Sunday, February 08, 2009

Daily Digest February 8, 2009



Sarkozy and sovereignty: Reality check for separatists

The food-safety issue just won't go away

We need 100% confidence

Anxious Israelis face fateful vote

The daycare dollar gap

To be economic leader, we have to get to work

Bye-bye buy domestic

'Brown envelope' coverage stains white coats

What are Buy Canadian promoters thinking?

Not the Taser, it's the user

The extraordinary madness of the stimulus crowd

Steady now, Eddie

The dirty oil fight begins
Legalization needs study

Canada moving on native rights

Pundits all wet

Independent power projects: Dispelling the myths


The 'national disgrace' of aboriginal housing

Obama puts brake on Afghan surge

The Afghan Scam: The Untold Story of Why the US is Bound to Fail in Afghanistan

Reconstruction Boondoggle

Afghanistan will be tougher than Iraq

Surge of troops in Afghanistan 'needed for five years' says Nato commanderRead the original story

Nato must go for drug lords, says minister
CAMP BASTION, Afghanistan: Nato troops operating in Afghanistan should find drug traffickers and "eliminate" them as they would Taliban militants and other  insurgents battling the government, the counternarcotics minister says.

Karzai for reconciliation with Taliban
MUNICH: Afghan President Hamid  Karzai called yesterday for a process of reconciliation with the  Taliban, and urged foreign forces in his country to do more to halt civilian casualties.

Fanatical Taliban wing moves into Kandahar

Canadian battle tours may lengthen during Afghan vote

Obama's visit to Ottawa will be short, but possibly sweet

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative
Canadian banks are typically leveraged at 18 to 1--compared with U.S. banks at 26 to 1.

Time for America to get small
U.S. citizens must retrench, stop borrowing, and save their way back to prosperity

When global goes local
Culture and politics from around the world resonate strongly in cosmopolitan country

Ontario weighs tax blending

Alberta's fiscal woes will be laid bare in new legislative session

Spring budget will be pivotal test for McGuinty

MP Casey plays waiting game

Humpty Dumpty's lesson for Ignatieff

Brazeau dismisses 'personal attacks'

Duffy tells media to 'give it a rest'

Delay Iggy's coronation a bit

A parliamentary budget officer's work is never done

CRA paid millions to staff no longer on payroll

You, Me and the Security Prosperity Partnership

The Outsider
How Stephen Harper brought Canada to conservatism and the Conservatives to crisis

N.L. MP revolt good for democracy

Sex becoming 'cultural wallpaper'
Sexual depictions so normal, shock value must be ramped up, says author

Un sénateur et ex-chef autochtone se dit victime d'attaques personnelles

Revenu Canada a versé au moins 3 millions $ de trop en salaires

La mobilité de la main d'oeuvre entre le Québec et la France serait souhaitable


Subject: Feb. 7 comment
From: Charles Conn

Hi Joe, Don't know how you got it but the letter you posted at the bottom of
Feb. 7 Daily Digest originated with an overzealous member. It contains a
number of inaccuracies and substantially misrepresents our intentions.

A correction will be forwarded.

Joe, this is the letter you would have received soon. Events just speeded it

Thanks for your courtesy.


Charles Conn

Dear Joe,                                                               February 8, 2009.

You are cordially invited to participate in Canada's political process in an open, non-partisan, and stimulating Citizens' Forum.

The purpose of this one-day meeting is to hear speakers, exchange ideas and discuss in depth our country's challenges and how improvements can be made by having citizens' voices heard in Ottawa.
The organization hosting this Citizens Forum is The ASSOCIATION OF PRINCIPLED CANADIANS. TAPC is a fully registered non-profit organization, duly chartered by Industry Canada, governed by strict By Laws, and managed by an elected Board of Directors and Executive. TAPC is not a political party, nor does it aim to advance any agenda other than the advancement of effective and accountable government for all Canadians.

The Forum will be held on Saturday April 18, 2009 at the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn in Oakville Ontario. Please go to our web site for details, and your opportunity to register. We believe that the package, which includes breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack break, represents excellent value.

We have lined up some very impressive speakers, and are confident that this will be a sell-out event not to be missed. Thanks for your attention, and I hope to see you on April 18th for a very special day of discussion, participation, and your input on the direction of our great country's future.

Best regards,

Charlie Conn, President, TAPC.


From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Joe, feedback.......progress and performance measures

Identification of the issue as it exists, consideration of all suggested alternatives, followed by implementation of what best addresses the problem in the present, with an eye on its effects into the future.

I fully agree, and evaluation should include 'Quality of Life' performance measures that go beyond traditional economic analysis.   Examples of such benchmarks (for economy, education, civic engagement, social support, public safety, community development and environment) have been adopted by the State of  Oregon and can be seen on their website at

The Genuine Progress Indicator should also be noted.

