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Subtle indications

Stop picking our pockets

Finance dance shows first step

Federal election avoided

Time for a nuclear proliferation gut check

Francophones have little reason to fret so

Out of balance

A sad, cynical ending

eHealth didn't put public interest first

Iran's martyr to hope

Sarkozy supports ban on 'debasing' burqasJun. 23, 2009

[] Blinkered Bank of Canada missing the bigger picture

[] Longer wait for election and for EI

[] Six reasons why Iran isn't all aTwitter

New leaders, rather than salvage

Time to bend on perks

Coming home to roost

Eleventh-hour gestures

Cost of war

Taking action against our enemies

All in the family


RCMP suffers another blow 

Not all good news 

The Iraq War: Was it worth it?

Why MPs should take longer holiday

There's not just one way to raise a family 

Why we are calling on Goodyear to resign 

Federal spending: A clear warning from budget officer

Game of chicken over streetcars

Pressing Iran's mullahs

Iranian regime holds fast

Let westerners run programs to match needs

En garde, Alberta Tories! We moms are mad


Did luckor skill save the banks?

As Iraq calms, Iran heats up
Let's make parenting an acceptable career choice 

Living with a high dollar

'Suppression' does come to mind for government keeping of secrets

Business subsidies are always bad --except maybe this one for forestry

Brazil, Russia, India and China are unlikely economic bedfellows

We should ban car cellphones

RCMP suffers another blow

Hospital contractor faced no penalties

Iranian protesters battle bullets and barrels


Window of opportunity open to improve first nations' lot

Alcohol fears kept hand sanitizer from flu-hit reserves  

Feds deny field hospital to flu-struck reserve: chiefs

Natives demand to meet ministers over swine flu

Vaccinate Canadians under 40 and natives first: experts

Afghanistan: a changing war


Latest : Humanitarian crisis VIDEO

U.S. drone kills 45 at Taliban funeral in Pakistan

Pakistan targets its most wanted man 

Scarred by white phosphorus, Afghan girl claws from death's edge at US military hospital

' British Troops In Major Offensive Against Taliban',

Navy belongs in Arctic, top sailor maintains 

Passport rule keeping Americans out of Canada

U.S. launches another drone plane to patrol Canadian border

Whale-watching 'worth billions' 

Nortel sell-off first of many

Hog farmers call on Ottawa for aid


BoC needs more power of oversight, Crow says

Air Canada loan may be dangerous precedent, critics say

Rise in EI benefits smallest in six months

Foreign automakers paced to outbuild Detroit brands in N. America: study

Iran settles in for the marathon 

Israel stunned by Washington's tough love

Israeli minister presses Canada to take tougher stand with Iran

Protesters Defy Elite Guard Threat

Iran to eliminate amputation of hands, stoning as punishment

String of bomb attacks rocks Iraq

Heart and stroke deaths plummet 30% in 10 years 

Extra weight may protect from early death: study

Vaccine ads to go under microscope

For children, early success means lasting success

Federal court to hear election challenge

Harper's snap election call heads to Federal Court

Mom who killed newborn seeks mistrial

Will verdict stand?
Case may signal shift in attitude towards crime of killing newborns

Zero-sum bickering

One state is no solution

Quebec In The Constitution

Parizeau: Political 'crisis' will spark sovereignty

French-English relations in Quebec at a 'happy medium'

Ontario Leadership   all 39 news articles »

Manitoba MP calling it a career

Leaders start summer season of undeclared campaigning 

Liberals soft on crime: Tory

Layton open to compromise on EI reforms

The days of winning by not being Dion are over

Treasury Board pegs Afghan tab $1.35B higher  

Clement vows to boost high-tech sector

Canada takes wraps off 'model village' project in Afghanistan

Tories' grant program gets smaller cheques to more students 

Digitization of heath records lagging, report says

Human-rights groups alarmed Ottawa has no policy for hired guns

Feds appeal court order to bring Khadr home

Feds concede no risk in Khadr repatriation

Government did a lot for Khadr, court to be told

Ottawa appeals Omar Khadr court order

Toronto 18 attack was to mimic 9/11 

Judge rules Harkat search was overly intrusive

Disclosure issue delays Harkat hearing

UN details allegations on Abdelrazik's terrorism links 

Pack journalism is media style in Ottawa

More... Canadian Reporter Barred From Luncheon With Visiting Chinese Official

Freedom lacking in our Information Act

All hail the Sun King PM

Harper critique l'Iran

Un groupe de pression conteste le déclenchement des élections de 2008

Affaire Omar Khadr
Ottawa présente ses arguments

Affaire Mohamed Harkat
Une perquisition illégale

Vers une commission nationale

L'absence d'une politique sur les firmes de sécurité privées est déplorée

 = =s = . or ought to

Jim Calvert and Becky Gingrich have responded to a npost from Tom Brewer.  I thanked Jim in the post bthat follows.

