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Jim is correct. "Give out a link to the text of the bill or distribute it in it's entirety and then critique it with your opinions as you like but don't tell me what to think…ever"

Should this errr be made again, please inform me en masse.

Having fallen behind I thought it best to send an independent BELOW (30) post.

From: "Jim Calvert"
Subject: RE: The price of proposed "tougher product recall laws"

You will agree after watching them that were you the Minister of Health you would want "the quick passage of the Consumer Product Safety Act" before the general public and particularly the Canadian business community, become aware of what is being proposed.
Morning Joe:
Be careful here, telling me what I will agree to before I even read the bill or watch a video is very risky ground.

Asking someone to watch something on youtube means about as much as handing me a piece of paper on which someone has written something with a crayon.

I am a computer consultant.

Give out a link to the text of the bill or distribute it in it's entirety and then critique it with your opinions as you like but don't tell me what to think…ever
P.S this is not to say I agree or disagree with the legislation.

I'll get a copy and read it.
Jim Calvert


From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
Subject: Just a short note

Just a short note.  I see that that the Harper government has picked two American pitchmen to sell Canada in the US, one from the Clinton administration, one from the Bush administration.  It is the later, Ari Fleischer, who concerns me.  It was Fleischer who as Bush press secretary answered a question regarding the cost of maintaining US forces on the borders of Iraq by saying the "crisis" could be ended for the cost of a bullet and today defended water boarding on the CNN programme Anderson Cooper 360.
Incidently, isn't calling for political assassination an impeachable offense.  As White House spokesperson, wasn't Fleischer speaking for the White House and since he wasn't fired was the Bush White House endorsing political assassination of Saddam Hussein?  Isn't water boarding torture?
What do you say of a PM who would hire someone like that to pitch Canada to Americans?   Does the Harper government have any credibilitly at all?   Once again Harper is hurting Canada's reputation.  Shouldn't Harper just move to Crawford Texas and leave us alone?
Just asking.

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Parliamentary democracy is slipping away from us in Canada, James Travers, April 21

Re: Parliamentary democracy is slipping away from us in Canada, James Travers, April 21
Most Canadians are probably unaware that lax federal laws still permit unethical lobbying.  A Karlheinz Schreiber could still give unlimited amounts of money or gifts in secret to some nomination race and party leadership candidates, to secret party and riding association trust funds, and to all federal politicians after they left office, either as a donation or as payment for lobbying.  According to James Travers, there's no silver bullet or quick fix for many of our democratic ills. However, there are certainly many loopholes that could be plugged forthwith, and we need to make it so.

Larry Kazdan,
Vancouver, B.C.


Democracy Watch has exposed the details of these and many other loopholes in the federal government's decision-making and accountability systems, and the full list and details can be seen at:
From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,  On your post regarding Bill C-6 and the powers that the government will have:
1. First article: Conservatives to propose tougher product recall laws:, or concerns raised about it.
This article made no mentioned of the powers that are to be given to ministers and how far reaching they are. This article is spin put on Bill C-6 by using the recall of products. If Bill C-6 was created to solve the recall issue; why have such a big hammer?  I blame stories like that, on major media outlets who are becoming mouth pieces for either the government or big business. It seems to me, major media outlets are no longer reporting all sides to a story, but rather bias, slanted articles that tells the common person, government is looking out for your health and safety or protection, without telling us the powers that will be given to the government, and how they will over-ride the Constitution of Canada by regulation.
2. Second article: "Parliamentary democracy is slipping away from us in Canada" :  As stated in the article,

"Restoring Parliament as a public watchdog, making ministers more than a focus group and convincing civil servants to again speak truth to power all require a protracted test of wills.

Control is as convenient to leaders and their nodding cliques as it is intoxicating. It won't be surrendered without a struggle."

Good place to restore Parliament as a public watchdog - is to have our media act as the public watch dog, reporting every wrong, power grab that reduces our democracy, by whittling away our freedoms and rights. If media do not stop acting as mouth pieces for the government, one day we will see a raid at one of the corporate offices. Done on the pretext of one of their employees selling vitamins or herbal concoctions, or even selling illegal drugs on their premises. I can see the headlines: "CEO of __________ , had his office strip".  Then and only then, will we see our leaders surrender their powers that infringes on the people's freedoms and rights, under the constitution.

3. The third article: Recent article, "Cops can now 'take all your stuff" : recent supreme court ruling.

In this case, the police will just have to convince a judge to issue the order to seize assets on the basis that it is connected to crime, without a conviction. This will open up the system where it will not only be selling illegal drugs, but all crime that the police or government deems crime. Eventually, garage sales will be considered a crime when one does not cough up sales tax owe to the government plus interest.   Between Bill C-6 and this court ruling, the potential to abuse by our officials, will only succeed to weaken the foundations of the Canadian Constitution.

People should wake up to the fact that our provincial and federal government are no longer acting on our behalf. Their intent is to shape and form Canadian society by imposing their values on the common people, by using laws to make people behave and if that does not work, they make laws where people are force to behave, under threat of being arrested or seizing their assets.

There has to be a better way, and it is time for all citizens, from the very wealthy to the very poor to stand up and defend the constitution. Instead, we are willing to watch government whittled away our rights and freedoms.

On a side note, legislation that was enacted quite a while ago where a person dies without a will - is a perfect example of a money grab for government. Apparently, government charges a 30 % fee for the disposal of real estate property, and for other property, the fees run anywhere between 3 times to 5 times what a lawyer will charge. How many people are being ripped off by our provincial governments, where our less educated, our poorer citizens who may not be aware that they could hired a lawyer for a fraction of the fees that government charges?   

From: Peggy Merritt

Hi Joe:  Tell Robert Ede to suggest to his young couple thinking of moving to Toronto this  is not a good idea at the present time  At the Moment the city of Toronto is governed by our mayor David Miller and his left wing Cabinet. This group just voted themselves a raise along with a 4% raise in property taxes.  Every time we turn around there is a new tax such as the $60 tax added to the purchase  of a 2009 car license. These guys don't like cars! Just monitor the situation maybe things will change in the next municipal election. Thanks Joe.... Peggy Merritt

From: Rene Moreau <>

To Joe;
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
 re; Hank Sims article; an add on.
   On the subject of attempts to rejuvenate the Canadian economy, in
this case from spending on infrastructure.
   Because we have NAFTA, which says ' Thou shalt NOT discriminate
against foreign American corporations', any or at least, most of the
infracture work could end up in American corporate hands, since their
companies even go to the trouble of telling their employees, 'we're a
Canadian company, and you must tell anyone who asks, we're Canadian',
   Examples on request.
   Since any privatization is governed by the phrase, Privatize the
profits, socialize the debt', the neighbours corporations have
realized the value of 'milking the cash cow', and that is us, the
Canadian taxpayer, or ratepayer.
   While all this is going on, we can't blame the corporations.
   We Canadians, and a complacent and blind or ignorant, and
infiltrated, government and media, allow this just by staying quiet.
   The corporate world will push and push till they get everything
they want, or until some-one pushes back.
   Along the line of how Harper pushes and pushes, and Michael
Ignatieff , doesn't.

                                              Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
Hank's article
From: HS Sims
Subject:Stimulus Payment Info.

From: The Natroses
Subject: Re: The price of proposed "tougher product recall laws"

Hi Joe,  
Bill C-6 falls in line with the political ideology of the Harper's Conservatives, which one of their main beliefs is that government should not be in the business of safeguarding Canadians health or safety. They believe the burden and responsibilities  should fall unto the people, with government enforcing the rules or regulations of the act. If Bill C-6 becomes reality, Health Canada will be acting as the police, with far more freedom and power than the actual police forces have. I can see other organizations such as the police working with Health Canada, and getting Health Canada to act on private property that are suspected of being crack houses or producing some type of illegal substances. I can see Wildlife enforcement officers working with Health Canada, so they can do the same thing concerning poachers.
Bill C-6 also falls in line, with deregulation that the Harper's conservatives love so dearly. It puts the onus back onto the manufacturer in Canada, but does little for enforcement of goods made outside of Canada. The origin of goods outside of the country will have an advantage over the Canadian manufacturers, especially the manufactures that are not associated with a major North American company, but are the manufactures that send their goods through a middle-man such as an import-export business. A new rule that was put in place a couple of years ago, by the Harper government, made the import-export businesses liable for any products that are considered unsafe and it will allow consumers to sue, rather than suing a foreign company. Again, all of the burden rests on the import-export company and in part, the consumer who may be dealing with other costs, such as filing an insurance claim where the claim is denied.
Just like the changes to the Waters Act, the changes are going to affect every Canadian, and benefit our provincial, federal governments, and other agencies.  In Ontario, we have provincial authorities going after the poor farmer for selling raw milk products. In Newfoundland and Labrador, the officials send a man to jail for 6 months for making moose sausages for others, and accepted money for materials and supplies.  God only knows, what the other provinces are doing to their residents. Bill C-6, will give the provinces the right to go after all the little guys. Go after the grandmas who sell their preserves in the fall, the retired gents who make extra money by making wooden crafts, and the people who have one garage sale after another, selling goods that may or may meet safety standards of today. This is why the provinces are quiet about Bill C-6; it will put a dent into the underground economy, allowing the provinces other avenues and powers to have a bigger hammer over those who will denied taxes due to the provinces.
Some may think, that I am going a little over-board, but lets go back to manufacturing and selling of raw milk products. The selling of raw milk products became illegal, because of globalization of our food products. In order to globalized, all food products no matter what company had either to drop standards or raised their standards. In many cases standards of food dropped. Have you ever wonder why the fish dinner is so stinky?  Fish stinks, only when the fish has been frozen and thawed multiple times. The fish we had years ago, is not the fish we have today. Standards are dropping, in order to facilitate the movement of fish, the processing of fish and to market all over the world. Raw milk products  became a victim, because  it needs far too much care in all stages of production, transportation and to the world-wide markets. I can go with other food products, but my real point is when countries seek globalization over food products, they are seeking one standard for all the world to abide by. For countries like Canada, it is much easier to outlaw the selling of raw products, so they can meet the standards when exporting. Europe is the opposite example, where the countries have not imposed the banning of raw milk products upon their citizens. As a result, they do very little trade with other countries such as Canada, nor do they import a lot of cheese from other countries.
The Bill C-6 fits in and forces standardization on all goods manufactured in Canada, and at the same time, it removes accountability and responsibility from the federal government, and the burden rests on the manufacturers and ordinary citizens. The government is free to enter trade agreements with other countries, without the burden of making sure the products are safe, since it now rests on the manufacturers. When infractions occur, the regulations and rules are in place for administration fines, rather than charging them with a criminal offense. It is very much like China's system, but in the case of China, the government has a tendency to put the offenders in jail or order their death.
Bill C-6 is just one of the many bills , that will help to facilitate and embed globalization as one of the anchors of our economic system, by erosions of our rights and freedoms under the constitution, and common law.
On a side note, in the news in NL yesterday, I learned to my surprise that the police can now detain you, if they suspect that you are breaking the law, as you are walking down the street. It is what happen to an autism 18 year old, who happen to be walking at 5:00 in the morning. The police arrested him for being drunk and resisting arrest, denied him the right to a telephone call and threw him in a jail cell. The young man was not drinking, his only crime was walking being autism. His charge of resisting arrest, came from his response to the first question that the police ask him, which was why are you not walking on the sidewalks. He pointed out that there was no sidewalks. The police came to the conclusions that he was being a wise guy, and his slurred speech indicated he was drunk. When I read and watch all the news reports, the one thing that really stood out, is that it give the impression that police now has the right to question anyone who is walking and detain them for any reason. The news reports cautions the citizens to be polite and answers all questions that are directed to you. As far as I know, the police do not have this kind of power under the police act unless martial law is in place. If they do have this power, why are they not arresting the drunks coming out of the bars, when their feet hits public property. I do hope the mother sue the police on the behalf of her son.
It is just another indication, that our rights and freedoms are being eroded

