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Fishing for favours

We're on top sad to say

How long will PNP nominees have to wait? View comments1
The province owes it to the immigrant nominees to tell them how long they'll be waiting for their visas.

Airport decides three's a crowd

School spending necessary investment

Soon, only your thoughts will be truly private

Decision sends wrong message

Gang trials will be the hard part

'Reality' never out of reach

Supporting a toxic trade
While the federal government is busy cutting funding for real scientific research, it still spends money on the pseudo-scientific promotion of asbestos

Home-care workers deserve fair treatment

Fortress U.S.A. bad for Americas

Courageous Afghan stance

Don't coddle scofflaws

 Top politicians caught in the Mulroney spotlight

Not seeing the forest for the newsprint

Strengthening citizenship

Afghan women go public

Schreiber: Making it up as he goes along

He said what, now?

Only drastic action will save Chrysler

Ignatieff's musings

Little guy suffers while execs profit

Canadians can handle Al-Jazeera news on television

Much of the gloom and doom is just talk

Grow, eat local food

Standard tests boost accountability

Union opposition to job recruitment very shortsighted

Encouraging protest

It's not the economy that makes them do it

Obama's new politics of international apology

Chrysler rescue must be tried

Basic language requirement makes sense

If you're going to be late, at least you can be creative about it

The Taliban is the target in Afghanistan no matter how NATO paints the picture

Libraries a best bet for stimulus cash

Vote offers a choice -- are we sheep, or not?

Liberals offer cautious course

Separating girls and boys

Responsibility not same as accountability

Canada arrests man suspected of trying to buy nuclear supplies for Iran


The mother of all cockfights 
What President Barack Obama won't do - and the Pentagon won't allow - is to do a full Vietnam and go down as the president who lost the American empire of bases and the dream of prevailing in the New Great Game in Eurasia.

Militants open a new front in Pakistan

USAID's Private Air Force for Afghanistan

Obama's Afghan war strategy doomed to fail

Canada to protect UN relief ship from pirate attacks off Somalia

MacKay says DND won't accept helicopter if it doesn't meet specifications

Day vows action on labelling Meat products

Washington takes first step toward climate change regulations

U.S. lumber group to fight aid to AbitibiBowater


Bank of Canada seen cutting rates to rock bottom as inflation cools

Auto Collapse 'Possible'

Chrysler lays it on the line to workers
  Cuba issue dominates start of Summit of the Americas

HARPER'S 'THIRD WAY': Prime Minister Stephen Harper's free trade remedy under fire from political left

Israel demands Palestinian recognition

Montreal team makes 'giant step' in bone marrow stem-cell research

Quebec judge bars media from reporting on settlement talks in sponsorship suit

As many 'Lost Canadians' gain citizenship, others are left in limbo Video

Campbell defends carbon tax in wake of national report saying they don't work

B.C. carbon tax fuels strange political shifts and possible alliances

BC's carbon tax kerfuffle goes global

Green Party calls Sask. uranium report a 'sham,' saying the public needs more info

Stelmach says Alberta 'can't carry the country' and needs more federal health cash

Land of our ancestors: four generations in search of Canada - Ignatieff reaches out to sovereignists =

Whistling up the coalition from the dead

Defence Minister Peter MacKay confirms meeting with Brian Mulroney

Ignatieff has 'big' vision for Canada

An "all-party conspiracy of stupidity"

Food safety body hampered listeriosis probe, report says

Reports expose holes in Canada's food safety system Video

Industry Minister Clement defends science budget amid researchers' concerns

Climate change means a walk in Arctic woods?

  Eco-friendly labelling? It's a lot of 'greenwash'

GM may tap $3-billion loan from Canada
*9/11 truth in MSM, Niels Harrit talks about WTC 7 on TV2 in December
 2007. (English subs)*

Free speech under attack
The right to comment freely is increasingly regarded as a threat to religious tolerance

Afghan was debate filtered through lens of women's rights

Are we in for big changes, or more of the same?

It's time to get serious about preserving our Western culture

Now is not the time to give up on Afghanistan

Going stupid
We got a depressing preview of the tenor of the next federal election campaign this week. It promises to be as ugly and shallow as the last, notwithstanding the recession, dire news from Afghanistan and the ongoing climate crisis.

Talking 'bout a revolution

Designing Economic Policy for a Second-Best World
What are the main causes of the economic crisis?

