Friday, June 04, 2010

Daily Digest June 4, 2010


Canadian firms lack 'killer instinct'

G8 draft communique dodges abortion issue

G20 nations look for compromise on bank tax issue

Journal claims WHO's flu advisers in conflict

Fishy legal loophole lands feds in court

Prime Minister's Office tells Tory MPs not to answer Citizen reporter's questions

PM: opposition Afghan idea 'interesting'

Ignatieff backs off bipartisan immigration reform deal amid caucus revolt

Showdown looms between feds, opposition

Another Tory minister faces Jaffer-related ethics probe

NDP gives its MPs licence to kill — or save — gun registry

Opposition parties threaten Tories over Afghan detainee documents

Afghan deployment past 2011 possible: MPs

Bailiff called in attempt to get Tory aides to testify

Tories to launch plans for telecom shakeup

Canada's new information czar vows to take on delays in access system

Ottawa blames provinces for low H1N1 vaccine turnout

Liberal says G8 spending going down the drain

Harper says end to Afghan mission still policy

Tories watered down drilling regulations

Opposition prepares for about-face after Afghan trip Liberals fuel Tories' half-baked political theatre

Politics of bluster


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This made my day, however


From: Zeb Landon
Subject: re  Israeli attack on humanitarian aid flotilla

re  Israeli attack on humanitarian aid flotilla
Dear Joe,

I don't usually bring up this sort of thing, but feel compelled to not remain silent.

I was saddened to hear about the attack by Israel on the humanitarian aid flotilla to Gaza.  These boats were flagged under various other countries, notably Turkey, so the Israeli attack and seizure (in international waters) was illegal.  A former American ambassador was aboard one boat sailing under the Greek flag. I heard him describe the experience on Canadian radio tonight.

The illegal action is comparable to an armed home invasion and the robbers claiming they have a right to do it. The propagandists don't seem to notice the contrast between the gun-shooting Israeli attackers and the unarmed flotilla of boats carrying medical supplies, etc. to Gaza (which has been cut off by Israel's embargo, and therefore cannot rebuild its destroyed infrastructure).

It seems to me our complaints mostly would fall on deaf ears in Canada, but let's all say a prayer for our weak moral compasses, and speak up against the false testimony that is intended to hurt the genuine humanitarian efforts.

If all Palestine were put under a UN protectorate with a constitution guaranteeing equality of rights to all citizens, with no distinctions according to ethnicity or religion, there would be no need for the so-called "2-state" solution we now often hear about.  That two-state concept merely legitimizes what is really Israeli apartheid and inhuman living conditions imposed on non-Israelis.

It is often forgotten that originally Britain only intended for there to be a Jewish settlement or community, and not a Jewish state, in Palestine, back when it was established after WW 2. That's where a hopeful idea started off on the wrong foot.

I think that only if we hold an ideal of equality of citizens' rights, can we move toward peace for that region, which is so important in its ramifications for the rest of the earth.  It's saddening that so many Canadians are now desensitized, and are deluded to believe that justice comes out of a gun barrel.


From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,
Rebecca's videos on Turkey PM speaking at the end, "We are sick of your lies", with the gesture will catch on with the rest of the world. He states what most people feel, but more importantly that our world leaders have failed the world. Add the  video on the U.S. ship, the Liberty, one can conclude, our world leaders are more interested in amassing power, than spreading the words of democracy.

Keeping the above in mind, the Ottawa Citizen, titled; Turkey turns away from the West, one can conclude that Israel's actions was already pre-approved by the powers, and which would explain the weak response from United States. The weaker response from the United Nations sealed it, and pushed Turkey into the arms of the Muslim Middle-East nations. " But in addition to the human casualties, which have created a nightmare for Israel, there also is another casualty that could have extremely long-term consequences for both Israel and other countries, including the European Union and NATO: Relations between Israel and Turkey will never be the same again, especially since Turks were key figures in organizing the aid flotilla and were among those killed or wounded during the commando action."
Read more:

From: Robert G Gauthier
Subject: Re: Prisoner pensions.

Hello, Joe,
Re: Prisoners pensions ?
It seems to me that the simplest and fairest procedure is to collect room and board at current rates as in other "homes" and hotels.
Additional charges to be collected for laundry, tv, cleaning and all other services.
Such a program would be equitable regardless to the reason for incarceration.
Bob Gauthier.

Subject: Re: "Are you trying to intimidate me, Minister Baird?"

