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Daily Digest April 19, 2009



Obama's overture: Cuba's turn to counter

Spy agency stingy with information

The Future for schools?

TV bailout bad idea

 Who cares if Mulroney is still a party member?

 Piracy has an unexpected upside

 For Obama, the hard part is just beginning

Culture can drive the economic and social growth

Smoking in public

Banks boast earnings, but more red ink likely ahead
Moderate tax leads to civilization, high tax kills it

Open up on Arar

Our kids can cope with reality

STV pro: Ensuring real representation

STV con: It just doesn't fit in B.C.

Putin is rubbing his hands in glee?


NATO commander sees progress in anti-drug operations in Afghanistan

Canada's ambassador to Afghanistan pledges support to the country's schools

Insurgents, the Victims of Air Raids: US Air Force

US airstrike targets Taliban training camp in South Waziristan

Karzai asks NATO to explain civilian deaths

NATO air power doubling in Afghanistan
Added support aims to increase effectiveness of U.S. deployment of more ground troops =

Afghanistan stress drives military families to seek help

New commander of Alberta reserves faces tough task

Allies quietly urge Canada to deploy CF-18s to Afghanistan

Obama opening 'new era' in Americas: Harper
How low can Bank of Canada rates go?
CAW has little wiggle room in Chrysler negotiations but could win some concessions

Harper pledges $4B to boost Latin American trade VIDEO

Leaders declare Americas summit a success thanks to Obama

Legal challenges to fighting pirates, says rear admiral

CTV's Question Period: Rear-Admiral Bob Davidson 7:55

Somali thugs are fearless

Canada planning to change breakdown of flu drugs in pandemic stockpile

Better helmets needed to stop brain injuries, conference told

How we judge judges is an injustice

No harmony for taxpayers
Tories rejected similar plan in 1981 because it would have been biggest tax grab in history

Harper has managed to cut his Quebec support in half

Tory MP keeps mum at pro-gun bash

Feds seek answers on Vale shutdown

Judge that led inquiry into sponsorship scandal blasts lack of transparency

Federal computer contract causing major battle

Antarctic ice is growing, not melting away,27574,25348657-401,00.html

Study claims 'highly engineered explosive' found in WTC rubble

What Suzuki didn't tell you

Rancourt Firing by U. of Ottawa: Threat to Canada's Academic Freedom?

CBC-Ottawa radio report: [Listen in MP3].

A Tale of Two Tories

Sri Lanka: le Canada réclame une fin à la «tragédie humanitaire»

Le Canada pour une levée de l'embargo américain contre Cuba

Le ministre Blackburn a continué à multiplier les vols nolisés

Sommet des Amériques: Harper parle du libre-échange

Les familles de soldats ont besoin d'aide psychologique

Harper félicite un navire canadien qui a déjoué des pirates

La lutte antidrogue devrait enregistrer des "progrès significatifs" en Afghanistan

Le Canada offrira des bourses d'étude à des jeunes Sud-Américains

Le juge Gomery critique le manque de transparence du gouvernement

L'ambassadeur canadien fait sa part pour la réouverture des écoles afghanes



"The government has demanded answers from the company today to explain how its announcement has an impact on the undertakings it agreed to when Companhia Vale do Rio Doce purchased Inco in 2006," Clement said in a statement.

"Vale made legally binding commitments under the Investment Canada Act at that time that I expect to be fully respected on behalf of the workers. Over the next few days, we will be exploring all available options, including legal options, to address this situation."

No action has been taken on US Steel shutting down Stelco to concentrate production in Pittsburgh. I'll bet a dollar against a dime none will be taken against Companhia Vale do Rio Doce. 

Any takers?


From: "Glenn Harewood"

Have you seen this piece before?
I wonder what most Canadians  would say about it?  although I favour multiculturalism, I believe that  multiculturalism should revolve around the principal axis of Canadian customs, culture, traditions, and laws -- including the rule of law.I was amazed when, last year, I learned that a principal in a school in Nova Scotia (I don't remember the correct province)  ordered the elimination of the singing of  "O Canada" because  it was deemed not inclusive enough for the diverse ethnic population of students in his school!
Glenn . 
Whole world Needs A Leader Like This!
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd - Australia

Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks..
" When in Rome . . ." is an appropriate saying. What you have of value will be merged into the mainstream.
From: "David Bell"
Subject: RE: Daily Digest April 18, 2009

Your questions:
Re: Nortel:
If Ottawa buys it­Ottawa will finish it off slowly & horribly expensively. These are the folks who spend 13 years buying helicopters.
Re: Apologies in Afghanistan
More troops, more support = more mistakes and more apologies. Military (and RCMP) are trained not to think­they just run program.
Re: Mary-Sue Haliburton's comments:
I share and/or sympathize with  your view. IMHO a big part of the problem is that, in the name of accountability, we have removed responsibility. More training would worsen the problem (more training = more program = more accountability = less thinking). You can have accountability or responsibility but not both. Government and other institutional (institutionalized) people are fully accountable and completely irresponsible.
Myself­I'll take responsibility every day.
Best regards,
David R. Bell

From: "John Duddy"
Subject: Splitting the Sky.

Hi Joe.
Splitting the Sky goes to court soon; he needs financial support or he will have to defend himself.
This is an opportunity for your readers to participate in a legal fight against the forces of darkness.

Thanks Joe
. . . can you provide an address or whatever
there is to send support?

From: John Boncore <>
Subject: STS info
Cc: John Duddy

Hi Joe,
Thanks so much for inquiring about my information.
You can send check or money order to

John Boncore
PO Box 1492
Chase, BC
V0E 1M0

my phone numbers are 250-679-7743 or cell 250-371-0562

Once again thank you very much
Splitting the Sky

Subject: Wouldn't it make economic sense to keep the company's viable high-tech division with growth potential in Canada?
From: John Halonen

No, not really.

First off, growth potential in Canada is not reality.  We do not have the population to support it, and therefore the products must be sold elsewhere for the organization to survive. It is only a matter of time before it will be available elsewhere at a cheaper cost, so we could be left holding and supporting the remains of a dying breed.

Canadians are great initiators of new products, especially within the technological arena, and it would be much better to support that growth while it is still new in the marketplace.

The auto industry is a prime example, while being very good at delivering quality products, it was only a matter of time before others could do it cheaper with the same quality.  We do not want to be in the same boat again within a few years, as it does appear that shelf life is decreasing.

We need to be leaders rather than followers of products that will only have a certain shelf life.  Products that could have a longer shelf life are those that use our vast natural resources, as these are diminishing in quantity and we have the opportunity to control.  Here though we need our politicians to be involved to ensure that they are not leaving Canadian soil without adequate Canadian labour attached.  Don`t hold your breath here, as most have already sold us down the drain.  ie:  Can you name any country that allows it`s oil to leave in the quantity that Canada does to be refined elsewhere?  How does that help Canadians looking for work?

John Halonen

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: DD

After reading Mary Sue's posting on the DD tonight I came across this article on Rense.  Be prepared Canada.  I still don't blame the police--it is government direction that is allowing and mandating this to occur.  We also have the Security Act which essentially removes all our rights that we stupidly believe we have.  A terrorist is anyone deemed so by our government.  The definition of 'terrorist' is fluid, translated to suit any situation.  When C6 is passed into law and C51 can then be instigated we will all be terrorists if we don't obey our masters.  Many of us saw this coming with C68(gun control) but as hard as we fought against it it didn't matter.  Now we are just sitting ducks for our terrorist governments. 

From: alan heisey <>
Subject: Re: Daily Digest April 18, 2009

joe, please take me through again your logic in printing the mailing 
address for contributors, such as the outstanding letter from msh, but 
will not reproduce their email address? jes askin' cz


From time to time I err in both.  Anyone wishing to contact someone et me know and I'll pass on the request.

From: alan heisey <>

j, i am a great admirer of a foreign principle we have generally 
adopted across canada and that is the presumption of innocence until 
the proof of guilt.

seems to me you have presumed a possible future decision of the 
(dreaded?) foreigners who are apparently about to buy some nortel 


On 2009 Apr18, at 19:27, Joe Hueglin wrote:

Once Nortel's real assets, the technology and customer base, move 
into foreign hands it will be only a matter of time before operation 
in Canada ceases to exist.

Presumption is based on track ecord.  Stelco and as above what used
to be Inco.
From: Ray Strachan

Quoting Joe Hueglin <>:
DD...In regards to Mary Sue Haliburtons piece.....I think that Police ac
tually do have rules that were not used in Vancouver Airport.  Police in a
Fascist State make their own rules. There appears to be no punishment for
Police in any facist state. They can do no wrong.  Those in command write
rules to protect themselves. Then come what may. People are so ignorant of
history. They only know two names that have caused all the worlds problems.
That is the Leader of Russia and The Leader Of Germany. Dont ever for Gods
sake delve into who their helpers were.....Ray Strachan

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Disarmament: a brief history, Conrad Black, April 18

Re: Disarmament: a brief history, Conrad Black, April 18
If you believe the world is full of people who want to pick your pocket, preparatory to slitting your throat, of course you will arm yourself to the teeth.  While this may have been normal operating procedure during the Middle Ages, we no longer tolerate knives in schoolyards or guns in the street.  We accept that the disarming of individuals and militias is necessary, and we give our democratic government the authority to set up an appropriate police force.  That is why we must democratize the United Nations, build up its resources, and develop the consciousness of a global community at the same time as we rein in national armies.  To quote Albert Einstein, "Only a supranational organization, equipped with a sufficiently strong executive power, can protect us."  Conrad Black notes that nuclear disarmament is an "unacceptable concept to the national security community of the United States and any other serious country".  That is why, if we are to survive, we must get beyond the unilateralism of the nation-state.  Europe has shown us the way - the threat of another general war there has receded to practically nil.  Why?  Because European nations, while they retain unique national characteristics and cultural traditions, have embedded themselves in a Union complete with its own supranational Parliament and have developed the concept of a common community. 
Larry Kazdan, Vice-President,
World Federalist Movement Canada – Vancouver Branch
Vancouver, B.C.

From: Peggy Merritt

Hi Joe:  Re Nortel I think that if the company is well run that the Canadian Govt. should lend them some credit (repayable) until they can get their act together.  As far as this airport issue is concerned I think that it has been overblown to the point of hysteria.  I remember reading about this event when it first occurred and the question was asked ..Where were the airport staff when this dazed man was wandering around in the reception area for over 10 hours?  Clearly there are others who did not  carry out their responsibilities to help this man and thus prevent the fatal event. Doesn't anyone worry about responsibilities these days.  Lets start a Human Rights and Responsibilities Commission! Hope this is worth publishing this time.  Regards Peggy

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,  Before I make comment to the three questions, I want to make comment on Michael Ignatieff's new book,             
True Patriot Love: Four Generations in Search of Canada. Ignatieff 's stance on what it is to be a Canadian. His thoughts can be connected to the three questions. His thoughts can be connected why Harper and Company has an urgent need to change the ways on how Canadians think of citizenship. Although I have only read newspaper accounts,  The writer states, "While globe-trotter himself, he attacks the cosmopolitan nationalism laugh because he is at best a feeling "outdated" at worst a "collective delirium." , . These people think that "the borders disappear, that national traditions are mixed, that the old nationalist passions are responsible for wars and intolerance [and] what we need is more cosmopolitan, open on the world. "   Faux, slice there. "Cosmopolitanism is the privilege of those who hold a passport, the luxury of those who have a country to them."

I can connect to Ignatieff, because my family came to Canada, when Canada was not a nation and made it their home. Canada was built by people whose attachments were firmly based in the lands of Canada. We are the Canadians, that have no other nation but Canada itself. As Ignatieff speaks about his own family, and from the beginning Canada was home, and no other nation entered into the picture. His love for Canada, is just as great as mine or for that matter as others, because we have no other country to go to. Just like Ignatieff, I do feel outdated.

Cosmopolitian nationalism is responsible for the rethinking of what it means to be a Canadian. Harper and Company thinks Canadian citizenship is earned by knowing your history of Canada, the willingness of people going to where the work is, no matter where in the world, and the values of other countries are more valid than the values that my ancestors held. Canada became a country without bloodshed because of those values. Canada went their own way, developing a Canadian way, so unlike the United States. Harper's own family never stayed long in one spot in Canada. As a result they never develop a loved for Canada, staying in a spot long enough, to developed an attachment to the land, region and the political passions that developed.
Instead, they moved where the work was, which does not allow any attachment to any particular lands of Canada.
 Harper and others has a different kind of patriotism, where Canada is for sale. Where doing it the American way, is far more important than any out-dated Canadian methods or values. It is why we see for sale signs on our institutions, our industries and more importantly,  the importing of American policies, values that are changing gun laws, our police forces, our courts, and the day to day operations of government. Harper no longer believes that Canada can become "great", by using our own values. He finds it necessary to import the necessary values, so his ideology and dogma can become the new values of a Canadian citizen.
This leads me to the three questions.

I agree that Canada should buy Nortel, so it can remain Canadian. As Ignatieff has stated in his book, "Michael Ignatieff knows the argument of markets, but will not agree.  . Our ancestors, he wrote, "argue that the country would never have happened if the logic of the money had plotted our destiny. . If they were, we would be American. "