Designing Economic Policy for a Second-Best World (Part II)
What should regulators keep in mind as they try to avert another crisis?

Les gouvernements doivent s'unir face aux épidémies d'origine alimentaire

Stephen Harper arrive au Sommet des Amériques

MacKay admet avoir parlé à Mulroney

Pirates: Le Canada protégera un cargo d'aide humanitaire de l'ONU

Un espion présumé arrêté

Des lacunes dans la gestion de la crise

Crise forestière Le fédéral reste sur ses positions

Terre de nos aïeux: quatre générations à la recherche du Canada - Ignatieff tend la main aux souverainistes

2000 scientifiques canadiens dénoncent les compressions

La sécurité à la frontière ne changera pas sous Obama

 Ignatieff a le vent dans les voiles

MacKay s'excuse à son tour pour le rapatriement controversé de Karine Blais

Augmentation drastique du nombre de faillites personnelles au Canada

Sondage: les libéraux fédéraux devancent les conservateurs

Sortie du livre de Michael Ignatieff

Les hélicoptères à vocation militaire devront respecter les critères établis

Les négociations entre le Groupe Polygone et Ottawa resteront confidentielles

Le ministre de la Défense Peter MacKay admet avoir parlé à Brian Mulroney


From: Ron Thornton
Subject: Re: Daily Digest April 16, 2009

Hi Joe:

As I read about the current status of our economy, and with chaps like Iggy calling for more taxes, I am reminded of one thing. When the times are good, government should save money for a rainy day so when that day comes, as it has over the past few months, they would have funds on hand to meet the demands currently placed on them. In other words, tell those who would like to spend like there is no tomorrow, or a tomorrow that isn't as rosy, to piss off, grow a pair, put reserves aside, and be financially responsible. I know that there is no acceptable reason for Alberta to be in a deficit situation. If only these clowns had even a token of a clue how to look after public funding. Bloody apes in suits is all we seem to get. Now Iggy wants to seek a solution where he can tax us more so that he'll have more of our cash to piss away.

You can't trust government officials or financial companies to do what is right, and the Victoria Times Colonist reminds us that you can't even keep alive expectations that a cop might be worthy of our trust. In the inquiry looking at the death by taser of the Polish gent in Vancouver, we have cops tossing the truth aside to cover their inept Gestapo-like asses. If not for the video shot of the incident, these lying snipes would have been able to provide their alternative, fictional description without you and I being any the wiser. Either the powers that be nail these sons-of-bitches to the wall or accept that from this point on the rest of us  will have to suspect that their fellow officers are potentially of the same ilk and caliber. I mean, it appears their kind is what they wish to embrace.

Of course, we live in a damn fantasy world anyway. That same Victoria paper talked about global warming, mentioning the bought and paid for scientists who gathered in Copenhagen to wring their hands while neglecting to mention the gathering in New York that essentially called the whole thing bogus, a wealth transfer scheme and nothing but. It is all pretend, where no solution has ever been presented that might meet the challenges of whatever the climate is doing. It reminds me of how these same twits solved that acid rain problem a few years back. Then again, if you have enough people with something to gain screaming nonsense long and loud enough so that the mindless ignorant sheep among us (even those in power) follow them without question, shit like that happens.

Ah, thanks, Joe. This has been very therapeutic. I feel much better. Enjoy your weekend.

Ron Thornton

From: Ray Strachan
Subject: Harpers choice of US publicity helper


On tonights CBC National News there was an item on the  people that Stephen
Harper is hiring, at Canadian taxpayer expense to promote Canada in the US.

One of these is Ari Fleischer, you will recall he was the Whitehouse Spokesman
at one time under G W Bush.

Look up his biography on the Net.    He is quite a package I assure you.

His stand on the environment, War, etc etc.    Very interesting.

Ray Strachan

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Obama shields CIA interrogators from charges,   Randall Mikkelsen, April 16

Re: Obama shields CIA interrogators from charges,  Randall Mikkelsen, April 16
"Perpetrators' Justice" is the new U.S. legal regime proclaimed by the Obama administration.  Under it, neither the policymakers nor footsoldiers of heinous crimes like abduction , illegal detention, or torture will be prosecuted.  Why pursue malefactors when the trail could lead to members of one's own administration, party, or bureaucracy?  There is an important principle at stake here for Obama -  the principle of expediency.
Larry Kazdan,
Vancouver, B.C.

Subject: Re: Consumer Product Safety Act
From: The Natroses

Well Joe,

The ramifications of this bill will also end or put people selling their home-made herbs, bottled tomatoes or moose (favourite in NL), raw milk products or any other product that people sell from their homes or road-side stands, selling them under the cover of darkness. The bill will cover this.

Why are the big boys such as the Milk Marketing Board not raging war against the bill?  My feelings are that this bill is to limit the individual's rights by over riding the constitution, allowing the big guys (the power brokers) business as usual since they have the ability and means to fight decisions made by inspectors.

Knowing human nature, inspectors will go after the little guy, who does not have the means. I can think of situations such as small companies that markets jams made from berries that are local. Berries such as the bake apples, which is only found in NL. That company's exports to Canada is growing, although small for now - an inspector could declare the jam unsafe and make them halt their jam business.

It would not surprise me, if this is what Harper is attempting to do - by going after the smaller operations, than the big guys step in to take over production of bake apple jam. I think it is an attempt to allow the big guys to take over the smaller market niches that are found in all consumer products such as toys, food, wooden products, herbal and so forth, by limited the rights of the individuals and powers to decide of safety concerns by inspectors. The only recourse for individuals is to sue a federal arm of the government.

Now why have we not heard from the opposition - especially the Liberals - will this be another one of sitting on their hands?

Loks like it :
Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq is banking on the quick passage of the Consumer Product Safety Act to give Health Canada the power to recall products
Hi Joe,
On Harper and Day Inc. on filing a WTO complaint against the actions of American meat producers in response of how they are handling the  labels where all food ingredients must be listed, by origin of country - why do this?  Why not change the laws here in Canada, where Canadian consumers could purchase processed foods, by origin of countries. I and many others would like this to happen, so I can choose what I eat, by determining where the food came from. I do not want to eat meat from other countries like China. I want to eat meat from Canada or the United States. There is less chance of any food processor to over-ride the rules and regulations of food safety.

This brings me down to why Harper and company does not want us consumers to have any type of power - It is not in their ideology. Article in a Guelph newspaper stated it no better than I would ever do or could:

"Faith, family and freedom" was Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's boilerplate slogan during his 2008 bid for the U.S. Republican presidential nomination. The trifecta is more than rhetoric. It explains Anglo-Saxon conservatism in a profound way -- especially the faith bit, which informs the rest.

Conservatives, sometimes unwittingly, consistently affirm basic Christian principles in the majority of their policies. Their resistance to gay marriage, their promotion of the nuclear family, their tough approach to justice issues and even, on a different level, their commitment to a strong military, all stem from a certain understanding of human nature.

Conservatives believe that, though created for and capable of good, human beings are weak against their passions and ultimately need to be stewarded by strong institutions and societal norms. The church, the family, and the state should mutually re-enforce basic morality and social structures conducive to moral and social order.

And, on a global scale, conservatives believe the world is anarchic, dangerous, and will always be so. Good guys can't stop building war planes and training soldiers just because they'd rather be sending aid money to Africa. Civilization needs to be actively defended."

Us normal people are too weak to decide what is good for us, and rules, regulations must be imposed on us, so we will be force to be good little citizens. Plus using the very same ideology in other things like trade, consumer goods will also protect the corporations, and make the individual to conform to the needs of the government. With Harper and company, institutions include the big corporations, who have always had a seat at the government table.

Subject: Climate bill could trigger lawsuit landslide
From: "Efstratios Psarianos"

'Crisis' or not, the US Ship of State sails on majestically; and off the end of the world?
It's fun and games like usual in the US House of Representatives, as some motivated Reps there are drafting a law that would enable God-fea ... uuuuhhh .. climate-fearing taxpayers (and non-payers) to get their hands on $75,000 per year for 20 years (or less for longer) ... if their property were to be damaged by climate change.
1. Some people are saying that this will be lolly for lawyers, an 'industry' that's likely to be suffering right now.
2. For all we know, it's lolly for lobbyists and lawmakers ... how much do the former get paid for encouraging the latter to 'do the right thing'? And how much will the lawmakers demand as 'compensation' to get the economic-black-hole provision removed from the legal text?
3. Then again, it might be so bad .. there are PLENTY of States whose people could benefit from money showers to counteract high tides, excessive rains, flooding, lor rainfall, desertification, (*pause for breath*), high winds, hurricanes, tornados, landslides, out-of-season budding of plants and trees, yada yada. When you think of it EVERYONE would win.
4. Thank GAWD we live in Canada.
 Climate bill could trigger lawsuit landslide
The Washington Times
Self-proclaimed victims of global warming or those who "expect to suffer" from it -- from beachfront property owners to asthmatics -- for the first time would be able to sue the federal government or private businesses over greenhouse gas emissions under a little-noticed provision slipped into the House climate bill.

Environmentalists say the measure was narrowly crafted to give citizens the unusual standing to sue the U.S. government as a way to force action on curbing emissions. But the U.S. Chamber of Commerce sees a new cottage industry for lawyers.

"You could be spawning lawsuits at almost any place [climate-change modeling] computers place at harm's risk," said Bill Kovacs, energy lobbyist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. . . .

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  when do we start?

Tea Party

From: Tom Brewer

I find it interesting Management "suggests" ways Chrysler can reduce costs for it's salaried staff. What has management offered from its own table? I'm sure there are a few so called perks the company could claw back given the situation.
I agree it will take both sides to make this deal. I am however appalled at the suggestion the union must do what-ever in order to get closer to the wages the other companies pay their employees. In all of what I have seen it tells me our own government is union busting and should this happen most every union and member no matter what will be expected to lower their standard of living.
The USA is of the same mind. The problem in my opinion is not the employees doing. They bargained and the company agreed. I dare suggest if all union members have to give to make this deal then all others too must beare some responsibility. From so called high priced  professionals right on down to well heeled politicians.
The argument is or will not be over just CWA members but trade unionists across the line. It will be open warfare on organized workers while management tinkers with the books yet at the same time ensuring management's take home pay will not suffer.
I guarantee however slippery others will still take home their so called just rewards on some president they are better than you or I. Upper management in my opinion has much to address. The fact "we the people".. Get to pay undermines all of our efforts to earn a decent living.

From: "Suan H.Booiman"
Subject: SALIM MANSUR freedom of speech

April 17, 2009
Appreciate your story about Levant.
Ezra Levant's 'Shakedown' a lesson on free speech
Ezra Levant, Democracy, Freedom of speech are strong words.
Indeed Ezra deserves our gratitude but it does not restore
Canada as a democracy, a status we lost because of Trudeau.
We are a country without principles, liberal, libertarian, do
whatever you want. Don't offend as it has greater power than
freedom of speech. Since the 1960's Canada has not had a
government that understood the meaning of individual rights.
From property rights to freedom of speech. Today we have
dictatorial rulers, democratically elected, silencing one and all.
Suan H.Booiman

From: "Derek Skinner"
Subject: Fw: Dow suit puts NAFTA Chapter 11 to the test

Are we an independent country or a feudal subject of American corporations?
Previous NAFTA Tribunal decisions indicate the latter.
This case could be a clincher.

 Dow Suit is Seminal NAFTA Chapter 11 Test
by Luke Eric Peterson   Published Apr. 15, 2009

Let's get one thing straight. The recently-launched NAFTA arbitration by Dow Chemicals against the Government of Canada is about much more than $2 million.

As was first reported in these pages last autumn, Dow claims that a Quebec ban on lawn pesticides has amounted to an unfair expropriation of Dow's Canadian pesticide business.

On March 31, the company filed for formal arbitration under NAFTA's Chapter 11, seeking at least $2 million in compensation from Canadian taxpayers.

However, $2 million won't even cover Dow's legal fees. So, what gives?

From: Mary-Sue Haliburton
Subject: Consumer Product Safety Act Bill C-6

Hi Joe:

For some time I've been spending most of the time not just offline but off media and not able to do much. However I managed this set of comments about Bill C-6 which I sent first to my MP, then to various politicians notably those in opposition.




Because this government has departed to such an extent from basic legal rights and freedoms for Canadians, all their grandstanding on behalf of human rights in other countries seems hypocritical.

For details, please see letter about Bill C-6 undermining legal rights, sent first to MP John Baird, & subsequently to other politicians.

When I was writing to politicians I did not include the link to Dr. Eldon Dahl's account of the police/Health Canada raid on his home. If you have not seen it, please go to:
< >

Note that there are several parts to this report. (To access the other parts, please click on thumbnail links in the menu which is on the right side of above web-page below the brief background information intro.) All parts are important to convey the full import of this incident, and how the changes in legislation which have been underway for a few years affect legal and human rights in this country.

If you are concerned about this issue, and wish to express your objections to your MP, please write an original letter in your own words. Contact information for MPs can be found at:
< >

Please feel free to circulate this email if you see fit.

Best regards,

Begin forwarded message:
From: Mary-Sue
Date: April 17, 2009 12:18:44 EDT (CA)
To: , Jack Layton < >, Gilles Duceppe < >
Cc: "Carolyn - M.P. Bennett" < >, , , , "Stéphane - M.P." < >, , , , , , , , , "M.P. Judy Wasylycia-Leis" < >, , penny collenette < >
Subject: Fwd: BILL C-6 Egregious Departure from Rule of Law

TO: Opposition party leaders and various MPs

Gentlemen and Ladies of Parliament:

What is happening to our rights and freedoms under this Conservative Government's proposed Bill C-6 (a reincarnation of the odious Bill C-52) is disturbing and must not be allowed to go forward.

However, it's only reasonable to point out that it was under the previous governments, including during a period of Liberal government, that Shiv Chopra was fired for doing his job, and that Health Canada's mandate shifted from doing independent science on behalf of the public to being little more than an agency of the pharmaceutical industry.

By no means does Bill C-6 protect Canadian families, as is claimed. We already have laws to protect us from Hazardous products.

For a detailed explanation of my objections to this bill, please see (below) my recent communication to John Baird, who happens to be MP for this riding. The behaviour not just of Health Canada but also of the RCMP in implementing this government's policies are excessively heavy-handed in my view. The mass media has mostly been silent on this subject; one wonders why journalists have not seen to investigate nor discuss this bill and its consequences. 

I hope that the opposition parties will unite to defeat this despicable piece of legislation, and if necessary boot this government out of office. I am addressing this to the leaders of the opposition and also to several MPs in whom I place confidence as being motivated by the highest principles of public responsibility and personal honour.

Thank you for your attention and action.

Mary-Sue Haliburton
(street address removed)

Begin forwarded message:
From: Mary-Sue
Date: April 17, 2009 11:49:48 EDT (CA)
To: "John - M.P. Baird" < >
Subject: The Heavy Hand of Health Canada: Egregious Departure from Rule of Law

Dear Mr. Baird:

After hearing about how four RCMP officers treated Robert Dziekanski, it is disturbing to learn about four RCMP officers being deployed against a peaceful naturopathic doctor in a home raid that took place in January of this year.

Eldon Dahl had no criminal record. He was not selling any addictive or harmful products. Yet for some unknown reason it was thought that four armed officers would be needed to invade his home in order to protect five Health Canada investigators. That's a total of nine people! Is this a reasonable use of manpower? In a time when we are being told that Canada is at risk from violent terrorists, is it reasonable to send four armed officers against a peaceful taxpayer who is simply engaged in helping people to use common sense about their diet and to keep themselves well? A five-minute investigation by police prior to this raid would have enabled them to see that the excess firepower was not needed.

However illogical the reasons may have been for this raid, it was Mrs. Dahl who answered the door. This woman had to face a drawn gun and a home invasion without any information being given to her. And as a woman who had grown up under communism, this was all too familiar as a memory of what had happened in her home country. Dr. Dahl had reassured her that Canada was a free society and that she would never again have to face gestapo-like police invading the home. This would never happen here, he'd told her.

So, under our current government, has Canada become a Communist state?

Or, just as bad, are we becoming a Nazi state?

If ordinary and law-abiding citizens are being treated as criminals for conducting their profession according to accredited schools of thought, it seems to matter little which extreme of the political spectrum is in power. Both communism and Naziism are tyrannical and abusive of human and legal rights. Didn't Canada fight World War II, at huge cost and with the sacrifice of many soldiers and merchant seamen, to prevent this kind of tyranny from taking root in our country?

It seems to me that the laws which allow this kind of abusive and intimidating raid against peaceful citizens in their homes dishonours the memory of our many war veterans, and makes their sacrifices meaningless.

What has happened to our free society in which the Canadian Charter of Rights, not to mention the UN Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 (to which Canada is a signatory), protected us from unreasonable search and seizure?

Dr. Dahl is asking why he was dealt with in his heavy-handed manner. His wife and daughter were terrorized, his private home and private records were seized, including contents of a home safe that were personal, not business-related. Why was he not treated as a corporation (his personal business is incorporated) and according to corporate law?