Larry Kazdan , Vice-President,
World Federalist Movement Canada – Vancouver Branch

From: "Phyllis Wagg"
Subject: Mike Duffy

Mike Duffy catered to the Central Canadian bigotry by ridiculing and an overall disrespect for Atlantic Canada and Atlantic Canadians.  He was able to "get away" with doing this because of his origins in Prince Edward Island. In fact, many PE Islanders missed recognizing the disdain he often showed towards his native province. This disdain has made him popular with the interests he really represents.  He is has represented all the characteristics of individual self-interest that is so applauded by the right wing.

Subject: Anti-telemarketer do-not-call website
From: "Efstratios Psarianos"

Hi, all.¸
To anyone who's interested, Canada's had a Do Not Call list against telemarketers. If you're interested in screening them out, here's where to add your phone numbers:
Some groups will still be able to call you, notably:
   - registered charities;
   - political parties (hahahahaha ... well, I suppose that it WAS too much to expect of them to ban themselves);
   - polling firms (hahahahaha ... and well, what? The parties not only need to sell you their ideas, they have to solicit yours too.)
   - major newspapers;
   - organizations having commercial relationships with you ('Hello, Ms. X. We've just received a shipment of that NDP-smell-removing soap you asked about ...'. Well, what ... I'm writing for a principally Tory audience here);
   - organizations that call customers subscribed or receiving business services (whatever that means).
Happy listing, folks!

Subject: I've been getting this news subscription recently
From: Robert Ede

the cartoons are priceless

you may or may not enjoy the commentary Click here

Dear Joe
Force everyone to read the detailed version of Forsey's Fab 10 fairy tales re: Parliamentary procedure
from two days ago digest

Can't. But highly recommend all do so.

From: Stephen M MacLean
Subject: FYI: 'Eugene Forsey Takes On "Constitutional Fairy Tales"' by Helen Forsey

Fairy tale #1: that the possibility of the House of Commons voting non-confidence and defeating the government creates a "constitutional crisis."

Fairy tale #2: that if the Opposition actively opposes the government's program, Parliament is "not working," is "dysfunctional."

Fairy tale #3: that if a minority government meets active opposition in the House of Commons, with the possibility of being defeated in a confidence vote, then the nation's business is at a standstill and a new election is necessary.

Fairy tale #4: that if a government is defeated in the House of Commons on a matter of confidence, this automatically means a fresh election.

Fairy tale #5: that such a change of government by majority vote in a duly elected Parliament is undemocratic, a "seizure of power" or a "coup."

Fairy Tale #6: that the imminent prospect of a non-confidence vote justifies the shutting down of Parliament through prorogation or dissolution.

Fairy tale #7: that if a non-confidence vote is imminent, the Governor General should grant a Prime Minister's request to prorogue Parliament or dissolve it and hold an election.

Fairy tale #8: that the passage of three and a half calendar months since the October 2008 election means that a fresh election call now would be justified.

Fairy tale #9: that minority governments cannot provide stability or good government, that "stability" and "efficiency" are the highest political values, and that therefore that the purpose of elections is to produce a majority government.

Fairy tale #10: that a coalition cannot legitimately govern unless the parties explicitly campaigned as a coalition in the preceding election.

From: "Rebecca Gingrich"
Subject: University lives up to low expectations

Joe--I just sent this LTE to the Calgary Sun

Editor--I guess now we should refer to Universities as 'halls of higher programming'?
Ian Robinson has portrayed exactly the actions of the bullies at the UofC. 
Under cover they charge these kids for speaking up in a land that prides itself on 'free speech'.  Yup--higher learning is non-existent at the UofC--do as Big Brother dictates or we will slither out and charge you? 
This is not learning--this is dictatorship at its worst.  The kids put their views out on public display while the University hides and spins their 'justification' for their covert actions.  As a former Albertan I am totally dismayed by the actions of UofC.
As a  former Albertan I always treasured the freedom that Albertans enjoyed--more so than any other Province in Canada, I always believed.  I guess that is no longer so?
Oh Canada indeed!

Rebecca Gingrich
11 Church Street
Princeton, Ontario

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Coalition of unintended consequences, Rex Murphy,  Feb. 6

Re:  Coalition of unintended consequences, Rex Murphy, Feb. 6
If the coalition precipitated radical changes, as Rex Murphy admits, and pushed a dogmatic Conservative Prime Minister squarely into Liberal territory, it can hardly be considered a "massive failure".  The opposition had little choice but to band together and thereby stand up to a parliamentary bully trying to force through contentious legislation.  When a bully backs off, it's a victory, and Stephen Harper is now in retreat, licking his wounds.