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Do Forces appreciation guidelines go too far?

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L'Union européenne négociera un accord de libre-échange avec le Canada


From: "Jas Bangar"
To: <>
Subject: charter of health freedom

Hello could you please write about the Charter of Health Freedom?
The Charter of Health Freedom is a bold initiative that moves us in a new direction.

It protects Canadians' rights to unhindered access to safely regulated natural health products. It protects our freedom of choice from over-regulation by the Health Canada.

Since the January 2004 implementation of the Natural Health Products Regulations, Canadians have already lost 20,000 safe and effective natural health products.

This Charter will put an end to the devastating trend of unreasonable restriction in our natural health community.

This new federal legislation serves to include all natural medicines, therapies and treatments. It is built on the fundamental belief that every person has the right to choose what form of health care they and their family wish to receive.

It's your life. It's your body. It's your choice.

The Charter is an alternative to what was in Bill C-51 before public pressure had the Govement back off- though if Bill C-6 becomes law a change in regulations could achieve what seeking to pass a controlling law could not accomplish. Read Bill C-51 Analysis of Bill C-51 Analysis of Amendments Why Bill C-51 must be stopped
Read Bill C-52 Analysis of Bill C-52 (current Bill C-6) Legal Review

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  DD

Joe--the arrogance of our politicians never ceases to amaze me, and MacKay is the posterboy for this arrogance.  Perhaps they should clean up our own border before they tell others how to monitor theirs? We have Napolitano stating that the 9/11 'terrorists' came from Canada when anyone who thinks for themselves know it was an inside job.
Does this mean that Canada is onside to attack Pakistan also?  Is there nothing our puppet governments will not do to play in the 'big league'?  How many more of our children's lives will be sacrificed for this pipeline and total control of the region by the West under the orders of israel's greed and need to control the world?    But the real question is when do Canadians stand up and say no more?????  When do we grab the reins and tell our 'leaders' that we are tired of this?  How long will we swallow the spin that we are constantly plied with?  Because until we do that we will be used and abused along with the peoples of the world that will not bow to the greed  of our israeli centric nations.  We have no one in government of any party who listens to us.  We become the terrorists because we do not swallow the killing that is being done in our name.  We ain't seen nothing yet.

From: Fitz Matheson

 Thanks Joe as always an education
Pashtuns - new word for me


We never do stop learnin', do we. Dyuknowhat Kurds are?
From: "Phyllis Wagg"

There are so many issues raised in the April 26, DD that I am going to have to limit my comments to just a few.
From: Charles Tupper
Subject: Human-Caused Global Warming is a political agenda
There is no doubt that there is politics around the issue of climate but that does not "prove" that it is only a political myth.  There is a great deal of evidence that the climatic conditions of our planet are changing rapidly.  We have been bombarded with so much "spin" on both sides of the issue that all most of us can do is observe the world around us and how that is affected by both our activities and natural change.  The fact is that our activities can have a major impact on local conditions from changes to the wind currents created by the removal of large amounts of rock through quarrying to the air quality damaged by automobile exhausts.  The increases in water levels along our coastal regions threatening infrastructure as well as private property may be entirely "natural" or may be augmented by our activities as the ice caps melt. 
Those who want us to continue exploiting our environment for their own profit see nothing other than dollar signs.  If the world wants to encourage that kind of ideology then there will always to be a price to pay and we will only have to try to adapt.  Whether the changes are created by human activity, are naturally occurring, or a combination of both we may never know precisely but they are occurring.  Unfortunately, most people live in cities where the impact of climate change is least noticeable and warning signs are ignored until disaster strikes. 
The real political question is whether we want to take the risk of continuing and expanding the rate environmental destruction from human activity.  

From: Ray Strachan.
Subject: Influenza Pandemic
There is no doubt that a renegade corporation might see enormous profit from creating a pandemic.  That the financial crisis was created by similar thinking has been a warning to all of us.  Any corporation that looks at the intermediate or short term would be hesitant to even consider creating disaster but executive power and freedom means that  the damage caused by megalomania is not confined to the political realm.
Subject: FW: Options for Plattsville arena--April 22/09 edition

Have you noticed the number of infrastructure projects that are being accepted by the federal government mainly relate to the building of arenas and sports venues?  There are many parts of this country being cutoff because of the conditions of their roads and bridges.  There are schools and hospitals are in terrible condition across the country.  We need medical clinics, water and sewer systems and what we are getting is hockey rinks. 
This illustrates an important feature of politics today.  It is well known that the Prime Minister is a hockey fan.  Whether he is personally pushing this agenda which I doubt, everyone from the public service to community organizations appear to be pushing an agenda in line with our Prime Minister's personal bias towards hockey.

