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Daily Digest May 24, 2010



Government waste: Tilting at spinmills

Conservatives missing point on bank tax

Get ready for austerity plan

Repression in Iran

Scharper: Precautionary tale in Gulf of Mexico

Goar: Glimpse into a lonely, hidden world

GG fireworks not necessary



Kabul delays peace assembly again

Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan

A mercy killing...then slow death by political correctness

Calderon and Harper to talk visas, security

Appeal court to rule on 2008 federal election

MPs attendance records kept secret

Document suggest Feds ignored own advice on abortion

Budget bill an 'end run' around Parliament, says expert Franks

Liberals 'in chaos from a leadership point of view'

Tougher security measures announced for air cargo

Harper's green fund will fall short of promises: review

No more job priority for staff of governor general )

Court ready to reinstate controversial motive clause

The future of the Crown

By restoring Laurier's lost tenets, this century could be ours

Suicide bomber can hardly be called coward
Faith becoming a 'powerful political force,' says Crowley

NDP agrees to more talks with AG

Spector: Harper stabs Layton (this time)

Tories soften stand against opening books to Auditor-General

House pays for 29 unidentified MP lawsuits, won't say how much it cost

Kandahar · Un soldat canadien meurt en Afghanistan

Diplomatie · Rencontre au sommet entre Calderon et Harper

Canada · Près de 100 M$ pour la sécurité dans le transport aérien

Personnel politique muselé

Museler le personnel politique est inacceptable, dit Duceppe

Produits du tabac
Vente à l'unité illégale, mais encore pratiquée

 Santé maternelle: l'ACDI avait recommandé d'inclure l'avortement

Ottawa rayerait certains allégements fiscaux du secteur du pétrole


From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Freedom of speech and democracy???

Feds take media relations battle online

Social Media Group was awarded the $75,000 contract. The 10-week "monitoring and information correction" phase just finished last Friday.
The firm wasn't charged with responding to posts itself, Cryderman said.
"Designated employees of the Government of Canada (responded) to misinformation by directing authors to the online content that is already publicly available.
"This pilot provides a tremendous opportunity for the Government of Canada to test the new media monitoring and communication tools ... and make sure that civil society is provided with fact-based information in that discussion."

"make sure that civil society is provided with fact-based information in that discussion"
Becky highlighted part of an article. I've created a heading with a part of that part .

I taught the question words are where, when, who, what, as well as why and how.

At times there are differences of opinion on answers to the first four  questions
such that just what exactly "fact-based information" consists of.

As to the the why and how of almost everything there are variances of opinion.

Frankly it would be most interesting to be provided with concrete examples for
my visceral reaction to agents of the Government of Canada spying and stating
what is considered by them to be "fact-based information" is extremely negative.


To: "Ex PC Joe Hueglin"
From: Danie Duguay

Hi Joe,

I was having supper with my parents this evening and we where asking our self what ever happend with two honour killings in Ontario?

There was the drowning whimen in their car and this other father who killed his dauther because she was refusing to submit to sharia law.

What happened? Where they let off the hook? Do we fear the fundamentalist muslims in this country?

Thank's Joe and good night.

Daniel Duguay
Québec City not far from Herouville.

Daniel, A challenge, hopefully, to someone.
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: posted on DD

Persichilli: MPs restrain their enthusiasm for transparency

Persichilli is absolutely correct.  The problem is there is no accountability by Parliament and all the other groups on how they spend our money.  That is what Adscam was about also.  We spent millions of dollars investigating Adscam when the facts around Adscam are what happens every minute of the day with all governments.  We pay, they spend with no oversight.  They can spend tax dollars to check what we are posting but we cannot see how they are throwing our money around with no positive results for the taxpayer.
MPs are not accused of stealing, but then we know that the definition of a word is in the eye of the beholder!