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: RE:The price of proposed "tougher product recall laws"

Joe--"there is nothing as virtuous as a reformed prostitute"???  This Bill C-6 is nothing more than another control of the citizenry of Canada.  It is the HRTs being extended into our property rights.  The same mentality exists here as in the widespread use of cameras--"if you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to fear"!!!  BUT--what we ignore at out peril is that these laws to confiscate our property for some perceived wrong are also controlled by those who legislate what is 'wrong', and that can change in a blink of an eye.  Why we are surprised that this is happening with no oversight from Canadians?  Don't forget those same provisions exist in our infamous 'Security Act', an act that is supposedly aimed at 'terrorists' but then, it is the same people that promote invading our private property without a warrant that deems who is a terrorist.  Anyone that trusts government to legislate for the good of the citizen is totally unaware of the realities of government today.
Welcome to Gaza, oops, Canada.  Reality bites but this is the new reality that we either fight with everything we have or we roll over and play dead.
This Bill is nothing more than to absolve government of any responsibility in having the citizenry contaminated and therefore move the blame to individuals by removing any rights we thought we had?  Will we now get rid of those useless departments that were commissioned to protect us but have found it too much work to test everything coming into Canada and instead focus soley on Canadians who may think outside the box?  I guess it is easier to clamp down on Canadians than on your buddies the corporations? 
I know people get tired of hearing about the Contaminated Blood Scandal but will we now confiscate CSL from Paul Martin because he was complicit, through Connaught Laboratories, for importing the contaminated blood?  Will we search and seize the property of the heads of Health Canada because they refused Dr. Brille-Edwards' warning re the contaminated blood.  Never!  It is just the lowly citizen growing their own food etc. who are accountable. 
Woe to Canadians if they believe the spin surrounding this disgusting seizure of our rights, our property and our bank accounts. 

From: Tom Brewer

Appalled is putting it mildly how I feel about our governments wish to tinker with Health food issues.
I dare suggest you give a bureaucrat an inch they then want a foot. To find out our government could/would have the right to search, seize, dispose WHATEVER and in essence not involve our Courts but leave it up to the Minister is horrific. If we allow this what next will happen?
I'm sorry to say this government of ours is SICK. They show me we will likely not need our Courts as they alter our life to take total control over everything.
Imagine too... Soon we wont get to vote! Why? These fools will come up with a plan of some kind wherein voting wont be necessary. I can see it now this government "dictating" how they will rule the country given some senseless reasoning people would buy into just because it sounds reasonable.
Harper first told us he would set election dates. He sure did, not as he told us rather to fit the needs of Harper.
It is time to put this government in it's place. We have rights, however this government tinkers with them and why? How about this one... "the people are too stupid to be allowed to do anything.. We the government know best what is good for them."
Hmmm, sounds to me as if the jack boot manufacturers business will improve.

From: Robert Ede

From: Bank of Canada - Banque du Canada <>
Date: 2009/4/23

La version française suit le texte anglais.


The Bank of Canada Monetary Policy Report
Dear Subscriber;
Last Monetary Report we expressed opinions on Canada's economic/monetary future, and stated that we were pretty sure about the accuracy of the opinion, this time are just as sure ... but the opinion is totally different.
You may notice that we've actually started specifying that some aspects of our committed positions are actually "conditional", by expressing our promise on rate stability as such.
I guess we should either apologise,  be less "certain" in uncertain times or be upfront and say that we're just guessing based on how things behaved in prior times, albeit under completely opposite circumstances.
Marcus Carnival Circus
Spokesman for the Board of Governors

The Report and the press release are now available on the Bank of Canada's website at:


Dernier Rapport sur la politique monétaire de la Banque du Canada

Le Rapport ainsi que le communiqué sont disponibles dans le site Web de la Banque du Canada aux adresses suivantes :

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Earth's problems have outgrown Earth Day,
  Editorial, April 22
Re: Earth's problems have outgrown Earth Day,  Editorial,   April 22
Earth Day, which started in 1970, is an important symbol.  But if we are to seriously tackle climate change, we need a major change in our consciousness as a global community, and better-equipped and more democratic global institutions.  The European Union provides a methodology.  The EU included in its beginning an advisory parliamentary assembly that gradually converted to direct elections and co-decision powers.  This European Parliament helped Europe surmount the consitutional logjams and "Eurosclerosis" of the 1980s. If the imitative Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (detailed at is successful, the UN wouldl immediately have a citizens watchdog at the highest level, and an institutional lever to bring about the reform and global co-operation we need if the planet is to survive the many challenges ahead.
Larry Kazdan,Vice-President,
World Federalist Movement Canada – Vancouver Branch
Vancouver, B.C.
Subject: Canada's patience with U.S. running out in meat dispute
From: "Efstratios Psarianos"

Ever wonder what happens when place-of-origin legislation covering the food sector comes into effect? Here's exactly what countries that export food to Canada have to say about Canada's recently making noises about requiring labeling that would indicate where ingredients come from and where their processing will have been made. Except that this time, it's Canada complaining to the US ...
Canada's patience with U.S. running out in meat dispute
My point: food safety is much more a matter of public concern than it is one of individual concern (in the sense that 'the public' should be protected an dindividuals shouldn't have to go by personal impressions). By 'food safety', I except the notion of healthiness of eating a given food in the mid-to-long term (so Big Macs are OK, as long as you don't eat only them).
As far as I'm concerned, an advanced country's food-safety system must ensure that contaminated, spoiled, or otherwise dangerous food be kept out of circulation or quickly recalled. The 'place of origin' labeling thing is a noxious thing that too-easily serves as a way to promote economic nationalism or localism. And if the idea is to induce consumers to buy food that comes from safe places or is processed there ... if the food is bad or has safety problems, it should be banned outright. There are no half-measures to be taken here if one's only focus is to ensure safety.

From: Ray Strachan
Subject: Green Revolution Trapping Indias Farmers


Please look this up on Google to see  MONSANTO taking over.

"Green Revolution" Trapping Indias Farmers In Debt" By Daniel Zwerding NPR.


Ray Strachan

From: Rebecca Gingrich <
Subject: Goldman Sachs

Joe--have you seen this article?

Subject: Who controls the worlds money?


From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,   
Read or rather watch the 3-part series of Rethinking Afghanistan,  we should really have our politicians in democratic countries,  swear an oath they will not help or instigate a war in another country. unless the country is in immediate danger within certain parameters. If oath is broken, the politicians will spend the rest of their lives in prison.
In today's world, war is run by the profiteers who do not care one iota about the economic consequences, the ruin lives where war is taken place, nor do they care how they place governments in a position that forces them to lie, through use of propaganda.  Like the one Canada uses we must fight in Afghanistan, to stop them from coming to our country. If any of the countries were an actual threat, we would have heard from them a long time ago, by the use of fleet of ships, airplanes, and tanks. The countries that are a threat, do not have the means to come to us, on the other side of the coin, the countries that can invade like United States, cannot afford to wage a protracted war in far away place. No country can.
Politicians have to be the dumbest creatures when they think might and force will overcome the objections of a people. If China invaded Canada, wouldn't  the  Canadians resist the Chinese through the very same means as the Afghan or Iraqi people have used?  The WWII resistance movement played a major role, in the downfall of Hitler. Hitler and the German goons, made the mistake as other countries have today, the belief that people are hard-wired to accept the aggressors' ideologies based on fear. Sooner or later, people will overcome the fear and from that point their actions are based on their own principles and ideology; just like an abused dog who will eventually bite his master.
Afghanistan was lost a long time ago, where the aggressors no longer met or supply most of the needs of the general population. When basic needs are no longer met,  it breeds anger and resistance against the powers to be.
Now in the democratic countries, the same leaders are questioning why the average citizen is angry at the governments who are no longer meeting the needs of their people.
There is an article in the Globe, that says it all.
Called "The New Revolt of the Masses". Nothing new about it, plenty of examples throughout history that people will become angry and revolt, when governments are no longer meeting the needs of their people. Put it in today's context, governments care more and make laws to ensured the rich become richer while the rest of us become poorer.
War and economic crisises are ways to keep the masses at bay, but it can also be the means for the common masses to revolt against governments who choose to ignore the needs of the common masses.

Hi again,   An article in the G/M, titled

Will recession spark global food crisis?

As farmers cut back on fertilizer, the impact could reverberate far beyond Potash Corp.'s bottom line "

How come the potash prices have not come down?  Our wonderful capitalist system, where demand and supply cycles becomes the victim of the greed and direct manipulation of markets, to satisfy the ever growing needs of major corporations who chooses the "highest price that the market can bear" models, to extract the greatest amount of money from the economy.

How dare they blame farmers if we should have a global food crisis!

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Canadian stories of the Spanish flu era

Subject: RE: Daily Digest April 24, 2009 (biowar event?) (past pandemics) (Navy Experiment)? (excuse for martial law)? (matches no known strain)

Joe--we knew it wouldn't be long before Pakistan was in the crosshairs of the US/Israel cabal.  Shades of Iraq?  Is there nothing these people cannot kill or maim and justify it?  We have had a pandemic of evil in our world for a long time--people like MacKay and his masters prove that.  But now the whole world is going to be held hostage. 

Brad Thomson
The privately owned Bank of Canada just put out an incredible number of well thought out statistics indicating the complete course of the economy over the next several years. The privately owned Federal Reserve in the United States has been doing the same thing with respect to the economic future of America, as has the privately owned IMF concerning what will take place throughout the entire world. I find it interesting that they are all such capable prognosticators now, but that they all failed to see the world-wide financial collapse coming in the first place. Perhaps they didn't see it coming due to the fact that they orchestrated it themselves?
Are the Americans torturing prisoners? It depends upon what the definition of the word is, is.
Somali pirates, my ass. This is a CIA setup, and Somalia is about to be invaded by Uncle Sam. They must have found a huge oil field.
Soldiers policing the streets of America, car accidents, the Boston Marathon. This is against the law. Big surprise.
Bird flu virus accidentally added to children's flu vaccines? A likely story. Aids virus in vaccines given to those of African descent? Cancer viruses in lots of vaccines?
al Qaeda terrorist responsible for 911 got in through Canada? Sure, except for one thing. There is no al Qaeda, there were no 911 terrorists. 911 was an inside job.
I predict that the CIA will nuke Chicago, blame it on Iran, say the scoundrels got in through Canada, and then react in a reserved and measured way.
Pakistan is the most dangerous place on earth? Must be true, MacKay says so.
Ignatieff meets with obaMABUSh inner circle. Makes sense, he is a CIA operative. The phony crisis we had here a while back was just to get rid of Dion and put the next Prime Minister in place.
Just another day in paradise. Sure hope a Canadian team wins the Stanley Cup, that is what really matters.
And you thought Frank Zappa was cynical.
Brad Thomson

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,  Not sure if it is a trick question, but I do see a common thread of government officials giving people the run-around. In the case of Mackay, a politician like other politicians - its the start of a new political thread, to avert our eyes off Afghanistan, Iraq where we all know reconstruction is used only in the sense of reconstructing or reconstructing opinions and viewpoints. As for Fears of Global Epidemic, government officials stating it is safe to travel to Mexico, and in the same breath that it might be the start of a new flue epidemic. Another attempt to have our eyes averted from Mexico, to the world's health officials that they are on the job, looking out for people's welfare, including Canada. Can we look forward, to another round of having our temperature check, shoes off at security, borders before and after we travel? I would rather know what Mexico is doing, since they standards in health care, and with anything else is much, much lower than United States and Canada. As for Macleans article, titles, "The answer is no" is just another fine example of Harper's government giving people the run-around, by stating the U.S. does not use torture. I wonder why the President of U.S., banned water-boarding from their slate of torture tools. 

