Friday, June 12, 2009

Daily Digest June 11-12 2009



A bug's life

Vulcan's persistence may pay off some day

Mayor Stewart's challenge

Thinking small a new big idea

Harbour solutions: Wade in, Mr. Mayor
Raitt's sins no worse than her opponents'
The lowly hot dog as diplomatic overture

Cautious NDP claims its prize

Jail decision will be tough to stop

Raitt media circus obscures the real issue

Looking for the gold

Fighting U. S. protectionism

Troubles load up for prime minister

Spinning forward on the economy

Why the rush in Simcoe?

Parizeau pops up again

Sri Lanka chooses wrong target in Rae
Dhalla case not closed

Healthy solutions

Ottawa embarking on its own war on drugs

Losing track of big picture at eHealth

Signs that sanity is returning to Middle East

Should non-citizens have right to vote ...

The real meaning of the Lebanese election

Should non-citizens have right to vote ...

What is to be debated

Deepening wells of red ink, ominous possibilities

How many? 'Lots'

Speaking plainly

Tories predict summer election

Competing failings

MDs, industry want to revisit mothballed Maple reactors

Hold the cash

Made-in-Canada caps and offsets

Slow spending, quick spinning

Canada painted as bogeyman in U.S. health care fight

Conservatives on a cliff edge, and about to step over

Stimulus pot empty, Flaherty calls for restraint

Liberals and NDP battle over who will blink first

Protests lack consequences 

  Raitt's apology just

It's about decency, Minister Raitt

Money is flowing, put election on hold

Goodyear's phone call wasn't a problem 

Trade retaliation raises danger level

Jury screening

Stimulus fund

Lisa Raitt shouldn't be sacrificed, but she is in peril

U.S.-designed cap-trade policy ill suits Canada

Government should listen to the courts

Cap-and-trade plan a forced union

Economic update promising

Xenophobic shift in Europe disturbing


Canadians, Americans trade shots

Plane purchasing endless, unfair

Advice from the 'sheik
Wheels of justice really do turn slowly

Ottawa mismanaging auto sector and CWB 

The Tories' gender struggles

Common sense and cool heads required in times of pandemic

PQ plan no way to help Quebec

PM's economic moves could save his fortunes

A chance to influence policy
Crisis and recovery in the forest industry


Van Loan faces mounting pressure to intervene in border standoff

Mohawk rips feds over guns

Native leader calls minister 'liar' over border dispute

Pakistan fights for its tribal soul

US 'to protect Afghan civilians' 

Ghor Bombing Kills 10 Civilians

US 'to review' Afghanistan tactics

Special Forces in charge in Afghanistan

Pakistani villagers 'avenge attack'

U.S. stresses NATO role despite Afghan expansion

Afghan Insurgent Violence Accelerates In 2009'

 CIA Secrecy on Drone Attacks Data Hides Abuses

Tories to revamp military buying procedures

Home is new Afghan war front

Latest : Defence ministers meet VIDEO

MacKay defends military's role in $3B plane deal

CAN Awards Surveillance Blimp Contracts

"Persistent Surveillance Aerostat System (PSA)"

Troops training for the real thing

US black liquor subsidy blamed in Skookumchuck mill closure

Tory tobacco bill holds match to brittle trade bond with U.S.

Exxon gives boost to TransCanada's Alaska pipeline

U.S. to boost Canada border presence by 45%

U.S. assigns 700 new agents to guard border

Harper tells Fox News Canada won't take Gitmo detainees

It's time for true Canada-U.S. free trade

Factories operating at lowest level on record, StatsCan says

Carney calls on governments to prepare exit strategies on economic stimulus

G8 nations seek stimulus exit strategy: Source

Defense ministers discuss Afghanistan before NATO meeting

NATO ministers back shake-up in US Afghan command

Raitt to meet with isotope-producing countries next week

Latest : H1N1 outbreak VIDEO

Suffering from swine flu or pandemic confusion? Here are some answers

New drug partial substitute for isotope

Tory election finance hearing delayed

  Premier Ed was doing a lot of chest thumping over the possibility of a carbon emissions plan but now it's been announced he's pulled back

