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Daily Digest March 4-5, 2009



Will they heed Cameron's call?

Betting the farm

Votes, not stunts, may end the hunt

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Seal hunt circus rolls into Ottawa

One small victory for freedom of speech
Public safety must be paramount

Soldier support
All the impressive recruitment efforts of the Canadian Forces will do little to increase the capacity of the organization,
 if it can't hold on to experienced people.

Rate cuts didn't do the job

Holy cow, banks passed on the savings


Is anti-recession strategy working?

Poverty measures belong in budget

Our man in Washington

Karzai's gambits fuel Afghan crisis

Little foresight in fair weather

Focus on the disasters

Subsidizing hatred

The new red-ink poster boy

McGuinty's given away the store

We'll weather this storm

Why have a bailout without car loans?

Saving capitalism The U.S. economic system is about to be replaced by regulated capitalism

Mr. Karzai's wrong turn

Privacy intrusion by gov't agencies needs tight reins

Keeping us working is Job 1

RCMP's reputation takes a beating at Braidwood inquiry

Harper's candour

Hospital pay-for-performance bonuses worth a try

Can the RCMP be trusted?

Payday loans and education

Spinning the news at taxpayers' expense

A generation of children who don't go outside


B.C. moves to recognize First Nations rights

How not to earn trust
The clandestine way in which the federal government is attempting to reform native governance could torpedo the entire process

Nato soldiers killed in Afghan blast

Intelligence failures crippling fight against insurgents in Afghanistan, says report

Power struggle over timing of Afghan election

Canada's Engagement in Afghanistan, Report to Parliament, December 2008

Canada to acquire attack drones: general


Pressure mounts on key supplier for DND choppers

Border rules could gum up flow of trade

Ottawa studies division sale
Trade and Industry ministries are looking into the deal that would shut the American market to Labatt beer made her

U.S. Steel's idling of plants attacked

On this war, President should listen to PM

Another threat runs silent and deep

Canada aims for free-trade talks with Europe

A loan in showroom

Bank of Canada official warns against overstating depth of global crisis

Flaherty doesn't want to 'waste' money on automakers

GM auditors raise doubts over viability

CAW starts talks with GM today

Canada studies GM aid plan, welcomes CAW talks

Stimulus needed now, Bank of Canada says

Clinton seeks world meeting on Afghanistan

U.S. to invite Iran to Afghanistan meet - Clinton

US urges fresh start with Russia

Study: No one monitoring who gets MRIs first

Watchdog: RCMP security work beyond his reach

Just one of those days in the Commons
PM and Liberal leader have at it — and then the heckling started

Canada expects stimulus bill approval very soon

Ignatieff sets donor, member targets for MPs

Fight over $3B could spark election

Opposition pushes Tories to honour clemency ruling

Tories caught using public money for party releases

Ottawa Politics and News from the Hill

N.L. senator won't back down from separatist talk

Laid-off workers stuck in EI limbo
30,000 Atlantic Canadians now waiting for cheques; 8,000 have waited more than 28 days

Afghan roadshow a questionable expense: watchdog

Harper's right: We won't win just by staying
There is no conventional victory in non-conventional warfare. Our task is to make the insurgents' influence irrelevant

Don't use the Middle East to divide Canada

The right man for the job
In 1997, the conservative National Citizens Coalition needed a new president. The group's former strategist Gerry Nicholls explains why they chose a young MP named Stephen Harper

Let's bail out ordinary people

Trois soldats canadiens tués

Nouvelle étape dans le partenariat économique Canada-Europe

Cannon appuie l'idée d'une conférence internationale sur l'Afghanistan

Des progrès malgré tout, selon Day

Prisonnier aux États-Unis: revers pour le gouvernement Harper

Entre péréquation et séparation

Environnement: Ottawa imposera des amendes salées aux pollueurs

La Banque du Canada estime que le plan gouvernemental soit rapidement mis en place

Harper rabroue Duceppe pour avoir évoqué la torture de prisonniers afghans

Le PLC dépose une motion pour plus de détails sur le fonds d'urgence


Canada issues warning in wake of U.S. Steel layoffs
The Canadian government issued a warning on Wednesday to foreign companies considering massive layoffs to think twice before backing out of investment agreements made with Ottawa during better economic times.

