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Daily Digest April 9, 2009



Fairweather friends?

Recession uneven in its impact

Public outcry led to taser policy change

Playing Ontario against Quebec backfires on PM

'Canadian' gangs behind smuggling

A matter of life and death
Energy assessments

China is finally on PM's agenda

Alberta's fiscal nosedive

Our values -- their country

Harper must respect all citizens' rights

We haven't yet won bottle battle on roads

Vimy Ridge Take the time to remember

Counting on calorie counts

HIV murder conviction the right thing to do

Eternal message of faith

Timely release of information vital for RCMP

Galloway's hypocrisy

Let's reopen organ donation debate

We don't need newspapers, we need news


US reaches out to Hekmatyar

Fugitive Afghan Hekmatyar hasn't contacted US-aide

Pakistan to America: Give Us the Killer Drones

 US calls for unity against Taliban
Envoy urges India to work with Pakistan to tackle fighters resurgent in Afghanistan.

Canada in Afghanistan

Vimy Ridge anniversary marked

Agent Orange fund pays $44M

Ottawa faces pressure to align with US on green plans

PM 'disappointed' by softwood duty
As his political opponents criticized him for negotiating a deal that was detrimental to the forestry industry,

Americans habitually 'diss' Canadian health care system

Meat label law 'will kill' production, farmers say

Trade figures suggest North America on the mend

Economy sheds 61,300 in March as job losses rival early 1980s recession

Economy's ups and down a headache for policy makers

Canadians want more stimulus spending: poll

Shaky car companies' collapse could bring down other automakers: Day

Prospect of Nortel asset fire sale is very high

General Ray Odierno: we may have to ignore Iraq deadline to halt al-Qaeda terror

Canada seeks WTO consultations on South Korean beef ban

A new provincial law giving sheriffs the authority to shut down drug houses has resulted in 'gangbuster' results

Farmer charged with shooting alleged thief overwhelmed by support

Manitoba board considers random drug tests for high school students

 Rolling back secrecy on court files

Telegram raises questions about Moores's links to Airbus

N.S. Liberal leader apologizes for leaked topless photo

NDP would scrap 'Campbell's unfair and ineffective gas tax'

CAW chief says Ont. wrong for not backing pensions
Ontario says it's not abandoning pensioners

Ontario candidate wants to take the progress out of conservative

How Alberta can escape its boom-bust revenue cycle

Tories outspent Liberals by $4.9M in last vote

MacKay pleads in vain with Tories over Mulroney

Tories preparing for fall election

Harper, Ignatieff spar over Mulroney inquiry
Harper travels to Edmonton to highlight Tory apprenticeship grants

8% jobless rate 'not good news,' but not unexpected, Harper says

GM retirees rip Flaherty
Anger sparked over pensions VIDEO

EI claimants face payment delays, 'please try later' messages

Feds want clarification on death penalty order

Canadian police off to Sudan
Officers join UN-led mission to train and mentor fledgling force in the south of strife-torn nation

Canada pushing for Sri Lanka ceasefire: Cannon

Economy worse than Tories let on, watchdog says

Minister talks tough, but he's blowing smoke

Don't mess with present democracy

Committee to advise Flaherty on how to get credit flowing

CBC wants piece of TV bailout
Ailing broadcaster seeks share of any federal relief package meant to prop up private sector

Hot air over greenhouse gases

Wind power is a complete disaster


Freedom 'worth fighting for'

Tired of gloom and doom news on economy

Hang 'em from the yardarm

A big anniversary bash for Mulroney? Why not?

1,000 prints of cartoon depicting Muhammad go on sale in Denmark

He's no John A.

Stimulus, Tory-style Ken Boessenkool, National Post

 Kill the long gun registry

Toronto Star columnist alleges our foreign policy is controlled by secret Israeli cabal

Les conservateurs, les plus dépensiers

Loi controversée sur la place des femmes chiites dans la société - Le Canada sait depuis octobre que l'Afghanistan veut renouer avec le passé

MacKay tente de défendre l'appartenance de Mulroney au PCC

Des élections fédérales à l'automne?

Harper ignore si Mulroney est toujours membre du PCC

Harper ne sait pas si Mulroney est membre du Parti conservateur

Ottawa et Washington veulent réduire les émissions dans les eaux côtières

Le cas Abdelrazik: Cannon se fie à l'ONU plutôt qu'à la GRC ou au SCRS

Ottawa demandera des précisions au tribunal sur la peine de mort

Manifestation pour le respect du français à la Commission de l'immigration


Easter is not any where near affected as yet by political correctness to the same extent as Christmas.  Nonetheless Paul's posting is given prominence as the means of passing on to you what I would have Him do for you and yours
this Holiest of weekends.


From: "Paul Downie"

Subject: The Sneeze

They walked in tandem, each of the ninety-two students filing into the already crowded auditorium.  With their rich maroon gowns flowing .. and the traditional caps, they looked almost .. as grown up as they felt.

Dads swallowed hard behind broad smiles, and Moms freely brushed away tears.

This class would NOT pray during the commencements----not by choice, but because of a recent court ruling prohibiting it.

The principal and several students were careful to stay within the guidelines allowed by the ruling. They gave inspirational and challenging speeches, but no one mentioned divine guidance and no one asked for blessings on the graduates or their families.

A solitary student walked proudly to the microphone. He stood still and silent for just a moment, and then, it happened.

All 92 students, every single one of them, suddenly SNEEZED!

The student on stage.. simply looked at the audience and said,

'GOD BLESS YOU, each and every one of you!' And he walked off stage.

The audience exploded into applause with a standing ovation. This graduating class had God's blessing on their future without the court's approval.

It happened at the University of Maryland.
From: "Stephen Mostad"

Hi Joe,

Just wanted to apprise you of a blog I started, which you might enjoy reading. It's called CanadiUN because I've been working with the UN and have been seeing - personally speaking - Canada's standing in the world slip. I publish a new posting once a week, usually Sunday.

Have a read and let me know your thoughts.

From: "Efstratios Psarianos"

Who do you consider will be most affected politically by this headline, the person throwing the stone or the target?
It depends.
To a guy like me, who won't even bother reading the article, the thrower is the disappointing one. Given that Mr. Ignatieff hasn't struck me as a baby-eater or anything, whomever spouts this kind of stuff is just making noise and wasting precious seconds of my time (OK, minutes now that I've begun to write this). Mind you, the opposite would be the case if the intended target of this bumf really WERE an amoral in-you-face type. But in the latter case, I'd still need some evidence, say along the lines of Pierre Trudeau's promising no gas-tax hikes in an election campaign and a few months later implementing an even bigger one than that which the Tories had proposed.
To a group of supporters or potential voters who need whipping up, however, this kind of talk may be just the thing to get them excited. In other words, this message is targetted to the people on a mission to ensure that Liberals don't come to power anytime soon (or ever).
In the latter sense, the message CAN be effective, given that the intended effect is to motivate some and to be ignored by others. However, long term, there's a price to be paid for too much of this kind of thing: the people of the 'ignore' type get a sense that the fellow speaking is either a loudmouth or someone who speaks nonsense. And if there's too much of that in the air and the speaker gets labelled as a bumbler or what-not for whatever reason, the speaker begins to grate more and more on people's nerves.
So, short-term sectional gain versus long-term 'aaaah, SHAD-daaap'. You do the math ...
P.S. Same goes for personal or anti-Party attack ads. Either they state the obvious, so there's not much need to state one's case (e.g., 'Stephane Dion / Joe Clark is a dweeb') or it sounds wrong and revolting. Either way, it's less than no-win ... whomever sponsors the attack ads comes across as someone who's doing his best to speak to us like children.

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,  Typical response from any Harper Conservatives.

