Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daily Digest June 20, 2010



Steroid scandal: Lessons of Waterloo

Prepare now for greyer days

Pension reform must start with overhaul of politicians' plan

National crime, national shame

Feds should ground push for full-fare flight ads
Good news, I'm going to be a grandpa!
SAIT and other Canadians help Afghans dream of freedom

Culture of dishonesty must end at RCMP


US troops charged in Afghan deaths

Karzai appeals for Kandahar support

McChrystal faces 'Iraq' moment
McChrystal confronts the specter of a collapse of United States political support for the war
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US troops by day, Taliban by night
Junaid: People of Kandahar caught between US army and Taliban; will not support US offensive

Kandahar campaign will be bloody
US troops by day, Taliban by night Pt.2 - Junaid: Local people likely to suffer majority of casualties
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Russian ghosts haunt storied Ukrainian port

Israel Navy's Gaza flotilla probe 'finds planning, intel flaws'

Harper's top aides quit jobs

Harper's top aide to stay through the fall

PM snubbing opposition on state visits

Canada is in the middle of the pack on foreign-aid spending: G8 report card

Most Canadians see G8/G20 summits as important: poll

Canadian security remains a bad trip

Fox News? No. Fair debate? Yes: Goldstein

Golden opportunity

Summits a testing ground for Harper

Senate won't think about opening books to AG until fall

Ignatieff's summer of discontent

Facts about planned G8/G20 protests

Le dimanche 20 juin 2010

Pour la souveraineté · Peu de marcheurs à Québec

Québec · Les souverainistes défilent

Déclaration des droits des Peuples autochtones · Le gouvernement Harper est prié d'adhérer

Alimentation · Nouvelle contamination à la listéria

Aide aux pays pauvres
Le G8 face à ses engagements

Sommets du G8 et G20: un test pour Harper

 L'accord du lac Meech n'a pas été un échec, assure Gil Rémillard

 Que veut Kory Teneycke?


From: "Serge Crespy"

Good Morning, Joe:
B.P. can only benefit from the new buzz: "The ' Well-Bore ' has suffered damage beneath the level of the sea floor".   GOD is no-doubt on B.P's side, it seems.  
Most likely, the existing casing would not be re-drilled and a slightly smaller diameter casing inserted, in attempting to remedy this complication, due to the potential of explosions.  
"Nuking"  would irradiate the future oil supply from this well and destroy the area's sea-life and local environment ... Many, many unknowns.
This scenario begs for only ONE possible solution:  Tap into this well with as many (relief?) well-casings as possible,  as quickly as possible and "SUCK THE WELL DRY".   
Would oil prices decline with the additional (temporary) supply?...... Not A Chance!
With Best Wishes, I remain;
Serge Crespy
Collingwood, Ontario

From: Peggy Merritt
Subject: Jim Travers is a biased commentator!

Hi Joe:  For many years my husband would not buy the Tor Star because of the liberal bias and outrageous commentary  All I can say thank goodness we will be getting the Sun TV News in the new year.  I sometimes think some of these so-called political pundits get together to compare their spin because they all sound the same to me and fail to balance their comments with other FACTS!  Peggy

From: Robert G. Gauthier,
Subject: Canada has become the wrong kind of country - bbbbbbJames Travers, Toronto Star.

Daily Digest,
Joe Hueglin, Publisher
Hello, Joe,
June 20, 2010
Re : Canada has become the wrong kind of country
June 19, 2010 - by James Travers, Toronto Star Columnist
The list by James Travers is amazing, yet not surprising, and such will continue unless the journalists in the parliamentary press gallery, including Travers, stop merely being silent, compliant observers reporting, after the fact, and take appropriate action to report MPs activities before it is too late to do something about them.
As I wrote in my letter published on Friday, June 18th, in The Toronto Star, "The stakes are way too high for indifference and secret cliques in the face of this continuous erosion of the values that built this country by the very people elected to defend them."Hello, Joe,
Re: Excellent ammunition for flamewars!