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,   Responding to John Roxon, another option which I would call a goal by those who insist that globalization is the cure for our economic woes - is code to eliminate the middle-class, via through reduction in wages, salaries where all workers have the same pay scale, no matter what part of the world one is working in. It is not a coincidence when jobs moved overseas, wages of the same jobs are reduced. It is only industries in countries that have captured a major share, such as Canada's potash industry, the workers will have a measure of protection regarding their wages. Whereas, in the fishery - workers wages have been reduced, as more fish has been processed in countries like China where cost of wages are cheap."
The problem that this creates is rapidly increasing economic inequality.  When wages are driven down to the level that global corporatism seeks in order to achieve profit maximization profits will disappear.  This is a hypothetical level because a global economic collapse will occur well before that level is reached.  One of the major reasons we are in a serious recession is that wages have not kept pace with levels of global production.  The focus of corporatism is cheap production driven by advertising and high level of consumer debt.
The sub-prime mortgage problem was driven by the need to keep consumers, whose incomes were declining or stagnating, buying.  By inflating the value of housing, the system was sustained by borrowing against the increasing value of homes.  The sub-prime issue was supported by the U.S. Fed, at the time led by Alan Greenspan, and the policies of the Bush Administration who supported it by creating targets for home ownership.  It was only a matter of time before the system collapsed as those profiting from the system became too greedy, incomes started to fall below their ability to service the debt, and housing prices fell.
Globalism and corporatism is basically the same thing.  It was a system designed to free corporations from public control in order for them to maximize profit.   Corporatism is different from capitalism in that the role of government becomes promoting and protecting the corporate class and not the general interests of the citizens of a country.  This is made acceptable to the public through indoctrination with the idea that unless the corporate interest comes first there will be nothing for them.
Our government has been moving towards corporate self-regulation which basically allows them to function independently.  Within months of Maple Leaf Foods moving to self-regulation, people died from food born illness originating in their factory.  The factory concerned made so many products with differing labels that it was difficult for the public to make educated choices because they had no way to determine what products came out of that factory.  The same thing happened in the U.S. with peanut products and China with milk products.
Now that it has been proven that self-regulation by the corporations does not work the government has decided to put the responsibility for food safety on the workers as they are doing in poultry processing.  This is designed to protect the corporate executives but not the consumer.  Will these corporations be willing to pay people with science degrees and specialized training in food safety to work in these factories and what would that do to prices and their profits?  So far the response to employee regulation has been to give the low paid workers in processing plants a short course in food safety and hand the responsibility to them for food safety.  
We have problems because ideologies rather than practical considerations have been driving the world economy.  Experiments with ideologies of the right and of the left have proven disastrous because they supplant good common sense with untested ideological principles. 
Phyllis Wagg

From: Ron Thornton

Hi Joe:

In cruising through the April 26th Digest, a few thoughts sprung to mind...

_*HALIFAX CHRONICLE HERALD*__* -Carbon copy in Ottawa*_
It would seem that just because Obama wants to jump aboard the carbon based socialist wealth transfer scheme, then we also should take part in wasting our time and resources by giving any credence to this fantasy. I hope we do not. There are so many real issues to attack, from pandemics that can kill us to real pollutants and chemicals that are doing much of the same to you and yours than to give coddle in any fashion this climate change scam. You don't have to be a scientist for red flags to go up all over on how those who disagree are marginalized, sanctioned, and how quickly discredited disinformation and outright lies are being put forth to "prove" this cockamamie theory. You don't have to be a farmer to notice that there is a distinct difference between a side of beef and a pile of bullshit.

