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Daily Digest March 2, 2009



Plans converge for better health

Weight-loss industry: Consumers need help

Disaster in wings  View comments3

Anti-gang measures have little lasting value

More than child's play


No future for wind in Ontario

More talk than action on the economy

Advancing on many frontsComment4

Obama: Budget a threat to status quo

The ensign and the bison

Canada's new haves and have-nots

Higher tuition: The dangers

 It always hurts to be dumped

When the Qur'an is mutilated by Muslims

Harper's stimulus package could cost him a lot

Taser debate: Care and caution needed

Public's right to know stifled


Canada's birth-rate crisis

CBC at crossroads

Long-awaited rights reforms on the way

What are the odds we trust them?

Swift action needed on lottery abuses - Governments need to step in to fix obvious problem
Budding leaders deserve kudos

Global warming unstoppable?

Are we digging ourselves into a hole with carbon capture?

No perfect truths when debating love

Get tougher on drunk driving

Canadian politics dismal, drifting

Time to move beyond fearing the smart


Taliban rivals unite to fight US troop surge
Move by Pakistani militants prompts fears of escalation in Afghan violence

France's Morin favors NATO Afghan withdrawal date

Canada to open 8 support centres for members of military

Probe finds Taliban, not Canadians, to blame for slain Afghan boys

Canada wants North American standard on fuel efficiency

Deep recession began in late 2008: StatsCan

Small business owners falling through credit cracks

Canada remains relatively strong: Harper

Treason nobody talks about

The dictionary of empire-speak

Canadians make stem-cell breakthrough

The French remedy still works for medicare

 Alcohol disorder takes toll

Tory's future in politics comes down to the wire

B.C. moves to regulate payday loan companies to better protect consumers

Harper accused of Afghan about-face
Liberals predict Tory attack ads would backfire

PM 'testing' House foes

Senate won't rubber stamp $258.6-billion budget, say Liberals

Ignatieff comes a-courtin' rural voters

Harper rolls dice to play oil sands 'wild card'

Tories and Libs focusing on 'key battleground' of fertile Ontario
Conservatives say Ontario will be fertile political ground in the next election.

Ottawa Politics and News from the Hill

Ottawa plans consultations over $12B fund for vehicle loans

GM on right track with Canada plan: Industry Minister

Ottawa to grill banks on rising fees

Researchers fear 'stagnation' under Tories

Afghan projects financed with aid cuts

Patrol vessels back on Ottawa's radar

Climate change double-think

Oil sands exposé deserves more energetic response

The verdict: guilty of failing the rule of law

Canada 'twiddles its thumbs' waiting for an American-made climate strategy: environmentalists
Obama shows 'real leadership' on environment, but Canada is stuck in a holding pattern.

Automotive bailout must not be free ride

Harper philosophy collides with economic reality

We're not waiting for our politicians to think globally

Spending Smarter on Infrastructure

Harper fait volte-face sur l'Afghanistan, selon l'opposition

Une question d'image, selon des experts

Afghanistan: les Occidentaux ne vaincront pas, affirme Harper

Ottawa a accordé un permis à un présumé trafiquant de drogue

Le gouvernement fédéral veut que la population se méfie des fraudeurs

L'armée canadienne attribue aux talibans la mort de trois enfants afghans

Les conservateurs laissent tomber les gants devant Micheal Ignatieff

Le ministre fédéral de l'Environnement, Jim Prentice, se rend à Washington

Ottawa créera un réseau de huit centres de soutien aux militaires

Garderies: un gouvernement du PLC créera un réseau national, dit Ignatieff

Un « virage » conservateur critiqué

Impossible de gagner en Afghanistan, dit Harper

Ignatieff lâche Elizabeth May et les verts


From: alan heisey <>
Subject: Re: BELOW(30) March 2nd, 2009

j, please advise bill allen that the combined might of respondents' letters to the useful dd service has less influence, in my humble opinion, than a formal resolution from a cpc eda meeting after a discussion with the resolution being forwarded to the ministers involved. the break for the ministers involved is that the tory ridings collectively very rarely resolve anything, so damming letters in the daily press get read by ministerial underlings who report trends carefully.