: David Orchard interviewed
From: Jacob Rempel

Shaw Cable 11, Victoria, B.C
one hour stream on VIMEO,

David Orchard interviewed on
"Face to Face with Jack Etkin"

depleted uranium,
organic farming,

dirty politics, 

and war.

From: "John Feldsted"
Subject: Free speech

As long as Section 13 (1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act is allowed to exist, Canadian citizens can be persecuted by the state because someone feels uncomfortable with their expressions of their beliefs. As long as we allow the notion that we need a law to protect people from the likelihood of feeling contempt, no one is safe to speak their heart or mind on any controversial issue. The legal chill emanating from this draconian legislation is palpable.
The Canadian Human Rights Act and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal are a dagger aimed at the heart of democracy and our Charter guaranteed freedoms. When a NGO can gather a quasi-judicial court to expound upon the likelihood of someone's Charter guaranteed freedom of expression to cause potential feelings of contempt by an unnamed third party, we have entered the 'Alice in Wonderland' school of nearly legal process, complete with a Queen of Hearts, the title currently held by the most aptly named Jennifer Lynch, Q.C.. 
Section 13 (1) of the CHRA does not deal with 'hate speech' as such, but rather the possibility that an expression might be likely to cause some unnamed people, sometime in future, to 'feel' contempt or hatred. W should be ashamed of having convicted people under this piece of legislative silliness. We are the laughingstock of the legal world and are doing nothing about it.
John Feldsted

Free speech
Beware of the 'system works' test
By: Stefan Braun
Winnipeg Free Press
"In the end, the system worked." That is the re­frain still echoing across the corridors of pro­gressive academia after hate complaints against Ezra Le­vant's now-defunct Western Standard and Maclean's, Canada's flagship magazine, were finally tossed out.
Levant's speech transgression was to republish some of the infamous Muhammad cartoons that had ignited Muslim rioting world wide. Maclean's close encounter with Canada's hate speech sentinels followed its excerpted publication of New York Times bestselling author Mark Steyn's thoughts on the dangers of radical Islam.
So, did the system work? That depends on how you measure success, or failure. Should we rejoice that two wrongs were finally righted? Or bemoan that they were pursued, in the first place, instead?

From: "Eduard Hiebert "
Subject: tyramny begins wherever law ends:   How Not to Deal with Muslims in America (Canada included)

Joe, while this story is American, how Harper and his silent coallition "good cop, bad cop" partner play the terrorism game regarding what is selected and omitted is not far behind from what the US is now doing post Bush. You and a selection of DD readers may find the following entitled

How Not to Deal with Muslims in America
of interest.  Please see,_being_muslim_is_no_crime__/

From: Rubie Britton
Subject:  "They are Killing the Gulf" .. an article by J. Speer-Williams

The private, foreign International Monetary/Banking Cartel controls its puppets in Washington as it controls its oil company executives. And everything the Cartel does is anti-life, there are absolutely no exceptions; and their pretended Gulf oil clean-up is a glaring case in point.

Instead of cleaning up the unprecedented catastrophe created by the Cartel's mega-corporations (Halliburton, Transocean, and British Petroleum), these very same companies seem to be purposely killing our Gulf of Mexico, under the pretense of cleaning it up, with a chemical dispersant by the trade name of Corexit.

Subject: Auditor General oversees "S.17's One Parliament -not just the Commons
From: Robert Ede
To: cbc -xcountry <>, Pierre Bourque <>
Cc: Rt Hon Stephen Harper <>, Governor General <Info@GG.CA>, Privy Council Office <>