_*CALGARY HERALD -Listen to the court--bring Khadr home
*_What home might that be? Being Canadian should mean more than only being born here or using that citizenship like a parasite. Being Canadian means being part of this nation, this society, and making contributions for the betterment of this land they call home.  It would appear to me that home is where the heart is, where your ass sits, and where you toss your grenades. If Mr. Khadr is to be brought home, then that should mean returning him to a land far, far away from our own shores.
*From: Charles Tupper --- Subject: Human-Caused Global Warming is a political agenda *_
With House Democrats refusing to allow a skeptic to testify alongside Al Gore before Congress due to a fear the wax dummy might be humiliated in the exchange, Charles summed it up by stating "This pretty much proves that Human-Caused Global Warming is a political agenda and not science." Charles is a smart man. *

*Thanks, Joe.


From: "Andrew Rutherford"
To: "Joe Hueglin" <>, <>
Subject: Political scandal

Dear Joe=
      I was just reading Ken McDonanald's 'The Monstrous Trick' and my blood is boiling again as it was when Mr. Trudeau and his train of Quebec Liberals foisted on us the big secret of his plan to take possession of all Canada for Quebec by changing the system from the Common Law of Britain to the  Legalistic system of France.All this without approval of parliament or we the public being aware.

    Not only did he do this without our knowledge but he engraved it in the constitution so that no parliament can correct the issue.without total support of all the people outside of Quebec. All this was done as a gift to us poor people who didn't have a constitution and didn't know what is meant "to be free".

   How else could Quebec have the right to their own language while the rest of us had to share our with them? We must be bilingual while Quebec can be Quebecois.

   This wouldn't be bad if it was only language that was affected but other freedoms are also affected and the younger  people of our society will probably never know how they have been deprived of freedoms that were lost but his monstrous trick. The only freedoms that we have are those spelled out in acts of parliament.

    They will never know how The honorable Stirling Lyon tried to inform us of the trick but only managed to insert a ' Not Withstanding' clause in the constitution which no politician has had the guts to use.

I write this for the information of all you pundits who regularly pass you opinion on the below 30 and who mostly don't know their history lesson and thus don't know where you are going or why things need your special attention at this time of crisis with our government.

    We certainly don't need another leader from Quebec! Get behind Mr.Harper and quite listening to rumors and inuendoes that the Liberals make They are mostly from Quebec mouths.The last thing that they want is a united government.

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,   Just some thoughts:

1. "The implication of Peter MacKay's statement above is that he sees the border between the two countries in North American terms. He would have the Pakistan government stop free travel. Assumedly only those with a reason satisfactory to border guards would be allowed to cross between Pakistan and Afghanistan at designated places."

How does any country manned a border that is 2430 kms long, that has never been manned before. How many men would be needed to make it effective. For one man every 50 meters - you would need 48, 600 men. At 100 metres - you would need 24,300 men. At 500 metres you would need 4860 men. At 1000 meters or every I km you would only need 2430 men. Now triple the figures, to include 3 shifts manning the border. Factor in the distance, the further the border points are away from each other, requires more equipment, and costs rise as distance increases.  MacKay's statement, shows that he is out to lunch, and if the border is such a touchy issue, why isn't the NATO troops patrolling all the border on the Afghanistan side. Why, it takes too much man power, equipment and time to change the ways of the local tribes for cooperation. Add the geographical landscape, which is not a relatively flat landscape - its impossible according to Pakistan.
2. On swine flu, does anyone remember in the late 70s the swine flu scare, where everyone in North America or were urged to get vaccinated against swine flu. Being in my 20s, I did not pay much attention to it, but I did get the swine flu shot, along with my first child. I had a reaction to the shot, where it affected my vision. I would see black spots. I was told it would go away. It has never gone away, and just before I will get sick with a cold or a flu, the black spots return. About 6 months later after the shot, I became very sick, along with anyone my age with severe respiratory problems. When I walk into the hospital on a Sunday morning, the waiting room was filled with people in and around my age.
I am beginning to think we can look forward to another round of vaccinations sometime in the fall, aimed at a particular age group. It could explain the reason why people in Canada and United States, have only the mild symptoms of this form of swine flu. I also beginning to think, there is some truth in Big Pharma and WHO and the connection between vaccines.

3. Monsanto doing 'rural cleansing'  -
As stated in article, " Of all of Monsanto, DuPont and Dow's agricultural products, genetically engineered food crops might appear to be the least tainted with immediate wartime origins. But this technology emerged from a period when the future of chemical agriculture appeared very much in doubt. With the rapid expansion of the agrochemical industry during the post-World War II era, these companies and their European counterparts had established a profound degree of control over agricultural practices."

