronted by Mr H.'s unconstitutional posturing-as-Monarch as I was by Mr C.(with his 'prerogative talk') & Mr M. & Mr T. when they perpetuated this same fraud on the public, under the noses of the 'experienced' pundits (in colourable-collusion/ conspiracy-of-silence with every lawyer or Constitutional/BNA expert in the land).
Define your terms:

de fac·to from dictionary.com


1. in fact; in reality: Although his title was prime minister, he was de facto president of the country. Although the school was said to be open to all qualified students, it still practiced de facto segregation.
2. actually existing, esp. when without lawful authority (distinguished from de jure).
3. Australian. a person who lives in an intimate relationship with but is not married to a person of the opposite sex; lover.
NB - While not my intention, the #1 definition's "example" makes my point, #2 set out what I'm trying to show.
To anyone who has absorbed the BNA/Constitution1867,  the Head of State of Canada IS the Queen, represented in Canada - under authority of the BNA 1867 & re-stated in the Letters Patent of 1947 - by the Governor General.
The Governor General can as an individual (or with Advice and/or Advice&Consent of Her/His Privy Council see s.12 vs s.13) withhold assent to any Bill (ie a Veto).... no questions asked or ask-able. see ss. 55-57 and s.90
The Governor General has a council of independent, sworn-to-secrecy, lifetime-appointee Advisors that run the "permanent Executive" (Treasury Board etc etc) and the civil service on behalf of the Monarch (and the P.C. may include some cabinet members, some Senators and probably should include the PM-as Lower House Leader too, but this is not expressly specified in the BNA as it is for the Ontario Executive Council s.63)
The Prime Minister (in Canada) is referenced in the BNA (as amended) only in the 1982 changes and only in connection with calling conferences of leaders.
The Prime Minister's Office was never intended to control a) the Privy Council or b) the Public Service. We will acknowledge that these offices and 'public servants' should work together efficiently but when a conflict occurs between what's right and what's politically convenient we need (and the BNA provided) someone to stand up to a persistent and/or wily Leader of the Plurality in the Lower House.
For those intrigued here's when it happened.
The 1867 Confederation was worked out AFTER the second US Constitution had been in play for 70-some years and after the French Revolution (and aftermath) and as an arrangement "similar in principle" to the UN-WRITTEN system in place in the-then powerful, colonial, imperial, mercantile United Kingdom -- unwritten being the key word.
While our 1982 changes removed the UK Lords and Commons from Canadian lawmaking - nothing else changed (apart from yes, the conditions and limits placed on our pre-existing individual rights, the addition of the 'group rights concept' to Canada and the inclusion of impossible-to-use-beyond-bilateral-agreements Amending Formulae)
So, if the intention was for a Vice-Regal appointee (unf. now-nominated by the PM, but .... that's part 2 of Wm L M King's revenge on Byng) to actually "decide" (ie personally execute Bills/Acts/Orders) on matters that flowed up from the 'plebeian '/proletarian Common, through the 'patrician'/propertied Senate and had been vetted for fiscal-sustainability by the institutional-databanks of the Privy Council .... then .... why aren't we following that system of hierarchical checks and balances .... as-written.
As Ralphie Klein said about the Distribution of Legislative Powers in 2006, "Either we have a Constitution or we don't!"
If the gov't of the day isn't following the BNA Constitution - why should you?