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Daily Digest March 25, 2009



Time well spent?

Protesters off to slow start

Healthy gaming idea challenged

Credit revival: Bonus for Mr. Geithner

At last, Petro-Canada makes itself useful

Ignatieff is a rookie, but he's learning fast

Welcoming the stranger

Redefining Israel

Brace for the new tax on everything

The real Russkie threat

Learning from race data

Celebrity death, overdue action

Mr. McGuinty's test

Loss of courage

National Post editorial board: Is this really the best time for Ontario to harmonize its sales tax?

A time for global action

Keep Mexico's violence in perspective

Hold the beef

Deal shouldn't pump up prices

 If he didn't laugh, he'd have to cry


Involve parents in sex education

A hopeful sign for the economy

Harper's Conservatives continue to nurture gun registry issue

Stimulus plan

Optimism feels better

Ottawa must get to work on EI benefits

Life sentence for teenage killer appropriate

Harper counts on hardcore

Canada is bigger than this

World leaders need to listen to own advice

In our own backyard: HIV infection crisis

Afghanistan is easy to conquer, tough to hold

Losing the right to say, 'never again'

Make helmets mandatory

Let the market pick winners and losers

B.C. should ban hand-held cell use while driving

British MP gains from hamfisted decision

A stimulus for reform

Green' projects cry for analysis

Aboriginal title has not been forgotten


Afghan quagmire

Rebuilding Afghanistan will be long, costly effort

NATO needs better Afghan coordination, Obama says

Snowbird jets may have to fly into the sunset: MacKay

The Lost Leopards Of Canada

Casual days of the past are over at Canada-U.S. border

No letup on border, U.S. says

Canadian focus to narrow as U.S. joins mission in Kandahar
U.S. forces likely to be more pro-active, which will increase violence in the short term

Budget officer predicts sharper recession, greater deficit  - all 71 news articles »

CBC to cut 800 jobs, sell $125M in assets

Suncor to unfreeze $20.6B expansion

Liquid war: Welcome to Pipelineistan

First the Danes, now the French lay claim to Canadian resources

Canada-France relations face seabed battle

Cannon slams French bid for Atlantic shelf rightsComment41

Autism therapy under attack

 Belinda Stronach talks about her breast cancer

The ethics of allowing babies to die

Ottawa girds for polygamy challenge

Online tool draws fire from privacy watchdog

Neo-Con Ideologues Launch New Foreign Policy Group


McGuinty willing to fight for blended sales tax

No harmony in merged taxes

Economy leaps to top of B.C. voter concerns

We're out of time, we're out of time'
Liberals hope to spin their way out of an email to donors that outlines a way to skirt the rules and double up on contributions

Lisa Raitt, minister for the unexpected

Opposition strategy on auto bailout pictures Clement as roadkill

Tories down and out in Quebec – and know it

British MP takes Canadian ban to court all 538 news articles »
Galloway's lawyers request review of Ottawa's decision and demand injunction allowing him to enter country for speaking tour

Lawyers for banned British MP launch challenges

Jewish group proud of role in barring Galloway

CBC debate English-only, so far

Suncor offer tests rules on competition
Tories to end '2-for-1' sentencing guide

Lawyers reject Tory plan to limit 'two-for-one' credit for prisonersComment

Canada regulator may allow TV fee-for-carriage

Another 'Green Revolution'

The fierce urgency of now
Yes, windmills and dams deface the landscape but the climate crisis demands immediate action

Prime Minister Harper, turn off your lights

Bailouts that reward the guilty

Feminism's deadly fallout

Should the polygamy ban stand?

A tale from the 2009 depression

Why obesity is not a lifestyle choice

Canada wrong to exclude Galloway

Jewish Canadians Concerned About Suppression of Criticism of Israel

Radio-Canada -Le couperet tombe

Le syndicat de Radio-Canada blâme les conservateurs

Système carcéral -Abolir le temps compté en double

Listériose -L'ACIA suspend des tests

Demandes d'asile  Le Canada, terre de prédilection

Chambre des communes - Feu vert au fonds d'urgence

Visite au Canada - Bravade anticipée de George Galloway

Kandahar: le nombre d'attentats a doublé

Enquête nationale sur la maternité - Peu de mères allaitent exclusivement plus de six mois

Assurance-emploi: Ottawa tente d'accélérer le traitement

L'effet Ignatieff se maintient au Québec

L'interdiction de séjour au Canada de George Galloway dénoncée

Des avocats contestent l'interdiction de séjour au Canada de George Galloway

Le déficit du fédéral va probablement augmenter plus que prévu

Terre-Neuve ne permettra pas à Ottawa de parler en son nom à l'étranger

La France demandera à l'ONU d'élargir ses droits territoriaux au large de T.-N.



 Amazingly, the final decision in a case that has involved several government offices, two national Parliaments, and drawn media attention on both sides of the Atlantic, will belong to one person.

A uniformed border guard.

"(People trying to enter) have an interview with a CBSA officer," Kenney said.

"Someone who has been flagged with a preliminary assessment of inadmissibility is obviously going to get bigger scrutiny.

"But that border officer . . . makes what's called a fresh decision. That border officer looks at all the information and makes a decision on admissibility."

. . . will take how much time for the final decision maker to arrive at if "all the information" is looked at?


===================================Daily Digest March 24, 2009
From: "Bernard J Finestone"
Subject: Re: Daily Digest March 22, 2009

Dear Joe,
Rebecca Gingrich is doing an excellent job advancing anti-semitism. She really does not need help from Galloway.
HCol  Bernard J Finestone,  CD, CdeG (Ret)

What would be the term for someone critical of actions of the state of Israel?
From: "Bernard J Finestone"
Subject: Re: Daily Digest March 24, 2009

Dear Editor,
Rebecca Gingrich says the Hamas is a democratic party and merits support. How democratic is 8,000 missiles fired mostly at Israeli women and children ?  And the majority fired at the times children are in the streets coming and going to school. How many missiles would Rebecca like to change her prejudiced mind ?
HCol  Bernard J Finestone,  CD, CdeG (Ret)

From: Ron Thornton

Hi Joe:

In regards to the March 24th Digest, the story from the GLOBE & MAIL - "Cold blood and adult penalties", where a 15-year old girl urges her boyfriend, over a long period of time, to kill a 14-year old girl she had not even met. She got life, though there is a chance she could get probation in 5 years. As I read this, I wondered if this was the type of sweet innocent the good folks in Quebec got all upset about protecting from bad ole Stephen Harper's vision of justice. Funny, my own reaction seems a bit in the other direction.

I came across the article in the Calgary Herald - "When science gets religious, watch out" and I was reminded that those who are part of the Global Warming cult continue in their attempts to hijack the whole concept of scientific study and debate when it comes to their "religion." I guess I would have to agree with the headline.

Thanks again, Joseph.

From: Charles Tupper
Subject: Letter to PM Harper re: the Barring of Honourable Mr. George Galloway MP. by Wayne Prante

From: "Grenville Rogers"
Subject: Censorship in Canada

Hello Joe   -  
Rebecca Gingrich is absolutely correct in observing that "George Galloway was banned from Canada because the masters of Canada, the JDL, demanded it". She is correct, too, in saying "That is the one and only reason this occurred."
People such as PM Harper and Jason Kenney are naive goy front-men for the Israel Lobby in Canada. 
Being bereft of evidence to disprove Gingrich's statement, Bernie Finestone HCol, A-G, CD, CdeG(Ret) etc, etc,  demonstrates such lack by resorting to the meaningless, vacuous charge of anti-semitism.
Canada needs a 'George Galloway' as Prime Minister, to stand up for Canada and Freedom of Expression.
Grenville Rogers

From: Rebecca Gingrich

Subject: A great LTE re Galloway--don't forget--the Taliban eradicated the  heroin growing/drug trade--who did that impact?

Re: 'I'll be heard in Canada': Galloway, March 24.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney will not allow British MP George Galloway to enter Canada citing national security concerns. What threat does Galloway pose to Canadians?

Well, he ruthlessly, and with malice of forethought, led a humanitarian convoy into Gaza and delivered much needed medical supplies to Palestinians who desperately needed it. But there's more.

Galloway has also called Stephen Harper's foreign policy "a joke", claiming that Canada's military is helping support a warlord government in Afghanistan that has increased the production of heroin in that country by 700 per cent since the arrival of the Canadian military.

Subject: RE: DD

Joe--correct me if I am wrong, but is HCol Bernard Finestone confirming that George Galloway is being banned from Canada because he is anti-semitic???  I would like to thank him for agreeing with what I wrote. 
Galloway is just trying to aid people who were decimated by an invasion of bombs, guns and white phosphorous, DIME weapons, bombing of schools, hospitals, ambulances, shooting of unarmed civilians including women and children, destruction of their land and their denial of basic human needs, by israel.  But then, I guess we are killling and being killed in Afghanistan to bring them democracy and freedom while the Palestinians are not worthy of notice???
I wear the anti-semitic name proudly if it means that I have empathy to those who are being destroyed systematically with the support of our disgusting governments.  Reality bites--and I refuse to be browbeaten by slurs and lies to force me to ignore despicable behaviour on the part of any one.  Evil is evil no matter the stripe.


Subject: Citizens' Forum For Better Government In Canada
From: Charles Conn <>

Hi Joe. I wonder if I could prevail upon you for a second-time favour regarding our upcoming Forum. The last date for the early bird rate is March 31, so we need a last-minute push.

The purpose of this one-day meeting is to hear speakers, exchange ideas and propose ways to improve governments' responsiveness to citizens¹ voices.

Gerry Nicholls and Jonathan Kay will be our speakers.

The Forum will be held on Saturday April 18, 2009 at the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn in Oakville Ontario. You can go to our web site for details, and the opportunity to register. We believe that the package, which includes breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack break, represents excellent value.

The organization hosting this Citizens Forum is The Association of Principled Canadians. TAPC is a fully registered, not-for-profit organization, duly chartered by Industry Canada, governed by strict By Laws, and managed by an elected Board of Directors and Executive. TAPC is not a political party, nor does it aim to advance any agenda other than effective and accountable government for all Canadians.

Thanks for helping out, Joe.

Charles W. Conn, President,
The Association of Principled Canadians.


From: "Mahmood Elahi"
To: "Letters to the Editor" <>
Cc: <>, "Joe Hueglin" <>
Subject: "Satanic optimism" of unregulated capitalism

The Editor
The Toronto Star
"Satanic optimism" of unregulated capitalism
Re "Getting a grip on greed," by Linda McQuaig (March 24).
Pope Pius XI once remarked: "Totalitarian communism and unregulated capitalism are united in their satanic optimism." The "satanic optimism" of totalitarian communism stems from the belief that all exploitation of man by man can only be eliminated by public ownership of all means of production. The "satanic optimism" of unregulated capitalism stems from the belief that peace and prosperity can only be achieved through unrestricted self-regulatory market forces.
The collapse of the Soviet communism shows the former is wrong and the collapse of the world's iconic capitalist organizations like Enron, AIG, Merril Lynch and others shows the latter is equally wrong. What we need is a well-regulated market where the government, citizens groups, press and other public institutions will keep a watch on corporate greed unleashed by years of wild unregulated market forces. This means taxes on the rich will be much higher to pay for greater social spendings on education, health care, environment and law-enforcement. It will be a different kind of capitalism where social responsibility will replace greed. Profits must be shared and not spent on wasteful personal spendings as Bernie Maddoff and Conrad Black have done. It is not surprising that both of these corporate giants are spending their times in jail for corporate fraud.    

From: "Phyllis Wagg"
Subject: For the Digest

Moving in the Wrong Direction?
There has not been a great deal of comment here recently on the way governments are handling the economic crisis.  In my opinion, both the Canadian and U.S. governments are going about the issue in the worst possible manner.
  I had great hopes for Obama but they have been dashed.  He does appear to understand the problem but not the solution.  He is eager to cater to those elements in the U.S. that have led to the crisis and he has given them even more rope to hang the United States.  The public display of disgust over the financial compensation for executives rewarded by government bailouts does not alter the reality that they are being rewarded.
The policies adopted by Obama will transfer massive wealth from the poor to the rich.  It is interesting that during the campaign Obama talked about a redistribution of wealth.  I don't believe anyone, including his Republican opponent, thought that he intended to adopt policies that would transfer wealth up the economic scale. That is precisely what he is doing. 
A small proportion of the money will probably find its way into the pockets of other socio-economic groups.  Most of the money will find its way into the pockets of financial capitalists and as such will do little to kick-start the economy.  Even if it does have some minor impact on the real economy, it will only be because the levels of debt, both public and personal, will rise to even further unsustainable levels deepening the economic crisis down the road. 
It is possible that he believes the inflationary impact of the infusion of money into the system will make it simpler for people to pay off or at least pay down debt.  However, globalization makes that less likely because so much production is no longer controlled by the U.S. consumer.  Inflation in the cost of goods and services produced globally will not find its way back into the pay packets of workers.  In fact, the policy will encourage countries to leave the U.S. monetary standards and opt for the Euro or push for a global currency depressing the value of the U.S. dollar.  In the long term that could result in returned production to the U.S. but it would create massive poverty and social strife in the meantime.
This situation may not be surprising given the way the capitalist system has evolved.  In the hierarchy of today's "conventional wisdom" financial capital finds itself on the top of the pyramid while productive capital has been downgraded.  The "greed" of the financial capitalist is being rewarded.  The excuse for rewarding greed is that the greediest financial capitalist has become so wealthy that they have become the controlling factor in society and "are too big to fail."  They are seen as more important than democratic government.  Governments are being sacrificed to the power of the financial capitalist.
Our government has been given carte blanche to follow the Obama lead.  The only thing is that I can hope that my analysis is wrong.  That somehow these government policies will not fail, the poor and even the relatively well off will not become poorer, that somewhere the money will be found to pay-off the debts imposed on behalf of financial capital, and that both Americans and Canadians, who are so dependent on the U.S. market, will not end up in dire straits.
Phyllis Wagg

From: "Jacob Rempel"
Subject: Reference: Daily Digest March 22, 2009  -- HCol  Bernard J Finestone,  CD, CdeG (Ret)
Reference: Daily Digest March 22, 2009
Dear Joe,
Rebecca Gingrich is doing an excellent job advancing
anti-semitism. She really does not need help from Galloway.
HCol  Bernard J Finestone,  CD, CdeG (Ret)
My  response to Mr.Finestine:
Finestine and the JDL never mention how very many Jewish
persons in Canada, in the USA and yes in Israel, say exactly
what Rebecca Gingerich and George Galloway say about
the actions of the State of Israel. Indeed by saying the same
criticisms they often put at risk their livelihood, their personal
relationships, and sometimes their personal security.
They dearly love their own Jewish people, and they
Want to rescue them from their own folly.
---Jacob R., Vancouver, Canada

From: "Don Keir"
Subject: Selecting a governing party

Publisher is Alan Heisey, 38 Avoca Avenue, L.P.H #6, Toronto, ON, 
Canada, M4T 2B9
Phone 416 923 5381, <> Emailed from Naples.

Winning 12 of Toronto's 23 ridings, one Spring at a time
When  I read this type orf rant, it makes the problims of our country seem obvious. It is all about winning an election, nothing about correcting problems or overcoming difficulties and believe me, if anyone takes the time and makes the effort get their information from somewhere orher than the mainstream media they will find that there are plenty of problems that must be corrected if human life is going to survive  on this planet.
Don Keir

From: John Halonen

Some things that seem to concern me.

Perhaps I am wrong.

Why does Canada accept those from other Countries to have children in our Hospitals?  Many after delivery seem to return to their native countries.

Are they treated like those of our nation to be eligible for benefits?   ie:  can they receive Canadian benefits even if they do not live in Canada (many perhaps within a week),

Or is it that we as a country believe that all children have the right to have the best hospital care, no matter where they were conceived?

John Halonen

From: "Jacob Rempel"
Subject: info on the actions of the State of Israel

Joe ----
You may not wish to overload the DIGEST with this stuff.
Your readers do have much of this already.
 ---- Jacob Rempel
An Army of Extremists
How some military rabbis are trying to radicalize Israeli soldiers.
By Christopher Hitchens
Recent reports of atrocities committed by Israeli soldiers in the course of the intervention in Gaza have described the incitement of conscripts and reservists by military rabbis who characterized the battle as a holy war for the expulsion of non-Jews from Jewish land.
Israel accused of indiscriminate phosphorus use in Gaza:
Human Rights Watch report claims Israel committed war crimes in its use of air-burst white phosphorus artillery shells
Israel accused of indiscriminate phosphorus use in Gaza:
Human Rights Watch report claims Israel committed war crimes in its use of air-burst white phosphorus artillery shells
Israel's world standing falls:
Israeli newspapers published soldiers' testimonies, including evidence that troops shot at unarmed civilians and vandalised homes. Some said they were issued with lax rules of engagement that placed little value on the safety of Gazan civilians.