Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daily Digest June 18-19, 2010


Mayors express concern over feud

A pardon is not a right


Nunavut land claims deserve priority, panel says

Pakistan, Afghanistan begin talks about dealing with insurgents

'Still a long way to go'

General's future one to follow for hints at military's course

Must shift trade focus: Carney

Leading index suggests robust growth

Supreme Court slightly eases access to info

Barbaric and unwanted

Williams's history could be written on the water

Former finance minister dined with BC Rail bidders: police

Alberta and Quebec, the axis of provincialism

Ontario asset sale could raise up to $12 billion

Former finance minister dined with BC Rail bidders: police

Mayors express concern over feud

No more fighting in the House

MPs: Steal these ideas and build a better Canada

Shaking up the news world

Soudas dispute on hold for the summer

Substance in spring session came from opposition, private members' bills

NDP fails at damage control after Davies' comments go viral

Lament for civility

Progressives unite, whoever you are

Just call it 'right-wing'

The phantom Canadian left

Let's hope it's only the beginning

A cancer on the political left

Green Leader running as fast as she can for seat in the Commons
ing up the news world

With the PM's former press czar at the top, will "Canada's Fox News" be conservative? or Conservative?

Caplan: The Liberal-Democractic Party, Sun TV News and me

Senator, Bloc MP feed at junket trough: Taxpayers Federation

'Fake Lake' Canada Summit Spending Risking Harper's Reputation

Obama, Harper urge G20 nations to 'safeguard' economic recovery

The Economist: A loonie boondoggle

Press-Republician: Fake lake, real media

Ottawa steered clear of corporate sponsorships for G8-G20

The loneliest man in Parliament: Stephen Harper

Guergis requests chance to testify; Ignatieff accused of 'running down' Canada

Fabriqué au québec


Spent last night on the tele.
tomorrow's Father's day.

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Picked this up off of Facebook
Excellent ammunition for flamewars!

> 1) The (whatever)-wing defines itself by its enemies.
> 2) It's more important to have enemies than friends.
> 3) Make enemies wherever and whenever possible so you can have someone or something to fight against.
> 4) Don't bother with solutions, just attack.
> 5) If asked for a solution, change the subject.
> 6) If asked for a solution, give a simple reply to complex problem.
> 7) If asked for a solution, reply emotionally, not rationally.
> 8) Only offer solutions that benefit yourself.
> 9) Lie.
> 10) If you don't like someone, attack them.
> 11) If someone makes a mistake, attack them.
> 12) If someone makes a mistake and apologizes, attack them.
> 13) If someone disagrees with you, attack them.
> 14) If someone who disagrees with you is factually correct, attack them.
> 15) The only reason to unite people is to attack others.
> 16) If you're not correct, don't admit it.
> 17) If you're not correct, minimize, belittle, and criticize others.
> 18) The most important goal in any situation is winning.
> 19) Use every opportunity to win.
> 20) Rationalize everything in order to win.
> 21) It's not enough to win; everyone else has to lose.
> 22) Never be honest, trustworthy, or respectful, unless it benefits yourself.
> 23) Use distortion, disinformation, and name-calling to attack others. Repeat endlessly.
> 24) Don't ask others for their opinion.
> 25) Don't consult with other on matters you're not familiar with.
> 26) Argue, don't converse.
> 27) Regard all situations as us versus them.
> 28) Regard all situations as black or white.
> 29) Attack anyone who doesn't see all situations as black or white.
> 30) Be fearful, angry, bitter, resentful, cynical, paranoid, untrusting, and unloving. Insist this behavior is the correct way to act.
> 31) Use religion as a means of attack.
> 32) Hurt others when given the opportunity.
> 33) Accuse others when you feel guilty about your behavior.
> 34) Voluntarily associate only with people like yourself.
> 35) Intentionally avoid anyone who looks, thinks, or acts different from yourself.
> 36) If you can't avoid anyone who looks, thinks, or acts different from yourself, attack, belittle, or marginalize them.
> 37) Always generalize about the appearance and behavior of others you're not familiar with.
> 38) Think of groups of people as enemies, not as individuals.
> 39) Never admit that your enemies are actually people with the same wants and needs as you.
> 40) Always demonize your enemies.
> 41) Always blame others.
> 42) Never trust others unless it benefits yourself.
> 43) Never agree with others unless it benefits yourself.
> 44) If others confront you with the truth, deny it.
> 45) Refuse to be patient and never admit to understanding your enemies point of view.
> 46) Never admit to any inappropriate behavior.
> 47) Never admit to having any character defects.
> 48) Always claim to have appropriate vaules even when talking, acting, or posting inappropriately.
> 49) Always use forums to express yourself in a negative manner.
> 50) Only take responsibility if it benefits yourself.
> 51) Take responsibility for results you had no part in.
> 52) Never waste an opportunity to act superior.



