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Daily Digest June 12-13, 2010



Speaker's folly

Energy drinks need more attention
If school officials and health professionals are still concerned, it appears more action is needed

Auditing Parliament: Perfection takes a hit

MPs and real estate: What's fair to taxpayers?

How to decorate a lighthouse

Give grads the gift of entrepreneurialism

Let it go, Newfoundland

As oil washes ashore, Bhopal's lesson is clear
And another thing ...

Cultivating cynicism
Canadian kitsch

Iran's women won't back down
He stood with God against men
Hold your fire, English is in retreat

Harper spinning wheels even when he's ahead

Western world worked up over Muslim women who wear veil

Michael Ignatieff must raise his game

Opportunity squandered

PM's priorityis spin control

Ignatieff: MPs must raise game -

The 'up' side of the G20 ledger

Canadians should dare to be networked
The GPS report charts an aggressive course for Canada, but some Canadians may rightly bristle at the prescriptions that follow

Dear Leader's see-no-evil enablers

A new weapon in the air

Canada's outside looking in — again

Barred from Gitmo

 We may not be alone ...

Health care is a shadow of its former self

Canada cannot allow oil companies to dictate the rules

16 Days Left To Oppose HST

Copyright bill could digitally lock us all
Fertilizer folly
Fighting for basic rights in Afghanistan with laws and books

Oilsands boycott reeks of hypocrisy

Veterans issues need strong voice

Courts losing sight of public interest
Rooting for the promised labour shortage


Band custom elections are problematic

Afghan Military, 'A Force in Fragments'

Nato upbeat on Afghanistan despite Kandahar delays

Canadian troops tread fine line on village patrols

McChrystal Faces "Iraq 2006 Moment" in Coming Months

Six nations celebrate our navy's 100th anniversary

Air force to pull helicopters in 2011

Commandos prepare for summits in the shadows

How to build a bigger, safer nest egg

New video shows Israeli attack in stunning clarity
Click here to watch the condensed video. (Warning: graphic content)

Saudi Arabia gives Israel clear skies to attack Iranian nuclear sites

Global economies must brace for continuing tough times as governments adjust

Bans on bail hearings shroud courts in secrecy

Points system fails immigrants and Canada

A sham of a refugee system

With Lekstrom out, B.C. Premier Campbell could be next

We should say sorry, minister's replacement says

Liberal ads target Harper summit spending

Summer standoff feared over detainee documents

Ignatieff says Tories must release detainee documents

Asbestos industry in for boost

Copyright bill could digitally lock us all

Pre-cooked meat recalled over listeria fears

An enchanted evening in historic Fes

As World Cup fever shows, new Canadians don't always look to greater whole

Canada should aim for 100M in population, essay says

Family, language trump country - poll

Standing by Israel

Michaëlle Jean is my pick for best GG

UN "Green Light" for a Pre-emptive US-Israel Attack on Iran? Security Council Resolution Transforms Iran into a "Sitting Duck"

State Terrorism and the New World Order. "Man's Stupidity has no Bounds"

Skype this! For $1 billion we get to be prisoners in our city: Sa
How about it, folks? How about a nice, orderly video conference from the comfort of your own countries?

Tories win in Grit-NDP merger

Pricey party

PM gags staff to curb Afghan scandal

What Canada needs is a faker fake lake

Ottawa's position on lighthouses not very bright

Why do parties deserve public funding?

Liberal turncoats harming both Ignatieff and party itself

Liberals shouldn't count on magic number in polls

Liberals set to self-immolate

Destroy the Liberal party--for its own good

Ignatieff must close back door

Deep and underlying differences

The federal circus: the search is on for a renewed political order

Canadians oppose urge to merge

Guergis 'very confident' her name will be cleared

Conditions ripe for sovereignty, Duceppe says

It isn't just journalists who need to know

Is Africa on Stephen Harper's radar?

Francophone rights group disputes StatsCan misrepresentation claim


Fête du Canada · Un 1er juillet discret à Québec

Télécommunications · Ottawa ouvert à l'élimination des exigences de propriété étrangère

Documents sur les détenus afghans
Ignatieff confiant

Pensionnats indiens
Le pardon est accord

Souveraineté du Québec
Offensive internationale du Bloc québécois

Les pro-choix dénoncent les stratégies du gouvernement Harper


Only Becky and Stratos have written about F
oreign Ownership.
Once again I'm wrong in thinking there's wide interest in F.O. .

From: "Efstratios \(Stratos\) Psarianos"


As long as Canadians have the same access to buying foreign telecoms firms, I'm 100% behind this; and I am so for a few simple reasons:
1. More scope for competition. Canadian firms need no longer be locked up in Canada and foreign ones need no longer be kept out. Case in point: Bell Canada, Telus, etc., would be able to operate outside of Canada, and foreign firms would be able to operate in Canada.
2. Canadian expertise at running telecoms firms would no longer be locked up in Canada and foreign expertise would no longer be kept out. Strategic personnel shared between both Canada and some other country could spread valuable practices and expertise throughout the industry.
3. The concept of 'foreign' firm rings more and more hollow. As long as a firm has a purely commercial vocation and that it acts accordingly, where the money comes from is irrelevant. I mean, does anyone seriously worry these days that foreign capital will come to Canada, buy up its telecoms sector, and exploit it for its own nefarious purposes (e.g., create a monopoly and raise prices while lowering access and services; hamper/cripple Canada's economic development for national strategic reasons)? Competition would take care of that soon enough.
Note: by firms having 'purely commercial vocations', I mean ones that are out to provide stuff and services to make money, pure and simple. That excludes cases of foreign companies, especially ones owned by foreign governments, out to get their paws on Canadian stuff to the detriment of Canadians. One example I have in mind is a Chinese government firm's attempt to take over Noranda, an international mining, metals, and minerals firm born and based (the head office) in Canada. Were Noranda to have been bought by the Chinese, it was plausible that its worldwide production could have been rerouted to China instead of being made available worldwide; in that case, Noranda would become a tool for China's foreign policy, which would be a nono.
4. Forcing telecoms firms to raise the major fraction of their money on Canadian markets depresses their profitability. A telecom's demand for equity investment coupled with restrictions on who can provide it means that a company has to lower the price and increase the number of its shares to attract capital from a small lake rather than from the ocean worldwide (Canada's economy represents about 2% of the World's net worth). It works the opposite way when it comes to debt: to attract money for bonds and other forms of debt, companies have to pay higher interest rates to make sure that enough firms/people will provide enough money to a telecom firm out to borrow money.
Think of the above as if you were trying to create a company that will operate where you live, for example in Vancouver and area. Now imagine if capital and debt has to be raised locally, principally; if you were to want to set up say a chain of food-retail stores or a fast-courier delivery service, you'd have to get a big portion of your debt and capital from firms based in Vancouver and people who live there. You'd be able to get loans from the Bank of Vancouver but not the Bank of Montreal. Uncle Phil in Burnaby could invest and lend money, but Aunt Phyllis in Kamloops wouldn't. You get the general idea.
Vote: What do you think?

A tilt toward favouring the new entrants, combined with removing restrictions, could see a foreign firm gobble up all the spectrum and harm large Canadian companies in the $40-billion sector.
Piffle! There'd be more reason to worry if Canada were some woebegone country whose government wouldn't regulate access to the spectrum. Does anyone really believe that Canada will allow one company (or a cabal of them) take it all over? Maybe that could be pulled off in small countries with irresponsible politicians, but not in Canada.
Plus, even if spectrum were limited someplace, Canada's government could force the owner to grant fair and equal access to it. Case in point: Canada's old, ex-monopoly telephone companies own most of the local phone connection to individual homes; this doesn't prevent residents to subscribe to various telecoms providers providers, each of whom pays equal 'rent' to the current owners of domestic phone lines.
 =================================== From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,

The video that was submitted by Glenn, is an act of desperation on the Israel's part. I would call this a typical propaganda move, with the marketing of the message complete with T-shirts. This may be just the start of a marketing program that may be based on the fact that there is far more people that are against the politics of Israel.
The video link -!%C2%A0
The actual site -

Has the Middle-East conflict, entered into the world of YouTube to entertain the citizens of the world, rather than informing the citizens on the serious issues of the Middle-East and the many facets of the issues?

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re:  Gwyn: International affairs now truly international

Re:  Gwyn: International affairs now truly international

The transition from the G8 to the G20 is a good step toward greater inclusivity, but what about the voices of smaller countries?  Would Canadians accept a federal governance consisting only of agents appointed by Ontario, Quebec and B.C?   Certainly not, yet that is the model the G20 represents on the world level.  Europe has demonstrated the possibility of a directly-elected supranational Parliament.  It's time for the UN to have its own parliament, even if it begins as a consultative body as proposed by the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.
Larry Kazdan, Vice-President,
World Federalist Movement Canada – Vancouver Branch

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Why does the US have information about Canadians(especially children) on their computer???

