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Daily Digest April 20, 2009



Improving accountability always prudent
Government needs to improve accountability for funding distributed to non-government organizations.

Drug legalization a tough sell

Rights fight for Afghan women a marathon

The fight and the search continue

Give patients more rights

Seniors want more end-of-life options

Why Ignatieff backs an increase in taxes

Securing Cancon in the digital age

Strengthen poverty bill

Bracing honesty or a `gotcha' moment?

 Power's occupational illness

Potential for politicization

Saving democracy

Pakistan falling to pieces

Why Ignatieff supports a tax hike

On the edge of the abyss

 What's a potential victim to do?

Pension plans Let's have the discussion

Forestry can have a future

A $2-billion placebo

Eyes of the citizens rest on authority

Use of unapproved drugs violates sound process

Politics and the conspiracy of stupidity

Green and growing roofs

How to raise the IQs of a new generation



Afghanistan 'Karzai Objects To Direct US Talks With Taliban',

Carney 'biggest single player' in Canada's financial system

CAW's Lewenza appears to soften on issue of Chrysler concessions

The economics, and politics, of auto workers wages

Harper doesn't recognize France's seabed claim

China's interests in Afghanistan

Ottawa backs NATO exercise in Georgia

Lawyer's sentence sends warning to legal world

Finance Minister Flaherty says 'serious recession' to make 2009 a 'difficult year'

Liberals buoyed by polls, but cautious

Does anyone know where Jack's been?

Curious case of Sen. LeBreton has Tories talking, buzzing, in a bit of a flap

Flaherty: Canada's 'boring' banks are winners

Improve EI, Layton tells Tories

Schreiber letter to Harper filed and forgotten:

Food watchdog plans to cut operations to build contingency fund: union

Food-safety agency planning cutbacks, union says
CFIA accused of moving to cut spending by as much as 15 per cent to cover cost of emergency fund

Meat safety 'impossible' job   
Maple Leaf plant wasn't audited properly before listeria outbreak, angry inspectors say

Maple Leaf urges Ottawa to toughen food-safety regulations

Ottawa sued over curbs to environmental assessments

Speedy drug approvals more important to Health Canada than drug safety: report

CRTC says do-not-call list expanded to 5 years

Broadcasters' fee-for-carriage push a consumer tax: Rogers
Government supports Out of Doors magazine

Focus on security - and airport's Canadian operators

Super-size packaging a legacy society finds tough to shrink

Creating a culture of learning

Searching for sense in the Abdelrazik affair

Prise d'otage: Harper loue les Jamaïcains

Layton cherche à prouver la pertinence de son parti

Québec et Ottawa créent un comité spécial pour aider l'industrie forestière

Harper a brandi l'étendard du libre-échange pendant le Sommet des Amériques

L'ACIA voudrait couper dans son budget pour se doter d'un fonds d'urgence


From: Ray Strachan
 Subject: John Boncore interview on Face to Face with Chris Cook (Courage)

It would be a much better world if we all had this much courage to
protect "What is Right"

Please type into Google   "John Boncore interview on Face to Face with Chris

It is a very good insight into  " Right and Wrong"

Please dont let "predudice" stop us from watching it.  Somewhere along the
line we must make a stand for what is Right,no matter where it comes from.  
Not only Right but courage that is greatly needed, if we care about our
childrens future. Ray Strachan

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Bush and Clinton to speak in Canada

We let these murderers into Canada but keep George Galloway out???  Who are the real terrorists?
Clinton sold the contaminated blood that infected so many Canadians(and others around the world) but now he is treated like nothing happened.  I read the book about this evil creature and the blood we got from him.  It is called Blood Trail--written by Michael Galster

And we all know what George Bush has done--but he and Clinton are coming to Canada to speak.

From: "Eduard Hiebert"
Subject: All candidate forums under STV are a thing of the past!!!!!!!  Fw: BC-STV Debate in CKNW Audio Vault

Hi Joe,
With so much at stake, please consider forwarding widely, to people connected with BC.
With between twice to 7 times the number of candidates in one district under STV, all candidate forums, among one of the last remaining things the public still does regarding public participation in elections, this venue is effectively crowded off the table.
Most incumbents don't like to participate in these anyways, so this push for STV will certainly play to the further distinct advantage of the major parties being able to dumb down further both elections and democracy overall
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Subject: BC-STV Debate in CKNW Audio Vault

The article copied below has been added to my website.  It can be found at

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letters   re:  Tzeporah Berman responds to critics in B.C. environmental movement,  Matthew Burrows, April 17

Re: Tzeporah Berman responds to critics in B.C. environmental movement,  Matthew Burrows, April 17
If the B.C. Liberals are re-elected, it will be pro-business as usual. Concern for the environment and climate change will take a backseat as regulations are "streamlined" to expedite massive expansion of mining, oil, gas and transportation projects.  Ironically, in attacking the NDP for its position on the carbon tax, certain environmentalists demonstrate they just can't see the forest for the trees.

Larry Kazdan,
Vancouver, B.C.

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,  Vale or Inco, the shutdown for nickle mines for 8 weeks - is also for the other mines that Vales owns in Canada. As far as I know, notification of shutdown was given before Christmas. At least here in Newfoundland, and for the same reasons as in the newspaper article. In the Newfoundland release, it added it would not stop the building of the new smelt foundry in Placentia, NL. The building of it started two weeks or so. By the way, other mining such as iron ore all have shutdowns occurring, due mainly to the price drop in raw ores. That said, Ontario workers who do work for Vale/Inco has another worry and in the very near future. It is the stopping of shipments of nickle from NL to Ontario. Once the smelt foundry is built, there will be another round of job lost in Ontario and new jobs for NL.

To Glenn: On your article: Whole world Needs A Leader Like This!
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd - Australia

Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks..

 I took the time to do research on it because I never ever read it,  in any newspapers. I found it everywhere on blogs, but I could not find it in any major newspapers. What I did come across here and there in the newspapers - a reason why we had 9/11 and other terrorist attacks.  The goal of Islamics terrorists is not to dominate the world, but the actual goal is to make Islamic Sharia law legal in all countries. By going through the legal system, Islam becomes a dominate feature in Western countries, where all citizens will be living under two sets of laws. At that point, it is just a matter of time when Islam law will take over major aspects of doing business, our day to day lives and how we choose to worship.

That said, I do agree with the comments of the article and wish Canada and United States would do the same. on other cultures that are willing to come and live in another country, but are not willing to adopt the standards of the country they have immigrated to, or are willing to accept ours without question.

" 'Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.'

'We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.'

From: alan heisey <>

j, you clearly do not know the rejoinder, cz:


On 2009 Apr20, at 24:13, Joe Hueglin wrote:

" When in Rome . . ." is an appropriate saying.

j, would it not be a lot simpler and more conducive to easy communications to make it a policy that anyone welcoming response to their tirades should indicate same, someway or other in their notes to you? cz (and you know my policy well) <>
i thought this a little masterpiece

Tasered ten times, Stephen Lewis dies during arrest!

As he was attempting to flee from Canada to Africa -- where he is known to be involved with many suspect groups who are distributing so-called humanitarian aid to allegedly-ill Africans some of whom might be terror suspects -- Lewis was stopped by authorities in the airport's secure area which he had already penetrated.  Told that he's now on a no-fly list, Lewis was ordered to surrender.

When he promptly raised both hands above his head in a threatening gesture, police reacted instantly by using their stun guns. Lewis fell full length. Because he continued to thrash about, resisting arrest, the stun guns were used repeatedly. Then six cops jumped upon Mr. Lewis and held him down to ensure total compliance. Though he was observed to turn blue, they were not fooled by this fakery and handcuffed him when they were sure he'd submitted completely and would not dare to twitch a muscle again.

After half an hour, paramedics were permitted to approach, but they did not succeed in restoring respiration or heartbeat. It's certain that Lewis died of fear and panic reaction. Tasering has never caused any deaths during arrest, and all police guidelines were followed to the letter, according to the RCMP spokesmen.

Since that arrest and his exposure as a terror suspect, Conservative Canadians immediately repudiated Lewis's phony AIDS charity which is now revealed to have been a front for Al-Quaeda.
Interviewed in the street, several law-abiding citizens declared that they had stopped sending money to this terrorist-front AIDS charity as soon as they knew about the suspect's link to Abdelrazik.