June 4, 2010
Daily Digest from St. John's to Victoria,
Mr. Joe Hueglin.
Hello, Joe,
 "Are you trying to intimidate me, Minister Baird?"
  MP for St. John's West - Mount Pearl
Good question, Joe: "Was the nature of the Honourable John Baird's unannounced visitation fulfilling the dictum that Ministers appear before Committees to shield their aides from testifying happenstance or part of an unfolding strategy?"
Without a doubt, the star of the House of Commons Committee in response to "Baird's natural pugnaciousness," which is representative of many MPs, of all parties, and the tendency to invoke power trips instead of reason, facts and courtesy, is the Member of Parliament for St. John's West - Mount Pearl.
MP Siobhan Coady's solid admonition to the Minister is worth repeating for all public servants who need such a reminder:
"Are you trying to intimidate me, Minister Baird?" Newfoundland and Labrador MP Coady asked. "Because I'll put myself up against you any day on intimidation factors. Don't try and intimidate me."
True to her word, MP Coady, in her maiden speech to Parliament said in the House of Commons, "I started today by reminding Mr. Speaker and all hon. members that our responsibility is to the individuals who make up the mosaic of Canada. Let us never forget our duty to them. Let us never forget that our fiscal responsibility is to them. Let us never forget we are here because of them."
Well done MP Siobhan Coady, St. John's West - Mount Pearl !
Yours truly,

Robert G. Gauthier,

From: "Peter Robertson"


                The idea of removing the right of prisoners to receive pensions sounds superficially attractive, but:

(a)    Does it not contravene The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as it pertains to equality rights?

(b)   Assuming that such a plan is constitutionally valid, if a prisoner has served his or her time, then is there to be a mechanism to reinstate the pensions of liberated prisoners?

(c)    If those pension funds are being used to care for dependants, then is the state going to step in to look after those people?

Once again, the Tories haven't thought it through.

Peter Robertson.

May I think "New Tories" or "Harper Tories" rather than just "Tories"?
From: John Duddy
Subject: Fwd: On June 7: Man May Be Jailed & Beaten For Trying To Arrest Bush

Please ask readers to sign.


Begin forwarded message:
Subject: On June 7: Man May Be Jailed & Beaten For Trying To Arrest Bush

From: Lorimer Rutty
Subject: a reality check

When one, as in Jared Milne, writes a treatise for insertion in the DD, one, as in Jared Milne, deserves a response.
Bilingualism in Canada is a red herring.
His synopsis of Canadian history forgot to mention Bill 101 as amended to Bill 104. Perhaps he does not
understand the significance of 'The Notwithstanding Clause' nor the fact that Quebec has declared itself to be unilingual.
There have been astronomical costs in language wars, where linguistic fanaticism and jingoistic nationalism trumps economic realities.
 Quebec considers its self to be a 'nation' whose debt to GDP is approximately 94%. [Canada's is approximately 69%].  There is a direct relationship between language police,
fewer immigrants, more exodus and higher taxation.
Jared Milne's history lesson might placate elementary levels. Closer analysis calls for a rewrite.


From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:sounds like media manipulation???

CPJ denounces Israel's use of footage seized in flotilla raid

Committee to Protect Journalists

CPJ, June 3, 2010

New York, June 3, 2010­The Committee to Protect Journalists denounces Israel's editing and distribution of footage confiscated from foreign journalists aboard the Gaza-bound flotilla that was raided on Monday.

On Wednesday, the Israel Defense Forces spokesman's office released edited portions of confiscated video on its YouTube channel, where the footage was labeled as "captured." The Foreign Press Association in Israel, which represents hundreds of foreign correspondents in Israel, says the military "is selectively using footage to bolster its claims that commandos opened fire only after being attacked," The Associated Press reported.

CPJ called on the Israeli government to immediately return all equipment, notes, and footage confiscated from journalists. "Israel has confiscated journalistic material and then manipulated it to serve its interests," said CPJ Middle East and North Africa Program Coordinator Mohamed Abdel Dayem. "It must cease this practice without delay, and return all property seized from journalists who were covering this legitimate news event."

Journalists have complained of mistreatment during the raid. Al-Jazeera cameraman Issam Zaatar told the Qatar-based channel that as he was filming the raid an Israeli soldier struck him with a stun gun. He said he suffered a broken arm and his camera was damaged during the altercation.

Gadijah Davids, a South African radio journalist, also had her equipment confiscated, according to her station, Radio 786. Rushni Ali, the station manager, told CPJ that Davids is in Turkey and will be leaving for South Africa on Friday. The South African government provided emergency travel documents for Davids because she "had nothing with her: no clothes, no travel document, no equipment" Ali told CPJ.

Paul McGeough, Sydney Morning Herald chief correspondent, told his newspaper that the raid was "very ugly." He accused Israel of "absolute disrespect" with regard to the way that he and other reporters were treated. "Our job requires us to get the stories, and to reveal things that are not otherwise being revealed," McGough said in a phone interview that appears on the paper's Web site. "As Israel's appalling handling of the flotilla demonstrates, you need journalists there to bear witness, to reveal what is happening out there."

CPJ's Abdel Dayem said: "The treatment meted out to our colleagues is unacceptable. It is Israel's responsibility to conduct its operations in ways that also allow journalists to report the news."
Subject:  And even israel can't buy their own spropaganda and has to change their headlines???

Under Scrutiny, IDF Retracts Claims About Flotilla's Al Qaeda Links

Max Blumenthal

June 3, 2010

When placed under journalistic scrutiny, the IDF is being forced to admit that its claims about the flotilla's links to international terror are based on innuendo, not facts. On June 2, the IDF blasted out a press release to reporters and bloggers with the shocking headline: "Attackers of the IDF soldiers found to be Al Qaeda mercenaries." The only supporting evidence offered in the release was a claim that the passengers "were equipped with bullet proof vests, night vision goggles, and weapons." A screen capture of the press release is below: