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Daily Digest June 6, 2010



Shipbuilding plan: Past time to get going

Music-teacher decision strikes the wrong chord

Fake Muskoka costs real bucks

What next in Afghanistan?

Fresh start for arms control

Inside Sudbury's Vale strike

According to critics, Israel's only option -- lie down and die
More God's armpit spaces needed
World's worst rights offenders have no right to condemn Israel

A whiff of novel advertising
Health spa for creatures great and smal
A Lotto loss for the ages
A baffling lapse in common sense
Another quiet first

A big future for tiny houses
The sad saga of Salt Spring Coffee
Listening to scientists on climate change


Our War on Terror longer than WWII

Karzai orders review of all cases of Taliban detainees

Five NATO soldiers, four police killed in Afghanistan:

Soldier's death benefit discriminatory?

What's wrong with making love and war?

Canada lending hand in Gulf oil spill cleanup

UN forging ahead with probe of flotilla raid despite Israel's resistance: official

UN Chief proposes joint Turkey, Israel and U.S. Gaza flotilla probe

Fury over raid isolates Israel

Commandos seize latest Gaza-bound aid ship

Israel boards another Gaza aid boat Update on Gaza flotilla

Iran Revolutionary Guards offer to escort Gaza-bound ships

IDF: Five Gaza flotilla activists linked to Hamas, Al-Qaida

Netanyahu: Group who attacked IDF troops boarded ship separately
Turkish paper releases 'censored' photos of beaten Israeli commandos
Israel envoy in Geneva: Gaza flotilla activists linked to terror groups
IDF clarifies: 'Go back to Auschwitz' recording edited, but authentic

MS patients to launch rights complaints

N.S. MS patient feels renewed after 'liberation'

WHO scandal exposed: Advisors received kickbacks from H1N1 vaccine manufacturers

Bill to crack down on 'crooked' immigration firms

Ignatieff willing to lead coalition, but talk of merger with NDP is 'absurd'


Forgotten hero saved day for Canada in 1813: historian

Harper rightly licking his lips at idea of facing a 'socialist coalition' ...Fed Libs need an election now ...

For G20, Ex marks the spot

Politicians' expense accounts should be open books

How we all got screwed: Goldstein

Bank tax doesn't get to the root of problem

Deathbed reprieve for killer industry?

Gilles Duceppe and Pat Martin: Still bigots, still creepy

Panicked Liberals ponder return to Jean Chrétien

CFIA issues Uncle Ben's warning

Dalton's lesson in sex and taxes

Subventions de festivals · Hydro-Québec dénoncé

Parti libéral du Canada
Pas de coalition avant les élections

G8: Ottawa évasif sur le financement de l'avortement et sur l'environnement


Opposition prepares for about-face after Afghan trip
MPs returning home from fact-finding mission signal stronger support for keeping Canadian troops in non-combatant role post-2011

PM: opposition Afghan idea 'interesting'


There will be no end to insurgency in Afghanistan through a victory by foreigners who control only the ground they are on at any one time
and who, when hard pressed, call in airpower and through "collateral" damage turn more families against them as civilians are killed.

The Afghan armed forces are not Pahtuns, from whom the insurgents are drawn.  The opposite for they come from ethnic groups that until
 2001 were ruled by Pashtuns or at war with them,_by_district.svg

The role most frequently suggested for Canadian Forces remeining in Afghanistan after 2011 is training the Afghan army and police forces.

Most of our casualties have been from explosions on roads.  These would not cease nor would going to other provinces avoid danger in
that the insurgency has spread from the south to other areas of the country including the Kabul region where our military was first situated.

There are Canadian NGO's in Afghanistan .

It is my belief the best course of action for the Government of Canada is to withdraw Canadian Forces in their entirety
and financially assist non-governmental organizations in doing what are given as the reasons for our involvement.

As always you are invited to respond, either with your reasons why our military should stay or alternate roles to play.


Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2010 16:30:31 +0100
Subject: [George Galloway] George Galloway announces new convoys to break the siege of Gaza

Viva Palestina founder George Galloway, speaking to a crowd of around 20,000 protesting outside the Israeli Embassy in London, revealed the latest plan to bring about the end of the siege on Gaza.

Two simultaneous convoys - one by land the other by sea - will set forth on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 12th bound for Gaza. Viva Palestina, the International Committee to break the Siege on Gaza and any allies who will join us will organise the two convoys.

The land convoy will leave from London and travel across Europe to Turkey, Syria and ultimately through the Rafah Gate into Gaza. Co-operation will be offered and sought with all relevant governments and agencies. It is expected the convoy will pick up vehicles and volunteers in each country through which it passes. The target is to enter Gaza with 500 vehicles.

The sea convoy will travel around the Mediterranean gathering ships, cargo, volunteers from each country. The target is to enter Gaza with sixty ships.