I believe that the "moral compass" statement, is the start of the new campaign against Iggy. I bet their will attack him on his morals, and infer that he has no loyal or moral fibres on any subject, much less telling Canadians what they should do or not do. In other words,  Iggy's morals and values are not the same and are dangerous to the average Canadian. Once again it will shift the focus away from the failings of the Harper government to the failings of one individual and his career and personal life.

Its their MO. There is a pattern that has emerged, and is now part of how the Cons operate. I first notice it on the blogs, and how people would first debate, than defend their side and if both strategies fails to win the other person over, than use the strategy of shifting focus away from the debate, to questions on the failings, character traits or moral lapses of the person, or groups. So, when Harper said the political opposition parties had no moral compass: he stated it to shift focus away from the in-fighting that is occurring within the Conservative caucus.

It is a tactic, that is used every day in ordinary circumstances. What Harper has done, is put it to use throughout the political system. How many times did the Harper government used it on parents who dare to voice opposition of the Afghan war?  By discounting  their opposition by referring their members of the Liberal party or something along this line, their shift the debate off the Afghan war, to the parent and others, questioning their loyalty to their own sons and daughters or the arm forces in general.
Another area where it is used often is on the social issues of the day. Issues such as national day care for children, where people who have opposed it, are against parents having choice of who and what will take care of their children. It shifts the focus away from the government's movement and policy changes of withdrawal, to parents having the right to choose the best option for their children. It is all about changing the values that Canadians hold when thinking about government. In the case of child care and other issues like it, that government should not be involved in Canadian's lives that is part of day to day living. Arts and cultural is another area where Harper has imprinted their views, telling Canadians that arts and cultural are not particular important in people's lives. By doing so, they cause more divisions as you move from east to west across the country, by shifting the focus on what is considered art or cultural aspects, pitting ordinary people and their values against the values of opera and other aspects that is not part of an ordinary Canadian lives.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: more bailouts

Joe--it is not bad enough that the taxpayer will be held accountable for car anufacturers bailout and covering their repair work, but I thought I heard that there is a possible bailout for the media giants.  Have you heard this?  Asper is buying the Blue Bombers and building a new stadium(with some of our money) and yet we are also going to bail them out?
Subject: DD

Re: The Hon. Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada &

The Hon. Peter Van Loan
Minister of Public Safety

Dear Ministers:

On behalf of Science for Peace, Canada and Canadians Concerned About Violence In Entertainment, I wish to express strong opposition to Bill C-301 and any other bills, such as that introduced in the Senate recently to end the long-gun registry. We believe that any measures to weaken existing gun control laws are a retrograde step that ignore the facts on how gun violence in our communities has been reduced by their implementation.

Joe--the erroneous facts stated below (gun violence has been reduced by gun control) are facts that are not backed up by reality.  But then, when has reality ever entered the picture when we have groups that seek to control the population?
The fear mongering stated--'research shows that every illegal gun begins as a legal gun' is ridiculous in the extreme, seeking to make it appear as if guns used in commission of a crime were in the hands of a 'legal' owner and then stolen.  The guns may have been legal when they were produced but that was the last time they were legal if they are used by a criminal, and have never had any brush with the 'gun control registry'!

The people she uses as guidelines for her demand for keeping the long gun registration are suspect to say the least.  When has anything shot(no pun intended) out of David Miller's mouth had anything worthy attached to it?  As for the police chiefs--they are political stooges and will say what they are told.  A policeman on the street who depends on the gun registry to indicate if guns are present in any given situation are, in effect, committing suicide if they go into a situation not expecting guns. Talk to the police on the street instead of those that sit behind a desk.  Do you think those Mounties at Mayerthorpe would be dead if that criminal had been in jail rather than out on the street because of our lax Judicial System?

Blaming an inanimate object, rather than the criminal that uses them, is a fools game with deadly consequences.  This writer would prefer us to be unarmed and defenceless in the face of the failure of the Injustice System to properly handle criminals.  Illegal gun use is so often plea bargained away and it is only honest citizens who are criminals if they own an unregistered gun.  How many criminals have committed crimes with guns when they are out on bail?  But blame the gun, not the criminal Injustice System or the criminal.
We are all responsible for our own actions but people like this writer seek to make inanimate objects the criminal and use that as a method of controlling our every move.  It is interesting that in the US in States where carrying a gun is legal, the cases of violent crime has decreased dramatically.  A good friend of mine taught the gun course.  He would set a gun on the table in front of him throughout the class and then ask how many crimes that gun had committed during the class.  Of course the answer was none--it takes a criminal to commit the crime!

As for violence in entertainment--again, we are responsible for our actions and the education of our children.  To have the State control this is just another move to total control of the citizen.  I don't like the movies, games etc. that promote violence etc.  But then, we don't have to watch or use this garbage.  We are losing sight of reality, ethics and morals and this is being encouraged by our 'education system'.  Perhaps if we alll


From: "Mark-Alan Whittle"
Subject: LTE
Ontario taxpayers bailed out Hamilton again
Mark-Alan Whittle
The Hamilton Spectator
(Apr 9, 2009)

Re: 'McGuinty

Subject: Opinion: PM feared Galloway's message
From: Wendy Forrest

Bravo Linda McQuaig!
PM feared Galloway's message

Begin forwarded message:
Date: April 8, 2009 12:46:43 PM EDT (CA)
To: "'Henry Atkinson'"
Subject: Classical liberal

See the following banner quote on the link.
 Stephen Harper, a former classical liberal, will govern like a Liberal predicted Martin Masse in January 2006.

From: "John Duddy"
Subject: If this isn't organized crime, what is?

Stephen Harper and Oz Prime Minister John Howard deliver the SAME SPEECH ­ yes, virtually identical speeches, urging their nations to join George W. Bush's "Coalition of the Willing" to go to war with Iraq. Pretty conclusive proof that 9/11 and the subsequent invasions of sovereign countries under false pretexts was a setup from day one. Well worth watching (3 min):

From: Charles Tupper
Subject: Borderless World ::: the Long-held Dream of Bilderberg Group

From: "Ross Bateman"
Subject: Wind Disaster

Joe:  I think this is definitely worth repeating in the Digest.   Ross

  Wind power is a complete disaster

From: Tom Brewer

I cant believe it. Our government wont let a Canadian back into Canada!

Abhorrent to say the least. That Sudanese born Canadian lives life in our embassy and Harper's cronies hedge. Too bad the same cronies don't stop Harper from re-entering Canada when he is out on one of his junkets. I'm sure they could find a spec of dust to justify Harper having to live as this other Canadian has.

Oh.. Harper is a Canadian! Why because of the colour of his skin? Where and when will it end? How many hoops must this man jump through?

From: Ron Thornton

Hi Joe:

In regards to the "Ignatieff has 'no moral compass,' PM says" article, I don't think many of us will even long remember the issue. I am sure Iggy sent off congratulations to Mulroney on his birthday, as well as in the past sent similar greetings to Chretien. Maybe Iggy just likes everybody, no matter what.


From: "Serge Crespy"
COPY OF ARTICLE AS FORWARDED TO N.Y. TIMES (12:50 p.m. today / Somewhat improved from your copy, Joe)
Dear Joe:
Same-Sex marriage confuses Human Rights; the exclusive right of humans to create, not mutate.   Creation of the human species, when scientifically produced in a petri-dish, leaves no doubt that only an ovum combined (married) to sperm results in an embryo.   Any attempt to combine (marry) an ovum to another egg, or, to combine (marry) sperm to another's sperm is simply a sub-conscious attempt to "mutate" LIFE.
Serge Crespy
P.O. Box 383,
Collingwood, Ontario