Included in it is "WAS NBC" the first letters of WHITE ANGLO SAXON  NATIVE BORN CANADIAN, which is what I am. I'll spare you the examples going through my mind as I write this, otherwise than to say I was raised to deal with individuals on their personal merits and demerits.

Not ever having been to a Gay Pride Parade I'm limited to hearsay - there may be those who can contest or support the accuracy of what's stated goes on in Becky's post.

If true, the breaking of laws are being tolerated and ought not to be, by my beliefs.

Laws, rules, ought to be for all.

You may consider my recollection of a half-century ago not worth the stating.  The professor would give an F on a three page book report when he'd said he wanted one two pages long.  That I accepted, he made the rules, follow them or suffer.

Yet he did not practice = ='s = when it came to  dealing with someone who could claim persecution and toleraterd breaking the rule he'd set.

Is this rant relevant? As always you judge.

Subject: Jim . . .

. . . many thanks.

As a WAS NBC the ability of the oppressed
to obtain special treatment irritates me greatly.

There was a Serb professor who was precise -
except to an Afro-Canadian who kept writing
after his deadline call - and her paper was
accepted.- fifty years ago damn near and it
still affects me. = =s =



From: "Jim Calvert"

Good Evening Joe and a belated Happy (Grand)Father's Day.
The following was posted From: Tom Brewer

I would dare suggest not to many gays or their supporters be they friends or family would vote Harper Conservative not just in Regina but near anywhere across Canada. Why you ask?
Not one Regina Conservative had the intestinal fortitude to show their face at Pride events in Regina according to the newspaper. Need I remind you of the remarks Tom Lukiwski made a year ago and despite his alligator tears [in my opinion] has yet to so called smooth things over with the gay community he riled!
I dare suggest Harper Conservatives are nothing but red-necks! They want my vote, my support but are really empty on truly addressing my concerns unless I think and bleed their blood.
No-Thank-You, one does not have to believe or support the gay community however we all must remember they too are like us HUMAN BEINGS! We are suppose to treat others as we want to be treated. I'm sorry to suggest and in my opinion Harper's Conservatives are just short a tad of wearing leather boots and breech pants. In my opinion if no-one were watching some might lay a beating not just to gays but anyone else who does not "believe" they are the best thing since sliced bread.
No... If polls were more defined I'd bet the gay community support would be next to nothing. This is sad... Far too many dads, moms, brothers and sisters as well as friends might not be gay or believe in their relatives/friends lifestyle. The fact remains many are different than most. It seems however unless you are a dyed in the wool Harper Conservative you too stand on the opposite side of the fence. The smiles and words to get you to support them BUT as far as any feelings beyond that forget it, in my opinion. In my opinion Harper and his merry band are Canada's true red-necks. Let the church bells ring my friends as once we were concerned about the Catholic church's support of Liberals... Today in my opinion hate is preached toward anyone not in the Harper fold and I dare not suggest the church's they attend!

To Tom Brewer:
I read the post you sent to yesterday's DD.
There was no return address but I'm assuming you are writing from another planet?
Your implication that anybody that doesn't show up for gay pride events hates gays infuriates me.
I am unfamiliar with with the events that are held in Regina but all of us are slapped in the face with the disgusting gay pride parade in Toronto every year.

Even that loser mayor Miller in Toronto has somehow become convinced he has to participate.

In Canada, it is illegal to appear naked in a public place. Period.

If I went down to Jarvis street and took off all of my clothes I would be arrested and charged with public nudity, of course I am not gay.

Yet every year we are forced to endure a parade where people take off their clothes, climb naked up onto a parade float and ride down the street gyrating to loud music and fondling themselves.

