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Lots of spending in Kennedy budget

Dial-up health coming at last

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Israel's actions in Gaza have killed any chance for peace

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The global financial crisis is gender blind

Province and feds gang up on taxpayers

 Casualty of 'war'
TERRORISM:Wife of Maher Arar says that Sept. 11, 2001, changed the way we look at the world -- and each other

There's never a bonus for the little guy

More smoke and mirrors from McGuinty's Liberals

Bold budget in tough times

Pandering on crime

Skillful turn to economic reform

Passports are enoughComment29

Walking a mile in the wrong shoes

Earth Hour is a joke

We don't need a whole new tax system

Why now, Dalton?

Budget hits and misses

 Don't be dazzled by the baubles

The no tax increase promise continues ... to be forgotten

The wrong time for a Liberal tax grab

Handling adversity

Budget a Liberal shell game

Iggy revealed as Dion of a new era

A budget this big

Ontario offers harmonization lesson for Sask.

Ottawa goofed on U.K. MP

Language ability makes for happier immigrants

New slogan beats 'dirty oil'

Seeking out moderate killers is dangerous

Truth gets MP banned at border

 Minister simply upholding Canadian standards

It's time to revamp system

NDP leader's star turns to dust

At last, Petro-Canada makes itself useful

Economic forecasting must avoid chasing a moment that has passed

In era of layoffs, CBC union boss is wrong to blame government

Not best bang for our bucks

Turn off lights for Earth Hour

Run-of-river project flood brings risks
 Papal fallibility risks thousands of African lives



CN sues protesters over blockades

Barack Obama sets out new strategy for Afghanistan war

A post will be prepared on reactions to the article above.

The wacky world of Janet Napolitano  The U.S. Homeland Defense Secretary thinks Mexico and Canada should be treated equally. One is overwhelmed by violence and drugs, the other is ... Canada.

Canada endorses U.S. Afghan strategy

'We're miles apart': CAW of Chrysler talks

Canada will 'not be bullied' by Russia: Cannon

Fearful, divided and outraged

Finger monitors can predict heart attacks, strokes: Study

Don't message the shooter

Lawyers debate need to see witness' faces as woman fights to testify wearing veil

Short-staffed RCMP relaxes recruitment rules Video

B.C. Supreme Court strikes down election gag law

Farmer charged for chasing, shooting thief

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Canada ignoring refugees from Mexican violence: advocates

Provinces demand seat at table

Ottawa sweetens tax for Ontario

Flags bought on behalf of Ontario politicians to be made here, not in China

Ontario homebuyers face new financial constraints with tax harmonization

Basi-Virk Bombshells: Defence alleges Kinsella, CN + Gordon Campbell met on BC; Kinsella worked for CN & BC Rail at same time; govt suppressed FOIs

Harper skips Canada in favour of American pre-summit media interviews

Harper takes Canada's economic solution on the road

Harper confirms support for Israel

Screen 'radical' clerics, government told
Jewish groups accuse Toronto-bound Palestinian speakers of inciting hatred

Canadians warming to Ignatieff, poll suggests

Ignatieff cool to reopening softwood deal, reviving carbon tax

Few people in the West are in a party mood, federal Liberals find

Ignatieff popularity growing, Harper stalled, poll finds

Ian Brodie offers a candid case study in politics and policy

Kevin Lynch tells us about policy making in testing times

Capital Read
Ottawa Politics and News from the Hill

Ottawa plans reform of financial oversight

PS to stay on hiring spree, clerk says

Ritz backs opposition food-safety probe

Tories to revise economic forecasts, plans

CPP set to start issuing debt

Critics hose federal water funding plan

Ottawa insists Cdn stuck in Sudan must get off terror list before he can fly

Health Canada puts foot down on electronic cigarettes

Elections Canada ends fraud probe

Canadian Arab Federation taking Jason Kenney to court

Banned British MP may sue federal government

Earth Hour organizers want to send politicians a message

The Shock Doctrine - Disaster environmentalism in action

Feds fund 8 carbon capture projects in Western Canada

U.K. to change royal succession rules

Canada shifts foreign aid from the most needy

U.S. tries to open new supply lines to Afghanistan
Australia: Canada's Antipodean Twin