From: "Peter Robertson"
Subject: Mr. A. Abdelrazik

                 So Franz Kafka now inhabits Foreign Affairs.  Functionaries make inscrutable decisions, and another Canadian citizen is denied not only the protection of his country but even the right to reside in Canada – all in the name of "National Security"!
                I do not believe Lawrence Cannon, who has justified not permitting Mr. Abdelrazik to return to Canada on this basis, any more than I believed that Mr. Maher Arar was a security threat.  If indeed Mr. Abdelrazik is such a threat, then kindly produce the evidence – otherwise, facilitate his return to Canada, get out the cheque book, and apologize abjectly to him, his family, and the Canadian people for perpetrating such horrific acts upon him.
                As I keep saying, one Canadian citizen is equal to all other Canadian citizens.  We all have the same rights and responsibilities.  This benighted government seems to want to discriminate in the way it treats certain classes of Canadian citizens.  Who is going to be next?  Those who vote Liberal or N.D.P.?  Those who think that it is important to protect the rights of minorities in a country comprised of an aggregation of minorities?  Peace, Order, and Good Government does not require that any citizen of this country be marooned by the government in the Sudan, or anywhere else.  I will not accept anyone from the Conservative Party or this present government paternalistically opining that I should trust the government for the better good of the country.  I want facts in support of the government's actions.  We should all want to see these facts. 
                The outcome of this case will affect how I vote in the next election.  If you value your country, it should affect your vote too.
Peter Robertson.

From: Rubie Britton
Subject: What is Harper doing?!

Subject: Energy Probe...Please read.
Two Types of Greens

From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
Subject: Canadian Grain Act - Bill C-13 privatisation on the march

Subject: Surrey Leader - Don't mess with present democracy

Subject: BELOW 30
Brad Thomson
Charles Tupper wrote, "In this country it doesn't matter who makes the news. What gets reported is the key." Then Ray Strachan wrote about "active thermitic material."
What got reported was that a man on dialysis living in a cave, with almost no communications with the outside world, crashed planes into the Twin Towers. If you go back and watch the original news programming from that day, you will notice that within one hour the name bin Laden was being reported, based upon statements made by the White House. Later that day a third building was imploded into its own footprint, yet it was hit by nothing.
That third building that fell came down in the manner of a controlled demolition of the kind we have seen hundreds of times. But, the towers came down in a completely different manner. Thousands of little explosions can be seen taking place, and they descend in sequential order at exactly free-fall speed as the pulverized rubble exudes. Thermite.
What I don't understand is how bin Laden's boys got into the towers to rig them with the explosives. (Oh, wait a minute, the man in charge of security was Marvin Bush, brother of the President at the time.) What I also don't understand is how bin Laden managed to cause the explosions to go off in such perfect sequential order all the way from his cave in Afghanistan. (Oh, wait a minute, the third building that fell contained a fortified bunker, offices of the CIA, FBI and others. I guess bin Laden must have found a way to infiltrate.)
Another question I have is how a plane was utterly extinguished when it hit the Pentagon, left a hole a plane could not fit through, and made more holes in deeper layers of the building. The explanation exists in the various surveillance cameras that produced images that the media has never, for whatever reason, shown us. (Oh, wait a minute, a plane must have hit though, since DNA of most of the dead was easily discovered despite the fact that no trace of the plane itself remained.)
The corporate-controlled media feed us a pack of lies and nonsense, and it is a testament to the profound gullibility of the masses that the clear and obvious truth of 911 is rejected by the vast majority. What are they going to tell us next, that man walked on the moon?
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told us at the closing of the G20 meetings that a "new world order" has emerged, that the world is to be controlled by the IMF, and that complete globalization is the goal. He admitted that the politicians are controlled by the international banking hoodlums. The man must be one of those kooky conspiracy theorists who watches too many movies.
I maintain my earlier prediction, with a proviso. If the world lasts beyond December 21, 2012, a point in astronomical history when our solar system passes through the equator of the Milky Way galaxy, Schwarzenegger will become King of the World.
Brad Thomson