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Daily Digest June 7, 2009



Medical isotope shortage: It's a crisis, Ott

The inequities in legal aid pay

PM fails a citizen, again

The real fiasco at Chalk River

Bill 36 means confiscation without compensation
Gotcha politics leads to cynicism
Obama, the Muslim world and the West

Arson makes topless cafe roofless too
Stalin charges out of bounds

Canada has to lead on Chinese human rights
Lab errors show lack of oversight

Civil juries play key role in system


Title law would undermine native rights, lawyers say

"Architect of Canada's new strategy slams West's failure to grasp Afghans"


Sexual violence against children common in Afghanistan: Report

Taliban feels wrath of Pakistani villagers

Tribes target Taliban in Dir after mosque bombing

Investors ask U.S. court to halt Chrysler-Fiat deal

At last, blunt talk on the Middle East

War history lost in the myth

Head of eHealth Ontario to receive $317K severance pay

PQ plans campaign for independence

Bid to protect French in Quebec threatens minorities elsewhere: groups

Trade war would hurt Canada and U.S.: Ignatieff

Recruitment woes plague Harper's government

Harper's office made verbal deal for U.S. PR help

Feds keen to highlight job creation through military spending

Raitt's little secret

Reactor experts carry $29M price tag: watchdog

Ottawa pours $1M into U.S. border crossing 36

Hire next RCMP boss from ranks: Elliott

Courses offered at CIC changing the lives of refugees from poor countries

Group says funds to fix nuclear reactor better spent elsewhere

This had better be the last bailout

How did 100,000,000 women disappear?

'Digital nation' key to economic recovery, academics say

Poor nations need cash: World Bank

Ontario makes us all pay for GM pensions

La souveraineté à la pièce

Une guerre commerciale nuirait au Canada et aux Etats-Unis, dit Ignatieff

Le poste frontalier de Cornwall pourrait être fermé de façon permanente

Le commissaire de la GRC croit que son successeur devrait venir de l'interne

Duceppe ne lâchera pas prise sur l'application de la loi 101 au travail

Des stages offerts au CIC changent la vie de réfugiés de pays pauvres

Les députés modifient le code régissant les conflits d'intérêts


Why was Canada "repeatedly obstructionist during the whole process,"?

TUNIS, June 5, 2009 –
After four days of difficult negotiations among 121 governments at a UN Food and Agricultural Organization Treaty meeting on the use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture held in Tunisia, a Canadian effort to block progress was overturned.


Brad Thomson
Mr. Taubman might be interested in the following:
The world is on the verge of a complete fascist takeover by international bankers, headed up by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and others. They will implement one world currency, one world government, one world military. There will kill off most of the population with man-made diseases. All of this is controlled by a group called the Illuminati. They go back thousands of years, and guard their blood lines very carefully. Their headquarters is the Vatican. At the highest levels of the Illuminati, the powers are not humans, they are aliens. They believe strongly that the year 2012 is their deadline, December 21, 2012 to be exact. This is when our solar system will pass through the equatorial plane of the Milky Way galaxy. A huge enlightenment, an ascension of consciousness will take place at this time, due to the vast energies what we will encounter. Part of the plan of the Illuminati is full disclosure of who they are, and they are intent upon fulfilling this before the deadline comes and goes. This faction is in possession of many ancient texts, from Atlantis, Namuria and other lost civilizations. All of these texts are stored at the Vatican, and guarded by the Jesuits. They are also in possession of technologies discovered by back-engineering what was found on crashed alien ships, beginning with Roswell. They have ships that can exceed the speed of light, anti-gravity abilities and many other technologies. The moon is not natural, it was towed into orbit thousands of years ago by aliens. On the dark side of the moon are vast mining operations. There is an entire civilization on Mars, and humanoid life forms on every planet in our galaxy. Humans have visited a planet named Serpo, in the Zeta Reticuli system, on an exchange program. President Eisenhower signed a deal with the aliens which saw them giving us certain technologies in return for the right to abduct a certain number of humans for their own purposes. Every President of the United States, including Obama, were or are high level Freemasons with Illuminati bloodlines. As many as 57 species of aliens have been catalogued. Most of them are benevolent, but some are not. Some look exactly like us and some are quite different, though all are humanoid. It is likely that the only race indigenous to Earth is the blacks. This is because there are aliens who look like every other race on this planet, except the Blacks. Millennia ago the various aliens spliced their own DNA into primitive Earth species to lead to the other races currently existing here. Moses, Elijah, Siddhartha (Buddha), Jesus and Mohammad, among many others, were benevolent aliens sent here to help us clean up our act. There are large numbers of others here on this planet today who are reincarnated aliens. They agreed to be born here on Earth at this time to help us through the transition of 2012. The American alien control power is called Majestic12.
Most of what I say here is fully documented, and stated by vast numbers of credible people, many of whom are retired military people who had top security clearance. The mainstream media feeds us nothing but lies. The alternative, internet media is the only place where any semblance of truth can be found. Lots of it is disinformation, of course, but the truth can be discerned by those who would have eyes to look.
A good place to start would be all of the interviews presented here: I would suggest starting with Hoagland, Lear and Dean. Then move to Burisch, Delicado, O'Finioan, Zagami. Wilcock is also quite fascinating.
Brad Thomson
Gatineau, Quebec

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe, 
On Obama's speech in Cairo, I believe it struck the right balance and was refreshing to hear straight talk from a politician, where both sides need to do their own deep thinking of problems within, in order to addressed problems outside of their borders. " Yet just as he urged Muslims to engage in introspection and self-criticism, he correctly engaged in some of his own. He spoke with regret about American mistakes, including the use of torture after 9/11. He made it clear that America -- his America -- can do better. He said that the U.S.'s closest friend in the Middle East, Israel, can do better, too."
I believe this shows the inner workings of Obama, and what he has said in the Cairo speech; will be reflected in domestic policies. His personal dogma is showing through in areas of education, health and yes even dealing with the auto industry. This is why, there is such extreme views either on the left or right that are becoming mainstream fairly quickly, that actively working against policies that moves away from the status-quo, and in particular policies that will benefit all people. Policies that will shift thinking from narrow parameters to wider parameters, that are a threat to those whose wealth and power are entwined in keeping the unpopular truths hidden from view.
As stated in this article by the Washington Post:
"A media environment that tilts to the right is obscuring what President Obama stands for and closing off political options that should be part of the public discussion."  It goes on to say, " Her point has broader application. For all the talk of a media love affair with Obama, there is a deep and largely unconscious conservative bias in the media's discussion of policy. The range of acceptable opinion runs from the moderate left to the far right and cuts off more vigorous progressive perspectives."
This brings me to Canada, the media and Harper. Often progressive perspectives on thought, policies have been cut or thrown out, in favour of extreme left and right perspectives. Rather micro, than macro viewpoints, where policy formation is being drawn and extracted from the rather narrow viewpoints.
This Daily Digest, has numerous articles that will support my position. But it can be supported on any day, where the unpopular truths are hidden in favour of bias and often in favour of keeping the status-quo.
The unpopular truth is that our think tanks and other agencies that are independent, may be brought by the highest bidder. Sometimes it is the government who is the highest bidder.
"The cost of fractured families is not limited to those directly affected. In a provocative new report, Choices, Public Costs: How Failing Families Cost Us All, the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada puts the cost at $7 billion a year, much of it spent on social programs to support poor single-parent families. The institute proposes that the government promote and support marriage, through education, research and tax policy. If family breakdown were reduced by half, the institute argues, Canadians could save $1.78 billion every year."
As you can see, the report is completely bias and leaving the impression that our social programs would not be needed if one is married. The unpopular truth is, our social programs are not meeting the needs of our citizens, regardless if one is married or not.
Sometimes policy shifts starts at the grassroot level, by simply stating a new approach but still advocating for the same thing. "So how do we as society decide who deserves to die for their crimes and who doesn't? I believe it comes down to one thing -- safety. And that means murder should not be the measuring stick for capital punishment."
The unpopular truth that is hidden, is the facts that led up to the crime. Often it stems from our public education system and other societal institutions, where resources and help are not there or of little help when an individual does not meet the typical norms of what is normal.
This article goes to my heart, when I read about students suspensions from the public education system. This articles like others, often run on the same tune where everyone else including the students are at fault for their troubles. The unpopular truth that is rarely discussed is the poor job that our public education is addressing the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic, when compared to the dismal stats of fluency in the basic skills.
Now to politicians who rather omit, and not include. "When they were appointed last year, Flaherty said the panellists would receive token $1 honorariums to give him a business perspective on righting the Canadian economy.However, records from the Department of Finance show that each member was issued a management consulting contract valued at $20,001." The unpopular truth, is the fact that it is NOW ethically right for politicians and those in power, to omit certain facts that are not in keeping with present government policy and may move people's focus away from the government's agenda.
It is not so much the article but the titled of the article, "Tories back coal giants at Ridley".
The unpopular truth, is how the media constantly portrays the Harper conservatives as Tories, and implies that today's conservatives can be compared to the Tories of yesterdays.
"New life appears to be growing in the debate over genetically modified wheat, but experts say old seeds of doubt still abound."   Once again, differing opinions will be discounted and put down as the nuts who live on the fringes of society. The unpopular truth is with the help of the media, that debate on GM foods is being done within very narrowed parameters, and this in itself stifles discussion, debate and information flow to all citizens.
8. Plenty of talk, about the Harper government refusing or taking their time, to abide by federal court decisions. The uncomfortable truth, is allowing any government especially those that are based on democratic principals, not to uphold the court decisions as it is expected from the ordinary public.
This article, is the extreme left where individuals are given the final say regardless of common good, goals of others or the state. This kind of thinking has entered into the mainstream, in education, health and other social programs where it is used on both sides regarding policy formation. The uncomfortable truth is that our social and education policies are geared towards a certain ideology where the individual must meet certain criteria to qualify and take advantage of the benefits and opportunities that are afforded. What is the common trait that both share, are the traits of creating in balances in the system, where only a few can and have the ability, the skills to take advantage of the benefits and opportunities.

The uncomfortable truth, is that humans are not created equally in either intelligence, skills, abilities and are often denied the needed skills, knowledge to reach their full potential and make good decisions, by the state. Obama, and I do believe this may be  the start of a new way of thinking, that brings in a more balance approach and including progressive ideas,  that addresses the needs of an individual over the needs of governments, extreme political agendas, and other special interests that is in their best interest to keep the status-quo.

From: Tom Brewer

The sex registry issue... In my opinion our government will slowly but sorely have a system like many US states have. Their system is horrific. A young woman need only mouth the words and the storm troopers come marching. Ask Colton Calhoun who sits in an Oregon prison for 100 months [since he was 19] to find out, in Oregon at least DNA, medical and doctors reports are not needed. Lie detector tests mean nothing! The DA can use his power to offer immunity to an individual on similar charges, as long as that person does not testify to or for whomever the DA points at. What young man would say no, knowing his young ass could be in prison should he say no?
Ask young Austin... Who knew of Colton's plight and opted to plead [different girl]. Oh sorry, young Austin was found with a PLAYBOY magazine [a friend left it in his apartment] and served time for parole violation. Since his release and where he lived [in a small Oregon community] he absconded! His mom  does not know where he is, if he is alive even. The girl... Well she and her boyfriend have been seen using drugs. The girls mother a known felon assaulted Austin. Was she charged? NO! Lie detector tests meant nothing the DA and State's AG wanted blood, in my opinion. As a result and given Austin heard from many lawyers "plead... Kid... You wont get a fair trial in Oregon" he did.
The sentence is harsh... However one pleads or completes the sentence they are branded for life! There is no gain-time either meaning it is the whole sentence that must be served. Colton vehemently denies ever touching the girl who used the "do-me-or-I-scream-rape" words on other young men. What punishment is there for individuals who use the law for their own benefit?
Colton is fighting now based on what happened and what did not happen. The fact remains if he serves his complete sentence and is released he is branded for life meaning, employment, a job, where he can live are regulated by their so called sex registry. Colton has fought from the day he was arrested... He never, ever touched the girl, yet the full force of the law makes it near impossible for him to properly defend himself. Fair... Give me a break... The idea one is not guilty until proven in court otherwise means simply jiggering the laws to make it near impossible to properly defend one's action. One has to prove innocence in the land of the free and home of the brave.How do you do that when the legislators enacted laws that make it near impossible?
Go to or to learn more. Colton agrees the crime is horrific and the perpetrator deserves punishment. What is not right or fair jiggering the laws to be one sided, in my opinion. We do not need this kind of law in Canada! Your prayers are needed to help find Austin and help Colton in his Post Conviction Hearing.... Your help is needed to ensure our laws in Canada are fair and just too.

From: "Efstratios Psarianos"

Ignatieff vows to bring hope back to Canada
OMyGawd, we're DOOMED! Oh, wait ... we WON'T be if Leader I gets elected? I feel better already.
And bringing hope back: where's it gone to, anyway?
Ignatieff Liberals could pose a serious threat to Bloc: experts
Someday, someone will have to tell me what makes one an 'expert' in Bloc-threatening. I suspect that the ability comes from seeming to know something that a journalist doesn't understand.
All hail democracy: every man a king; every woman a queen; and everyone an expert.
Smith: Why did PM treat Raitt & Bernier differently ?
Reason #1 (the plain-vanilla one): Mr. Bernier PERSONALLY (his aide wasn't there) left IMPORTANT secrets (Afghanistan policy) at his girl-toy's place after a weekend mattress-test session.
As concerns Ms. Raitt: 'the flunky did it' is the excuse, the information (though secret) is of secondary importance (people won't die as a consequence of its being released) and  Ms Raitt has otherwise not put The Party in disrepute.
Reason #2 ('optics'; the more behind-the-scenes one): Mr. Bernier a lightweight, vacuous fellow who liked to flash his lady and other accessories around, and who was putting The Party in disrepute.
As for Ms Raitt: She's more reserved and hasn't made people squirm from her being too slick.
Debate over growing modified wheat rises again

Time for 'terminator tech' ('TT') to make a comeback I say. If consumers' (and indirectly, producers') hangups are based on 'regular' wheat getting cross-pollinated and genetically contaminated, applying TT to GM wheat is a solution. TTed wheat grains (seeds) grow into wheat sheaves with loads of grains like any other wheat does. But the grains on sheaves grown from TT seeds are sterile: they can't reproduce (and I believe that pollen from sheaves grown from TT seeds can't fertilize other wheat proto-grain). This means that TT wheat can grow from TT seeds, but a portion of the resulting grain/seeds can't be set aside for future planting like wheat can. In other words, farmers who want to grow TT wheat have to buy a new, full stock of seeds every year, as opposed to doing so once (or borrowing some from neighbours or whomever); this means that farmers will have to pay royalties on a given strain of GM wheat it's got TT built into it while the wheat strain's patent is in vigour. After that, that particular strain of GM wheat enters the public domain and anyone can raise it.
Now, many farmers have been hung up on GM wheat (or other GM stuff) because some customers have been leery of buying any. Cases in point: European and Japanese agro-protectionists, who've never run across a trade barrier they didn't like. What to do, then? Why, separate, "good,health-promoting' wheat from "bad Franken-wheat".
Canada's particularly well-adapted to doing that: one of the Canadian Wheat Board's two principal functions is to segregate West-Canadian wheat by type. In other words, it collects a given type of wheat separately from another, stores them in separate silos, transports them in separate train cars, etc., all the way to individual customers. This is a HUGE advantage for the Canadian wheat business: the US (among others: Canada may be the only wheat-type segregator) doesn't segregate wheat types, so all that it can sell is generic, mixed batches, which are significantly less valuable than segregated ones. You see, some wheat products require certain types of wheat: pasta, couscous, and other 'pasta-like' foods require that 'hard' wheats like durum be used because their flour made from them makes lumpier, grainier dough. Foods like bread can be made with 'softer' wheats that make mushier dough. All of this means that dough made from specific, segregated wheats will be of finer quality than that made from 'blended' wheats because its texture will vary less from one batch of wheat to another since each batch will have known, uniform properties. 'Blended' batches have no uniform properties because their blending is uncontrolled: whatever wheat was received at a collection silo somewhere upstream gets thrown on top of the previous pile therein, etc., so there's no telling what's in a given blend at a given time.
So, if GM wheat's a hangup for customers, Canada could further segregate wheat by GM and non-GM types. I have no idea how much that could cost, but something like this could be envisaged. That being said, TT would have to be implemented so that wheat in farmers' fields can't get GM/non-GM cross-contaminated; and that means that Canadian farmers would have to accept GM wheat's getting TTed, and that farmers could benefit from GM wheat's advantages only if they'd be willing to have someone (likely themselves) pay for TT seeds every year.
The concerned government(s) in Canada could help bear the yearly seed-buying in various ways. Possibilities include 'bulk-price agreement' where the Government of Canada would negociate a price agreement for different types and brands of TTed wheat (sort of like bulk-pricing agrrements for medecine, which provinces negociate with pharmaceutical suppliers), tax credits, etc. Also, the CWB would have to invest in facilities to segregate GM from non-GM wheat, which could be assisted by government. In the CWB's case, GM/non-GM segregation might prove not too expensive: if wheat yields don't increase all that much, most of the silos needed for segregation already exist. And individual silos could be assigned to GM and non-GM used as needed: all that would need to be done would be to empty them before switching between wheat types, which the CWB already does anyway. (There's no difference between going from GM-durum wheat to non-GM-durum and from durum to soft wheat to winter wheat, etc.).
The CWB is on the Hit List.