British MP George Galloway barred from Canada under the Canada Israel "Public Security" Agreement

Tough, but right choices made

The GST's Godfather

Ontario's tax harmonization is long overdue

 Halton Liberals to Garth -- come back; we miss you

Requiem for Rob Anders. If we're lucky

 Jim and Dalton, sitting in a tree

Le Canada, nouvel eldorado des gitans

Pas d'entente avec Chrysler

Québec veut sa part

Affaire Mulroney-Schreiber Premiers témoins lundi

Compressions à Radio-Canada Les conservateurs montrés du doigt

La mondialisation en panne
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Les organisateurs de "l'Heure de la Terre" veulent lancer un message clair

Ottawa montre un excédent budgétaire érodé de 37 millions $ en janvier



From: "Grenville Rogers" <>
Subject: Border guard lesson

Hello Joe  - 
Thanks to Stratos for sage advice on crossings and Border Guards.
Someone wrote on the inside cover of a book;
Meekness - A willingness to go unnoticed and unpraised.
Lowliness - An uncomlaining disposition of mind.
Wish I could be like that. It's a goal, anyway.
Thanks for all your work re DD, and thanks to each contributor. I've learnt a lot from them. It's a good thing we're not all the same. If all men were the same, each would want the same woman. Big problem! The differing opinions of DD contributors makes one think more. Lo, and behold! I've been wrong at times.
There are a few subjects which are rarely freely and openly discussed. I would like, very much, to have them discussed in a forum such as DD. Opinions would certainly vary. They would be strongly held by some, and strongly opposed by others. But I think it would be a very healthy exercise to have them fully, frankly, honestly and fearlessly expressed.
After enlisting in what was then (1952) the RCAF, we went through an orientation (indoctination) course, during which we were told that certain subjects were not appropriate for discussion in the officers' mess. If one successfully passed the training program, he would be commissioned, and thus a member of the officers' mess. The verboten subjects were: women, politics and religion. It was obvious that the examination following the 'orientation' course would include the question, "What matters should not be discussed in an officer's mess?" It was.

After dutifully listing each forbidden subject, I submitted an"However".

For example, after "women", I commented that women comprised at least half the world's population; my mother was a woman, my sister is a woman, some friends are women, many of my teachers were women and many women I know are very nice. Women make the best mothers, and have more influence on the course of the world than do most men.

After "Politics", I said that politicians really affect our lives and our country, for good at times, and for evil at times; and they send us to war; they tax us; they prohibit things and they demand things. They promise, but don't often keep.

After "Religion", Every man is religious, without exception. What he believes affects how he treats his fellow creatures, and influences what he does as a politician or at work or in his home. Some have killed in the name of religion.

I think we should be able to discuss such important matters as women. politics and religion.
I would be pleased to read the opinions of your many DDers on some of the present-day forbidden subjects. I can list them if you wish.
What do you think? 
Grenville Rogers

A yahoo site was established some while ago for the purposes you consider above.

The Digest is limited by my time and desire - successful in largest measure and not because of me but of all to this point- to avoid "flame wars" which place me in the uncomfortable position of having to make determinations whether to post something on the Digest or not.

The site is set up open ended.  Membership is not moderated nor are posts.  Following is the link for anyone choosing
to engage in a free flow of discussion - with the usual provisos relating to abusive language and such.

Information of which I was unaware came my way to-day was passed on to the media and is now to you. Opinion has been removed.

There has been admirable restraint overall in discussing the action of the government in banning an individual who sees the Israeli-Palestinian dispute in terms otherwise than those supporting Israel.

The step has been taken of placing an Israeli newspaper HAARETZ- as a permanent access point.  Articles relating to the conflict will be placed under it.  Discussion at this point will be on the yahoogroups. site
rather than BELOW (30).


To: National Media <>
From: Joe Hueglin <>
Subject: Canada-Israel security declaration: in play on Galloway?
Is the information that was sent to me as publisher/editor of the Daily Digest ARCHIVED at
newsworthy or not?

Forty years ago an editor at the Niagara Falls Review quite rightly said that which is of consequence in the perspective of the person  providing information is  not the same as that receiving.  Is the following of consequence? Not mine to judge - but if not forwarded there can be no judgement made.

So, aside from this general statement, that which was received has been passed on as received, my daily trek through media websites having come across nothing relating to the declaration as a potential factor in the banning of Galloway.

Joe Hueglin

In a statement released by Canada's Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Day said the declaration would help both countries address "common threats" to national security.

"Today's declaration demonstrates the longstanding co-operation between Canada and Israel on public safety issues, and we welcome this increased co-operation in order to improve our countries' capacity to protect our citizens," Day said.

Among the items listed in the declaration, the two governments stated their intent to co-operate in the areas of border management and security; correctional services and prisons; illegal immigration; money laundering; organized crime; terrorist financing and trafficking in persons.

 Has British MP George Galloway barred from Canada under the Canada Israel "Public Security" Agreement
Global Research, April 2, 2008

Terms of Reference of the Partnership

Israel's Ministry of Public Security carries out public security, law enforcement activities. It is also in charge of the operation of Israel's prisons, which are in large part used to detain Palestinians. 

Canada's Ministry of Public Safety, established in 2003, is a copy and paste version of US Homeland Security. Public Safety Canada has a close bilateral relationship with US Homeland Security.

Public Safety Canada works closely with several government agencies including the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Correctional Service Canada (CSC) and The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Officials from these agencies have no doubt been consulted regarding the terms of reference of the Israel-Canada declaration. 

The terms reference of the Canada-Israel Declaration are extremely broad. They include issues of immigration and ethnic profiling, the management of borders, intelligence and the exchange of information, emergency preparedness, correctional services, prisons, law enforcement  and counter-terrorism.

The Declaration of Intent involves the setting up of a close bilateral cooperation arrangement at the ministerial level. A management committee has been set up under the helm of  the Deputy Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness of Canada, and the Director General of Public Security of the State of Israel.

Senior Israeli and Canadian officials respectively from Israel's Ministry of Public Security and from various Canadian federal departments and agencies (including the RCMP, CSIS and CBSA), which are under the jurisdiction of Stockwell Day's ministry  would carry out "an approved program of work".

The programme would be implemented by a Senior Coordinator from each country, namely, the Assistant Deputy Minister (Strategic Policy) for Canada's Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and the Deputy Director General of Israel's Ministry of Public Security of the State of Israel;

Nature of the Agreement

The agreement requires the two countries to "[b]uild on their shared commitment to facilitate and enhance cooperation to protect their respective countries' population, assets and interests from common threats".

What type of border security and control of immigrants is involved?

How does this impinge upon Canada's immigration procedures?  

The agreement appears to be built upon a much broader agreement between Canada and the US in the area of Homeland Security.  However, it also replicates the pattern of a February 2006 agreement reached between US Homeland Security and Israel's Ministry of Public Security 

The Israel-Canada agreement has been in the pipeline since Israel's Public Security Minister Avi Dicter's October 2007 visit to the US and Canada. Avi Dicter met Stockwell Day last October in Toronto "with the intention on establishing cooperation on homeland security" and counter-terrorism.

Israel is not part of North America. Canada and Israel do not share a common border. So what is the underlying agenda?

Will Canada assist Israel in policing its border with Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinian territories?

Conversely, will Israeli officials assist Canada in ethnic profiling of people (including biometric applications, which is mentioned in the agreement) who visit Canada from the Middle East?

Will Israeli officials have access to confidential files of Canadians?

What type of cooperation is envisaged in the areas of prisons and law enforcement? Interrogation techniques? Are Israeli consultants going to help us reorganize our correctional services?

The agreement would allow officials from the State of Israel, a country on record for its numerous human rights violations acts directed against the people of Palestine and Lebanon, to play a role in Canadian public security. In this regard, will Israeli officials assist the RCMP and CSIS in the profiling of Canadians citizens who are Muslims. This ethnic profiling is already applied at Canadian airports. 

Will Israeli officials assist their Canadian counterparts in dealing with individuals and/or organizations in Canada involved in supporting the rights of Palestinians. Will Israeli officials assist their Canadian counterparts in the domestic "war on terrorism", which in the post 9/11 period has led to numerous arbitrary detentions on trumped-up charges.

At the same time,  the Declaration establishes a de facto complicit relationship whereby Canadian officials (RCMP, etc) would contribute to assisting Israel in its domestic police and border activities (e.g. Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and the West Bank), not under the auspices of the United Nations, but directly in cooperation with Israeli police and security officials.

In fact, Canada's "contribution" to the policing of Israel's borders with Gaza and the West Bank is already part of a 300 million dollar aid package in support of the "peace process". According to Public Safety Canada,  "a significant component [of the 300 million will be] devoted to security, including policing and public order capacity-building. This five year commitment will go towards the creation of a democratic, accountable, and viable Palestinian state that lives in peace and security alongside Israel." (Marketwire, Ottawa, March 24, 2008)

Following his meeting with his counterpart Avi Dicter, Stockwell Day had meetings on the 24th of March in the West Bank with President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, where issues pertaining to Canada's peace package, including police training and capacity building were discussed. "I was pleased to meet with Palestinian Authority President Abbas and Prime Minister Fayyad to discuss public safety issues of mutual interest," said Minister Day. Stockwell Day also visited a West Bank prison as well as a police training center in Jericho. (Ibid)

Under the Declaration of Intent, Canada cannot exercise "neutrality" with regard to the Palestinian process. Canada would act as a partner of Israel in all issues of public security in the occupied territories. Moreover, Canadian support channelled to the US-Israeli sponsored Palestinian regime of Mahmoud Abbas will be used to repress Hamas, which is the duly elected government. It will contribute to worsening the situation in the occupied territories.

Counter-terrorism and Homeland Security

The issue of "counter-terrorism" is not mentioned explicitly in the Declaration of Intent. The terms of reference, however, suggest that the "war on terrorism" is an integral part of the agreement. 

In early February 2007, Minister Avi Dicter addressed the public security committee of the Canadian House of Commons:  "Iran is the largest terrorist state in the world" Dichter said. In his discussion with Canadian MPs, Dichter "laid out what he believes to be the guidelines for Canadian-Israeli security cooperation in the future, possibly similar to the agreement that the minister signed a day later in Washington DC." (Jerusalem Post, 7 February 2007)

"The Canadian MPs echoed their American compatriots in addressing the former Shin Bet head as a world expert in the field of terror rather than as a visiting minister of a foreign government, asking him at one point what specific steps the parliament could take to prevent terror attacks on Canadian soil. In his answer, Dichter reiterated the importance of strengthening border security and use of proper investigative methods with suspects." (ibid)

During a followup official visit of Israel's Minister of Public Security Avi Dicter to Canada in late October 2007,  meetings of Israeli and Canadian officials were held behind closed doors to discuss a blueprint for cooperation in the areas of homeland security and counter-terrorism. The meetings chaired by Stockwell Day were held in Toronto on October 29, 2007.  A so-called "Arrangement Paper" was to be drafted with a view to defining  "the actions of the competent structures at ministerial, central and subordinate/local levels for preventing and fighting home land securities issues":

"The parties have agreed to intensify future cooperation by identifying ways of direct communication in order to maximize the exchange of information, technology and operational activity. For the same reason it has been agreed to accelerate negotiations for the signing of an Arrangement Paper between the two Ministries on cooperation in home land security and counter terrorism issues which falls within the responsibility of the respective Ministries.
Negotiations on the arrangement paper mentioned above will take place as necessary. The signing of the arrangement paper will be held on an occasion and place coordinated in advance between the Ministries.
The two Ministers agreed that by early November three work teams will be established in order to promote the cooperation between the two ministries on the following subjects: • Counterterrorism and Crime • Emergency preparedness • Border crossing security, focusing on biometric identification"
(Official communique of Israel's Ministry of Public Security, )
The "Arrangement paper" refers to the draft text of The Declaration of Intent, which was signed in Tel Aviv on March 23, 2008. The two governments chose to sign the agreement during a week of intense diplomatic activity in Tel Aviv, involving the concurrent visits of the Vice President of the US, the US Secretary of the Department Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and other senior officials.

The final text of the Declaration of Intent remains vague. "Counter-terroism" and the "Homeland" are not explicitly mentioned in the final text of the Declaration signed on March 23.  

Legal Implications

The text of the Declaration of Intent states that ":{it] is not intended to create legally binding obligations, under either domestic or international law. Yet, at the outset, it violates several fundamental principles of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

The Canada-Israel Public Security agreement has barely been mentioned by the Canadian media.

It has not been the object of a debate in parliament. Why has this issue not been brought to the forefront of public debate?  Why has the parliamentary opposition remained mum on the subject?

It should be forcefully challenged in Canada's courts.



Public Safety Canada March 23, 2008

Declaration of Intent Between the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness of Canada and the Ministry of Public Security of the Government of the State of Israel

The Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness of Canada and the Ministry of Public Security of the Government of the State of Israel, declare their intent:

1. To prioritize and manage cooperation in the following areas within the responsibility of the Ministries:

1. Border management and security, including biometric applications;

2. Correctional services and prisons;

3. Crime prevention;

4. Critical infrastructure protection;

5. Emergency management;

6. Illegal immigration;

7. Law enforcement cooperation;

8. Money laundering;

9. Organized crime;

10. Terrorist financing; and

11. Trafficking in persons.

2. To achieve the following objectives:

1. Build on their shared commitment to facilitate and enhance cooperation to protect their respective countries' population, assets and interests from common threats;

2. Integrate and coordinate of the identification, prioritization, and implementation of cooperative efforts between themselves in the area of public safety;

3. Manage the delivery of approved cooperative activities within the scope of this Declaration;

4. Establish of clear lines of communication and points of contact between themselves as part of an ongoing process of dialogue and partnership in pursuing common goals;

5. Share knowledge, experience, expertise, information, research, and best practices;

6. Identify and share public safety concerns on the basis of threats, risk assessments, priorities, vulnerabilities, and consequences; and

7. Facilitate technical exchange cooperation, including education, training, and exercises.

3. To establish a Management Committee that would:

1. Be comprised of the Deputy Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness of Canada, and the Director General of Public Security for the Government of the State of Israel;

2. Meet annually and as needed to develop and approve a program of work, consistent with the scope and objectives of this Declaration, for that upcoming year;

3. Evaluate and approve progress and results of activities carried out under this Declaration from the previous year;

4. Identify officials from the Ministry of Public Security of the Government of the State of Israel and from the department and agencies for which the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness of Canada is responsible, to carry out, within specific timeframes, each of the items in the approved program of work;

5. Be supported by a Senior Coordinator, namely, the Assistant Deputy Minister (Strategic Policy) for the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness of Canada, and the Deputy Director General for the Ministry of Public Security of the Government of the State of Israel; and

6. Have the Senior Coordinators ensure the delivery of the approved program of work and recommend new activities for the Committee's approval.

4. To bear respectively the costs that they each incur for performing, managing, and administering its activities under this Declaration;

5. To ensure the appropriate protection of all information, knowledge, expertise, etc. that is exchanged between them against any unauthorized access, alteration, publication, or dissemination; and

6. To protect any information, knowledge, expertise, etc. that is exchanged between them against disclosure to any third party with the same degree of care as they each exercise with their own information, knowledge, expertise, etc. of a similar nature;

It is understood that:

This Declaration is not intended to duplicate or supersede any existing arrangements between any departments and/or agencies of the Government of Canada and the Government of Israel; and

This Declaration is not intended to create legally binding obligations, under either domestic or international law.

Signed in duplicate at Tel Aviv, this 23rd day of March, 2008, which corresponds to the 16th day of Adar b'5768, in the English, French, and Hebrew languages with all texts being equally valid.