From: VRao Polavarapu
Subject: Important Canadian Economic Topic: Outsourcing and its side effects on Economy.

Subject:  “Outsourcing and its impact on our economy”
As a Canadian Citizen, I am briefing out some of my observations in regard to allowing Canadian companies to outsource projects to India, China and Rest of the developing nations where labour is cheap. Labour is a direct input to a producing goods and services.
1. When a Canadian Company out sources its project(s) to a place outside of Canada, it is directly impacting the Canadian Economy in Particular and “People living in Canada” in General.
2. Canadian Company can make huge profit by getting goods and services at very cheap rates by out sourcing project(s), which boosts Company’s bottom-line. It gives the power to CEO(s) to declare fascinating results of the company. It puts the companies in race against each other to decrease competition by Mergers and Acquisitions. Eliminating competition through merger and acquisitions brings monopolis trade and is detrimental to the Canadian economy and people in the longer period. They are very rosy, in the shorter period.
3. By driving out the Manufacturing and Services out of Canada, we are directly contributing to poverty by driving job to a place outside of Canada which makes “Canadian People jobless and economically powerless”. In this case, people will not have power to pay for taxes. Taxes pay for providing civic facilities of City Corporations, Municipalities and other bodies? If people don’t have jobs, how can they pay for our civic facilities? The downstream impact of low maintenance of Civic facilities is very high.
4. Is India, China or some other nations providing cheap labour, paying our taxes/ paying for our “facilities here in Canada" and contributing to the economic activity in any manner?  The cheap labour providing nations have their people living in those countries outside of Canada. Their economies are not tied to our economy in any manner. Those nations are contributing to the economic improvement of their own, but not our nation Canada.
5. This is the root cause of the poverty which is taking place in USA. And in the coming days it can happen in Canada too.
6. In order to prevent our economy getting impacted directly by outsourcing, our leaders can take up this with Government of Canada and ask the Government to do the some of the following.

           a) Impose a ban on out sourcing on Companies operating in Canada and force the companies
              to show proof that their needs are not met within Canada in order outsources.
If they show the proof, they may be allowed to bring in that workforce from outside of Canada directly into Canada. This makes the imported workforce to live In Canada during the currency of their working. This can keep economic activity of the basic needs like food, shelter and other needs procured within Canada during the currency of their working. There has to be some kind of control on the outflow of the earned income of that category of workforce. They may be allowed to take all of their earned income when their period of working in Canada is over.
            b) Impose a special outsourcing tax on Companies operating in Canada and outsourcing their services to other nations. (Companies are employing cheap tactics to beat the existing laws by establishing their own offices in different countries and declaring that they are bringing their own people across). The tax amount can be used for providing Civic facilities at least.         
7. Government can frame some laws for Companies operating in Canada for their out sourcing needs.


Please study these observations and if you feel that it makes sense to make Canada an Economic Super Power, you may please take up this subject for discussion with Government of Canada and for further action from your side.

Thank you,

Vrao Polavarapu