Dear XCC
The Auditor General surely is correct in asserting her office's mandate to review anything it wishes.
1) The term Parliament in Canada is much MORE than just the Commons and/or the Upper House. Section s17 of the BNA/Constitution describes the three elements of our "One Parliament" in the first section of the Legislative Power.
This One Parliament is comprised of the Monarch (no longer 'in-Council' since 1982), the Upper House (with it's never adjusted net-worth and property-ownership qualifications/ disqualifications) and the Lower House
2) Contrast this with sections outlining the Executive Power consisting of HRH represented by the Governor General and the Privy Council (Clerk of PC & Sect'y of Cabinet merged by order in Council in 1940 -NB between the death of Tweedsmuir & arrival of Athlone
3) All of the above-mentioned Canadian-subject officeholders are accountable to the Crown, the Monarch as an individual, represented by the Governor General (acting in most cases without the restriction to accept the Advice of the Queen's Privy Council of Canada see section 12 vs s.13 GG in Council).
4) None of the above-mentioned Canadian-subject officeholders are accountable to the voters of Canada - no one swears allegiance to them/us.  Allegiance in a Constitutional Monarchy is to the Monarch. Canada is not a republic & not a democracy - we have a 'democratic element', the Commons, but our 'similar in principle' constitutional hierarchy places that element on the bottom of the power totem pole.
5) If the Auditor General is an officer of the Commons, then this Speaker IS correct. If the A/G is an officer of our ONE Parliament then the Speaker is incorrect.
6) The Governor General (lame duck is such an unsatisfactory term here) is authorized to supervise and countermand the actions of the Upper & Lower House AND the Privy Council (now usurped by the Lower House as noted above and widely thought to be synonymous with the Cabinet). She should step in and make the supremacy of the Monarch's representative's office clear once and for all.
If She feels Her current mandate and personna is not as publicly-accepted as it should be to weild such power and She prefers to seek advice from the greatest source of institutional-memory in the land She might wish to summon the entire Privy Council (s.11 sworn for life).
I believe this was also the appropriate action for the GG on the occasion of the First (& Second) Harper Prorogation requests and in response to his "I give up on this minority gov't/Hung Parliament (but I'll take another term regardless)" request for a dissolution in 2008.
The current "similar in principle" (and likely similar in content to the UK ruckus last year) expense-account scandal can be the pivotal moment in helping the Canadian population to re-form their system of government in the image of the "as-written" text of 1867 (as amended). Plain Language Version supplied here.
If the GG opts to step in and settle this accounts and accountability mess, She will bolster the 'cred & rep' of Her Office immeasurably and "out" the non-constitutional shenanigans that have quietly been ignored by every Constitutional lawyer, scholar, professor, high school teacher and Federal & Supreme Court judge since 1940. ( I call it Wm L M King's revenge-by-stealth on Lord Byng)
The upshot from correcting this Emperor's New Clothes-style "ignor-ance" might be that we Canadians will decide to make the government accountable to 'us' by claiming the right to make our own widely-considered recommendation to the Monarch regarding future Governors General .... buy selecting one person to be our "Top of the Totem/ Commander in Chief (conferred in 1947 Letters Patent)" via an at-large election.
My suggestion is to use single-transferable balloting, simultaneous with every-other General Election, for a term that commences 365 days after the Return of the Writs.
 As is (similarly) said at the dead of a Monarch:
"The old Canadian Crown is Dead, Long Live the new Canadian Crown."
 "God Save the Crown".
Robert Ede,
Thornhill ON

Subject: Fwd: No Nukes News: report, watch, act
From: Rene Moreau <>

o Joe and Angela;
from Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)  May 24, 2010

Should not serious consideration in the nuclear issue, if the financial corporations can make money, if the taxpayers and rate-payers will  pay for the costs of nuclear set up, maintenance and  insurance. They also want shareholders to invest heavily so they can bleed them as well. If the taxpayers  and ratepayers say NO WAY, WILL WE PAY',  nuclear could fade away as a problem, eh?

   Along the lines of when Direct Energy, aka Energy America paid too much money for all the hot water tank business in Canada, and then secretly,  floated a stock option to recover  their loss from the poor dumb stock buyers!