but dd exchanges make us feel good, usually. cz

From: "Rebecca Gingrich"
Subject: DD

Joe--I can't but think of adscam when reading this 'trust us' blather. No
oversight? Isn't that what adscam was also? Sadly, with oversight or not
we are again being used as trough fillers.
Expect mistakes? What else would we expect. We all know that promises are
not worth the paper they are written on, words mean nothing to our exalted
leaders of any Party, and we should just shut up and keep paying our taxes.
If we lose our jobs and have no earnings that the government can tax, they
will come up with creative ways to add taxes to other areas.
We are accuse of living on credit and not paying our bills, but the
governments have no such problem. I guess when you don't have to be
responsible for your own waste you can throw our money around? They have
accessed the motherlode--that being the poor taxpayer. Why there hasn't
been a tax revolt in this country speaks volumes about us as gutless
wonders. That we have lived our entire life knowing in our souls that we
cannot trust any government, we are now being raped and pillaged and told to
trust the untrustable. How true it is that we get the government we
deserve. There is more of us than there is of them. The longer we keep
bowing and scraping to these monsters the longer we give them to perfect
their complete dictatorship over us.
How much longer will we be so complacent? What will it take to bring
democracy back to this God forsaken country?

From: The Natroses to Hill Times

Navigable Waters Protection Act will impact Canadians
Changes to the Navigable Waters Protection Act included in Budget Bill C-10 will bring on a host of new changes in other areas that will impact Canadians.

By classifying waterways, access for the average Canadian will be limited, and in some cases it will cost money to sail a boat through some areas.

By giving the power and decision-making to the minister, the Harper government has done away with consulting the people. But it is no different from the changes that have been made in other government departments where the ministers control the direction, and policy decisions where input is limited and left to the discretion of the minister. Departments such as Fisheries and Oceans, Immigration, Public Safety, and Transportation all have immense powers to make changes without the bother of debate or being accountable to ordinary Canadians.

Nancy Clarke

Grand Bank, Nfld.
From: Eugene Parks to Hill Times

 GM's loan request big, but end of automotive production bigger
GM is requesting a loan of $10-billion. That is a one-time loan for about one per cent of Canada's yearly economic output; or four per cent of the federal budget. That's a lot of cash.

The Canadian auto industry accounts for roughly 500,000 Canadian workers, significantly more than one per cent of the Canadian economy (or four per cent of one year's federal revenues).

Letting the auto industry fail means a jump in Canadian unemployment to 10 per cent or more. And, federal revenues drop by more than four per cent while unemployment and welfare payments jump significantly.

Asking for a $10-billion loan is a big deal; the end of domestic automotive production in Canada is a bigger, and more costly, deal.

Eugene Parks
Victoria, B.C.

Subject: Doom, gloom .. All we need is an asteroid collision and we'll have a (bad) boom, too ...
From: "Efstratios Psarianos

Dum-de-DUM-dum ...
AIG heads back to cash counter, The US budget, GM and Toyota are hurting, and Mother Britannia sinks below the waves she once ruled

From: "Serge Crespy"
Subject: SPIRITUAL $$$$$$$$

Hi, Joe:
Governments are asking people to inhale, as they exhale; save, save, as we should spend, spend, to motivate the economy.  The short breathing spells, hit and run, profit-taking philosophy of business has damaged the economy.  The system must take a deep breath for all related cycles to stabilize.

An extended feeding-frenzy has remained unchecked resulting in a major case of constipation for the economy.  Cod liver oil, (assistance) is being administered by the Governments; too much will create another problem.

Governments must re-energize capitalism with an equal sense of spiritualism; a "New World Order", with the spiritual instinctively moderating one's physical needs and wants.  All personal beliefs aside, one must ultimately be considerate of  "We, The People".   As GOD does not have an advertising budget, I have no-doubt that collectively, society will elevate itself to the next level.

Serge Crespy
Collingwood, ON

From: Ron Thornton

Hi Joe:

After a while, maybe we should just capitulate and go with the flow. Maybe we are wrong. For example, the Edmonton Public Library no longer asks for membership dues. On renewal, they simply ask if you wish to make a donation. If you don't, they'll just hand you your membership for nothing. Considering the material is available to all, as the membership just gives you the option of removing it for a few weeks, I thought this a pretty stupid, irresponsible move. Then I thought, if they really don't want me to pay, then maybe I should shut up and save the $12 annual fee. I know, who can't afford a dollar a month?  Then again, why argue?

You argue against Bill C-10, yet you don't consider that maybe the Chinese would like to buy up our country, too. While they are busily buying up the US debt, maybe they would like to invest in every small to medium sized business (or anything valued at less than a billion bucks) on this side of the border. After they finish buying up everything, then maybe a few of those billion folks might like to move to our sparsely populated land to run those businesses. Open the borders, I say! I mean, those who own our country should be given the opportunity to live in it, shouldn't they?

There could be benefits of selling off our country to foreign interests, especially the Chinese. While Maple Leaf continues to have its public relations problems, I can't help but remember how the Chinese took care of their tainted milk concerns. If some guy is making millions to run a company into the ground, I wonder what kind of golden handshake such a CEO would get in China? No doubt it would involve some kind of celebration involving fireworks, or something that rather sounds like fireworks.

As for having legislation shoved through Parliament without any proper vetting, I really don't know what your problem is. I mean, if Iggy didn't like it, he would have said so. Wouldn't he? I mean, if Jack is nuts and Gilles just wants to suck the rest of us dry, then I'm sure we have Stephen and Mikey standing on guard for thee and we. All they ask is that we bend over, grab our ankles, and give thanks for what we are about to receive.

Okay, maybe the path of least resistance might actually prove to be just one big pain in the ass after all. Never mind.


Mikey _______?

Mikey Ignatieff, Joe. You know, Stephane Dion with testicles.

. . never noticed Iggy's first name before.I


From: Lorimer Rutty
Subject: new subscribers

You identified one of two new subscribers.
Being blinded by this exhilaration you forgot to mention to them the 
DD rules of the substrate.
It's 12 point. Don't you remember?


From: Caspar Davis
Subject: Harper Using Elections Canada to Chills Citizens' Groups  -

Hi Joe,

In case you haven't seen this:

Elections Canada warning chills citizens' groups
Warning letter blurs lines between advertising and advocacy.
by Ish Theilheimer

Ottawa, February 26, 2009, A chill could fall on advocacy groups of all kinds if a letter the Sierra Club of Canada got this week from Elections Canada is any indication.

The letter received by Sierra Club's executive director Stephen Hazell said that the organization had violated the Elections Act by holding a joint news conference and issuing a news release during last fall's general election, without registering as a third party.
 (There is a video )

From: John Halonen

It may be better for Stephen Harper to tell his real truth. 

If Canada is to have a future that is positive from a totally Canadian perspective,
   we really need to have a leader that wants it and believes that Canada has a future.

If Canada is to have a future just for Canadians, then the actions by our government
  should portray that.

Unfortunately we have a leader that has no direction and cares less. The actions of
  our Prime Minister should be one that all Canadians can follow.  Where is our future, 
  without a leader that we can follow and believe in?

John  Halonen

From: Charles Tupper


A small number of extremely wealthy people, descendants of wealthy families in Europe and the U.S, own a major part of the material wealth of the world. This power is concentrated in London which is the centre of the world banking system. The control they exercise is kept within the original families and passed down from generation to generation. They are highly organised, operating in secret through a web of 'private' organisations.

This group is known as the Global Elite.

Their wealth is accumulating on a compound basis. They determine the course of history, through virtual control of the world economy.

They are working to a 'grand plan' which is now well-advanced.

The common reaction of people when first hearing of the global elite and their operations is one of disbelief and a refusal to give the claims any credibility as it appears so outrageous. But during the last few years there has been an increasing volume of books, articles and essays, all with the same story. All are based on well-documented research. The information revealed is consistent with the events of recent history, leaving no room for doubt. It is the "New World Order" taking shape - the Global Elite strategy.

From: "Rebecca Gingrich"
Subject: DD

Joe--re the submission by Charles Tupper and Harper's words re supporting Israel in it's attack on Iran.
If I have this straight our PM is in support of genocide, war for nebulous reasons(same as justification for attacking Iraq--WMD) and would probably send our children and grandchildren to fight a battle for a foreign state?????

The IAE has stated that Iran does not have nuclear weapons.  Same as they said for Iraq where they were proven correct.  Iran has not attacked anyone--but Canada has attacked Yugoslavia and Afghanistan  in the past few years.  Israel has attacked innocent people and killed(genocide) women and children while stealing their land, killing their livestock, destroying their orchards and chemically polluting their fields, using banned weapons and we support them?????  As for Iran acquiring weapons to 'act on the ideology of evil', I think that description fits Israel to a T.  We have just been given proof of that.

Harper must be stopped.  He is supporting something that the majority of Canadians find evil and against everything we have ever been taught.  Sadly there is not a political party in Canada that is not controlled by the evil money masters.

How can any thinking person accept the actions of the state of Israel which we have seen over and over again since before 1948, and yet castigate Iran which has a long history of being a peaceful nation?  Are Canadians, in Harper's eyes, so controlled that he believes we will not think this through for ourselves.  Then we have Lawrence Cannon supposedly meeting with the leader of Hamas, Abbas, when the entire world knows(at least those of us that think) that Abbas is NOT the leader of Hamas, but, like Harper and our other 'leaders' is nothing more than a puppet of Israel.

I will state it again--I AM ASHAMED TO BE A CANADIAN.  Harper does not speak for me.