We are not allowed to say anything because these people claim to represent the gay community and this is normal behaviour for them.
They do not represent the gay community.
They are the worst thing that ever happened to the gay community.
You know how you can pick out the gay person on the subway?
You can't.
The average gay person looks just like everyone else.

Sure if they are with their partner they may show emotions more normally associated with straight couples, but otherwise....

Believe it or not, I have friends that are gay.

Some are married, some are not.

Several are members of the local Riding association.

I actively supported Scott Brison  for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party, dragging all of my Family and all of the delegates from our riding to the convention to put on yellow t shirts and help him.

I still consider Scott to be a friend and all of my family has travelled from Muskoka to his home on the shores of the Bay of Fundy on vacation.

I don't choose my friends based on their sexual orientation and I certainly don't choose them based on their political  orientation either.

I was a Progressive Conservative all of my life until the merger with the Canadian Alliance and I have sat on every Parry Sound Muskoka Progressive Conservative or Conservative  riding executive since 1996.

I did not support Steven Harper for the Leadership but as a member of a political party you support the winner of the leadership contest and move on.

Nobody who knows me would consider me a Harper Conservative yet I continue to be elected to the Riding executive.

I don't own any jackboots or leather pants and I've never laid a beating on anyone in my life.

I would suggest an apology is due from you here.

I'm not sure about your insinuation regarding church but I would have to be considered a marginal member of the United Church.
I dont think I hate anybody.

If this all makes me a redneck then so be it.

At least I don't send out letters making baseless accusations without grounds about people I've never met.
Jim Calvert
Parry Sound Muskoka
Redneck and Proud

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Scarce Tax Dollars Funding S-x Parade

Tom--I guess you haven't heard the announcement that the Harper government has just handed the Gay Pride parade organisation in Toronto $400,000. of our tax dollars?  How noble of them!  We have no healthcare, no jobs, no affordable food for many but our money goes to fund this abomination???  If the 'straight' people of the country flouted their nakedness and depravity like this we would be in jail.  But this is ok because it is a special interest group.  I myself don't care if someone is gay or straight.  But I do care immensly when the government who has taxed me to extinction then uses that money to buy votes from people like you by promoting depracity.  Perhaps if the gays tried doing something useful for the citizen and the country I could understand them receiving this largesse.  But they are only serving themselves.

There is only one upside to this story--that is the garbage strike in Toronto.  Now the whole city and hopefully the whole country will know that this event stinks.  Now the whole coutry will know that it matters not what you do--it is vote buying that matters.  The more depraved the better it seems.  Redneck, I think not--But I wish our government had the decency to be red-faced over this waste of precious dollars for something that is morally and ethically wrong.  Does our government stand for anything?

Forwarded message from Canada Family Action Coalition

   Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 13:09:54 -0600
From: Canada Family Action Coalition <info@familyaction.org>
Reply-To: Canada Family Action Coalition <info@familyaction.org>
 Subject: Scarce Tax Dollars Funding S-x Parade

Action Alert:

Some of you will not be aware yet that the federal Conservative government
"proudly" announced a transfer of $400,000 of your tax dollars to the
Toronto Pride s-x parade.

There are pictures and videos from the past parades of perverted sexual acts
occurring during those parades. Public nudity and other indecent acts are
common in this homosexual parade, although no convictions have ever
occurred. One such image I sent to every Conservative MP to show them what
they just approved of and paid for. Some MPs were offended. Well - look
reality in the face, "lawmakers" - this is what you spent our tax dollars
on, I said.

On June 4th Prime Minister Harper announced a new program setting aside $100
million for "Marquis Tourism Events".  With record speed, on June 15th, the
Minister of State, Diane Ablonzcy, got a $400,000 cheque out the door to
fund the sex parade in Toronto this week. The next giveaway, to who knows
what city, for their sex parade remains to be seen. But all this is a clear
indication that the Conservative party has abandoned conservative
principles. This event combined with the $50 billion dollar (and rising)
debt ridden position we have been put into may well be the end to the merged
conservative - progressive party as government. This is beyond being

Ray Strachan

Regarding Nicolas Sarcozy making the Burqa not welcome in his land.   This is
not necessarily because he is smart,   what might the fact, that he is a
Zionist, have to do with it?   I'm sure not many people know what thoughts
lurk in His skull.

Ray Strachan

Nicolas Sarkozy's Jewish Heritage

Sarkozy's Jewish roots

From: "John Feldsted"

Re: The Natroses
"Hi Joe,  Response to John Feltsted:  

A poor attempt at changing the station, unless you think the readers of this forum are drooling idiots."

Of course not; however, one can never rule out exceptions. 

Brad Thomson
Under absolutely no circumstances will I take a flu vaccination. This is part of the insidious charade that is the new world order. These evil monsters release a man-made virus into the population, and then use it is a pretext for vaccination. The vaccinations are not for curing anything. There are two purposes.
The first is to simply make us sicker, and more vulnerable to future viruses they will release for the purpose of reducing the population of the planet to numbers they deem more manageable, more controllable.
But the second is even more horrendous. It is to covertly microchip the population. Microchips now exist that are smaller than a grain of sand. They will not only allow our every movement to be tracked, but more importantly, our emotions, even our thoughts will be under control.
Brad Thomson
Gatineau, Quebec

From: John Kruithof
Subject: Lanark needs funding

A friend of mine had his self-explanatory letter to the Ottawa Citizen published June 23rd at http://www.ottawacitizen.com/opinion/Back+funding/1722720/story.html.

It is a cautionary tale to those who want nothing to do with governments.

John Kruithof
Ottawa South

From: "Derek Skinner"
Subject: Brasscheck TV: Election fraud

This must be some kind of a joke.
The US news media and its controllers has its
knickers in a knot over election fraud in Iran.
I don't know what's going on in in Iran, but
I know election fraud it rampant in the US.
But the US news media isn't interested in
telling THAT story.
Details: http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/465.html

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Finally the truth--just more psyops planned by the us/israel cabal
 to destaballize Iran--done before the election was even started!!!

Iran Falls to US PSYOPS

From: "John Feldsted"
Subject: Liberals soft on crime: Tory

The pattern of delays and obstruction is consistent. Whenever I review the excuses Liberal Senators raise for obstructing crime bills, I cannot help but wonder if they are seeking a softy landing on the day they are convicted of breaking the law. Incumbent Liberals in the Senate need to be pushed – off a cliff. We have a world heritage site, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump near Fort McLeod, Alberta ideal for the exercise.    http://www.head-smashed-in.com/

From: Larry Kazdan

Warren Allmand: Global problems call for better global governance, starting with the United Nations

But at the forum of the G20, and at the institutions where many important decisions are made­the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Organization­who provides this oversight and who speaks for the disadvantaged?

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,  As I was reading the various articles, and posts - an idea came to me that might explain why the world is in a state that it is. The idea is the business models that are in operation not only in private concerns, but throughout government - where costs factors are factored in to justify expenditures. But what lies under  and plays a greater influence is the people factor. By putting on controls at certain junctions in society, government can control the social costs such as health, education and flow of traffic into the various levels of public and private services. When one is controlling costs, the profit margins will rise to reflect this. There is one flaw, and it is based on the need of a certain percentage of people needed in each social/economic group to make the system work in either the business or government model.  In fact, governments of the world, no matter what political stripe operate in such a fashion, where social programs supports and increases profits for the private concerns. By making the social programs, where people who are in need of social services of any kind, government authorities controls the traffic flow by introducing criteria expectations that people must meet, before taking advantage of a service. In the end, the government provides necessary social services for the most neediest, and for the ones that do not meet the criteria, are moved to other directions where cost factors is directly imposed on them. In some cases, a certain percentage will avail of private services, where it is this segment of the population that provides a steady stream of customers to their doors, and a steady stream of revenue.

We are seeing this now especially in the democratic countries, and even in China where they are now moving towards a model, where health, education and other social items have criteria and is allowing ones with a higher income to make use of private concerns, that is a new growth industry in China. Plus new revenue for the Chinese governments, that is slowly removing the communist system, and replacing it with a capitalist economic system, but still retaining a tight control over democratic reforms.
We see this in the Harper government in areas of child care, education, health and equalization, where reductions of funding have caused the traffic flow to move towards private concerns. We see this in our forestry, fishery and our nuclear industry, where government control and management is being given over to private concerns. As a result, government can manage and oversee the different activities because there is a reduced number of players, a reduced work force, and a reduce public service. Therefore government can reduce the cost factors associated with government enforcement and social programs, and there is a smaller percentage making use of government services. For government enforcement, there is a much smaller percentage to look after, since people are control by the introduction of fines, and other measures that will induce people to follow the law. By controlling crucial junctions of traffic flow, the government has retain crucial aspects in areas where government is the best to handled affairs that impact a greater percentage of society or move/stop  large groups of people into directions that is in more in keeping with government objectives, their coffers, and private enterprise.