Based on my 20 years plus experience with the lawyers at the Canadian Department of Justice and the House of Commons, when I started to read the list of ammunition (partial list enclosed), I was certain this was taken from the Code of Professional Conduct of the Bar Associations in Canada.
Make enemies wherever and whenever possible so you can have someone or something to fight against.
Don't bother with solutions, just attack.
If asked for a solution, change the subject.
If asked for a solution, give a simple reply to complex problem.
If asked for a solution, reply emotionally, not rationally.
Only offer solutions that benefit yourself.
If you don't like someone, attack them.
If someone makes a mistake, attack them.
If someone makes a mistake and apologizes, attack them.
If someone disagrees with you, attack them.
If someone who disagrees with you is factually correct, attack them.
If you're not correct, don't admit it.
If you're not correct, minimize, belittle, and criticize others.
The most important goal in any situation is winning.
Use every opportunity to win.
I can add a few more,
Delay, delay, delay.
 Insult (ad hominem attack).

 As they say, "Let the facts speak for themselves."
Robert G. Gauthier,

From: "Mahmood Elahi"
To: <>
Cc: Letters to the Editor" <>,
Subject: China is already leading the world

The Editor
The Toronto Star
Copy to:
Prof. Charles Burton, Associate Professor of Political Science, Brock University: You write: "China does not allow fair access to oits market as it should under the terms of its accession to the World Trade Organization." You may be reminded that this year the German car manufacturer Volkswagen AC sold more cars to China than it sold to the German market. And Japan consistently sells more goods to China than China sells to Japan. How could this happen if China dernied access to the Chinese market?
Toward a New Chinese World Order: China is already leading the world

  Re: "China needs to act like a leader," by Charles Burton (June 17).

Contrary to what Prof. Charles  Burton says, China is already leading the world. By the middle of 2007, China achieved several historical milestones: it displaced Canada as the biggest exporter of goods to America; it displaced America as Japan's biggest trading partner; it displaced Japan as Australia's biggest trading partner and it displaced America as the European Union's biggest trading partner. All this happened at a time when the United States has been facing a financial meltdown and massive budget and trade deficits.

Although the United States runs trade deficits with all major economies, its trade deficits vis-à-vis China are massive. By the end of 2007, China exported a staggering $321 billion worth of goods to the United States while America exported a paltry $65 billion worth of good to China, leaving a massive $256 billion trade surplus in China's favour. In fact, China is now bankrolling the US budget deficits. However, Prof. Burton misses the point when he says: "China does not allow fair access to its market." He may be reminded that the German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen recently announced that it has sold more cars to China than it sold to the German market. The same applies to Japan. This belies his contention that China does not allow "fair access" to the Chinese market. The U.S. trade deficits only show that America has lost its competitive edge as evidenced by the collapse of its once-dominant banking system.

With most Americans facing a mountain of debts after indulging in unaffordable mortgages, they can no longer act as an engine of growth. As opposed to this, the Chinese economy has resumed its stellar growth after a brief slowdown. In fact, the Chinese economy has replaced America as the engine of growth for the world. The quick jaunt from deep recession by Germany and France can be attributed, in good part, to fairly strong demands in China. French exports to China rose by 14.2 per cent in the second quarter of 2009. By all accounts, China is providing a shot in the arm for the struggling world economy. The driving force behind the rapid recovery has been the Chinese government's stimulus package worth 4 trillion Yuan (about $600 billion).

With heavily dependent on the Chinese largesse, the United States is now reduced to the role of the only military power capable of projecting power. Undoubtedly, the military remains the United States' strongest card; in fact, it is the only card. But how long a military power, suffering from seemingly insurmountable economic problems, can hold to its unique status as the world's only superpower? As Prof. Martin Jacques, of London School of Economics, writes in his recent pathbreaking study When China Rules the World: "The fundamental problem of China for the US is not its military strength but its economic prowess. This is what is slowly and irresistibly eroding America's global pre-eminence. If the US comes to see China as primarily a military issue then it will be engaging in an act of self-deception which will divert its attention from addressing the real problems it faces and in effect hasten the process of its own decline."

Mahmood Elahi

From: Lorimer Rutty
Subject: Travers

If you are running out of stuff to publish and have to turn to Travers for a fill;
I'd rather you run some of Jim Unger's cartoons, they have more substance.