Equally important, how is it that completely safe and non-toxic items were listed in the warrant (which they finally showed to him after saying he didn't have any right to know why they were there), as if some kind of crime is involved in advising people to nourish themselves properly?

The cops themselves were expecting to deal with a narcotics pusher; Dr. Dahl found out from talking with them that they didn't even know what was in the warrant. One of the charges listed against him was that he was selling folic acid with a higher dose than is available in Canadian drugstores, although everything listed there is being sold over the counter in the United States. As a criminal charge, selling folic acid as a therapeutic agent is ridiculous. Folic acid is not only safe, it's an essential nutrient. So many toxic chemicals to which we are exposed, as well as UV light, tend to deplete our bodies of this important biological compound. The typical dose available in drugstores may not provide enough to compensate for all these stresses on the system, although all we'd have to do would be to take two or three tablets instead of one to achieve better health protection.

It makes no sense at all to treat this man like a terror suspect for advising people to boost their levels of folic acid to help them resist health damage.

In the strongest possible terms, I wish to register my objections not just to this raid, nor just to the idea that vitamins and herbs are dangerous. I object to the whole privatization and change of direction in Health Canada, turning that agency into an arm of the pharmaceutical industry. It is no longer the citizens of Canada, but the multinational drug companies which are now their clients. This is simple fact; it's stated on the HC website.

By no stretch of the imagination does criminalization of herbs and of therapeutic levels of vitamins constitute protection of the consumer! Enthronement of toxic drugs as "health products" is not based on superior science, just on science that has a lot of financial clout. If the whole pharmaceutical paradigm can only be sold to the public by forcibly removing the alternatives, then there certainly is not any obvious superiority in either its scientific foundation or in its results.

Bill C-6 does not protect Canadian families from risky products, nor does it defend our basic human and legal freedom. The government which put forward this abhorrent piece of legislation is not upholding justice which your party was given a sacred trust to carry out. Instead of defending human rights and freedoms, your government is now poised to inflict on us Bill C-6, which will further constrict our rights and unleash more such reprehensible raids.

And while your government wastes money sending out large teams of cops needlessly against peaceful doctors and alternative health professionals whose only desire is to heal people, narcotics dealers are still rampaging through the streets, committing murders and roping in addicts who also commit crimes in an attempt to support their habits. I demand that the police muscle be directed against those real and violent criminals, and no longer misdirected against innocent doctors and naturopaths, terrorizing them and their families in their homes.

I completely object to the so-called Consumer Protection Act, which would allow the government simply to announce regulations which could be used to make safe, non-toxic products into banned drugs, and which gives huge powers to HC inspectors to regulate a low-risk set of consumer products. This bill would allow property seizure without even getting a warrant -- just on suspicion.

Abolishing the law of trespass will take away the privacy protection that Canadians have enjoyed and that the courts have upheld for our whole history. The level of threat from consumer products is generally low to non-existent -- after all, haven't they all had to be approved by the government in the first place? The low level of risk is especially true in the case of nutritional supplements. It's hard to see how throwing away our legal rights can be justified based on such low risk. Yet Bill C-6 is a slippery slope that will make us no longer a free and democratic country, but a police state.

And this Bill C-6 also would allow such seized private property to be held indefinitely while the owner is billed for storage! That is outrageous in itself, an egregious departure from protecting citizens against abuses of power. This so-called Consumer Protection Act would allow Health Canada to bypass the courts which protect human rights such as privacy and property. Under administrative charges, the raided individual would be presumed guilty, and would not even be able to have his day in court.

Most disturbing of all is that, upon declaring the individual guilty (against which he has no opportunity to prove in court that he was innocent), it is the Minister as Judge who gets to keep the confiscated property! This cannot be considered anything but blatant conflict of interest.

The whole of Bill C-6 is gratuitous anyway. We already have a Hazardous Products Act, and provisions in law to enable dangerous products to be removed from the market, while respecting due process, and legal rights of citizens. This government can hardly complain about abuses of human rights in Afghanistan while taking away legal rights at home! It's extremely hypocritical.

Such a blanket shift in our system away from respecting the courts and legal rights can only make these raids more common and subject more innocent and law-abiding citizens to criminalization and to the psychological trauma of such a home invasion.

Please protect the legal rights of Canadians engaged in legitimate health and other forms of business by withdrawing your support for this bill.

Thank you for your attention and for action on behalf of the rule of law and of human and legal rights.

Mary-Sue Haliburton
(street address removed)