From: Charles Tupper
( download as PDF)

In recent years, I have become an advocate of various reforms, all with the purpose of making the University of Ottawa a stronger and better institution.  I have expressed concerns about university policy on such issues as the Student Code of Conduct and Deaf-community access to campus events.  I have also been an outspoken advocate and practitioner of greater democracy in the institution in:

    * the choice of pedagogical method
    * the development of the syllabus
    * the choice of community service offerings
    * the right to challenge established practice
    * the selection of course content

and I have communicated my views on a variety of broad societal issues, including:

    * environmental concerns
    * professional ethics
    * the Palestine-Israel conflict
    * the influences of lobby groups and the media in our representative democracy

The university's response to the concerns that I have raised has been to attempt to silence me through a series of disciplinary actions based on various false pretexts.  All of these actions have either been dismissed, abandoned by the university, rejected by an arbitrator, or are heading to arbitration for likely rejection.  The latest pretext used by the university, the grading issue, will not be upheld, for obvious reasons already determined by a previous arbitration award.  The June 2008 decision of arbitrator Michel G. Picher established that all the pedagogical initiatives that I implemented in 2005, including non- conventional grading as an integral part of the teaching method, were under the purview of a professor's academic freedom.1  


Subject: Who's left? Who's right?
From: "Efstratios Psarianos"
Who's left? Who's right?
Apr 23rd 2009
The enduring uselessness of traditional political labels

THE terms "left" and "right" and right don't mean much in politics anymore and in the ex-communist world they are particularly confusing. Last week's report in The Economist on Moldova described that country's ruling Communists as a "centre-right" party, which attracted some sharp feedback. At first sight the idea of centre-right communists sounds as odd as "moderate Trotskyites" or "secular jihadists". But most other conventional labels would fit the ruling crowd in Moldova worse.

The lamentably crude but sometimes convenient conventional political spectrum counts "left" (or sometimes "liberal") as egalitarian, and thus sceptical of bankers and rich people, pro-social spending, pro-gay and dovish in foreign policy. "Right" (or sometimes "conservative" is pro-business, pro-family, and patriotically hawkish on defence and foreign affairs. That misses out whole chunks of the political debate. Are civil liberties a "left" or "right" issue? Cynics would say that it depends who's in jail: Nelson Mandela drew most (but not all) of his support from one crowd, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn from another.

The extremes still hold. It remains a safe assumption that ultra-leftists will sport the tattered remains of communist iconography (hammers, sickles, stars, AK-47s and the like). They will have complicated but enthusiastic views about Marxism and will hate everything America stands for. At the other extreme, ultra-rightists usually nurse sympathies for the Third Reich, hate Jews and most foreigners and want to restore their nation's past glories. Both lots of extremists are riddled with squabbles and attract loonies.

The problem comes as you get closer to the middle. The political arguments in post-communist countries are not easily reducible into the classic left-right split. What do you call a party such as Vladimir Putin's United Russia? In one sense it is profoundly conservative, in that it reveres the Orthodox church, dislikes public protest and hits every patriotic button in sight. But it has spawned a monstrous, predatory state bureaucracy and also shows a sweeping contempt for the rule of law. That is reminiscent of previous Kremlin tenants, one of whom, the arch Bolshevik and priest-murderer Vladimir Lenin, remains unburied on Red Square. Contemporary Russian history books even sanitise the Stalin legacy.

Similarly, the Moldovan Communists support business (particularly bits that benefit them) and have dumped Marx. They are keen on a strong Moldovan national identity (arguably another "conservative" point), and they certainly don't want redistribution of wealth.

The ex-communist countries seem to need a different political grid, perhaps with multiple axes, rather than just the single one running from left to right. One axis on this grid would show whether the party defends or wants to change the status quo. Most Estonian political groupings are status-quo parties, for example. The Moldovan parties that want reunion with Romania clearly are not.

A second would concern rejection or nostalgia about the communist past. At one extreme would be, say Poland's Law and Justice party, which affects to regard everything in and about the People's Republic as a complete and utter sham (though this does not, it seems, include the academic qualifications that its leading members gained under that regime). Against that are parties that think that not everything that happened before 1989 was worthless. Hungary's Socialists are a moderate example of that, the ruling party in Belarus a more extreme one.

A third axis would show corruption at one end and public-spiritedness at the other. Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, a Romanian scholar at the Hertie School in Berlin, compares parties in the eastern part of the region to medieval armies that "support themselves by plunder" by capturing state resources.

With five notches on each axis that makes 125 possible combinations. One of them should fit the Moldovan Communists.

Subject: Bill C-6 - sinister legal changes
From: Mary-Sue

Hi again Joe:

The following references and Dr. Rowland's letter were circulated by Chris Gupta, a knowledgeable campaigner against corruption in the heath industry.

While the focus is on how the safe and beneficial nutritional industry is being squeezed out of existence, the legal shift away from legal protections for citizens applies to many more areas. Please see Mindelle Jacobs' article "Cops can now 'take all your stuff'" at:
The police need only a "balance of probabilities" that you are using your property (car, house) to commit crime, not "beyond reasonable doubt" anymore. Excerpt:

"It does strike me as quite radical," says Gallant, of the top court ruling. "Now the state can sue anybody -- any asset -- and if it proves on a balance of probabilities that it's connected to crime, it can take it. That's quite an extraordinary power."

Could the actions of Health Canada officials who knowingly consigned bipolar patients to loss of normal functionality, and even suicides, by shutting down a study and confiscating a nutritional supplement "EmpowerPlus" that enabled them to lead normal lives, be considered to be criminal negligence? If so, why are these people still doing this?
Please see <>
HC officials are not held accountable for deaths due to their actions, yet continue to launch actions against citizens and companies who have never caused harm. By clicking on links at the left of that page, such as "Parliament speaks out against Health Canada" you can see "electronic Hansard" record of Dr. James Lunney (a conservative) and others describing these abuses of power for the public record.