Send the links, Lorimer
Subject: from Joe Hueglin's Daily Digest June 19, 2010
From: Jacob Rempel

To James Travers ---
Just thought you might appreciate Joe Hueglin's perspicacity.
If you have not seen his blog, you might try it. Save a lot of
surfing if you like to scan all the papers.
--Jake Rempel



Do as I say
(not as I do)
Twenty-nine per cent of the sample contracts were created retroactively, contrary to Treasury Board rules that
were toughened by the Federal Accountability Act, implemented after the Conservatives came to power in 2006.

From: The Natroses 

Hi Joe,  Imagine That, by James Travers can be compared to and is a carbon image of what is happening in different sectors of society, no matter if it is local, national or international. The government institutes and their agencies, are evolving into the old rulers of monarchies. It is where inequalities abound, entitlements teeming with privilege factors that creates a world of have and have-nots based on power/authority status, and not on the reality. It serves people who are in positions of power and authority well, to promote inequity among its people. It maintains the power/authority structure, and limits the choices of their citizens to well-defined positions, that are often adversary as well as being force to select on factors that imposed the least trouble for the individual as well as the groups  However, the graver outcome is that the power/authority structure of today, have evolved into transferring the responsibility/accountability to its citizens, where the government institutes and their agencies can avoid being held accountable to its citizens, on their actions, behaviour and outcomes of policies.

Here are a few articles, just in the last two days of the DD that reflects the above.

"But there is a grinch in this political fairy tale. Since May 10, Chevron has been drilling a well 430 km offshore in a place called the Orphan Basin. The well will be one kilometre deeper than the one which has been spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico since April. That well is a mere 80 kilometres off the coast of Louisiana in the waters of the Gulf, a placid lake compared to the cold and tempestuous waters of the Atlantic.

So what would happen if the Chevron well, blow-out preventor and all, failed at a depth of 2.6 km? It's enough to give pause, at least to both Newfoundland opposition parties who want a moratorium on deepwater drilling until a full assessment of safety regulations can be conducted. They are not going to get it, at least not from Danny Williams."

"Alberta's opposition to a national regulator is part of the provincialism on display this week in the national discussions over pensions. Nearly every other province (Quebec is on the fence so far) wants to proceed with raising premiums to produce stronger pensions, with details to be worked out."

"In other words, the funding model effectively limits public input for and reaction to school board decisions, boards that in the past were often examples of grass roots democracy at its finest.

Now it all comes from above: no local input, no local voice, no ability to affect change, either in terms of spending more for local education or less, depending on the desires of the communities involved.

Less democracy is never a good thing, and in the case of school boards it seems destined to also mean more program cuts, more cookie- cutter education decisions and finally less of the type of education we want for our children. "

"IN A LAND with a reputation for fairness and equality, inequalities are straining credibility and fraying nerves. Ironically, those whom we elect to maintain and even extend protections – and who enjoy such generous salaries and pensions – are oe often quick to hide behind their own special privileges.

In Ottawa this week alone:
The Conservative government has shoved through an omnibus budget bill that contains a host of unrelated items that deserve separate public attention but will instead pass largely unknown
" until people get wind of them as law, at which time it will be too late.

After many months of thwarting the will of Parliament for a look at documents that may corroborate reports the government knew about allegations that Afghan war prisoners handed over by Canadian soldiers were routinely tortured, the government relented to the Speaker's order, but still gets to shield the most crucial information from scrutiny.

Bowing to growing public pressure in advance of the summer barbecue circuit, MPs agreed to let Auditor-General Sheila Fraser examine their expenses."

"Here in Ontario, Ombudsman Andre Marin is back in office for a second term after suffering the indignity of a crude smear campaign by the Liberal government that didn't like his methods of getting to the bottom of the murky barrels of political obfuscation. Now that he's back, Marin has repeated his concern about a glaring inequity in his mandate – his office does not have the power to examine municipalities, universities, school boards or hospitals. In an era of exploding health care costs that threaten to hobble the already buckling budget, the fact there is no independent agency to hold hospitals accountable is shameful and potentially dangerous as the government struggles to reduce health care spending. "

" The prime minister's own department has been repeatedly breaking the rules for issuing government contracts.