But it will never happen, since Harper's Canada is plotted by the flow of money and markets. It does not matter one iota, Harper believes a country is built on business and its markets. Not on its people.
Yes, I believe that apologies should be given out when civilians are killed. If only for the reason, not to fall into the type of thinking that allow tyrants to hide their misdeeds. Even though, the apologies may not be sincere - it will allow the information of civilian deaths known. If no more apologies, it would allow the arm forces to hide the information, or make light of the death toll. Just like Harper and Company, refusing to tell Canadians the growing count of injured soldiers in the Afghan conflict. I wondering what are they hiding?
As for Mary-Sue, I do agree with her on every count. Canada and what we value, is no longer there. When people talk about 9-11 forever changing the world as we know it, it certainly has change the democracies of the world. Canada has allowed the importing of American ideologies, the allowance of power grabs for government officials and the police where people are guilty until proven innocence. The last few years, policies have change to justify the actions of our elected officials, our public servants and police. The worse part, no one is held accountable because laws are written in such a way, that the victims have no legal recourse. Where ever one looks, changes are made or being made where citizens are force to bend to the will of the politicians, the government, the police; through rules and regulations and as a result,  by-passing the Constitution of Canada.
My fears rest entirely on what government and their institutions can do to me when I broke a rule/regulation, either deeds done in ignorance or with purpose.  The power has shifted, where our rights and freedoms are no longer considered. Our legal recourses to injustices have been pared downed to one factor, the amount of money one has available to them to fight injustices. As for terrorists, I fear them far less and if Canada was serious about terrorists, why is there a lack of protection on our coasts?  Why does government make security agreements with other countries, such as Israel, and when doing so are importing values and methods that are not in keeping with our own Constitution.  Why is it, that I fear talking to a Jewish Canadian citizen, where my viewpoints may be on the side of the Palestines? I fear, because he or she might report me to the Canadian Jewish Association, and I will be charge for promoting hatred or worse - a security risk. I fear the police, courts, and the prison system because of the many injustices occurring where no one is held accountable. Injustices of a young woman who was thrown in jail at the age of 13, for throwing apples. At the injustices of police killing first, rather than using the tools of common sense. At the injustices done by our very own government, based on what is good for the world, and not necessarily for the good of Canadians.
Mary-Sue's statement, "The goal-post-moving tactic used against Abdelrazik is only another example of the same attitude of dehumanizing and criminalizing of citizens, while at the same time dehumanizing and turning into murderers the very men who are supposed to stop violent crime. "  and she goes further, "To cement his power, Hitler neutralized and got rid of the court system in Germany in the early 1930s. When no independent court stands between the people and the government, who isn't a criminal, or a terrorist, if the government says he is? This is why Bill C-6 giving powers to a government ministry to confiscate property, and prosecute outside of due process, and profit from a finding of guilt, is so sinister. It must be stopped if we are to remain a free and democratic society. " 
Canada, is well on the way into turning  into a police state, where the government of the day can work without the checks and balances of the Canadian Constitution.  The Harper conservatives have grown a powerful base, by taking advantage of the mindsets of new Canadians, where the families still have powerful memories of their Mother country in culture, religion, and political ideologies for the most part are conservative in nature. Harper plays on those values, at the same time he plays on other Canadians insecurities by declaring to them what values are important to them. Like a loving father making rules that have all the intentions of protecting his children, Harper does it in the same way, except his children are all Canadians. He tells us, that we must do battle with the terrorists in their own home countries, for fear that they will come to Canada to waged war. Would a loving father go to where the criminals are to do battle, or would he make sure that he places locks on the door, to prevent the criminal from entering into his home?  The bill C-6 is done in the same way, telling us that it is to protect the health of Canadians, without telling them that certain laws are going to be taken away to by-pass the Canadian Constitution. If the question is raised, it is always done in the form of, "You will have nothing to worry about, providing you are not breaking the laws, inferring that our constitution rights are not being over-ride by the laws. So when the injustices occurred, government is quick to say it is isolated. Then people will relax, and tell themselves I have no worries. It is than, the government will hit hard against all those who make and sell home-made consumer products, such as bottled jams, herbal vinegar mixtures/dressing, the wooden crafts, and any other products that under Bill C-6 will be illegal under the Health Canada act. The products do not meet the Canadian standards.
By this time, people will accept it because most do not know the difference between constitution law and legislated law. They do not know, that all legislated law must be within the framework of the constitution. They do not know, that legislated law can work around the constitution, and can become law. It is law until someone or a group makes a constitutional challenge. One of Harper's first things that he did, when he got in power was to eliminate the funding of an important agency that help ordinary Canadians to challenge laws via through the Constitution. Even than, they told us Canadians examples of how people or groups were using this agency, to promote something that most Canadians would not relate to.  There was no out cry, because most thought it does not affect me. Most thought, when will I ever do a constitutional challenge. So now, we have Bill C-6, where all Canadians will be affected, but we no longer have the means or the power to challenge the government. Our rights and freedoms are  curtailed, and we soon all accept that because governments and international markets know what is best for the citizens of the world.
Canada was built by its people, who shared a common trait of creating a country where people matter, where governments and their agencies protect us, keeping in mind we all left countries that rights and freedoms were only given by the pleasure of the crown. This country was built on that single value, while the people could retain their different cultures, practice their religion, and make their opinion known to all without fear of being arrested. What Harper is doing, is taking our democracy and down grading it to one that democracy is practiced in name only. Only the markets are held in esteem, where rights and freedoms of the ordinary citizens,  get in the way of doing business and carrying out government policies. Much like China, where democracy is operated in name-only, and rights and freedoms are dictated by current business leaders and the swing of markets.
From: "Suan H.Booiman"
Subject: why

Ottawa should buy the profitable part of the hi-tech company
The question is "WHY" because they are in Quebec?
It are governments Federal and Central Canada that
paid the price for all the industry to be located in
Ontario and Quebec, now those companies are paying
the price for excessive union demands and political

From: Lorimer Rutty
Subject: reaction to Mary-Sue's considered opinions.

Academic misfits are prone to exaggerated hyperbole, sic
1.  incident was a gang-murder
2.  by the whole culture
3.  hardened and epitomized in this PM and his government.
4.  the police are, in effect, our culture's guard dogs. Paranoia is turning them from emotionally-stable German shepherds into rampaging pitbulls
5.  our own paranoia that created this mentally-unbalanced training system.

 When all else fails, the mental midget always wallows in the 1930's

"To cement his power, Hitler neutralized and got rid of the court system in Germany in the early 1930s."

        Mary-Sue's piece does not deserve a second read.