                                                                     Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Angela Bischoff - OCAA <>
Date: Thu, May 20, 2010 at 5:12 PM
Subject: No Nukes News: report, watch, act

No Nukes News

May 20, 2010

"Nuclear power results in up to 25 times more carbon emissions than wind energy, when reactor construction and uranium refining and transport are considered." - Scientific American
New Report From Ontario's Chief Medical Officer Of Health Says There Is No Direct Causal Link Between Wind Turbines And Adverse Health Effects

Watch these video excerpts from a talk given by Canadian Dr. Gordon Edwards in  Finland (at Loviisa, on January 12, 2010) edited down to a total of 45 minutes. Fantastic overview.
1/5: Nuclear Power Cannot Solve Climate Change:

2/5: Radioactivity from Bomb Fallout and Reactors:

3/5: Atomic Radiation and High-Level Nuclear Waste:

4/5  Reactor Accidents - Meltdowns and Power Excursions:

5/5: Recycling Nuclear Fuel = Plutonium Reprocessing:

Tritium Awareness Project

Tritium is a serious hazard  in Canada, requiring urgent action by the public and legislators alike. On this website you will find scientific documents, media reports, personal stories and fact sheets. Learn about the massive quantities of radioactive tritium released by the nuclear industry in Canada on a routine basis and why this of such concern.

Radioactive material must be barred from Great Lakes

This fall, Bruce Power plans to truck 16 100-ton radioactive steam generators from Bruce units 1 and 2 near Kincardine, Ontario, to Owen Sound on Georgian Bay. From there, they plan to ship them through the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway to Studsvik, a company located on the Baltic Sea in Sweden. Studsvik would process them in its melter, releasing 90% of the metals (with what is considered "allowable" radioactive contamination) to global markets for unrestricted use.

Groups here and in Europe are calling attention to these shipments and the critical policy questions they pose. They are urging authorities to stop these and future shipments, to protect our watersheds and communities for the long-term.

"Should the nuclear industry be allowed to dump their radioactively contaminated waste metals in with other scrap metals and call it 'recycling?' Can the addition of long-lived man-made radioactive poisons such as plutonium, americium, and curium to existing stocks of metals be countenanced as 'recycling?' "We strongly believe that the answer to all of these questions should be no. These practices must be nipped in the bud now, to prevent an ever-increasing traffic in radioactive waste shipments and an ever-escalating market in radioactive materials that are released for unrestricted use to an unaware and consenting public."

Do we really want radioactive metal in our kitchenware or our babies' cribs? Does not the precautionary principle apply here?

Nuclear Liability and Compensation Act discussed in the House of Commons
Members of the House of Commons, Hansard, May 14, 2010,

Wind-blown debate

 The verdict: Wind turbines are not perfect. They need to be carefully sited and allow for appropriate setbacks. But the current science — as opposed to anecdote — suggests they do not threaten human health. Unlike coal, they are not destroying our climate and killing hundreds of Canadians every year. Unlike nuclear, they are not associated with cancer — nor do they condemn the next thousand generations to the menace of radioactive waste.

Geothermal could meet Canada's power needs
Canada could technically meet all its electricity needs and dramatically lower greenhouse-gas emissions if it moved aggressively to develop enhanced geothermal power projects, according to the first comprehensive assessment of the country's deep geothermal resources.

Be a PeakBuster and win big!

Enter the Ontario Clean Air Alliance's fourth-annual PeakBusters contest – we are giving away two $1,000 luxurious and a dozen $200 gift cards.  Click here to enter now!

Being a PeakBuster is easy.  If your home has central air conditioning, all you have to do is ensure that you are enrolled in your utility's peaksaver© program
.  This will mean that you are doing your part to reduce smog and control climate change by allowing your air conditioner to be automatically controlled for short periods during times of peak electricity demand.

If your home does not have central air conditioning or you live in an apartment or condo, you can still enter by telling us about other energy-saving actions you are taking. 
Click here to enter.

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Ontario Clean Air Alliance

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