Untendered $600,000 eHealth consulting contract comes to light

He's just not that into you, Mr. Prime Minister

Federal Liberals continue to gain ground: poll 

Showdown next Friday could prompt Canada election

Ignatieff blasts PM's handling of economy

Ignatieff to decide Monday on election

Harper hires former Bloc insider to help in Quebec 

Text of PM Stephen Harper's June 2009 economic progress report

Ottawa report card drops pledge to return to surplus in four years

Recession easing, PM says

Harper lays out stimulus spending in progress report

With an eye to staving off election, Harper says stimulus spending well underway

The Prime Minister's speech on the economic update - On the Hill

Canada says well placed to weather economic storm

Economic update VIDEO

Parliamentary Budget Officer says deficit disappears only with "significant discretionary actions" 

Harper says changes to EI coming in fall, but declines to give specifics

Harper needs to rebuild his reputation, ex-adviser says

Progress being made in Afghanistan, MacKay says

Petraeus : Afghan violence at peak level last week

Group raps Raitt about wind cash 

AECL a $30B `sinkhole,' Harper spokesman says

Garth Turner's been urged to enter MP race

Don Martin: Harper puts election talk to bed with soothing tale on stimulus

Stay tuned for confidence vote

Minister's resignation demanded after reviewing funding for Israel-Palestine conference

Tories may be running on fumes

Capital Read

Canada cites dangers in abandoned isotope reactors

Rights commission wants to give up its power to fine wrongdoers

Isotope class action in the works  Translation

Meat inspections lasted less than 2 hours a day

Windmill funding spun off to oilfield 

MPs call for expanded privacy law 

Canadian stranded in Sudan misses plane home 

Biometrics industry raises alarm over misuse of data

History is about to repeat itself as a result of global warming

Carbon market could be ready by fall: minister

Ontario proposes tough new wind turbine rules

What could justify a summer vote? 

Crisis turns into missed opportunity 

Sorry situation

It's about decency, minister

Where will it stop?

Why America is a bank-owned state

Coyne v. Wells on Canada's nuclear sinkhole
Des inquiétudes des deux côtés de la frontière

Harper affiche sa satisfaction

Vers un plan d'aide fédéral

La survie du gouvernement entre les mains d'Ignatieff

Forêt: plan fédéral de sauvetage en vue

Assurance-emploi: des changements à l'automne ne sont pas garantis

Un rapport réclame la révision de la Loi sur la protection des renseignements

Les conservateurs qualifient Energie atomique du Canada de gouffre financier

La commission des droits de la personne ne veut plus imposer d'amendes

Les conservateurs veulent une journée de plus pour voter

Ignatieff prend la fin de semaine pour réfléchir

Lisa Raitt rencontrera des représentants de pays exportateurs d'isotopes

Pour stimuler le vote


There have been a number of opinions expressed on the question of getting out of the production of isotopes.

It may be there will be a few more based on thoughts developed in thinking about the following QUESTIONS after reading an LTE sent out to-day published in the Ensign entitled Keep Canada's nuclear ploughshares and a Task Force report I didn't know existed never having read of it.

Of the opinion many within the National Media were unaware of it as well it was sent out as an F.Y.I. post.

Should you agree with the Prime Minister isotope production in Canada ought to be ended, be good enough to give us your reasons.

If you agree with views expressed by others reacting to his decision, send those thoughts along as well


If this kind of medical diagnostic imaging is superior to other types of imaging why would Canada want to get out of this most useful medical tool for patients at risk of certain kinds of oncology or cardiovascular issues?
Doesn't it make sense to keep these diagnostic tools manufactured in Canada?
How would Canada control the costs of these products or be assured of their availability to Canadian hospitals if they are manufactured in different countries with the technology to do so around the world?
Does this legitimize other countries advancing their own nuclear program?


To: National Media <>
From: Joe Hueglin <>
Subject: F.Y.I.: Report of the Task Force on Alternatives for  Medical-Isotope Production

My pardon if you are already apprised of this Report,  that of the  Task Force on Alternatives for Medical-Isotope Production, which was made public on November 11, 2008.

A reading of the views of this "ad hoc working group of experts" bears no relationship to the position taken by the Prime Minister, that Canada cease production of isotopes.

These questions ought to be asked and answered: Are the conclusions and recommendations of this Task Force inaccurate, and if so, in what manner such that they are being completely ignored?