Because of Steven Lewis's connection to and his now-exposed support for Al-Quaeda, all AIDS activists working for these so-called charities are being added to the Canadian and UN no-fly list. RCMP surveillance continues to see how far the fake-charity terrorist tentacles have spread. Investigation of World Vision has begun.

From: Rebecca Gingrich

Joe--re Glen Harwood's posting regarding Rudd's pronouncement re Muslims--why did he choose only Muslims to censure?  Are there no other immigrants to Australia that demand their culture be instituted?  Canada caters to all immigrants to the detriment of our Canadian 'culture'.  Rudd's pronouncement shows his true leanings--he is also a pawn of israel so therefore would only chastize Muslims to further his 'terrorist' agenda.  Anyone remember Air India?  That was not Muslims but a EIndian fight carried to Canada.   When a government sanctions only one ethnic group they defeat their own words.  Instead of standing against one group our governments should be standing for our country.  Rudd is just another puppet who uses the 'terrorist' argument to further his own rhetoric.  Our governments of all stripes are the same.  Sadly we have no one to vote for.

Re David Bell--our governments are neither responsible nor accountable for anything.  Name one instance when our governments of any stripe have been accountable or responsible.  It is our children that are dying in Afghanistan, it is the taxpayer that foots all the bills for this demented enterprise, and we get no accountability or responsibility for our input.  Spin and sweet words do not accomplish anything.

Re John Halonen--keeping companies in Canada--we do not need the government using our tax dollars to pick winners and losers in industry.  Government is supposed to govern and they seem incapable of doing that.  Government should not be in the business of business.  And they do such a poor job of that that we do not want them in business--it is in bad enough shape already.  All the bailouts on the line already are going to devestate the taxpayers of this country.  Why ask for more problems?  Let Canadians be the innovators, not government who has proven beyond any doubt that they are incapable.

re Larry Kadzan LTE--the European countries have not kept their identity--look what happened to Ireland when they voted against the EU.  It is not the unilateralism of the Nation State that has caused the problem--it is the mentality of the US/israeli/Canadian cabal that has seen fit to tell others how to live--this so that this cabal can get their hands on the natural resources of a foreign country.  Larry, you have bought into the spin rather than using your own mind.  Ray Strachan stated the obvious when he wrote "Learn world history  They only know two names that have called all the world problems--That is the Leader of Russia and The Leader Of Germany. Don't ever for God's sake delve into who their helpers were---" 
Learn history, don't regurgitate the lies that we are told.  Don't forget the Bolsevicks were jews and the jews declared war on Germany.
Hitler was one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen.  But our dumbed down populace uses his name as a boogeyman to terrify us into submission.  People would rather be spoon fed than find out the truth.

re Peggy Merritt--thank-you so much for your statement re the responsibility of the airport staff.  Again the RCMP is being used as scapegoats to defend the indefensible actions of our 'secure' airport.  I just wish I could figure out why our police have to be demonized time and time again. 


Subject:  DD and Rudd's statement

It is not the Muslims in Canada that are trying to change our culture and history--read up on Charles Roach, an immigrant from Trinidad/Tobago who refuses to take the Oath of Allegiance to become a Canadian citizen because he refuses to pledge allegiance to the Queen.
Why is this immigrant allowed to challenge our Canadian law?  Because he is a lawyer???  If he doesn't like Canada, get the hell out.

Subject: Manifesto for a Competitive Social Democracy
From: "Efstratios Psarianos"

A 150-page gem (or a 170-page one in French) from my uncle Marcel Boyer, Fellow at the C.D. Howe Institute and one of Canada's top economists.
It's called 'Manifesto for a Competitive Social Democracy'. Here are the links:   (hIn Fransche) (hIn Hinglische)

And don't fret, by 'Social Democracy' he doesn't mean turning hard to portside. It means democracy with a social lean (i.e., serve the people) with a proper mix of regulation and competition, as opposed to socialism, which means steering the economy and all that that implies. There's no revolution in this.

And if anyone thinks that this is an opportunistic publication .. well, I must say that the timing's great, but Uncle Marcel's been talking about this for the past 3-4 years or so.


Cheers, all!