One of the non-budgetary items being forced through in the Budget bill will make it such that any foreign investment less than $1 000 000 000.00 too insignificant to have the purchaser make an agreement it be of value to Canada

Part 13 amends the Investment Canada Act so that the review of an investment will be applied only to the more significant investments.

But more than 90 per cent of Ontario's forestry, mining and steel companies are now foreign owned, and in a recession, their multinational parents are all too willing to target their far-flung branch plants for closing, he said.

York University political science professor James Laxer criticized the federal government for approving U.S. Steel's takeover of Stelco in October, 2007. The steel industry was integral to the Obama administration's buy-American policies, he said, so the fate of jobs in Ontario's steel sector could be determined in the Pittsburgh headquarters of U.S. Steel.

"There's got to be a basic debate in this country about the ownership of the key industries in Canada," he said.


From: "Ian Berg"

What a bunch of complainers you Progressive Canadians all are.
Keep me subscribed.  It's hilarious.
Ian Berg 

. . . be more specific, s.v.p.
rather difficult to respond to
your genial generality.


From: "Grenville Rogers"
Subject: What's wrong with being Anti-something?

Hello Joe  -
Anti-something. Anti-semitism. Anti-pornography. Anti-war. Anti-NAU. Anti-evil. Anti-communism, Anti-democracy, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Christian, Anti-judaism, etc.  What's wrong with being anti-something that you consider evil?? Some things need to be opposed; strongly opposed.
Exactly what is this much-used, much-abused, over-used epithet, "anti-semitism"??
Some things need to be opposed; strongly opposed.
What is (is) a Jew?  What is a semite? What is a goy?
I have been called anti-semitic and threatened with death, for daring to say, in answer to a question by a reporter, "Yes, I do have questions concerning an alleged holocaust, which some say involved the mistreatment of certain people, who say they are Jews, during WW2." What is wrong with asking a question? 
Imagine it! Threatened with death for asking questions about certain accounts of history.
Many people are in jail, right now, for asking such questions.
Galileo asked a question, and even made an unpopular statement about the 'received' wisdom of the day, which got him a term in hell from which he was, apparently, removed, after the repository of the received wisdom determined that he was right to question the established wisdom. In fact, the keepers of the repository of received wisdom was proven wrong. 
Everything, absolutely everything, should be subject to questioning, without fear of recrimination, ridicule, retribution, threats, discrimination, etcetera.
Who is afraid to have these matters questioned? I think it is a badge of honour to be labelled Anti-something, especially if one's desire is to get the truth about a matter.
Grenville Rogers 

From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
Subject: God save the Queen

I was rather pleased and delighted today to see that the editor of Ensign has chosen an article of mine from a year ago to highlight in the current web edition as worth referencing.  I say that not so much out of pride of authorship - although that too - but because of the unifying principles that it celebrates from within our traditions, institutions and their meaning.  These are things we sometimes forget and at other times take for granted.

God save the Queen, and God bless the Queen's loyal Canadian subjects: a practical discourse on the meaning of our Monarchy

Long may she reign.
From: alan heisey <>
Subject: Re: Why no Daily Digest March 4, 2009

j, i'd say a masterful response from the grits and the coalition which they can put up in a rush if s calls them on it!

Subject: Re: Why no Daily Digest March 4, 2009
From: The Natroses

Hi Joe, It is politics being played on all sides. Harper using the same tactics as he done in the past. Iggy and the Liberals have better watch out, if any of the talk on the blogs, etc are any indication. There is quite a few liberals including myself that are upset that they are once again sitting on their hands, every time Harper threatens them. Agreeing to the main budget, and disagreeing with the 3 billion slush fund = politics. The liberals have to show that they have some guts, but its more like only showing guts when they have nothing to lose. However the 3 billion should have some  type of control on where and how it is spend. I can easily see the 3 billion going to big business on a very shaky promise of jobs. Or to every Conservative riding, bypassing ridings that are under a different party. A few weeks back, Harper was on TV, defending his government on how money is going into different parts of the country. He dismiss any concerns, that the money is sitting with the federal government.  He than tied it in with the budget by saying as long as the opposition parties pass the budget, the funds will be forthcoming.  And now what the Liberals are doing. Sounds fishy? It would not surprise me if Iggy and Stevie got together and cook up this scheme. Both cannot risk an election at this time, especially for Harper.  Harper would have to promise some big things to help out the average worker. Tax cuts just will not slice it. As for the Liberals, not much have change - they are still sitting on their hands, ordering Liberal senators to pass the budget. Senator Baker of NL, is having none of it and has stated he will say no to every item of the budget.  Plus now if an election was called, maybe the NDP be put in as opposition or even to head the government.  The NDP could slide right down the middle, taking away votes from both the Liberals and Conservatives, because people are fed up with what is happening in Ottawa.

