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Time to get back to health care

Patience wears over trash

Debate a light workout

Sometimes you just have to be a skeptic

Mulroney testimony: More questions than answers

Tax deal makes the rest of us feel like suckers

Bailing at the ballot box
Rickety reactors

Pakistan needs aid more than weapons

Mr. Mulroney had options

Capped, traded and scammed by fake markets

 Learn something in this recession

Autoworkers 'just average' people facing tough times

Mulroney's testimony damaged himself

The torture question

Border visit What Napolitano needs to see

Victims of social networking Internet sites, evil gossipers

The ubiquitous plastic bag

Root causes of suicide by children

Bailout deals kill legal foundation of business

Canada's trade future may lie beyond U.S.

Finding oilsands efficiencies is key
Reasonable returns
The democratic assault on intelligence

As the old saying goes, farmers need the moisture

Mulroney inquiry a necessary evil

Where is our PM taking Canada?

Pap tests can save lives.

Mulroney's bad choices
The only wasted vote is one not cast


Blundering on in Afghanistan
Philippe Leymarie - Le Monde diplomatique (05/21/2009)

Minimising Civilian Deaths Crucial for the US

Slouching towards balkanization

Afghanistan seeks 400,000 soldiers, police

Arming the Enemy in Afghanistan

Public money 'wasted' on Afghanistan schemes

Canadian military analysts have concluded.  Pakistani nukes secure, despite MacKay warnings

Foreign Affairs contradicts MacKay on arms sales to Pakistan

U.S. protectionism will backfire: Clement

Clement begins push against 'Buy American'

America's sleazy, distorted attack on medicare

U.S. deal puts pressure on Canadian GM talks

Forest companies post $480M loss

We're nuked
Sudden shutdown of Chalk River reactor puts patients in peril

Court to rule on 'tidal wave' of press-freedom cases

Tory race heats up over human rights plan

Elliott takes aim at PC rival

Ignatieff portrayed Harper as a strong centralizing

Show of force by Harper =

PM tries to kick-start party in Quebec
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As Tories languish in polls, Harper touts his stand on open federalism, unlike 'centralizing' Ignatieff

Ignatieff fires back

Ignatieff taps high-powered economic braintrust

The devil is in the details - and the context

Credit card changes benefit families, Flaherty says

Never made parole board offer, Baird says

Ignatieff, from both sides now

CAN Foreign Minister Spokesperson Says NO Plans to Resume Arms Sales to PAK

Fate of world's oldest reactor questioned

New credit card rules fall short of regulating fees, rates

CPP fund records worst return in its history

9 million of public funds in election ads

World's been fooled

Racism column hits nerve

New approach to energy game

How should Ignatieff respond to the new Conservative attack ads against him?

A right to be upset over Mulroney tax deal

Montreal's demonization of Bela Kosoian

How does "fighting the spread of illegal cigarettes" advance the cause of liberty?

Dear Canada: An open letter from abroad
Une Philippine retire sa lettre d'appui à Ruby Dhalla

Mahmoud Abbas en visite au Canada

Harper dépeint Ignatieff comme un ardent centralisateur

9 millions de fonds publics en pubs préélectorales

Jim Flaherty annonce neuf mesures de réglementation des cartes de crédit

Le gouvernement fédéral a cessé d'offrir des réductions d'impôts spéciales

John Baird nie avoir évoqué une nomination gouvernementale à Larry O'Brien en 2006

Démonstration de force de Harper

Arrêt de Chalk River - Jusqu'à 70 % moins de diagnostics médicaux

Charge contre Ignatieff

Maître chez nous


Charge contre Ignatieff
Translation: French » English
The conservative leader, who expressed himself during a party of financing, told his adversary off Michael Ignatieff, which he described as «the most centralising liberal leader of the history of this country».

Mr Harper supported that alone his party believed in a strong nation of Quebec within united Canada. He besides compared the "centralising" federalism of the Liberals to the «federalism of opening» of conservatives.

The prime minister notably reminded of the recognition of the Quebec as nation in united Canada and conferment in the province of a seat within the Canadian delegation the UNESCO.
...               ...               ...

The conservative leader, who expressed himself during a party of financing, told his adversary off Michael Ignatieff, which he described as «the most centralising liberal leader of the history of this country».

Mr Harper supported that alone his party believed in a strong nation of Quebec within united Canada. He besides compared the "centralising" federalism of the Liberals to the «federalism of opening» of conservatives.

The prime minister notably reminded of the recognition of the Quebec as nation in united Canada and conferment in the province of a seat within the Canadian delegation the UNESCO.

«Today, as prime minister of Canada and conservative party leader, I invite you to renew your commitment in favour of a strong, prosperous and autonomous Quebec within the Canadian federation»,

Charge contre Harper

At a rally Conservative Party of Canada Leader Stephern Harper made this charge against Michael Ignatieff, Liberal leaderas describing him as  «the most centralising liberal leader of the history of this country».

My charge against the present Prime Minister is that he is the most decentralizing leader of any conservative party in the histtory of this country.  He views the provinces as "autonomous".

Are there among his supporters those who can explain this belief of his in practical terms?


From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
Subject: Peace Arch News - Children need true leaders

Children need true leaders


At the April 29 provincial all-candidates meeting for Surrey-White Rock, candidates were asked what initiatives they and their parties are prepared to make to help families of children with autism meet the crushing personal cost of providing needed treatment.

It will surprise many – as it clearly did some candidates – nothing like sufficient funding to meet basic needs for treatment is available under the Canada Health Act, nor is funding fully available under any health plan in any province.

The costs for science-based applied behavioural analysis and intensive behavioural interventions are carried largely by parents of affected children. The cost is crippling, amounting at times to tens of thousands of dollars per year, and the emotional burden is such that it has torn families apart, destroying marriages in some cases, and sometimes leaving a single parent to bear the cost insufficiently supported by spouse or the provincial government.

This is a tragedy that need not be. The federal government can amend the Canada Health Act, and, where issues of provincial jurisdiction arise, it has the power to persuade – if it has the political will.

Provincial governments need to take responsibility for the protection of our children and come to the aid of struggling families.

I wrote this letter to be published, after election day, because I want this message to be nonpartisan. It is written to encourage whoever won last week's election to pursue this issue vigorously so that the many children and families in our community struggling with autism can receive the help they need.

This is an area in which B.C. can be a leader.

Brian Marlatt, White Rock


From: "Jim Calvert"
Subject: RE: Muskoka 18

You are absolutely correct, guilty or not everyone is entitled to justice in a reasonable time. Indeed there have been many instances in Canada where defense or prosecution attorneys have managed to delay so long that Judges threw cases out for unreasonable delays.
Jim Calvert
From: Larry Kazdan

Joe, I'm away for 2 weeks.  Pace yourself!  Take care,  Larry

Larry's LTEs will be absent due to his.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:More tax dollars

This is getting obscene.  Do we never get a reprieve from paying for the more equal?  We have to pay all our costs if we are hauled before a HRT and yet here we are paying millions for this?  And because if comes from Privy Council or wherever, it is still our tax dollars that are being used.  I guess it is legal to take from the taxpayer but not from a lobbyist???  Or is this to be considered 'job creation' and this was a 'shovel ready' project?
We are paying for this man's pension, we are paying for his lawyers and we are paying for this sham inquiry.  He gets to pay for his kids education in a foreign country because of his position to be able to partake of this largess from a lobbyist and our kids work for much of their life to pay back their student loans???  What is wrong with this picture???  We are idiots. 


Mulroney inquiry to cost taxpayers $2M

Subject: Good LTE to Calgary Sun

Is a certain well-known firm that completes income tax filings for the average citizen aware one can receive a substantial cash payment for future performance of a task and refrain from declaring that cash for years? Then, when it is declared, only have to pay tax on approximately half of the total sum? ("Mulroney mum on why he stashed cash in safe," May 20.) Does Joe Lunchbucket know about this? Could it be we've discovered another loophole similar to the one where a Montreal family connected to the liquor industry was able to move to NYC without paying taxes levied on enormous assets? Just asking.
Doug Witherspoon
(The Canada Revenue Agency has some explaining to do.)

Subject: RE: Daily Digest May 20, 2009
From: "Efstratios Psarianos"

From: "Suan H.Booiman"
To: "Toronto Star Editor" <>
Subject: Martin Regg Cohn Rethinking the rules of citizenship

Prof. Stratos' succint Ethical Guidelines for the Canadian Citizenry
These would apply to ALL citizens, including 'Canadian' Canadians.
C1. Have due regard for the laws.
C2. Don't bother the neighbours.
C3. Get used to having different kinds of people around you. (By 'kind', I mean who think and act in different ways).
C4. When doing or thinking something, consider how others may perceive it. (Or 'Remember that you're not alone in Canada'.)
C5. Don't be a bunghole.
Prof. Stratos' succint Ethical Guidelines for Organized Groups (governments, 'ethnic/religious communities', etc.)
G1. If you're not used to it but it's legal, don't tolerate: accept! Unless there's a concrete, physical/practical reason not to ... then, bring it up with the governing authorities; but at all times, behave yourself.
G2. If it's illegal but it doesn't have a solid, physical/practical reason to be (e.g., gay marriage until recently), think it over and forebear opinion.
G3. Understand that people guided by different customs can come to private, extra-legal arrangements amongst themselves (e.g. Muslims resolving civil/interpersonal issues in accordance with sharia law as interpreted by am imam). But someone must always have the ability to 'defect' of their own will by resorting to Canada's and provinces' civil law (e.g., Muslim women who get stiffed when they inherit property through sharia-compliant 'legal precedent' must always have provincial civil law IF THEY CHOOSE TO DO SO ... and if they don't, well that's their choice, even if others don't like it).
G4. For criminal matters, Canada's laws apply, that's it, that's all.
Some more could be added, or perhaps the above could be squeezed down into something more compact, but I'd say that these provide a good basis. If this all seems too complicated to memorize, just remember Prof. Stratos' Only Commandment: 'Thou shalt think as Stratos thinks'. Hahahaha ... what, you were expecting something more profound? Like 'This is the Word, thy Guideline. Thou shalt hold no ethical guideline before those of the Professor thine Guide, Stratos'? How impious of you!
From: Tom Brewer

Am I out to lunch or what? Another problem at AECL! Yes the heavy water leak must be addressed I am however concerned about probable shortages. Was it not Harper's government who pulled the plug on some of the brass at AECL? In my mind to see and hear Harper tell us "this is why the people of Canada do not trust "them" [the Opposition] to govern makes me laugh but the joke I'm afraid is on us.
Those isotopes are important for many people and I am sure in making them make a few valued dollars for Canada as well. In my mind you would think ASS-U-ME we would be doing a lot better than we have!
In my opinion if Harper and his followers cant keep those isotopes coming down the line should we can we expect him to handle other issues that affect us?
In my mind it is far past the time wherein AECL should be told to get off their butts. It is far past the time for our government to assure issues as important as AECL are addressed on more than what it seems are do nothing till a crisis comes up.
Come on people... Those isotopes are needed right across the world. At this rate we surely might loose the business should someone else get their act together.

From: "Suan H.Booiman" <>
To: "Fraser Institute" <>
Cc: "Stockwell DayOkanagan" <>, "Cummins John Delta" <>, "Cannan Ron" <>, "Abbott Jim Kooteney" <>, "Fast Ed Abborsford" <>, "Harris Richard Cariboo-Princ George" <>, "Hiebert Russ" <>, "Kamp Randy Pitmeados-Maple Ridge-Mission" <>, "Grewal Nina Fleetwood" <>, "Hill Jay Prince George" <>, "Lunn Gary Saanich" <>, "Lunney James Nanaimo" <>, "Moore James Port Moody" <>, "Strahl Chuck Chilliwack" <>, "Mayes Colin Shuswap" <>, "Stockwell Day" <>, "Strahl Chuck B.C. CPC MP." <>, "Mcleod Cathy Kamloops" <>, "Sexton Andrew Borth Vancouver" <>, "Wong Alice Richmond" <>, "Cadman Donna Surrey" <>, "Duncon John Vanc.Isl.North" <>, "Weston John West Vancouver" <>, "Warawa Nark Langley" <>, "Hiebert Russ" <>
Subject: Bilingualism

                                                           Suan H.Booiman C.C.D.H.                                                              
British Columbia                                   White Rock V4B 4B1                      Western  Canada
May 21, 2009
Dr.Mark Mullins,
President Fraser Institute.
Dear Dr.Mullins,
Don't really know how to deal with the Fraser Institute May 2009 report on
                                         B I L I N G U A L I S M.
To be honest about it, as one that lived under the German occupation 1940/45
is like asking Hitler to write a report on the Holocaust.
The choice of commentators in this language report is nothing more than patronizing
those that don't care about Canada unless they are served and treated first, costing
undisclosed billions. underwritten by the fear to offend.
Will not comment on the content of the report, no matter what will and has been said is
undoubtedly wrong and the rise of racism will remain, the French supreme politics will be
the nations burden till dead do us part.
Canada's bilingualism is the enforcement of French, demanded by a small group using
threats of departure or violence to get it their way and the democratically elected
politicians bow and pay. Seemingly independent institutions follow the same direction.
Yours truly.
One that once was proud to be a Canadian, today one of the lower caste system, many of
whom are bilingual.
Suan H.Booiman

From: Ron Thornton

Hi Joe:

In reference to your question, finger prints and photos should automatically be purged from the system if the person charged is not also convicted. Basically, if not guilty then the charges should not have been laid in the first place, thus the finger printing and photos were wrongly collected.

If this society, this nation, wishes to create a data bank of all our finger prints, DNA samples, et al, then it could do so at birth. For those of us older than a few hours, we could collect such data when we hand out driver's licenses, for the purchase a weapon, to try the new A&W Uncle Burger. Unfortunately, that whole Big Brother thing comes into play, where we find ourselves abandoning the collection of such info that could identify the bad guys because we can't be sure the bad guys don't wind up being our own government. Something reminds me such instances have already been recorded in world history.

It is not as if politicians skim money off for various purposes, or the police kill somebody then lie about the circumstances, or political parties have views on what democracy is that seem at odds with the general public's take. To get your prints for whatever purpose in current times, all they have to do is charge you with something, anything, whether you even appear in court after you get your fingers dirtied. I guess I am no longer that trusting.

Ron Thornton

No "guess" about me. I'm not!

Robespierre was the first Minister of Public Safety.
The Reign of Terror


From: "Suan H.Booiman"
Subject: Criminal Code changes would allow fingerprinting before charges

Personally see no harm in a department holding personal information.
CSIS likely already hold opinions about individuals, so what if they
have finger print or DNA, eventually we will have to face the music
and carry a passport or drivers licence that already holds that data.
The problem is not in who holds what but the lack lustre administration
and courts. the legal brains that can read out the laws and constitution
what fits their opinion. The ability to milk the courts systems endless.
The fear to offend is like a chain around the neck, limiting freedom of
Since 1969 Canada has become a country without principles, the courts
have more rights than the democratically elected who write the laws as
suggested by perpetual bureaucrats.
The power is in the blackmail "if you don't I will" that this country is
handed, the only records in this country of individuals are the tax returns
from those that file, some high level individuals did ignore or have
lawyers to talk them out the obligation.
Lets us have fingerprints of all, maybe finally you will find out who is your
neighbour, or mine. Today you need a hammer to get the attention, the voter,
who ever that is, has no rights between elections, as we see the country
being corrupted by multiculturalism and bilingualism to form a cast
system, of whom some have more rights than others. The voter that does
not show up because there is no commitment or obligation or simple does
not want to be known. Come to Canada we will hand you an assurance
called a passport

From: Anthony Silvestro
Subject:  Letter to the editor.

Letter to the editor,
Corruption, fraud, adscam, money in brown paper envelopes, Taser killings, contracts on napkins…
RCMP, Mulroney, Chretien, O'Brien, politician after politician testifying before a committee, in court… Costing the taxpayers millions in the process and of course lawyers laughing all the way to the bank.
This goes on daily in Canada. Its front page news all the time and its all over the airwaves and television channels daily. What an embarrassment to all the thinking citizens of Canada.
You in the media and in power should all be ashamed of yourselves. You have created the socialist cesspool this country has become over the last 4 decades. Of course you will all blame someone else but you had a job to report and tell the truth instead of spin, lies, and biased/partisan nonsense... the crap we read, listen to and watch every day. You know, the stuff you try to present as news.
To think that some of you self-absorbed, narcissistic clowns in power and the media have the audacity to wonder why people are not voting any longer, why voter turnout goes down year after year… I mean are you all that brain-dead? Isn't it obvious?
Viewership, listenership, and readership are down for many reasons in this country, but the main reason its down is people are just sick and tired of the same partisan spin and lies coming from all of you.
This is not the country our forefathers went to war over. This is not the country our forefathers built… It's a good thing they are not around to see the mess that we've become.
Anthony Silvestro


Stephen Harper invites the natives of Quebec to most great caution before jumping into the liberal train of Michael Ignatieff.

Because Michael Ignatieff is the most centralising leader having never taken the orders of the liberal Party of all its history, asserted yesterday evening the prime minister in a speech to strong electoral taste in front of about 2000 conservative activists united to the prestigious hotel Reine-Elizabeth. While the Liberals became leader in opinion polls since Michael Ignatieff is in the bar of the party, Stephen Harper supported that the writings of the liberal leader make of him an exemplary pupil of Pierre Trudeau when it is powers which the federal government must have.

«Mr Ignatieff is in the descendants of Pierre Trudeau. He says himself that Trudeau is its mentor. I invite you to read what he said and what he wrote in the course of last decades. You will see that Mr Ignatieff is in fact the most centralising liberal leader of the history of our country», asserted Mr Harper in his speech of around thirty minutes.

«My friends, always remember that there is a centralising party, the liberal Party. There is a party of the freedom fighters, the Bock. But there is the single party which believed in the past and that always believes today in a strong nation of Quebec within united Canada and it is the conservative Party», he added.

The prime minister as underlined as the only plan which offers his liberal adversary to fight worldwide recession is to augment taxes and taxes to finance better permanent and extravagant expenses " of the federal government, mostly in fields of competence of provinces. «It would be an error of a historical proportion», he threw to his activists.

According to Mr Harper, the Liberals will not hesitate to bring back TPS, at present in 5 %, in 7 %, and to impose a tax on the carbon if they get power from the next elections, two measures which would have catastrophic effects, according to him, on Canadian economy.

«One of the reasons for which the liberal leader wants to augment your taxes, it is because he wants that the federal has more money to practice a centralising federalism», asserted the prime minister.

Mr Harper pronounced this speech to Montreal, where the conservatives did not succeed in making elect deputies since 1988, while its party saw its supports diminishing of a way marked in opinion polls since the last elections. The last opinion poll CROP-LA Press indeed grants 37 % of supports to the Liberals of Michael Ignatieff in the Quebec against 31 % in the Block of Quebec, 15 % to the conservative Party and 12 % to NPD. In the last polls, the conservative Party got the province 22 % suffrages in while the Block of Quebec gathered 38 % and the liberal Party, 23,5 %.

Mr Harper not only used his speech to attack the credibility of Michael Ignatieff and to call into question once again the utility of the Block of Quebec, but he also tried to show that his party did not give up a cross the Quebec, in spite of bad opinion polls.

«It is the biggest gathering in the Quebec since the new conservative Party was formed. I hope that there are many journalists in the room. They will never again be able to say that I gave up a cross the Quebec», threw straightaway Stephen Harper. The conservative strategists besides chose a topic for this party to beat this message: «They take root in the Quebec».

During his speech, Stephen Harper also wanted to make hush up about the persistent rumours brought back in some English-speaking media according to which he could enjoy esteem before the next elections to avoid a defeat in ballot boxes.

In a flight of fancy which left no doubt on its intentions, the prime minister asserted, by reminding that he had just celebrated his 50th born birthday: «I am in very big form in spite of about fifty. And I can say to you that the bloquiste and the Liberals are going to realise it during the next election campaign.»

If he reserved the majority of his attacks on Michael Ignatieff, yesterday evening, Stephen Harper did not spare the Bloc of Quebec therefore. It criticised the troops of Giles Duceppe to have voted against all measures taken by its minority government to restart economy. But its biggest load concerned the struggle against crime. Stephen Harper told the Bloc off to have voted against a bill aiming at imposing more strict troubles on the criminals implicated in the traffic of the children. «The Bloc still confirmed that he has more considerations as the attackers than as the victims. We are the only one left to the House of Commons which attacks crime and that defends the victims», he asserted under the applauses of his activists.

At any end of his speech, Stephen Harper came back to his policy of the tense hand towards the Quebec which allowed to its party to win 10 seats on elections of 2006 and on polls of 2008 in the province.

«You can count on me to make all necessary efforts so that our party is always the instrument by which the natives of Quebec and the Natives of Quebec will be able to assert their pride in great numbers in their past and their confidence in future», he asserted.

«Today, as prime minister of Canada and conservative party leader, I invite you to renew your commitment in favour of a strong, prosperous and autonomous Quebec within the Canadian federation», he added on a conscious, more repentant tone than his party had made errors in the Quebec during the last campaign.

Chance wanted that Mr Harper pronounces his speech to Montreal the same day when the ancient prime minister Brian Mulroney.

The prime minister Stephen Harper pronounced a speech on Wednesday evening, in Montreal, to try to galvanise the conservative troops in the Quebec.

The conservative leader, who expressed himself during a party of financing, told his adversary off Michael Ignatieff, which he described as «the most centralising liberal leader of the history of this country».

Mr Harper supported that alone his party believed in a strong nation of Quebec within united Canada. He besides compared the "centralising" federalism of the Liberals to the «federalism of opening» of conservatives.

The prime minister notably reminded of the recognition of the Quebec as nation in united Canada and conferment in the province of a seat within the Canadian delegation the UNESCO.

The load against Mr Ignatieff continued with the address of Christian Paradis, the first lieutenant of Stephen Harper in the Quebec. «They are numerous in the Quebec to reject the centralising and domineering federalism of Michael Ignatieff, because all are known that this runs us straight in the wall. They are numerous in the Quebec to reject souverainisme and defeatism, and, as would say it the president of the French Republic, the sectarianism of Giles Duceppe, because they know that to advance, we native of Quebec, need to be at the table of the decision-makers», he declared.

They take root in the Quebec

The exit of the conservative leader aims at showing that its party did not give up the Quebec, after the net detachment of the conservatives in the province on the last federal elections. Event is important all the more for the conservative Party which is assisted a rise of the Liberals in opinion polls in the Quebec.

Besides, the conservatives chose a revealing slogan for their party: «They take root in the Quebec». To note also that the leader of the Block of Quebec, who has the majority however of the seats in the Quebec, was a little spared by Stephen Harper, which reserved a lot of his critics for Michael Ignatieff.