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It's a shell game

Time again to reinforce safety 

An unfortunate saga comes to an end View comments 6
The MacTavish ruling brings to a close a long, winding and unfortunate story.

Smoke tax no surprise

Animal House? Politicians, clean up act []
Advice to NDP: Talk turkey on health care

Was the war in Iraq worth the effort?

Francophones have little reason to fret so

Obama's no-fly zone

Silencing protests shakes ayatollah's supremacy

It's easy to understand why francophones think there's too much English
Downriver from Chalk River

Play to Canada's strengths
Out of balance

Marin best battling for most helpless

It's decision time for local television

France's burqa fuss

Harper could pull EI surprise 

Nation seeks answers on isotope crisis 

Not welcome, or banned

Unenforceable gesture

A 'mobile prison'

Obama's silence offers moral backing to Iranian regime

Is there a reason for unions any more?

Life and death on YouTube 

Our malaise: drift, distance, indifference

The troublesome twosome fading from Washington's radar

We can't take flu for granted

Buy Canadian, eh?

Security for Canadians a smart investment

Will young mother's murder conviction stand?

The perils of political rudeness

RCMP red-faced

Liberals take wrong tack in tacit deal with Tories

True public will must decide call to build reactor

Premier's EI idea better, but not best

Canada's more than double-doubles and doughnuts

Missed opportunities led to demise of 114-year-old Canadian icon

Tight reins choke Parliament

Taxpayers deserve truth

Police warn of scam involving home security systems

Easier Internet access is a tool police don't need

Coming clean on welfare stats

Condo victims deserve better

Election campaign no time for bad news

Safety minister using families to erode liberty


Manitoba chiefs want state of emergency declared because of swine flu

Battle of Babaji: A fight for hearts and minds in Afghanistan, but none are to be found
Military will encourage soldiers to discuss combat stress

Quebec soldiers in Afghanistan take in Fete nationale party

Environmental bills before U.S. Congress could boost Mackenzie pipeline

As clock runs out for Canadian death row inmate in U.S. our action on clemency looks like it was too little too late

Flaherty in U.S. to battle 'Buy America' rules

Clinton asked to keep Canada sands oil out of US

Green group asks US to bar Canada oil sands

If we want to do business with Americans, we must be nicer to them, diplomat says

Canadian subsidies highlight need for strict enforcement of lumber agreement ...

Coping with American cap-and-trade systems

Washington View: 'Buy America' could end up costing US in the long run

Millions of 'Dangerous' Socialists Massed on Northern US Border!

Canada coming out of recession, but faces low-growth recovery, OECD says

Harper among leaders to skip UN 'summit' on financial crisis

Who will be sitting at the G8 Summit head table?

Iran's streets are lost, but hope returns 

172nd in Iraq: Latest deployment is quieter

Canada a top producer of ecstasy, methamphetamine, says UN

Justice minister not surprised by UN drug report

Dumped Liberal candidate sues Jewish groups

Immigration down but Canada's population climbs to 33.5 million

Migrant families challenge immigration application fee

MacDonald resigns N.S. Conservative party leadership after losing power to NDP

Alta. to announce new natural gas drilling incentives

B.C. pulls exam question after Jewish group complains

Harper ignored the opposition of Quebec
Ottawa creates a transition office and gives himself one year to develop thenational regulatory agency

Harper and Ignatieff acting like 'rednecks': Duceppe

Tories claim attack ads paid off 

Ignatieff haunted by previous comments on North Korea

Paul Forseth misses chance to land Tory nomination

Checks, balances' absent in Ottawa, outgoing MP says

Federal Liberals ready to fight 'fully funded' campaign

Hey, remember Elizabeth May?

Harper and Ignatieff 'saved the NDP from itself'

Do Tories want watchdog or lapdog?