The aim will be to arrive on Gaza's frontiers at the same time. And to enter with the world's largest ever aid convoys. And to thereby render the siege null and void.

Please get in touch if you need further information. Please also sign up to the Viva Palestina mailing list -

Please pass this email on to everyone you think might be interested in supporting the new convoy.

Visit George's official website

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From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  MS treatment

I am watching W5 regarding the new treatment for MS.  Apparently it has to be tested, and tested for a long time before it is put to use.  My sister has MS and it is fairly advanced--uses a walker, can no longer drive and her eyesight is deteriorating.  But we have to keep doing tests even after so much testing was done in Italy and there are hundreds of patients who have improved dramatically?  I have to wonder if the MS society is behind this delay?  After all, just like cancer, MS has become an industry!  The MS Society that my sister contacted regarding thi treatment would not even talk about it.
Remember the Swine Flu vaccine and how quickly it was on the market being given to people without testing?  Why is it ok to use an untested vaccine on millions of people world wide but not acceptable to try this treatment out on those that have narrowed arteries in their neck and MS?  The narrowed arteries can be found with an MRI--not an invasive procedure.  People with MS don't have all the time in the world.  Is it not worth it to try to give them respite from the life destroying results of MS?

One path would be for individuals to offer themselves for testing signing waivers.


Joe--Canada does not do testing. My sister's neurologist considers this treatment a hoax!!!  Don't let facts get in the way?  The are going to make an announcement on June 14th re the clinics that may start investigating the treatment, but it could be up to 2 years before they start anything! 

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,
Lorimer your take on NL, is a bit lopped-sided and perhaps a bit cynical even in your eyes.
"So? Newfoundlanders (I leave Labradorians out of this) have a particular sense of identity too; Newfoundland-Labrador's debt-to-GDP ratio would have been MUCH higher if it had been built up on NL's resources (including human) alone, else it would be grindingly poor by our standards right now; immigration is low there; emigration is very high; and either taxes would be woefully high, or government would be woefully underfunded and NL would be very underdeveloped. What's ITS problem? Too many b'yoes hell-bent on fishing and speaking English with that charming lilt to it?"

Newfoundland and Labrador's problems lie with the federal government's policies, and how the federal government sees NL, through their bias and coloured filters. Done much the same way for the rest of the Atlantic provinces. Now with the addition of 30 more MPs, representation for Atlantic Canada will be under the 10 % mark. I am beginning to think, a union of the Atlantic provinces might be the way to go, to deal with Ottawa and their obvious biases and coloured views of Atlantic Canada.

Here is the latest tourist commercial for NL. One has to come here, to understand NL. The land and sea is as much a part, as the people who live in NL.

Often decisions, and policy making is done in one of the backrooms in Ottawa, without any of them ever being in NL.  NL is seen as numbers, not its people and geographic landscape. From Ottawa's viewpoint, NL does not have the numbers nor does the other Atlantic provinces, and therefore are treated with contempt by Ottawa. Sort of like living next door to a bully. A bully is only a problem, when one does something that is unexpected. It is why NL, is heard only by Ottawa when we kicked sand into the Federal government's face.

From: Rebecca Gingrich

Subject: re--aid to Africa etc--speaking out posted on DD

The above is an article which shows where our 'aid' goes.  Just like in Canada, there is no accountability for the use of our money.  Harper is speaking out against women's issues and yet we are in Afghanistan, killing and being killed to protect women and their rights?  Insanity rules!

Subject: That's a Good Question + Ms Petty's attention to
From: Robert Ede
To: cbcTheHouse <>
Cc: Rt Hon Stephen Harper <>, Governor General <Info@GG.CA>, cbc -xcountry <>,

Dear House,
The solution to the "accountability & responsibility" issues of yesterday's ( June 5th 2010) show can be found in the answer to my question.
I know you'll believe it ....if and only if you come to the conclusion yourself.
What if ..... the Order in Council (P.C. 1940-1121) that merged the Office of Clerk of the Privy Council with the Office of Secretary to the Cabinet (the then-Prime Minister's Principal Sect'y) was declared "un-constitutional"?
Restated - What if the 1940 Prime Minister (within the "third-from-top level) Legislative Order) had not been permitted to usurp (by-stealth-over-time) the Queen's Privy Council for Canada (within the "second-level" Executive Power)?
Restated - Why did Wm L M King only dare attempt this manoeuvre in the spring of 1940 after the death of one GG and before the arrival of the next AND when the UK government was much too busy with WW2? ..... co-incidence?
Restated - What if the Governor General had the public support to exercise that Offices powers of Withholding Assent (individual veto see ss 12 vs 13  & s 55) ie being advised, if necessary and requested by the s.12 GG, the institutional memory of the  entire appointed-for-life Privy Council?
Restated - What if .... the GG was elected, at-large, say every other general election .... and the person so-selected was recommended to the Queen as our choice as HRH's representative?
Call me to explain or clarify

Robert Ede,