Almost a third of the contracts awarded by the Privy Council Office have been "retroactive," that is, they were drawn up only after the work or service had started."

"Imagine if they'd spoken English, and if their names had been Kelly and Murphy instead of Parmar, Reyat and Malik. Imagine if the plane the terrorists targeted in 1985 had "British Airways" painted on it instead of "Air India" -- and that the cause they espoused was Irish Republicanism instead of Sikh separatism.

That hypothetical terrorist attack would have been no less despicable. But it also would have been a lot less deadly. In fact, no one at all would have died. The RCMP would have discovered the plot long before the explosives had been placed on the aircraft. The terrorists would have been arrested and jailed, instead of being allowed to kill 329 innocent people over the Atlantic Ocean.  Read more:

Imagine if the people in positions of power and authority, would be held accountable for their actions, behaviours and bad policy, to the same standard that their average citizens are held to? Just imagine that!

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Will Genetic Modification Usher In A New Age Of Prosperity Or Will  It Unleash Health, Environmental And Economic Nightmares Of Unprecedented Magnitude?

Subject: This is the meaning of Canadian ownership???

Canadian Gold Company Sues El Salvador For 100 Million Dollars
After a People's Movement Opposes Mining Operation

Subject:  Good comment on Canada's alliance with israel

"Since Israel's 1948 creation, Canada, like America, has been a loyal ally, not an "honest broker" on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, then or now, and the reason outspoken professors like University of Ottawa's Denis Rancourt got fired, despite his stature, tenure, and heroic commitment human rights and democratic values, ones neither Canada or America champion, uphold or defend.
No wonder that Prime Minister Stephen Harper called on New Democratic Party (NDP) MP Libby Davies to resign as her party's deputy leader for saying Israel's occupation is the longest in the world, then adding: "People are suffering. I've been to the West Bank and Gaza twice so I've seen for myself what's going on."
In response, Harper said:
"Mr. Speaker, this is a fundamental denial of Israel's right to exist." That and more from others in parliament, the way US politicians defend the most outrageous Israeli crimes, denouncing their victims as terrorists.
It's why champions of human rights can't rest, nor should they ever compromise on right v. wrong issues, especially when it comes to Israel or its Washington paymaster/partner."

Subject: 'Not a bailout': the great Canadian bank caper ...

The banks were actually "bailed out" to the tune of $125 billion...

From: Anthony Silvestro
Subject: letter - Re - New voice for Canada, "Fox North"

Letter to the editor,
I can only hope that this new station, SUN TV will offer facts, the truth, critical thinking and analysis instead of the daily dose of spin, sleaze, propaganda and partisan nonsense we now get from the CTV, CBC types, you know the boring, predictable mainstream media.
I am a more then a little concerned when I look at who they are now hiring though. So far everyone hired is from the CBC or CTV. How can this be a good thing, how does this change anything? Not a good start people.
If they continue to hire the same brain dead clowns who now work for the CBC or CTV, we will just end up with a slightly different version of what we've been tuning out for years.
We the public, the informed thinking public are sick and tired of what's been happening to this country over the last 4 decades. You know the excessive growth of government, red tape, high taxes, new taxes, skyrocketing government salaries, this socialist cesspool that is bankrupting all levels of government across the country. The media along with politicians and government officials have played a large roll in allowing this mess to get so far out of hand.
I will be very surprised if this new station allows freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, politically incorrect discussions to be the norm. Let's see if they are willing to discuss both sides of the multiculturalism, bilingualism, immigration policies, tax reduction, the downsizing of government…etc. Let's just see how different this station will be.
Anthony Silvestro
Ottawa, Ont

Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada's Radical News Network
"Digging to the root of the issues since 1998"

Apart from Alan Hart's one comment regarding the alleged "Nazi holocaust," which I vehemently disagree with, this article gives some good insights into the psychosis known as "Zionism" and the extreme danger that such a political ideology poses for the world in general. The infrastructure of tyranny is based upon this type of thinking and it must be dismantled.

Shine your Light for Love, Peace & Justice for All,

Zionism's Colonial Enterprise Is Doomed, but…