Ottawa cedes national assembly lands to the Quebec government

James Moore rejects the privatization of the CBC Translation

Irving Shipyard asks high court to rule on submarine maintenance contract

Proposed ethics act change would close loophole in gifts to officials

PM wants land outside Que. legislature transferred to province

Stranded man's lawyer flies to Sudan to bring client home

The following people have contributed to the fund to bring Mr. Abousfian Abdelrazik back home to Canada,
despite the risk of being charged criminally for having directly or indirectly financed or collected money
to support Mr. Abdelrazik. The full list of contributors can be seen here

Man who pleaded guilty in Toronto 18 terror plot not a psychopath: expert

Consumer demand spurs a corporate sea change

Ottawa keeps fighting Omar Khadr
Lawyer argues courts cannot force government to ask U.S. to return Guantanamo Bay detainee

State of the Nation(s): Quebec's place in federalism - Full Comment

Time to fix EI

Burkas have no place in civil society

'Courageous' women front Iran's resistance

Issue isn't the hijab, it's the choice 

High EI benefits discourage work

Ailing reactor at Chalk River essential to nuclear future

How to weather a PR storm

Taking account of the facts in Iran

A lack of understanding Marc Garneau,

Nuclear expertise should not be thrown away with AECL sale

Duceppe dit qu'Ignatieff et Harper ont agi comme des «rednecks»

Harper veut remettre au Québec les terrains de l'Assemblée nationale

Le Canada est le principal fournisseur d'ecstasy en Amérique du Nord

Abousfian Abdelrazik rentrera au Canada samedi

Affaire Omar Khadr: Ottawa présente ses arguments

Valeurs mobilières - Harper fait fi de l'opposition du Québec

L'armée encouragera les militaires à discuter du stress au combat

Des soldats québécois célèbrent la Fête nationale à Kandahar

Le premier ministre Harper transmet ses voeux pour la Saint-Jean



        Aase and I have been invited to visit one of kinfolk in Kent County and will be away from computers talkin' about old times in Dover Township, the present and the future.

        If'n you come across articles you deem wqorth the while of sharing, lift the title (and link if you can) and send them along.

        Peruse the article this link,
Time to fix EI , leads to it's one of the most thought provoking I've read.

        Until Tuesday, à la prochaine.



From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,  Quantitative Easing - As describe in the Toronto Star: "In quantitative easing, the central bank purchases assets from financial institutions such as banks in an effort to promote increased lending and liquidity. As described by Murray, credit easing "involves central bank purchases of private sector assets in segments of the market where dislocations and credit constraints appear to be most severe." It also is designed to ease credit conditions "by stimulating more active trade in certain assets and through a process of portfolio substitution."

So folks, far cry from the initial explanations of easing credit concern. The one above is more like easing banks and private sectors of insurance and investment firms. Does nothing for easing credit for us lowly people, and as Anne has aptly describe, a new name for the same old solutions since the 1800s.

The article goes in some detail, speaking on Bank of Canada monetary policy, and in particular their focus on inflation since the 1990s. "For too long now, Canada's central bank has pursued a policy directed almost solely at inflation targets. Indeed, the Bank of Canada was one of the first central banks to adopt explicit inflation targets."

At the end, it suggests, " In other words, the bank's approach of focusing solely on a target of 2 per cent inflation is far too rigid and could hurt our economic progress, particularly in these volatile times. We suggest that it is time for the bank to recognize that solely focusing on inflation may cause unacceptable damage to the real economy. "

It makes sense to me, since the Consumer Index has been narrowed and whittled down, to exclude real estate, and other essential consumer products that are more prone for inflation. By removing them from the consumer index, it is much easier to control the inflation rate by the Bank of Canada. This policy does nothing for the real economy, and the ordinary people.

From: "Efstratios Psarianos"

Brad Thomson
Under absolutely no circumstances will I take a flu vaccination. This is part of the insidious charade that is the new world order. These evil monsters release a man-made virus into the population, and then use it is a pretext for vaccination. The vaccinations are not for curing anything. There are two purposes.
The first is to simply make us sicker, and more vulnerable to future viruses they will release for the purpose of reducing the population of the planet to numbers they deem more manageable, more controllable.
But the second is even more horrendous. It is to covertly microchip the population. Microchips now exist that are smaller than a grain of sand. They will not only allow our every movement to be tracked, but more importantly, our emotions, even our thoughts will be under control.
Brad Thomson
Gatineau, Quebec

Well, I for one am OK with all this, provided that I get a transmitter chip and the plebs get receiver ones, hahahaha. Then, I'd emit a notice that those antennae sticking out behind my ears make me quite handsone, that everyone should be happy, and isn't this a wonderful world we live in? Thing is, though, then everyone would probably go 'Brave New World' on me by turning into sex- and consumption-crazed Betas, stereotypical lunchpail huh-huh-huh Gammas, street-sweeping 'No, I AM awake' Deltas, and Epsilon Semi-Moron elevator operators. Hhhhmmm ... Then again, that WOULD resolve 90% of the world's problems, hahahaha.
Cheers! Et Bonne St-Jean a tous.
From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re:  Cost of war,  June 23, 2009

Re: Cost of war,  June 23, 2009
The Conservatives don't want the public to know the true cost of the Afghanistan war because the truth is inconvenient.  At the same time as the Harper Government is sharply increasing Canada's military budget, our contribution of soldiers for UN peacekeeping has dwindled to less than 70, we have pulled our support for the UN High Readiness Brigade which earmarked troops for rapid deployment to UN-mandated operations, and we are currently lobbying for an overall cut to the UN Peacekeeping Budget.  Do Canadians really want our money and our soldiers totally diverted from peacekeeping to war fighting?  Here is another foreign policy issue where the Conservatives obviously don't care much for public knowledge or public input.

Larry Kazdan,
Vancouver, B.C.

  Tuesday, June 23, 2009             
Nigeria, China, others oppose cut in UN peacekeeping budget
From Laolu Akande, New York

From: Joerge Dyrkton,
Subject: A Review of John Ralston Saul's "A Fair Country"

Hello Joe,
You and some of your subscribers might want to take a look at my review of John Ralston Saul's book, "A Fair Country: Telling Truths About Canada" (2008).  I don't expect you to agree entirely, but I remain hopeful you will appreciate certain points.  You can find this latest entry to my own blog at:
Joerge Dyrkton, D.Phil.

He most certainly has had an excellent observation point.
From: Charles Tupper
Subject: Conservatives target Internet freedom

Conservatives target
our Internet freedom

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: DD

Joe--you have identified exactly what makes me so angry about this 'parade'(other than the use of our $400,000. tax dollars).  Some among us are more equal and that is legislated!  This when we trumpet far and wide that we practice 'equality'.  I guess equality is in the eye of the beholder?  The only equality practiced in Canada is to remove the 'rights of the WAS NBC to pump up those whose only aim is to destroy who built this country and bring it into the gutter.  This 'equality' garbage is really set up to cause division in our country.  Remember, those that stand for nothing will fall for everything!

I have never been to these 'parades' but have seen pictures on the 'news' and have been told by others what goes on.
You are right--only the special interest groups have rights(including criminals) in Canada.  Step outside the line in thinking or saying anything to cause 'hurt' to these mandated special interest groups and Jennifer Lynch and her 'Lynch Mob', the various HRTs, who are paid for by our tax dollars, will be all over you.  Truth is not a defence is their only mantra.
You only have to look at Caledonia to see that this practice is widespread and accepted by our great 'leaders'.  The parade is just one of the most despicable examples of what is really happening in our country.  The only ones without rights in Canada are those that pay the freight, the straight, NBC, White Anglo-Saxon patsy!


Subject: [On-Guard] Can't have the truth getting out can we??? 
Is this how Harper 'stands with Israel while our young get killed???

Mossad-Taliban whistleblower killed in Pakistan

Subject: [On-Guard] I guess Liberals 'stand with Israel' also???

Canadian politician sues Jewish groups

From: "John Feldsted"
Subject: Longer wait for election and for EI

We are in for a long summer of this sort of inane media commentary on the unemployed and Employment Insurance.

Where was the media while the LPC was
  • ·          restricting EI eligibility and slashing EI benefits?
  • ·         slashing eligibility requirements in some regions to buy votes while destroying equality of coverage?
  • ·         collecting illegally set EI premiums for several years?
  • ·         raiding the EI fund for $54 billion to 'balance the books'?
The EI system is broken and in desperate need of a major overhaul. Quick fixes will make the situation worse. EI is intended to be a stand-alone self-funding operation. Sharply reducing eligibility requirements and increasing payments will result in an immediate and substantial increase in EI premiums – resulting in less take-home pay for working Canadians and restrictions in the labour market as employers are required to pay 1.4 x times the premiums they collect from employees which is a real problem during a recession and the recovery afterward.

John Feldsted   

David, Jay, please pass onto Pam.

Mr. Rory J. Koopmans, B. Admin.
#203, 8912-156 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5R 5Z2
Mrs. Pamela McMahon & Family
C/o: "Late Show With David Letterman"
1697 Broadway, The Ed Sullivan Theatre, Columbia Broadcasting System Television
New York City, New York, The United States of America 10019
"The Jay Leno Show"
3000 West Alameda Avenue, The National Broadcasting Company Television
Burbank, California, The United States of America 91523
My Dearest Pamela:
What can you say about a man who was clearly a talk show legend. Definitely the world's greatest sidekick & support through 5 years on "ABC's Who Do You Trust?" & 29.5 years on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson." Really it should have been called that & had the name Ed McMahon added to the marquee. This man was a walking triumph in everything. 6000 plus hours commanding the side chair next to Johnny. He was just as important to the show as Mr. Carson. Filling in as host & his ennunciation when he talked, especially when he said "Heeeeeeeeeeeeer's Johnny" was fabulous.
Not many folks remember this, but "The Tonight Show" was originally live from the NBC New York Studios & was 1 Hour, 45 Minutes. In Ed's book, he talked about hosting the show for the first 15 minutes on his own, then ably throwing it over to the master as Johnny was contracted only for 90 minutes a night.
There banter was terrific, Ed's style was great, imposing. A legitmate WWII & Korean War Marine, Ed took his job seriously & was always ready with a quip. Or for verbal jousting, to both tease, tick off, throw off & make Johnny laugh. Ed was a master at interviews. I remember his work on TV's 'Bloopers & Practical Jokes" with Dick Clark, as host of "Star Search". As well as his countless sponsorships. If Ed hadn't broken his neck, I am convinced he'd be like Mike Wallace & continue to work until he dropped in some capacity.
Mind you 86 is a great run. But since we lost Johnny at 79 (already 4.5 years ago), it would have been nice to see Ed make 100. Thank goodness we still have Doc Severinsen & most of the cast of characters of the show! Yes it was nice to see Ed be able to stay in his own home for the last few months. Mr. Donald Trump is owed gratitude for preventing Ed from being on the street.
I know was involved in countless charities. I can remember watching him, just spellbound on the yearly "Labour Day Muscural Sclerosis Telethon" with another master Jerry Lewis. Ed was a proud man, good to his family, good to you and his former wives. Ed was what they call a gentleman in every sense of the word. I am proud to have watched him & Johnny banter from 1978-92. I also own "The Ultimate Carson Collection" on VHS. Truly stellar every time I watch it. Ed caught Johnny if he stumbled. Johhny caught Ed & saved him in return. It was truly a masterstroke of a partnership, putting two men on the air who were already great friends. NBC was smart to transfer the helm from Jack Paar on October 1st, 1962.
I have seen some of the early broadcasts that weren't destroyed by fire. They were funnier & had better overall conversation than anything in broadcast late night nowadays. So Pam, would you say goodbye to Ed for me at the funeral. I considered him not just an icon, but a television friend!
Always With Honour,
Rory J. Koopmans