This is why, we see little difference between conservative and liberal policies. They do not change the fundamental social and economic systems, where percentages is heavily factored in and as a result, only some of the people can take full advantage of what society has to offered. The rest are left with the crumbs which is dependent on a host of factors such as level of education, the size of your pocket book, health needs, learning needs, and even human nature factors that makes us have our own unique personality, with various differing skills and abilities. The human nature factors are heavily dependent on factors that is beyond the control of the individual. It is where, the governments of the day, and  the capitalist/socialist systems take full advantage, to manipulate and in the end control the movement and directions in all aspects of society.

We see this in all levels including world-wide aspects. For example the WHO latest edict of mandating world-wide general forced vaccinations. Even under their mandate, there is still only a certain percentage of the world's population that can avail of their expertise and services. The rest are left to governments' current goals, and big pharma concerns. WHO latest edict, may be a worthy goal, but it lacks the enforcement to make countries to provide vaccines for its people. World organizations like WHO, can make all the edicts in the world, get countries to sign, but in the end it will not stop the death toll, because control rests within the political and private sectors. It benefits WHO and other world organizations because it is in their best interests to do so. It is why, we still have hungry people in this world. It is why we still have diseases that should have be wiped out a long time ago.
Globalization of the world's market, has only exceeded to concentrate the wealth into fewer hands, leaving many without the resources and heavily dependent on governments and politicians to provide basic needs. Basic human needs are consumer goods and services, where all of us are force in a direction where we must set up priorities of our needs. For some, medical care and education needs are a long way down the list when the greatest need is providing food and shelter for their family. For some, who are lucky to live in rich countries, where governments provide the necessary funds to ease basic needs, they too must prioritized their basic living needs. In many cases that depends on the size of your pocketbook, if one meets the criteria in accessing public services, and what the country's government considers basic needs.

By doing so, the elite, the movers and shakers, and the government politicians can controlled the direction and flow of all people, without tampering or manipulating the human nature factors. For example, people in Canada should really be doing a hell of lot more protesting when it comes to IE reform, the isotope issues, and other issues that impact our day to day living costs. The governments of all levels, can count on that to never to be a problem since this is where current ideology, dogma and beliefs on the role of government and other institutions comes into play. This is heavily influenced by our education systems that currently exist and how people uses the education system and the opportunities that one can avail themselves. There is other influences such as family values, culture and religion that also impacts people believes on a host of political, social, other values, and technology changes. These are the values that governments and yes even big business can influence and manipulate, to steer the direction of society without overly impacting the general values that society values, and still maintaining an appearance that all people have equal access, equal fairness in all activities that each and every one carries out in today's society.

The current example, is the Ontario's government move to make kindergarten a full-time event, including full-time day-care inside all school walls. Also included are health services that are related to children, that will affects and impact learning. It is an admirable goal, and the optics are where few can argue on the front that this is not good for the future of our children. There has been a lot of debate on this issue, but what has not been debated or even discuss is the operating system of the current education system. In order for the lofty goals to be achieve, the system needs drastic changing that is child-oriented to their individual needs. The education system cannot do it alone, it must work in partnership with health, social and other government departments in order to achieve the lofty goals of corrective interventions of learning problems, and raising all the children to a higher level of achievement at a much earlier age.

When I first read about it, the goals will never happen because education policies are formulated on percentages, and are aimed at a specific targets to handled and direct the flow and streams of children as they progress through the grades K to 12. The curriculum is a one-sized-fits-all approach, and there is few options for children who do not blossom under this approach. The very few options, do little to correct the learning problem, but works to keep them at a level that is acceptable and barely meets the acceptable standards in basic foundation skills. There is many other rules, regulations, and policies that hinders rather than give them the opportunities to reach their full potential and a solid background in basic skills, that are needed to navigate themselves through society as adults. Without changing the fundamental ways and methods of the public education system, people who are in need of more or it does not meet their needs will enter into the private systems to seek solutions. It will happen, because the public education system will not provide the necessary staffing, expertise, that is needed to meet all the demands. As a result, needs will go unmet, unless the needs meet and fall into certain criteria.

