Friday, April 10, 2009

Daily Digest April 10, 2009



Nude photo political attack goes over the line

Baby Kaylee's case raises serious questions

No place for children
Counting calories
A matter of life and death

You can't tell us drug legalization is impossible

Far from the carnage

Move past a Creator God, but keep the creativity

How words we speak can be distorted

Parents key to ending obesity

Some things worse than cash-guzzlers
Rushing to judge others

Jobless numbers a call for action

 Prepare for a long, slow recovery

Fighting poverty takes collective effort

Public safety will be at risk if gun registry is dismantled

Ontario not ready to kiss and make up with Harper

Remain calm, not all is lost

Awkward prosperity on the Prairies

Kaylee's future must be left up to her

Family law on slippery slope in Quebec

Guilty as charged

The kids are OK, but they need a road map

When cash is short, somebody must choose

A tale of two babies is all about selflessness

WestJet or Air Canada?

Surprised by the deficit? You shouldn't be

Albertans furious about deficit budget

Easter brings message of hope to everyone

Buying redemption for sins of emission, one tonne at a time

'Province of losers' warning is coming true

Election pledges must face reality

Public-private partnerships: The facts
A misinformation campaign is skewing the debate on PPPs




The Washington consensus is dead
Over the past week, Obama has laid the Bush doctrine to rest and charted a new course for the US in the world

U.S. military concedes Afghan civilian casualties


U.S. protectionism remains alive -- to Canada's detriment

Recession Update: A Canadian fiscal roundup

Canada asks Russia for training-mission notice

Canada-Russian relations remain chilly over Arctic

MDs call for calories on menus

CAW head feels betrayed by plan to tighten rules

B.C. voters to tackle electoral reform once again

Liberals to pull plug in the fall?

Carbon tax resurfaces in Liberal policy resolutions

Harper approved plan to leak story about Mulroney
Move meant to distance party from former PM

Moral compass, lightly used

New course for PM?

Ex-justice minister 'offered contracts'

The eternal message of faith

Welcome to the he-cession

Attention, education shoppers + Reading Afghanistan:

Revisited: The Canary In The Coal Mine. Kelly Marie Richard. Part One

MacKay à la défense de Mulroney

Le PLC sur le pied de guerre

Abdelrazik serait victime de la division de la planète en pays

Harper aurait signé un plan pour distancer le PC de Mulroney

Des libéraux toujours favorables à une taxe sur le carbone

Des élections fédérales à l'automne?

L'AFPAD est révoltée par des verdicts rendus contre des personnes intoxiquées

Ottawa et Washington veulent réduire les émissions dans les eaux côtières


From: Tom Brewer

In my opinion Stephen Harper's handling of the Mulroney membership problem will set the stage for Canadians in how they look at Harper in the future. If he dares try to clam up some of the stalwarts who have already spoken out it will tarnish and in my opinion finish him.
I dare suggest he(Harper) had better be ready to lay the proof out for all to see. Mulroney like wise needs to come forward and give us his story, not a story passed on by someone else.
In my opinion should Harper once again dictate to his party it will show him to be nothing short of a dictator. This could prove to be his unravelling. The party will do itself in.

From: Beverley Smith

re The Sneeze
I loved this story and sent a copy to each of my four - adult-kids.

I was teaching yesterday in two grade one classes and the little kids are all excited about Easter. We are not allowed as teachers to endorse any religion any more and even mention of it is quite frowned on in the public system.  The holidays are now called winter and spring break not Christmas and Easter and the concerts are similarly religion free- about Santa and bunnies or just about showcasing talents.

I have to say that I understand and endorse the idea that this is a diverse nation and people have the right to any faith or no faith.  I understand that we in the public education system should not 'take sides'. Yesterday since all the little kids were excited about the holiday today and were told to write in their journals about it, it did seem odd to not mention the reason for the holiday nonetheless. In one class I asked who celebrated Passover, one hand went up and who celebrated Easter, the rest of the hands going up.

I had kids tell the stories of the two celebrations as they knew them and we discussed chocolate and rabbits and the Easter egg  hunts many are apparently excited about at home.

I think that the schools make a mistake to not mention religion itself since it is a powerful and for many people vital part of life. It's fine to not endorse any particular but pretty wise to be well informed about many.

I loved the way the students, en masse, figured a way to mention God, however they define God, in the ceremony.  It is arrogant of us, in my opinion, to claim we sail alone.

Beverley Smith

From: "Serge Crespy"
Subject: Same Sex Marriage /  Daily Digest April 9, 2009

Thank-You, Joe:
I had assumed that my simple view on Same-Sex Marriage would be too controversial for print.   I cannot prevent myself from thinking what I am thinking; I mean no harm towards anyone ....... An observation; a manifestation of  "Freedom of Speech" / "Freedom of The Press".  
Thanks again, Joe!
Serge Crespy
Collingwood, ON

From: John Halonen


Interesting Facts regarding the recent bailouts.

The financial/insurance industry has received hundreds of billions of bailout money and they represent by far the largest percentage of the elite and wealthy.

The auto industry has received tens of billions of bailout money and they represent by far the largest percentage of a middle class.

An auto industry collapse will affect by far more middle class individuals.

Whom does our governments represent?

John Halonen

Life is a BEACH, with white sand and gentle waves

Brad Thomson
I am honestly confused about something. Harper is fighting against gun control, while the Americans are fighting heavily for it. This seems odd. Harper did a complete about-face on global warming, why not on gun control?
Before any rogue and criminal government can implement tyranny, they must disarm the population. This is what is going on in America. Why have the higher controlling powers not told Harper to do the same?
On the same-sex marriage issue, I do not understand why we are still hearing biological arguments. Who cares if two men or two women get married? I happen to be heterosexual, that's the way God made me, but he made many others homosexual. So what? Live and let live.
But as I have suggested before, we need to stop thinking, wondering and writing about these types of issues. The left versus right paradigm is a hoax to keep us off track, to prevent us from looking at what really matters. It is subterfuge, nothing more. Look at Obama, a so-called liberal who replaced a so-called conservative. Did he change anything? Well, yes he did. He has spent more money in his first month than Bush did in eight years (guess he must really be a liberal), he is even more quickly running roughshod over the Constitution (guess he must be a fascist). He is accelerating the fake war in Afghanistan (guess he must be a conservative). He is going to create a million person domestic police and spying force (guess he must be a Nazi). He is going to shut down the internet in the name of security (guess he must be a communist). He is overseeing the continuation of FEMA prison camps (guess he must be an advocate of martial law). He is talking tough about Iran, North Korea, the Russians and the Chinese (guess he must be an American liar). He is concerned about global warming (guess he must be an idiot, for that is a hoax too, ironically Harper was correct before the higher powers suddenly told him to see the light).
We need to wake up, and fast. Pay attention to what is happening, not to what the media tells you is happening. Read between the lines, this is where truth resides. The Rockefellers, Rothschilds (their real name is Bauer), the Queen of England, the Pope and a few others have taken control of the entire planet though the IMF. They are pure evil. They are satanically possessed madmen and women bent upon the complete destruction of the planet.
AIDS was invented in a CIA laboratory. Obama is not African-American. 911 was an inside job. Global warming is a lie. America, Russia and China are not enemies, they just pretend they are. Oswald did not kill Kennedy. Man did not walk on the moon. Lincoln was not assassinated by those who wanted to continue with slavery, he was killed by banking hoods who did not like his greenback, they wanted to keep printing and controlling the money themselves. Kennedy was killed by the same banking hoods for daring to sign an order preventing the government from borrowing from the privately owned Federal Reserve. Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. Michael Jackson is not a white man. But Obama sure acts like one. Most of the players in his administration are Wall Street people. Most of those pulling his strings are dual citizens with the state of Israel, including his chief of staff. All of them are Bilderberg, Tri-Lateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome.
And we are the Caesars fiddling while Rome burns.
Brad Thomson

From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
Subject: Moral Compass.

The attempt to discredit the Leader of the Opposition and to give credit to Stephen Harper which is not his due is by turns diatribe and apologia full of false claims and CPC assertions.  A marginal change of tactics serves only to show how little the faux Conservatives have learned since the parliamentary crisis their excesses of partisanship nearly brought down the government in December and exposed the degree to which disregard for the seriousness of the financial and economic crisis by "staying the course" to ideological neoconservatism until change was forced upon them has threatened the well-being of every Canadian.

Harper has diminished Canada's reputation on the world stage, having isolated & identified us with the failed unilateralist Bush foreign policy until its very last moments and neocon economics. He is now trying to distance himself from that record and take credit for accomplishments he had nothing to do with. Ironically, Martin and Chretien are responsible for resisting the "liberalized" (globalized, deregulated, speculative pursuit of fees for unfunded/under-funded highly leveraged buyouts & derivatives and disregard for due diligence) banking urged by the US, IMF, and parts of the world banking community under which we have laboured since Ronald Reagan.

Harper has repeatedly attacked the more conservative stance of Canadians, including the Canadian banking and investment standards, as typical of a "socialist" change resistant Canada, fearful of a globalized market place and urged market driven fiscal and economic policy. There is a place for market-based solutions, but not in basic, real, national infrastructure such as bank regulation, telecommunications, transportation, domestic control of the ability to feed ourselves (CWB) and grow our markets at home and abroad. Harper is being given credit for measures his neocon philosophy opposes.

The Americanizing, continentalizing, hidden agenda of Stephen Harper's party reveals the taint of the old anti-Canadian Reform Party when you scratch the surface. Presidentializing the role of the prime minister, stripping the Senate, the Courts, and the media of their proper role of holding the prime minister and government accountable, calling into question even the role of the Governor General in recent months. The democratic and constitutional principle of responsible government lie in tatters and we have entered this period of globalized financial crisis brought about by imported neoconservatism in a far weaker state than need to have been the case because of three long years of Harper bully-boy tactics in parliament and fiscal mismanagement..

Canadians do deserve credit for the strength we have built in this country with quiet reserve; as for Stephen Harper, it's time for former Progressive Conservatives to ask him to leave quietly before all Canadians do so publicly.

Brian Marlatt

PC Party candidate-of-record South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale.