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Goose, gander

Better not count on government money

Obama Motors

Show us the money, Mr. Flaherty
THE SHOVELS for the "shovel-ready" projects are ready.

No perfect answers in torture debate

A cleaner, kinder, gentler place

Good news from Pakistan

Be afraid, but not of the flu
Negative advertising
Watching the West Coast

Precaution, not panic, is best

Torch of eternal gratitude should never grow dim

Prudent response over swine flu

Halt the Tamil tragedy

 Who's watching the money? 

Few signs of the lessons of SARSComment6

Better late than never

Speeding diversions

Auto workers' concessions a good start

 Dad denied right to be proper parent

Arab peace plan gains support

One will be the loneliest number

Canada's calm response to flu promising sign

Drawing lines on a slippery slope

Keeping pot illegal leads to bad brew

Put vicious dogs down

Too little, too late

Swine flu must be taken seriously

So far, swine flu is nothing more than a worrisome virus

New 'recessionistas' must forgo frugal ways and spend, spend, spend

Get informed but don't panic

End asbestos support now


Pakistan launches operation against the Taliban in Buner


U.S.-Canada divide is stark on science
The Obama administration's multibillion-dollar investments coincide with the Canadian government's decision to cut $148-million in funding  http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20090427.wibbitson27/BNStory/International/home

Aide to Obama touted as envoy to Canada

GM Canada to kill 38,000 jobs

Credit cards hugely benefit merchants

A check on fees

UAW health fund to own 55% of Chrysler

Prudent response over swine flu


Politics is the greatest threat to effective pandemic response

Adopting STV would be pure folly

Ontario backs off green audit for homes

In-and-out case might finally go to court

Political feud breaks out over swine flu

Tories waive $89 M in late fees for choppers

Lawyers gird for legal battle over Insite

Tories grilled over Chinese-made flag pins

Something rotten in the state of Canada?

Khadr capers kaput
Time to bring Canada's child soldier home from Guantanamo

Political expediency has a price

Poll numbers add up to an exciting federal political season ahead

The decline and faults of Stephen Harper

Is now the time for a Canuck car?

Pride at a discount

Tory hits the airwaves

No cake for the caucus at Harper's party

Harper attaqué de toutes parts

Harper a versé 50 000$ pour des relations publiques aux Etats-Unis

Lobbyiste en quelques jours

H1N1: la transmission par le porc n'est pas prouvée

Méga-restructuration chez General Motors

Kandahar est une bonne école pour les policiers canadiens en mission


n a letter sent to Congress, Obama said an additional $1.8 billion will help fund a plan to build drug stockpiles and monitor future cases of the disease, which has been linked to dozens of deaths in Mexico. He said the money will also help international efforts to battle the flu. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2009/04/28/health-canada-mexico865.html

Swine flu

These articles will provide a balance towhat is suggested in you tubes posted below. Ask me? I don't know - exept for this


From: Ray Strachan
Subject: Lets just keep focused


As human Reptiles,    cold blooded killing machines,  lets remember to keep
our focus, so that we please the Greedy War Mongers.

The Focus should be of course, the one now  present in Blazen Red Letters, in
Headlines of some Newspapers in  reference to The Swine Flu ,  "TERROR"

Oh yes, collectively we will  probabley do just that. "REMEMBER ,TERROR,
meaningingful things like, "Im paying to God Dam Much Taxes"    Well that is
absolutely true,that aint gonna go away    But the human race is . Just keep
thinking the way they want you to think, Terror ,Terror,Terror.  Geezus I wish
I were smart enough to be terrified along what I would suggest, is the

Ray Strachan

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Punching above Canada's weight, Matthew Fisher,  April 27

Re: Punching above Canada's weight, Matthew Fisher,  April 27
Canada may be punching above its weight in Afghanistan, but is punching the best strategy?  According to Canada's independent Parliamentary Budget Officer, Kevin Page, the Afghan mission has cost Canada an estimated seven to ten billion dollars up to October 2008 with less than one billion dedicated to aid.  Is that the right military/civil mix that Fisher commends?  There is an urgent need for a UN-led, broadly-based political dialogue in Afghanistan, inclusive of all parties that want peace including regional neighbours and the various components of the Afghan society.  Unless the emphasis changes from fighting a war that cannot be won, praising Canada's Afghanistan leadership role may be akin to extolling the success of an operation while the patient continues a steady decline.
Larry Kazdan,
Vancouver, B.C.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:is this considered 'job creation'???  Our tax dollars at work???

PMO paid U.S. presidential spokesman $24,500
Updated Mon. Apr. 27 2009 8:29 PM ET

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA -- The Canadian government paid George W. Bush's former press secretary $24,500 to help communicate with Americans before the recent G20 summit.

Subject:  'higher' education??? or brainwashing???


Subject:  Created swine flu
Mexican Flu Outbreak 2009: SPECIAL REPORT by Dr Leonard Horowitz

Using public health scares to terrorize the
public and push government/big pharma

Get the facts about "swine flu" and share
with your friends.


From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
To: "Letters \(National Post\)" <Letters@nationalpost.com>
Subject: Re: "PMO paid former Bush aide for $24K for advice," Tuesday April 28, 2009.

The Editor,
Just a short note, and a few questions. I see that that the Harper government has picked two American pitchmen to sell Canada in the US and at the recent London G 20 talks, one from the Clinton administration, one from the Bush administration.  It is the later, Ari Fleischer, who concerns me.  It was Fleischer who as Bush press secretary answered a question regarding the cost of maintaining US forces on the borders of Iraq by saying the "crisis" could be ended for the cost of a bullet and today defends water boarding on the CNN programme Anderson Cooper 360.
Incidently, isn't calling for political assassination an impeachable presidential offence?  As White House spokesperson, wasn't Fleischer speaking for the White House and since he wasn't fired was the Bush White House endorsing political assassination of Saddam Hussein?  What of the rule of law?  Isn't water boarding torture?
What do you say of a PM who would hire someone like that to pitch Canada to Americans?   Does the Harper government have any credibilitly at all?   Once again Harper is hurting Canada's reputation in the US and on the international stage.  Isn't it time for change to occupancy of the prime minister's office.
Just asking.
Brian Marlatt
 White Rock, BC

From: "Phyllis Wagg"
There are a couple of comments From: Ron Thornton that I find somewhat troubling

"It would seem that just because Obama wants to jump aboard the carbon based socialist wealth transfer scheme, then we also should take part in wasting our time and resources by giving any credence to this fantasy."

This is a clear ideological point of view.  The concept of "socialist wealth transfer" is based on a moral principle that those who currently hold and control wealth must be protected from any change that might challenge their perceived right to "the wealth of nations."  It reflects the difference between new conservatism and progressive conservatism or even classical liberalism.  As  F. A. Hayek, one of the major gurus of right wing ideology, wrote:  "A conservative movement, by its very nature, is bound to be a defender of established privilege and to lean on the power of government for the protection of privilege."  We are seeing that today with the amounts of money being directed to the "haves" in the hope that by shoring them up there will be a trickle down effect to the rest of us through some "natural" process that does not require a "wealth transfer" down the social economic scale.  By ignoring the basic need for economic change and adaptation to new realities the conservative movement of today is poorly situated to provide economic prosperity for the masses.

_*CALGARY HERALD -Listen to the court--bring Khadr home
*_What home might that be? Being Canadian should mean more than only being born here or using that citizenship like a parasite. Being Canadian means being part of this nation, this society, and making contributions for the betterment of this land they call home.  It would appear to me that home is where the heart is, where your ass sits, and where you toss your grenades. If Mr. Khadr is to be brought home, then that should mean returning him to a land far, far away from our own shores.

This is an interesting point of view.  When Khadr's family took him from Canada he was a child and a Canadian citizen.  Our law places children under the control of their parents.  What is the expectation here?  Conservatives believe in the rights of the family.  Should the government have removed Khadr and his under age siblings from this family when they left Canada?  Should the government prohibit the travel of all new citizens or remove their children from them before they visit another country?  I may have concerns about individuals holding citizenship in more than one country but unless our laws are changed the state has clear obligations in regard to those it provides citizenship. More and more the state is becoming involved in "selective" application of its obligations to citizens and in the process creating two levels of citizenship undefined by law.  Overall, I find Mr. Thornton's position unacceptable, particularly in its application to children, who do not have the same choices as adults.

Phyllis Wagg

Robert Ede
Subject: Demographics: Growth rates of Religious Groups (fertility rate of  2.11)

Canada and USA starts around 5min 20 secs

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Beloved All,

Please watch this short presentation (7 ½ minutes) of the demographic growth in number of Muslims in the Western world along with the corresponding decline in birthrate of non-Muslims in the West.
Though some of its numbers may be somewhat inflated, the overall picture it presents is rather clear and compelling.  I think it is worth your taking the time to watch.  It even has a positive application at the end – let's reach out in love to Muslims with the Gospel.
Yes, it is worth thinking to strategise our Diaspora Ministry here in Canada. It is easier to outreach the current Muslim population today rather than waiting until tomorrow. Let us role our sleeves and reach out in love and preach the Gospel to the Canadian Muslims; and God will grant the Harvest
May God grant us grace!

From: "Suan H.Booiman"
Subject: Quebec, Quebec and Quebec.

we are sold out to Quebec.........................Western MPs asleep
PM Harper needs to 'patch things up' with Charest

From: Tom Brewer

Like it or lump it... Young Mr Kadhr is Canadian. His problems likely the result of his upbringing, BUT he is still Canadian.
He has rights! In my opinion our government has abused him as badly if not worse than the Americans who tortured him. To deny him to return to Canada makes me wonder how our dear government would treat us!
I say this knowing Kadhr's situation plus that of another man living at a Canadian Embassy.. Yet refused entry back to Canada for seemingly no apparent viable reason. He has been "cleared" by CSIS and the RCMP yet denied reentry.... And he too is Canadian.
In my opinion our dear elected reps have gone overboard. It suggests entry is based on the color of one's skin! Horrific indeed given how we have treated people.
Young Kadhr might not be a poster boy... however he is Canadian. His parents might not have instilled our values in him BUT he still is Canadian. His rights have been trampled on big time and as we now know our government had knowledge in how he was mistreated yet failed to act!
In my opinion he sits in a prison simply because of our Prime Ministers penchant to gain brownie credits with the US government. Yes the new President has mandated closure of Club Med in Cuba... about time however to see our Prime Minister do as he pleases suggests to me... I too could end up persona-non-grata in the country I was born and raised in. WHY... My right to my opinion... It might not be in favour of whomever, but it is my opinion and I am a Canadian. I'm sure Stephen Harper would love to see others take a vacation but on return to their country be refused entry by our Border Services people for trumped up reasoning.
God help us... Please.

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,  It took me a while to respond, but I needed to do some research, to respond to one Andrew Rutherford.
1. "I write this for the information of all you pundits who regularly pass you opinion on the below 30 and who mostly don't know their history lesson and thus don't know where you are going or why things need your special attention at this time of crisis with our government."
I will beg to differ, I do know my history, and what was written by you - is a narrow interpretation of political ideology thought, that is quite common among Canadians who advocate a return to the BNA act, and a return to a true parliamentary British system, where powers of provinces and the federal government are clearly defined.
2. The people who advocate the thoughts of Kenneth McDonald, are people who advocate for British Nationalism. The very same people that can be found throughout Canadian's history, advocating their viewpoints where we should look to the British rule. Just like the French nationalists, the American nationalists and the people advocating that Canada should become their own nation, with a mixture of ideas formed by the very people who came to the lands of Canada, to live in freedom, from the chains of governments and others who imposed laws that makes people slaves to the ruling class. Such laws, thou shall not married a Catholic if you are a Protestant. Laws such as the British Navy, rounding up the young men, forcing them to sail on British ships without pay. It is where the term "British lackey" comes from. The French was just as guilty as the British was
3. Kenneth McDonald, and this took me a while to find since he is not exactly a best seller comes from people that do advocate the same ideology, as the the British Nationalists. If you took the time, and read his background - you would understand why he stood on issues as he did. He comes from a time, where his political ideology, Canadian patriotism in the backdrop of the Depression and WWII. From what I can determined, his family roots in Canada, are younger than my family roots that dates back to 1766. He joined the Canadian Royal Air Force, where as my father also elected to join the CRAF. Back in those days, and this is what my father had said, as did some of his buddies have attested, that the air force only wanted men who were of a particular background, and pedigree. No new Canadians especially of the first or second generation need not apply. Furthermore, they wanted men who had an education and graduated from high school. So men of this generation, would agree for the most part on the writings of Kenneth McDonald. Where they would part company, on how this country became a nation. It was not build on just one set of people. As McDonald stated in an article, called The Social Contract - http://tinyurl.com/c2n74b

"From the start, Canadian culture consisted of two distinct elements. For French Canadians, Quebec was the place, la nation. There were only four French-speaking settlements west of the Ottawa Valley before 1760, and none west of Lake Superior. The rest of the country was opened up by many peoples from the British Isles and Europe; very few from France. Those pioneers became Canadians.

As they shaped the land, and brought civilization to the wilderness, so did the land shape them; so did an English Canadian culture evolve from two sources. First was the struggle with Nature and geography. Second was the history and traditions of European civilization in general and of British parliamentary government in particular.

Two distinct strains emerged one dynamic, and the other static. The dynamic strain comprised many peoples who became Canadian by choice and whose national characteristics blended into the evolving Canadian culture. The static strain confined itself to Quebec, where French Canadians regarded themselves as a conquered people and devoted their energies to 'the revenge of the cradle.' Between 1760 and 1960, when the world's population multiplied by four, Quebec's multiplied by 80. As recently as 1960, I was told by a federal civil servant who worked in northern Quebec of three brothers whose wives bore nineteen children each."

Where I part company, is the two distinct strains - one dynamic and the other static. If you cared to read some of his writings, his ideology reflects the two distinct strains. My father's people believed, as I do it is all  of the people that makes a country, and not the chosen few who reflect a particular background or ideology. His writings discriminates to put forth an agenda purely to advance the cause of division of powers between provinces and the federal arm.

4. Now to what you have written, " This wouldn't be bad if it was only language that was affected but other freedoms are also affected and the younger  people of our society will probably never know how they have been deprived of freedoms that were lost but his monstrous trick. The only freedoms that we have are those spelled out in acts of parliament."

I have some news for you, the Constitution of Canada was not written for the people. It was written for governments, who can at anytime, over rides our rights at any time, if it fits into their agendas.  As the Globe and Mail states back in the 1980s, "  you could drive a horse and cart because it restricts our rights and denies our freedoms, which is what it was intended to do."  I certainly have learned in the past year or so, that our rights and freedoms are only rights and freedoms that are restricted by our very own politicians, who can override our rights and freedoms. I use to be proud of the Constitution, not any more. Not any more, when Harper has chosen to over ride the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, through the use of regulations, rules, and making laws to end certain Common Law tenets, such as the right to travel on water ways or the trespassing laws.  Harper's tactics is no better, than previous federal governments, who uses the parliament to enact laws that are not in keeping with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As a quote from, McDonald says it all, "  

"It was this expansion of Ottawa's power far beyond its constitutional limits that caused the clash with Quebec. Both governments exercised power from the top down, but whereas Quebec's doing so was entirely within its constitutionally exclusive powers under Section 92, Ottawa was intruding upon them. 

Trudeau's "furtive expansion of central agencies," and their survival in his imposed Charter of Rights and Freedoms, have bamboozled Canadians into a dependence on the State that is as uncharacteristic as it is dangerous. :

While Prime Minister Stephen Harper's approaches to Quebec are a necessary ingredient for success in federal elections, they are also consistent with recognizing the need to restore to this great country the benefits of a division of powers that the Founders agreed upon so  wisely in 1867."

McDonald's beef was the Quebec people, as it is your beef. As for the trick, it was our own politicians that trick all Canadians, allowing politicians to take away our rights and freedoms, whenever they feel like it.

If Harper's tactics are to restore the benefits of division of powers that the Founders agree upon in 1867, where history has shown that division of powers was necessary back in those days, to connect all parts of Canada. Sir John A. MacDonald could not have done it alone. He needed the cooperation of all regions of Canada, to build this nation and at the same time giving the regions a say in how to do it. So unlike Harper who conquers and divides this nation at every opportunity. To go back to the same format of our Founding Fathers had, is asking Canadians to accept that the Constitution will be broken up, where provinces can pick and choose what rights and freedoms they citizens can have, with the federal arm, lording over the people of Canada and telling us what we can think, do , eat while both levels rob our pocketbooks, treating us no better than the kings and queens of England, who treated the masses with contempt. Mind you, they had a lot of help from the powerful ruling elite.

What really needs to be done, and should have been done in 1982 - but back then no one ever thought that parliaments would ever used their powers to over-ride the basic rights of the people. One just have to take a look on the changes to the Waters Act, and Bill C-6 as  fine examples that only benefit the governments of the day, and puts a chain around every Canadian's neck. Where it was our right to travel on the waters, where now it is only a right, as what is bestowed upon our ruling politicians. It is time to rework the Constitution, and force politicians by eliminating the loop holes that are used far too often to enact laws that limits and restricts the people's rights and freedoms and abdicates responsibilities of government, by making the individual responsible and accountable. It is time for politicians to be put in their place, where their are restricted and limited under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to be confined in enacting laws that are within keeping of our freedoms and rights.

I highly doubt that politicians would be willing to give up their powers, and cede it back to the people of Canada. They all think alike, and that is people need to be control, told what to do, what to think, and it is only the politician that has the best interests of the people. That thinking can be found throughout history, and more so in the English and French colonies of the world of old. Where settlers look upon the ruling elite as a necessary evil to maintain some rule of law, but in many cases their good common sense was to ignored the dictates or commands of the Mother country. and do what was best for them. If settlers like my ancestors, if we had listen to the so-called wisdom of the ruling elite - my ancestors would probably had died of starvation, and the family name would have died out a long time ago. France and England's ruling elite were successful in Canada regarding settlements, but they should never take credit, where credit should be given to the people and only to the people. That is what makes Canada great.

Its the people, and not government and their institutions. The government  greatness can only come from its people, and not leave our greatness to the elected politicians and powerful elite.

From: Rubie Britton
Subject: Please read

First they cut OHIP for plastic surgery patients; then they cut the audiologists, the physiotherapists, the social workers.
I remained silent.

I was not in need of these services.
Then they cut hospital beds and laid off nurses and support staff.
I did nothing.

There seemed to be lots of people at the rallies. So I did not go.
A young man died in an ambulance because all the emergency rooms were full.

I felt so sad for his family.
But there didn't seem much I could do.
Then a new government was elected. They said they would stop the madness, save our public hospitals, keep education and health public.

I believed them.
I was relieved.
I heard about hundreds of patients infected with a hospital-borne infection they call c.Difficile; heard of patients waiting for days in hallways.

I started to wonder what was going on?
But by then I was used to the chaos in our hospitals.
Then they said they were closing down small town hospitals - Fort Erie, Port Colborne, St. Joseph Island, Petrolia, Wallaceburg, Trenton.

How awful for them, I thought.
But it is not my problem- I live far away from those places.
They announced lay offs of nurses. Hundreds of them, in places like Hamilton, Kingston, Ajax, Quinte.

I started to wonder what would happen in my town.
My hospital board refused to cut our services here.

Phew, I thought, I'm okay.
Then McGuinty's Cabinet sent down a Supervisor to take over our hospital.
He wiped out our elected hospital board; said the problem was "democratic governance" and the hospital membership

But don't we fund our hospitals? Didn't we spend decades building them?
He is going to appoint a new hospital board without an election.
Then he said they would close an entire floor in our hospital. He said that the hospital beds for the elderly are costing too much.

My husband has been told that he must move to a for-profit nursing home, 50 kilometres away from our town.
They say if there isn't enough care for him there, I'll have to hire in extra careworkers.
Or, they say, we will have to pay hundreds of dollars for his hospital bed.
I cry every day. I am so stressed out.

Now he is going and I am afraid he will die far away from me and our family.
This week I am going to protest for the first time to save our hospitals. I wish I did it before.
Ontario's hospitals are funded $1.6 billion less than hospitals in other provinces. That's more than $100 less per patient than the rest of Canada. 
Ontario's hospitals have been shrinking as a percentage of the provincial budget - and of the health care budget - for more than 20 years.
Ontario's hospitals have been cut and restructured already for more than 15 years.
No wonder we are facing major cuts to our ERs, beds, nurses, health professionals, doctors, support staff and services and even entire hospitals.

This Wednesday, April 29, 11:30 am - 1 pm
Queen's , Toronto
with coalitions, citizens' groups, legions, mayors and town councils from all over Ontario
Giant SOS (Save Our Services) Rally
This protest has been called by the Town of Fort Erie in alliance with municipalities across Ontario. The Ontario Health Coalition, local health coalitions and citizens groups from all affected communities are joining in. For more information: 416-441-2502