In this summary of points made by lawyer Shawn Buckley, I particularly want to draw attention to his point number three -- in the recent (illegal!) election, did anyone knowingly vote for a system of imposing  laws written by a foreign state or even an organization of foreign states? That's what giving a mandate to the current government has turned out to mean, but I don't recall this being among the election platform promises! Yet this is the exact wording of what this government has put on the table, despite all their flag-waving. Bill C-6 really "gives away the store" politically!

A video version of Buckley's elucidation of the legal implications is on YouTube at:
If this link does not work, search for "video" + "Restricting our Freedoms - Shawn Buckley About Bill C-6" See both parts 1 & 2, in which he explains how much power is given to Health Canada inspectors, which is power taken from the courts.

1. "For the first time in Canadian history", lawyer Shawn Buckley explains, "Bill C-6 not only abolishes the law of trespass, but also allows warrants to be issued to search private homes without evidence of criminal wrongdoing*… in violation of Section 8 of the Charter." What ?!

2. Under Bill C-6 (various sections) , "guilt (of anybody considered to violate this act, if the Minister thinks this is so) is determined by the Minister", not by the courts! (As was the case for the past thousand years since England's Magna Carta). Since when has any minister greater powers than the courts of the country? Since when is any government official, elected or otherwise, above the law?

3. Bill C-6 , in its preamble on page 1 and again in Section 2 (e) and (f), defines our government as including "a government of a foreign state or of a subdivision of a foreign state", and "an international organization of states". Canadians cannot question (or vote out) foreign governments. Canada has the right to enter into treaties – if our elected representatives agree to it, and we have the right to change or rescind such treaties by turfing out our government in the next election - but we did not give our government the right to change the very definition of what we own.

4. In Bill C-6, under Section 36 (2) (a) "any regulation made under this Act may be incorporated by [not by us the voters, but by]… a person or body (who the heck is this?) other than the Minister [i.e. a Canadian, elected MP], including by an organization established for the purpose of writing standards [ Codex? What organizations? Where?] … an industrial or trade organization [on whose boards we don't sit, whose products we may not want, e.g. pesticide companies etc], or a government" [which one or ones?]. Forget the explanation/doublespeak – REMOVE this section immediately.

Whatever else Bill C-6 states and no matter how benevolent its intended protections – nothing warrants the removal of basic rights, the subversion of the Constitution, the usurpation of our courts, and the dis-empowering of Canadian citizens. C-6 CANNOT be amended – it must be withdrawn totally. Any other bill, containing those provisions, already passed or currently proposed, must also be withdrawn.

Dr. Rowland's is a similar case. Although there has never been any evidence of harm caused by any of the nutritional supplements, he's been forced to pay huge costs for testing, which drives up the price, making these products inaccessible to more and more people as incomes decline. It can cost from $2 to $8 per bottle to meet these imposed costs. The result is many products having to be withdrawn from sale.

Are we willing to let cold-pressed flax oil disappear from the market in order to satisfy legalistic bureaucrats, who according to their own testimony (in the EmPowerPlus case) don't care whether people become ill or commit suicide as long as their rules are followed? What will be left? Only the "safe" industrially-extracted oil from which heat-processing removes more delicate nutrient content, and with residues of chemicals and additives? 

See:  <>
"Bill C6 - formerly Bills C51, C52 - is just this sort of Bill - and if allowed to be passed into law, would give the State unlimited police powers to destroy the lives of individuals on whim! When the State treats its citizens as "enemies", there is something very foul in the land!"

I hope you will see fit to circulate the full letter from Dr. Rowland. (below)

Mary-Sue H.

Here's his recent letter:

22 April 2009
Dear Colin,

As you requested at our meeting last Monday, here is a detailed summary of my experience of the costs of complying with Health Canada (NHPD) directives:

Costs of Compliance

For over a quarter century, I have been formulating and distributing dietary food supplements, through two companies: Creative Nutrition Canada Corp. (since 1983), and The Results Company Inc. (since 2004). My formulas are sold to a loyal customer base of practitioners and informed laypeople, who rely on my products for maintaining health, for preventing disease, and as nutritional support for specific health conditions.

Under the guise of protecting the public from harm, Health Canada is in the process of destroying my family owned business (and my life's work) for no justifiable reason. In the last half century there have been exactly zero fatalities caused by dietary food supplements sold in Canada. Not one of the 300+ million tablets/capsules I have sold has ever been reported to have caused harm. When my business is gone, no one in Canada will have benefitted – no lives will have been saved, no harm will have been prevented. On the contrary, the loss of my business will cause harm to those who are no longer able to get the unique formulations that they have been relying on to maintain their health and improve their quality of life.