Should the 20% of world trade go to the
Grain Company Oligopoly will segregation
continue think you?


Well, change certainly is in the wind. I can't see how grain-segregation could possibly be dismantled, though. It could be kept in government in government hands for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were to be privatized and government-regulated thereafter.
In such a case, government regulation and oversight would be justifiable, since the purpose would be to ensure product quality, that is type-purity, in this case. I imagine that this regulation would be inexpensive, since regulation already exists for percentages allowed for various contaminants (like bug parts, for example). Sample collection would be like it is now, but some extra tests would have to be run on them.
P.S. The Australian Wheat Board is an operation similar to the CWB, except that it was privatized in 1999. Have a read at:

Carbon capture no 'silver bullet'

At multi-billion-dollar price tags, it's more like a platinum-iridium-palladium bullet. Best start by concentrating on Canada's werewolf problem first, hahahaha.
Stop the madness

Well, if it CAN be stopped, then it's more willfullness than madness, isn't it? Time to re-diagnose ...
MPs not minding the store. So why are they there?

I'd imagine that they're working in the back store? (Another metaphor bites the dust).
One of the ways the federal government is "hurrying money" out the door is to fiddle
with the normal process by which the government is legally allowed to spend money.

What? It's ILLEGAL for it to toss money out of helicopters?!?
Bob Taubman

Hey Joe, is this guy Bob Taubman serious?
I never was one for wearing a tinfoil cap.  

Hahahaha. Well said, Sir! After all, why would government want to control people's thoughts by sending electromagnetic waves everywhere haphazardly? After all, it's MUCH simpler to do so by hiding sonic messages in TV, radio, and Internet audio anyway, hahahaha.
Plus, electromagnetic waves being what they are, tin-foil caps would only protect one's brain a bit from certain frequencies emitted from a source above one's head. A source coming from somewhere below or from the sides would be little affected. Not that technical arguments are the basis for wearing the caps anyway, but ...
From: "Raymond Denson"
Subject: Conspiracy Theory

Finally, I would suggest to Mr. Taubman that he google Patriots Question 9/11, Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. He will be surprised and impressed by what he will find.
Raymond Denson

Psssttt ... this Engineer Against Psycho-Boondoggles believes (nay, knows) otherwise.

Subject: The Truth
Well, I for one am pleased as punch. We unemployed Canadians give our pieces of coloured paper to foreigners, and they give us all this stuff in return. Have I died and gone to Milton Friedman Heaven, or what? Hahahaha ...
As long as Kyrgyzstan doesn't decide to build a homegrown version of RIM to make Blackberries for itself, we're on to a good thing.

Joe Smith started the day early having set his alarm clock
(MADE IN JAPAN ) for 6am. While his coffeepot

From: John Halonen

One must not forget that the private banking system would not have that interest money to pad their profits or make decisions on how to misuse it.
John Halonen

Damn shame that those Social Credit governments out West never got around to making this regular, long-term policy.

From: The Natroses
 Fossils found in Newfoundland, and a few other places on Earth, has provided important information, that furthers Darwin's theory of evolution. As the National Geographic site, states: Darwin's Dilemma

I'll get back to this later. ;-)
Subject: He is my brother
They're for him.  He's my brother.  He's four. We saw on TV
that if you use these you would be able to swim and ride a bike.

Right now, he can't do either." 

These were children - we adults never hear things wrongly.
Hahahaha ... in communication, context is everything. I wonder what Noam Chomsky, reputable linguist and self-appointed interpreter of political speeches, would understand these kids' message to be?