Boy seized in U.S. returns

Subject: Foreign ownership in telecommunications and broadcasting

Joe--it is just more re-organisation being done to allow us to be charged more for less.  Sorry, can't answer the question other than to say if this is done we as consumers will lose.  Foreign ownership could cost us jobs, privacy, and tax dollars which means we as Canadians will pay more with and for less. 


Subject:  is this why Canada's banks are doing so well???

Grow-op financed by banks
Forfeiture office seeks mortgage proceeds from seized property
 By Cassidy Olivier, The Province June 13, 2010

From: "Suan H.Booiman" <>
To: " "Saskatchewan The Hon.Brad Walls" <>,
        "Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger" <>,
        "Alberta The Hon.ed Stelmach" <>,
        "Britisdh Columbia The Hon.Gordon Campbell" <>,
        "Yukon The Hon.Dennis Fentie" <>,
        "North West Territory The Hon.Floyd K.Roland" <>

Cc: <>,
      "Hiebert Russ MP" <>
Subject: Qyebec departure

                                       Suan H.Booiman C.C.D.H.
                                            204-1220 Fir Street
British Columbia                White Rock V4B 4B1                 Western  Canada
June 12, 2010
The Premiers of Western Canada
Again we have a threat from Quebec of departure, obvious wants more money
from the next budget.
Premier Williams speaking out about Quebec's behaviour, the time is far over
due for WESTERN Premier to stand up and be counted, Indeed YOU.
We can not rely on the democratically elected WESTERN Members of
Parliament as they have been silenced and sold out Harper's controlling
Western Canada should welcome to opportunity to support Quebec in their
for ever whining tone. A Province, sorry Harper's political STATE, showing
them the door. Use the Council of Canada to hand them the pink slip.
The controling past Reformers: Prime Minister, President of the Privy Council,
Chief of the PMO, will not speak out, at any price buying votes from Quebec.
Respectfully Yours ,
                                                               SEE BELOW
Suan H.Booiman

Quebec referendum on horizon: Duceppe

Subject: Income tax .... or Consumption Tax + Annual Asset Tax (including       Gov't Assets)
From: Robert Ede

In the middle of my doggie-walk I was prompted to consider:
Should we continue to tax "income" ?
switch to a 20-30% Consumption tax ( like the GST/HST with input credits) PLUS assess an annual tax of say 0.1%-0.5%  on the value of a "persons" assets?
N.B. - Switzerland has an annual asset tax .... it might be worth examining as a model
Instead of trying to hide or offset taxable income, "persons" would be encouraged to earn the most they could with the "time" they have available each year.... wouldn't they? 
Instead of holding onto old/underperforming assets (to shield the assets from Cap Gains ...for the time being) they would freely sell whatever they wanted.
Instead of hiding assets in foreign countries or with shrewd trust & corporate shielding arrangements .... person wouldn't be so afraid of "dying" - tax-wise.
Instead of maximizing their deductible "expense" budget (to lower their taxable net income) wouldn't small businesses spend more wisely?
Instead of hiding income to avoid tax ... wouldn't people just "save" their money to avoid taxation?
Is it worth "running the numbers" to calculate the % consumption tax & % annual asset tax necessary to replace the current net, net (of gov't expenses to administer and collect), net income tax?
Oh yes, the Crown & Municipal assets would also have to be valuated and THOSE assets (forests, mining lands, rivers, lakes, off-shore resouces) would have to generate fees, stumpage, user-revenue etc equal to the same annual % "return-on-investment" as "everyone else's" assets were providing to the common (ie Crown) Treasury.

Robert Ede,
25 Dersingham Cres
Thornhill ON

From: "Serge Crespy"
Subject: CNN's "Does Fido Have Soul"

Dear Joe:
CNN asks for the public's feedback on "Does Fido Have Soul?"...... Here's my take:
GOD is the "Ultimate Energy" that binds and releases ALL.   "A Pulsating Energy" physically and ultimately manifesting itself as, "A Black Hole"; an "Energy" continuously transporting itself through " Universes and Time" ........ "Soul" is a living entity's "Miniscule Energy", which motivates, contributes and is part to ALL.  
........ Now, I simply have to figure-out the rest! 
Best Wishes,