Until 2008, there were 52 products in my line. This year, 18 of them (35%) have been removed from the market by the stroke of a bureaucratic pen – 7 because my suppliers cannot afford the costs of complying with Health Canada's edicts – and 11 because I don't sell enough of them to afford the costs of compliance, which are insanely out of proportion to any imagined benefit to the public.

I have applied for NPN product "licences" for the best selling products in my line. Only some of these have been granted thus far. Curiously, the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) appears to be withholding approval for a number of my products which have been sold for many years with approved DIN registrations. Even if all of the remaining products in my line were to magically receive NPN licences tomorrow, I am still not able to afford the exorbitant costs of compliance to keep most of these products on the market.

In 1984, I was ordered by the Health Protection Branch (HPB) to apply for DIN (drug) registrations for only those products in my line which contained vitamins and/or minerals. All of my other products (e.g., herbs, protein powders, fish oils) have until recently been regulated as foods. I was initially told that DIN registration was not an approval process and was required solely for the purpose of tracking products in the marketplace. Gradually, DIN registration became an approval process with more and more products being excluded for reasons that defied both logic and science.

In 1985, I was ordered by the HPB to subject the DIN products in my line to the same manufacturing standards as those demanded of prescription drugs (which are potentially lethal). This I did, at an average annual cost of approximately $40,000. The requirements and costs for finished product drug testing are insanely out of proportion to any alleged benefit when applied to entirely safe food supplements; however, since only 14 of my products were affected, I was able to pay these excessive costs for many years.

Finished product testing requires a number of tests (by an independent laboratory) to screen out possible contamination from bacteria, moulds, and heavy metals – plus a test to make sure that tablets disintegrate within 60 minutes in gastric fluid. All of these tests perform a constructive purpose to assure product safety. I will always assure that these tests are performed on my products prior to sale – simply as a matter of conscience and common sense.

What makes drug product testing for food supplements unwarranted, discriminatory and insanely expensive are the following:
- Every active ingredient in every batch of product has to be quantitatively tested, at an average cost of $90 per ingredient. Prescription drugs typically have only one active ingredient and are produced in huge batches, so that $90 cost works out to pennies per bottle. Multiple-vitamin-mineral products can have 30 active ingredients and are produced in small volume by businesses such as mine. Thus, the $2,700 cost for quantitative testing of vitamins can range from $2 to $8 per bottle, depending on the size of the batch.
- At the end of every 12 months, and again at the end of 24 months, samples of various batches must be re-tested for "stability". It does not matter if all of a particular batch was entirely sold out within three months, a sample of the product still has to be tested two more times.
- It is compulsory to re-test minerals for "stability" – but even a novice chemist knows that minerals do not deteriorate. Once in a tablet, that quantity of whichever mineral remains there forever.
- Health Canada does not accept tests performed by the custom manufacturer of my formulations, so I end up paying for duplicates of test that have already been done.
- Since I started doing full blown drug product testing in 1985, every single batch of product that I have ever brought to market has always met or exceeded its requirements. Yet, I am given no credit for prior performance and am forced to waste money repeating tests to prove what doesn`t need to be proven.

Until recently, only 14 of my products were deemed "drugs" and thus subject to the bureaucratic nonsense above. Now Health Canada has unilaterally declared that all dietary food supplements are "drugs" and furthermore must be "licensed" for sale. This means that every food product in my line (including protein powder, flaxseed oil, garlic tablets, acidophilus, dietary fibre, and low sodium salt) is subject to inordinately expensive and totally unwarranted drug testing.

The cost of acquiring an NPN product "licence" is also excessive, and applies to every product in my line, including those 14 which were previously sold for many years with approved DIN registrations. I have to pay a consulting firm an average of $2,000 per product to prepare the documentation required for an NPN application, without any guarantee that the application will be approved.

To apply for NPN licences for those of my products which already have DINs will this year cost me approximately $30,000. To apply for licences for the "new drugs" in my line will cost an estimated $40,000. (After spending this $70,000, there is no guarantee as to how many of these applications will be accepted. I have seen applications turned down for reasons that make no scientific sense, and others stalled indefinitely without any reasons given.)

As explained above, 18 out of 52 products have already been stripped from my line by bureaucratic whim. The costs of doing drug testing on the remaining 34 will amount to approximately $88,000 per year, based on prior experience.

Quite frankly, I cannot afford $158,000 this year and $88,000 per year thereafter, just for the "privilege" of staying in business producing totally safe products that my customers rely on for their health and well-being. My business has an impeccable safety record within an industry that has an impeccable safety record. Clearly, safety is not the issue. The inescapable conclusion is that Health Canada must be implementing a hidden agenda.

My choices are (a) voluntarily to go out of business and give up my life's work, (b) wait until the costs of compliance force me out of business, or (c) defy the NHPD regulations – ones that have never been sanctioned by parliament nor tested for compliance with the Charter of Freedoms nor the Bill of Rights. This is not a choice that any citizen should have to make.


- David W. Rowland, BCom, MBA, PhD (nutrition)


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