Joe Hueglin

11 November 2008

The Task Force on Alternatives for Medical-Isotope Production today released its final report in prepublication form at URL http :// Task Force was convened by TRIUMF, the University of British Columbia, and Advanced Applied Physics Solution, Inc., with support from Natural Resources Canada.

Based on the incidents of late 2007 and these considerations, an ad hoc
working group of experts recommended the following actions to the Government
of Canada to minimize the potential for future interruptions:

• Develop a robust "Made in Canada Solution" (timely replacement of NRU)


From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Re-think Afghanistan

From: Tom Brewer

Who is the dark angel in the production of isotopes? In my opinion it is Stephen Harper not the Minister. Harper seems to have shut down production and yet our MP's have not voted on this. It amazes me how and again in my opinion how uncaring he is. In my opinion he alone controls what goes on. We had a good business and now it seems we will allow others to not just profit but take away jobs!
I find it appalling that once again Harper and his band lay blame to the problems with the Liberals! Look people Harper wanted to govern Canada and in my opinion used every tool possible to make us believe he is better than what we had. We now find out he and his merry band are able to only lay blame on others instead of taking the bull by it`s horns and addressing things.
What did we get when we marked our ballots. Not much but a bunch of so called do-gooders capable of blaming others for our ills.
Sick indeed, but then we get what we deserve... These individuals only want the glory of being in power and will do whatever to stay there too!<

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,
I disagree with Harper in getting out of the medical isotope business. The first reason, is Canada would become very dependent on other countries to supply the isotopes, and in so doing the isotopes will become subjected to the ups and downs of a global market. We would be worse off in the long run, and in the end certain diagnostic testing may only happen in centralized centres across Canada, which will produce even bigger waiting lists, than what we have today. I do agree with Dominic Ryan, the professor of physics at McGill, that we need to invest into nuclear science. As he states, "Canada's expertise in all three missions of the NRU reactor is jeopardized by both the current shutdown and the continued uncertainty over the future of the facility. Those missions are: (1) materials research using neutron beams, (2) nuclear energy R&D, and (3) the production of medical isotopes. We urgently need to construct a national laboratory that would surpass the NRU reactor in all of those missions. The science community that uses the neutron beams in Chalk River has published its vision for a concept facility called the Canadian Neutron Centre (CNC). The CNC would be based around a multipurpose research reactor that would draw on the NRU reactor's long successful history, while taking full advantage of advances in technology and safety measures."

Than he goes on to say, "The CNC would be a major piece of national infrastructure for science and industry. It is needed to keep Canadian science and industry competitive for the next 50 years. It would support a broad range of fundamental and applied research; it would secure the future of Canada's $5-billion-a-year nuclear industry; and it would ensure a stable supply of medical isotopes, contributing to the health of tens of thousands of Canadians every year and underpinning Canada's $350-million-a-year isotope industry."

As for Harper and the rest of the CRAP,  science is a dirty word but to me and many others, Canada should be investing heavily into science and research, because it is our future.

From: Tom Brewer

We wonder how it can be when we ask our kids a direct question we get run-a-around answers. I dare suggest our kids watch question period and figure if politicians can play games they too can!
To be honest, I am perturbed as hell when a government MP tries to pass the buck by not replying directly to what is asked. It is even more annoying when dear `johnnie`or little `Sarah`  try to pass the blame onto someone else. Listen Canadians voted for Harper thus turfing the Liberals butts out the door. We turfed them for a reason... Yet it seems we have to be reminded Harper and his band are saints and need not answer questions as they should. In all of this we electors are taken advantage of. I find it hypocritical the government wants to change laws but they themselves seem not to care about the boondogling every MP does. Nice to know isnt it... Every MP gets a pay-cheque no-matter the case. It is sickening my friends to see that our elected reps use and abuse the words don't do as I do....
No wonder so many MP`s are bloody lawyers! Word-mongers better describes them in my opinion!

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,  Reading speech on the update regarding stimulus money. Quote from speech, "
Today, I am here to announce that only 10 weeks into this fiscal year, fully 80 percent of our Plan's funding has been committed and is being implemented across this country!

These measures are creating and protecting jobs, building infrastructure, easing the tax burden on families, supporting Canadians who have lost their jobs, helping threatened industries, and laying the foundations for our future prosperity."
Want to know why, he and the CRAP party do not want to release all projects relating to the stimulus package? Why they keep bragging that money is  rolling it out within 72 days? Why they insist that projects are approve within narrowed criteria?  Most of the projects are like the project in my little outport, the library. It has been on the provincial books for years to do major repair work, but cost more than the average building, because it considered part of the heritage buildings in our town. As of two days ago, work has started on the library. Over 1 million dollars will be spent on the library. I heard from one of my workers who the town has tried to steal away from me, apparently the brick building, which is rarely seen in NL, the brick is falling away from the building, and the wood behind the brick work is not only rotten, but in some places there is no wall. In essence, the walls and brick work is all going to be replace, with brand new. Special bricks is on order to match the former brick work, and the proper walls built. The library was built by the town citizens  shortly after 1900, and the building is reflective of the pride and esteem held by the citizens where books and education were in high regard since 1800.

This and many other projects like this are what I consider short-term stimulus spending, where long term results may be questionable, when viewing through the lens of prosperity and laying the foundation. As for the workers, it is the ones like I have working for me who have very good skills in doing building repairs, but lack the require education to work for the big firms. The overseer is the local construction company, but only has a few full time employees and hires from the same pool of cheap labour that most home owners hires from.  This is what I call make-work projects, so many can now qualified for IE benefits. Projects such as the library, is only as good as what is inside the library. We can make a building look nice and pretty or a harbour with a excellent marina - but you have to have the other important stuff so people can make use of it.  Stuff such as fishermen fishing, fish plants operating, loggers working, and the other things that makes a local economy turning.  It is why it was so easy to rolled out the money within 72 days, because there is plenty of buildings especially in rural areas that need much work to bring it up to today's standards.

Politically speaking, it is great for the optics - until you scratch the surface. It does nothing for long term problems of local, province and national. Problems found in the fishery, forestry, farming and energy sector that have been further eroded by the inaction and lack of solutions by the Harper government. As a example, the recent help for the lobster fishermen will not be on hand until late winter of 2010, and as a result it does nothing to put the fishermen back on the waters. As the provincial fishery minister stated, there is little we can do since the fishery is under federal control, and as a consequence the regulations set out by the feds - allows little room to help and offer real solutions, that will fix the long-term problems.

If you took a real look at what is happening with the stimulus money , you will come down to the same conclusion that Harper's direction is in the short-term future, and the prime example is Toronto's application being turned down on the purchased of street buses. Even though it does not meet Ottawa's criteria, it certainly represents the long-term where public transportation will take on a bigger role in any big city, where traffic is an on-going problem.

I am not against the projects, because I dare say it is about time our library building is going to be repaired. I am against how Harper is using the projects, and promoting using a lot of spin, that is more in keeping with the shifty used car salesperson. Instead of the blue sweater, Harper should be wearing a loud plaid jacket. Ditto for the ministers, especial Riatt and the wind mill funding. Honesty is in short supply in the Harper government.  

Subject: Unilateral decisions of Usurper
From: Robert Ede

Dearest Mr Hig,
Uilateral actions like this by a Prime Minister (this one is just following the pattern enabled by Wm L M King) is unconstitutional ... or at least un- BNA 1867-1982 (as amended).
This is what I've been raging about with regards to the Governor General.
The Governor General MUST approve every action (okay, Okay occassionally its the GG in Council).
The GG is part of the Executive Order of Can governance
The Privy Council is part of the Executive
The Monarch is part of the Executive.
The decisions are made here - Executive.
The Prime Minister is but the Leader of the largest herd of seals in the LOWER House of Parliament (let's not quibble about majorities, pluralities or minorities of seats and/or votes - the Constitutional pecking order is the same irrespective of this detail)
The Prime Minister is IN the Privy Council (ie to advise the GG), the PM may be the PRIMARY Advisor but the PM is NOT the EXECUTIVE official.
But try and explain this to any Canadian, when (since 1950) a Cdn toady has been GG and the whole show has been run (anti- BNA/Constitutionally) by the PM who usurped the Privy Council in 1940 (by Order in Council PC 1940-1121).
Who would suspect that the dazzling ex-CBC newshound occupying the Vice Regal office could countermand the PM, by just saying NO to signification of an order in Council or passed by both Houses Bill?