But as public pressure and the weight of scientific evidence curtailed the use of DDT and many other chlorinated pesticides in the 1970s, executives and corporate scientists saw the potential for limitless advances -- and ever-expanding marketing potential -- in the incorporation of technological advances into the genetics of seeds. During the 1990s, Monsanto alone spent nearly $8 billion acquiring leading commercial seed suppliers in the United States and internationally; DuPont and others quickly followed suit, leading to today's widespread proliferation of genetically engineered food crops."

People should become more aware, of Monsanto and other companies whose main business is genetically engineered food. To fully control the world's agriculture, they need to control the seeds. GM seeds, have been modified where any plants produce seeds that will not germinate. It is a war between farmers who enter into contracts with Monsanto and other like companies and farmers who choose to farm with seeds that are  NOT genetically modified. In the 1990s, companies like Monsanto, chose to sue farmers by claiming their non-modified seeds affected their genetically modified plants,  and as a result reduce the yield of crops. That turned out to be costly, and now they are going after the farmers who collect seeds. A practice, that has been going on for thousands of years. Companies like Monsanto, control most of the agriculture in non-developed countries, and it is where they do most of their experimentation of plant crops, or countries that are not democratic in their nature. Now it is countries like Europe, Canada and United States, where the people are faced with governments allowing GM foods onto the food market back in the 90s, it is just a matter of time when seed collecting will be against the law, legislated by our very own politicians.  Add the health considerations or implication regarding eating GM food, because no one knows what they will be. My own experience with GM tomatoes from the U.S. has not been very good. Within a hour, I will vomit the contents of my stomach. It appears my body does not like GM tomatoes.  After several hours on the telephone with government officials, who insisted that GM tomatoes are not allowed into Canada, I  decided not to eat tomatoes from the U.S. Since than, I no longer throw up when consuming tomatoes canned or fresh. The only time I really enjoy a hearty feed of tomatoes, is in late summer and fall when the field tomatoes of local farmers come on the market.
People should become concern, because in companies like Monsanto - their vision of the future is to see all plant life including flowers, and small shrubs to have a certain shelf life, where people would have to purchased new seeds or plants every few years, otherwise the landscape of homes would be barren. I am talking about plants that reproduced and sprout year after year, with only having to purchased the seeds or plants once in your life time. It is not that far-fetch when, Dow is suing governments who are banning pesticides that are used for cosmetic purposes of lawns and such. The reasons given, is that people must have their options on the market. If that was the case, why are they making attempts to stop farmers from collecting seeds?  
4. An article I object to:
Union, Big 3 negotiated their demise
One particular line irks me to no end. "

"It all started in the 1950s when the auto industry was strong and profitable. Unions and companies sat around the table and bargained collective agreements that split the profits between the shareholders and the workers. For a few decades, there was no problem because profits were consistent enough to keep shareholders and unions happy."

Yeah right!  Strong and profitable done on the backs of workers where unions were regarded as evil by both governments of the day and companies. This writer does not know the history of unions in Canada. The 50s and 60s, were where the workers and their unions were working in conditions that were not only not safe, but unhealthy as well. This writer does not know the hardships of workers back in those days. He does not know the death threats my father and others received. He does not know how common  lunch pails had dead rats  put in on top of the food. It is why locks on lunch pails  are common now as it was in that era. He does not know the nasty strikes not only in auto, but in steel and where ever they was a union, and where ever there was an union, you can rest assured that they fighting not only for better wages, but also for better working conditions. He does not know, how the NDP party origins, where they brought the workers issues to the forefront.

The problems started in the 1980s with unions demanding more perks, higher wages as top management was increasing their take by higher salaries, bonuses. They are both at fault. Just like the public unions of our teachers or nurses who demand their higher salaries and the administration who demand  very high salaries. In both cases, no one is responsible to meet the demands of their customers. In the case of the auto industry, they were not tuned into what customers needed and demanded - affordable cars.  With the education system, no one is responsible in ensuring that all students can read and write fluently. Today, only approximately 40 % can read and write fluently. As for the health system, as wages and salaries increased - they can no longer meet the demands of health needs, but the people become the scapegoats and the blame for rising diseases that are preventable. As a result, its the people who suffer through limited access, long waiting times, in order to pay for the costly modern equipment and high salaries. Let us not forget the public servants of provincial and federal levels, the unions would not be where they are today, if it was not for unions of the 50s and 60s, who not only took on the companies but also took on the governments of the day.

When unions and top management demands are no longer reelected or even the question asked, can the consumer or the ordinary public afford to buy their services/products or in the case of public unions,  how many services will be eliminated or reduced due to an increase in their pay and perks.  It is one of the reasons why some companies now have their production in a far away country, because they saw their product sales reduce, because most could not afford to buy it anymore. As for public services, they have no choice but to provide it but we see it in reduced services and increase costs paid by the taxpayer.

Yet, we have to have unions in a capitalistic society, because employers will always take advantage of those who work for them. By forcing auto workers to take a reduction of pay and perks, will it just be a matter of time when other workers to have their wages reduced to at or below the auto workers. This will drop sales once again, and another round of shifting production to countries who have cheap labour. even though the prices of the products never decrease to reflect the decrease in labour costs. I have never seen it. What I have seen, are companies that are extremely profitable.  As for governments, decreases in taxes do not add to savings for the taxpayer. The 2 % reduction in GST, amounted to higher prices on the small ticketed items.  A reduction in IE premiums, there was an increase in CPP.

Articles like this one, one should be reminded why unions were established first among the workers. Why child labour laws only came into existence a short while ago. Child labour laws only became part of democratic societies in the middle to late 1930s depending on what country. Even than, the industries who relied on child labour were the loudest voices of protest.

5. Now onto my favourite beef, the health care systems, that either has the model or want to put in the model of "centres of excellence ".

Titled "Not What The Doctor Order"

Read the article, it has started in all the provinces. I believe NL, are further afield in making this model a true model. The first step is closing the smaller hospitals and turning them into what I called fancy health clinics. If that cannot be done, health services will be cut. Either way, patients are force to used the centres of excellence for their health care needs. Force to used them not only for serious health problems, but are force to travel and it is on their dime for basic services such as a cast on a broken limb, eye infections, complicated blood tests or diagnostic testing.  As stated in the article, "

Until now, the theory behind that practice is the more patients a centre treats, the better the outcome.

Lister says that just isn't so.

"There is no connection at all. There is no evidence there is any benefit," he said.

Services such as physiotherapy, are "almost undone by long journeys," he says.

Any cost savings that are achieved by consolidating care are "at the expense of patient care." In only 4% of patient caseloads -- neurosurgery, pediatric surgery and some rare cancer treatments -- was centralization a benefit.

The drawbacks for patients are considerable."

Besides the drawbacks for patients, the reason why this model is being put forward is to control the costs of health care on the backs of the users. By using this system, health boards have no way of knowing or have control how many patients in the future will have heart related problems, cancer problems or even how many will want testing for particular diseases or conditions. There is no way that is can predicted dealing with all the variables that affects health. This model controls access to health care, and therefore budgets can be put forward where costs are regulated by controlling who and when a person can access the health system. This is how waiting times increase for services, by creating bottle necks at both ends. Staffing shortages and limited access entry by the patients, all helps to make their budgets work. By time a patient does get care, they are so grateful - that they don't dare complain, in fear that more services will be taken away or they have to wait longer. The breast cancer scandal in NL, did not occur in a vacuum. It is a direct result of  cancer blood and diagnostic testing being centralized, cancer treatment being centralized, and not hiring the proper ratio of staff to the increase in testing, and cancer treatment. So if Ontario is  on that road, most people can look forward to what people in NL are already experiencing, and that is limited health care where even a good thump on you noggin, does not require an x-ray at the local hospitals. It is why most of leave and make the 3 1/2 hour drive to make sure you or your kid's head is OK. Mind you, only technicians can operate the equipment. Doctors are not allow to, it is against the labour rules. I wonder what happens in the event of a terrorist attack or a natural disaster, where local doctors might come in handy, in putting on casts or fixing the wounds on sight?

Hi again Joe,  Just thought you could put this in the Saily Digest - another fine example of limited free speech in British Columbia, but this one comes with a twist.
Quote, just to get your interest : "

"He seems to think that the requirement to register for spending no money at all is a "reasonable limit," and that anybody who doesn't register with the government before photocopying a letter about an issue that concerns them and putting it in their neighbours' mailboxes should be facing big fines and jail time. "