From: Caspar Davis
Subject: Re: Why no Daily Digest March 4, 2009

I'd say it's past time for the coalition to take power, which is the proper thing in cases like this, and (despite the protests of Harperite revisionists) fully in accord with the Canada's Constitution,

Caspar Davis

From: "John Dowson"
Subject: Canadian banks  Good news for a change

I received this from an associate and I thought you might like to see this John

Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 2009 1:33 PM
Subject: Good news for a change

At a conference in November I was so pleased to hear executives of several life insurance companies explain that they had none of that bad Asset backed Security in their portfolios.

Here is a Newsweek article I think you will enjoy.  It is the kind of article your clients might like to read, too.

From: "Rebecca Gingrich"
Subject:  DD

Joe--I get so angry when I read or hear our 'betters' blaming China for all
our woes. Who is it that transferred so much of our production to China in
the first place? The corporations did this to further their profits rather
than to 'aid' China. This was done for pure greed rather than for the
benefit of our own countries. The Corporations that control our government
have now destroyed our country.
This morning we hear that US Steel is shutting down it's Hamilton operations
because of a 'world wide drop in steel demand'. DUH? What did they expect.
No consumers, no need for products, no jobs, hence a Depression. Only the
dead or those living in Ottawa would fail to see the connections.

'Free Trade' will be the demise of our country.The Americans and foreign
companies own our businesses. They will withdraw from Canada to save their
own asses. We will be devastated and no one cares. With no oversight on
foreign control we are the losers. We have the SPP looming and this takes
away any sovereignty we have left. Our country becomes just another pawn in
the game of control. And our governments whine they need more money so you
can look to higher taxes and less results for what is stolen from us.

The mess we find ourselves in is not China's fault. It is the short
sighted, want to play with the big guys attitude of our 'rulers. And as
usual, we will be the losers. It matters not how much money is thrown at
those that have caused this economic collapse--those on top will flourish,
and us peasants will go the way of the DODO.

ps--three more Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan this morning, and the
two injured are only in fair condition. Just more cannon fodder on the list
of Globalization?

Subject: RE: Despite deficit, Tory ministers fly executive class Cabinet members'
 tickets cost more than $8,000 each

It is so amazing--they have an excuse for wasting our money and their
'guidelines' allow it.  Isn't it time they change the 'guidelines'?????
We are supposed to use public transit and when we have to pay for a plane
ticket we try to get the best deal.  But I guess when you are not spending
your own money the sky is the limit?  We are such fools to put up iwth this.
  Have none of them ever heard of teleconferencing?  Surely that would be
cheaper.  but hten, guess it is good to get to a warm place in the
winter--even with GW???

Despite deficit, Tory ministers fly executive class
Cabinet members' tickets cost more than $8,000 each


Joe--thanks to Edward Corrigan for the information re 'anti-semitism. As
far as I can tell, anti-semetism is any statement that israel does not want
spoken, thought or written?
Recently in Toronto, the highschools wanted to discuss 'MidEast Affairs',
but Frank Dimant of the b'nai b'rith society stated that this would be
'bringing hate into the classroom! Finally he told the truth--to discuss
israel's treatment of Palestinians is definitely proof of israel's hate for
things not jewish. B'nai b'rith executive director Frank Dimant told CBC
News the resolution is about "bringing hate into the classroom. This is not
an opportunity to discuss. This is bringing propaganda into the classroom.
And I think propaganda has no place in Canadian classrooms." This is odd
because my granddaughter has just been subjected to intense teaching about
the holohoax in their classrooms! So this is not propaganda, but discussing
the entire MidEast is propaganda? I guess we will not know the difference
between the two until Mr. Dimant gives us the ok?
Our students are not allowed to investigate facts. They are supposed to
swallow the pablum that the CJC and b'nai b'rith decide they should? When
did israeli and their mouthpieces in Canada become the arbiters of our
education? Was it when Harper stated that "Canada stands with israel and
Canada defends the jewish faith"??? Funny, I thought this was Canada and
our leaders and our people should stand for Canada? Silly me!