In modern society, one would think that literacy rates would increase, as education expenses increase. One would think that learning problems at the high school level would decrease, as curriculum and technology changes over time.  One would think the averages in math, science and languages would improve at a much greater rate, than the current snail's pace. Big business and government work with percentages, and targeted goals. There is a need to have the population with various skills and abilities to supply the labour force. The majority, being in the lower skills where one does not need high fluency in reading and writing and can be easily trained into other fields that has low requirements in reading and writing. Children are being streamed, long before they finish high school. It starts in the primary grades, and by the end of grade 3 about 40 % of the children are slated or written off as not suitable for academic pursuits. What better way of controlling population needs, by controlling the quality of resources and staff - a government will be able to keep a large population, under control and increase the odds of general  government practice and policies that favours government and big business coffers. It is why, the squeaky wheel gets look after, but the wheel is never fix to solve the problem of the squeaks in the first place.

This is why, governments will never move in the direction of solutions that permanently fixes problems especially those of a social nature, because  the population would never buy into the reasons that are presented to people by our politicians, business leaders and professionals that it is for the good of all people. If they did, it would mean the end of flush coffers in government and big business. And the people would have more resources to empower themselves, than what we have now, which is chasing after resources that are limited in supply and to one's pocketbook.   

From: "Efstratios Psarianos"

Reckon there's no concern about technology goin' offshore, eh?

Nortel selling wireless unit to Nokia Siemens

Guess I follow the beat of a different drummer. 
I've concerns when no one else appears to.
Ole Stratos has some free time this evening, so he might as well get some thoughts in. And here's a good place to start ...
Nortel: LET the SODS ROT in HELL! Hahahaha ... I'll never tire of saying that.
Seriously, though, I'm personally happy to see how mature Canadians have become in not getting their dander up over 'national icon' companies being bought by 'furreners'. To a large degree, these days, Canada's governments have taken on the role of national-economic, -welfare, and -cultural providers, to the point of society no longer relying very much on companies to provide subsistence and largesse.
For one thing: what makes a company 'Canadian'?!? If a pulp and paper company such as AbitibiBowater (currently in creditor protection, I believe) can have a head office based in Montreal but have about half of its plants in the States and elsewhere, while its stock is widely owned (principally owned by non-'Canadians' and non-'Canadian' institutions and its CEO 'til recently was an American (whom I suspect maybe didn't even live in Montreal), precisely how 'Canadian' is such a firm?
Also, what about when Canadian forms go the other way by buying US firms? Are those instances considered to be triumphs where doughty Canadians take over furren firms and stick it to furreners by enslaving them to Canadian will?
Companies are neutral things: they can be sources of some largesse, such as sponsoring art festivals or whatever ... but Canadian governments have become the greatly preponderant providers of such community support, etc., and companies to a large degree aren't in the social-support business so what their loyalties are to communities don't arise from national favour ... they arise more and more from 'being good neighbours', 'giving back to the communities', fostering goodwill, etc. And rightly so!
Mind you, like always, there are notable exceptions; if Research in Motion (the makers of Blackberry devices) had arisen in Kentucky rather than in Ontario, there's little likelihood that one of its founders would have set up a foundation that runs a fundamental-science research centre in Ontario. Same goes for big (enough) local companies shelling out to put their names and logos on local arenas. Still, though, to a large degree, even those have government money behind them.
And as for Nortel: that damned disgrace of a company, which has destroyed so much of the value of the investments that shareholders made in it, and which did it by grossly risky financial management and projections, out-of-control spending, $100 million 'sayonara' sendoffs for a retiring CEO, and colossal accounting fraud to boot, DESERVES to die, be dismembered, or whatever.
So, to reiterate: LET the SODS ROT in HELL! And dammit, GET the head bozos responsible for the various frauds behind bars, for decency's sake.

The Natroses
Hi Joe,  Response to John Feltsted:
What is disturbing, is the movement where members of a party are disenfranchise from participating  and limits participation through the rules, and regulations put out by the national parties of the Conservatives and Liberals. As a result, grassroots issues that are often local in scope, are ignored in favour of issues that are national in scope. If it continues, the only people left that are willing to vote in a national election, will be the MPs and the great bureau racy in Ottawa. What about all the voters, who are members to all national parties? What does that make them?  What about all the big corporations who give their donations in a fair equal fashion to the Liberals and Conservatives?
To be honest, I see this as a good thing. If national governments were to concern themselves much with local stuff, they'd never get anything done right. A good example of that is the way the US does its domestic, federal politics: every elected official in Washington, DC, (the President) is basically out to get the most he can from 'the government' and have it spent in his State or district. At the State level, each one's out to get goodies to his districy (or whatever); the same goes for US municipal politics.
As a general rule, federal governments and parties should get concerned when a local matter becomes of concern in numerous-enough localities in numerous-enough provinces. For things of concern within single provinces, the federal government may have a role in assisting the provincial government and some municipalities (e.g., for federal participation in municipal public-transit systems). But for stuff that's purely local: as a general rule, the federal government shouldn't get involved in those.
4. " This often repeated accusation has no basis in fact. The Prime Minister is spokesman for the government. In order to carry out his duties, he has to be informed of agency and department initiatives, changes and responses to issues that arise. Decisions are made at cabinet level and are announced by the Prime Minister. To claim that the announcements empower the PMO is the equivalent of claiming that pronouncements by Travers makes him de facto manager of the TorStar. Not on this earth it won't."
I don't know who said this, but it goes both ways: the role of the Cabinet is to inform the government (that is, the 'public service' and public institutions ... I've proposed that definition before) of what the public will no longer tolerate. (I'm paraphrasing here ... I think it's Churchill who said something very like this; I'm not certain who actually did, though). Just as Cabinet members, with the PM in the lead, have to explain 'government' doings and whys-and-wherefores to the public, so the Cabinet members must oversee the government to ensure that it operates efficiently and effective, to ensure that it does what's needed and what it's supposed to do, and instruct the government it must do.
If a Cabinet member, the PM included, becomes the spokesman for the government, with 'spokesman' here implying that he's merely saying what the government asks him to say, then he's been captured by government, which is NOT what his being a Cabinet member is all about. Same thing for the opposite: if a Cabinet member seeks to instruct government and bend it to what he believes to be the popular will, unchecked, then he's not doing his job properly.
A Cabinet member is a self-willed intermediary that has to make sense of what's going on, what the government wants, and what the popular will wants, and to make strategic decisions and issue instructions whose implementation he must oversee.
From: Tom Brewer
I beg to differ with the anti nuclear crowd in Saskatchewan. There can be good come of nuclear research. I dare say if any of the naysayers would not opt for isotopes if one of their loved ones needed them.
Nuclear research seems to be clouded in the bad side of its history that being bombs. I suggest we all get our heads out of the sand and realize controlled development/use can benefit mankind. Saskatchewan has the supply... It is assine to think because we are not involved in the development the problem exists for others. Duh!!
Yup! :-)
From: "Anne Dickinson"

Regarding Ontario as the nations ATM. I grew up in Nova Scotia and have lived in Alberta and Saskatchewan, The view from the hinterlands is that Canada has been run for the benefit of the manufacturing heartland of Ontario almost since confederation.. While the rest of the country  had to cross tariff barriers to trade with the US, Ontario's manufacturers  benefited from the protection and special agreements .In addition, for many years, the autto pact kept Ontario humming. Now that the manufacturing base and the auto sector in particular has run into trouble, Ontario's special status is threatened,
By this definition, Quebec is also part of the hinterland. Various parties, groups, and individuals here (surprise, most are 'sovereignists') brought up this 'federal Canada is Ontario-centric' thing, especially back in the 80s. Now, with the Bloc holding two thirds of federal seats associated to Quebec, the emphasis has shifted from 'Ontario' to 'every place where Quebecois aren't' (that is, every place outside Quebec). This applies to both political, economic, and social measures.
Given that sympathy for different parties changes within a given region over time, that region's influence can increase and decrease depending on how an election turns out. But generally speaking, at the present time, no single region can be said to predominate to the great detriment to others, on the whole. That being said, since federal politics are wholesale rather than retail in nature, that doesn't mean that certain policies won't or don't benefit some regions over others; but generally speaking, all regions benefit in some ways and have to pay the price in other ways, in a manner equitable- and tolerable-enough to all regions (else we'd have regional rebellions on our hands ... witness the result of Liberal perfidy in its imposing the National Energy Program three-odd decades ago).
As concerns one specific case concenring trade barriers: let's talk softwood lumber (every Canadian's favourite bugaboo). The US Congress, and various US agencies, back in the 70s and 80s, pretty much dedcided that they were going to stick it to Canadian softwood lumber (SL) producers, at the behest of various US firms. On various occasions, the US Department of Commerce (or whatever it was called), found that SL harvested from various provinces but not others was being subsidized. Thus, SL from certain regions (BC, the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec) were stuck with either identical or different tariffs when shipped into the States, whereas Atlantic Province SL could be exported scot-free. One particularly egregious example came up (in the 80s, I believe, but certainly when there was political tension in Quebec concerning 'sovereignty'), where the US Department of Commerce (or whatever), based on obviously-shoddy analysis, concluded that BC SL was being subsidized for around 20% of its price, the Prairies something like 15%, Ontario around 10%, and Quebec ... 0.1% (yes, one-tenth of a percent). And based on this, a 15% across-the-board tariff was stuck on 'subsidized' Canadian SL ... including that of Quebec. Simply put, US trade officials were DELIBERATELY pressuring Canada to come to (iniquitous) terms by fostering discord between the Quebec and federal governments when there was tension in the air.
So, Ontario always having it easy while the rest of Canada has to put up with its being privileged while other provinces aren't? That doesn't hold up to historical reality.
Subject: Quantitative Easing & the magic of Inflation
Your Excellency,
I'm really intrigued by the Bank of Canada's new monetary policy tool - known as Quantitative Easing.
The fun thing about big economic issues is that governments and other powers-that-be try tomake it seem that 'this time is special'. And every time there's an economic reversal (that is, that economic growth becomes economic shrinkage), a new term is conjure dup.
Back in the 1800s, economies would regress because of there being 'financial panics'. After a few of those, when people started asking why those panics were so frequent and why governments and money-poobahs didn't seem to learn from them, 'panics' became 'crises', which were supposed to be not as bad as panics. But oops ... after crisis and recovery, more economic reversals would pop up; but have no fear, people, this time it's not a 'crisis' ... just a 'depression', la la la la. (We all know how THAT one turned out, yes?). Then war came, economic demand rose, and the North American economies responded with vigour until the 70s. Then ... ooooops! Reversals AGAIN! But have no fear, citizens, this time they weren't depressions, with all their nastiness ... they're 'recessions'. Ho hum, they eventually go away and all's back to normal. But wait: some stock-market/savings-and-loans/junk-bond/tech-stock-bubble/whatever monkey business is suddenly revealed and deals a blow to stock prices and the North American economy. But have no fear, suckers (because by now if you still believe that "it's different this time", which it can be except for the general effects, then you really WILL believe anything), we're not going through a recession .. we're experiencing a 'market correction'.
So, now all DDers who faithfully read the comments section what's been happening over the past (say) 150 years. Amusingly enough, there are parallels, in the domain of economic solutions to what I've exposed in the preceding paragraph. I won't go into those tonight, except to say that 'quantitative easing' means the same thing as 'running the dollar-printing presses'. The effect of that has to be taken in context, of course, but I'm out of time ... an expalnation will have to wait for another time.
However, no one is plainly explaining what that means - i.e. control over the Quantity of What is being Eased?
Strictly speaking, the tight control of the increase in money circulating in the economy is being relaxed. In simpler terms, money's being thrown in great quantities into the economy, thus 'easing' the difficulty in obtaining some if one needs it.
Further what can be expected to unfold in the days, months and years after that Easing takes effect?
Lastly what are the steps to be taken to reverse the process?
Why, 'quantitative tightening', of course. Or just plain-old 'tightening the money supply'.
Ask around for me won't you? Perhaps that Dalton fellow or his Dwight hand man (ha, ha) I daresay that Circus?Carnival (sp?) cchap at the Bank of Canada and that short fellow from Whitby cannot be expected to provide a straight and/or simple answer.
Good thing we have Stratos around. HE'LL tell us what to do, hahahaha ...