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Daily Digest February 28, 2009



Improving ER times hinges on variety of factors

Harper's unkept pledge


How to be too fast and too slow


Quick on the trigger

Poverty: Don't lose focus

Volunteerism needs a national policy

Where do Canadians stand?


Steer federal cattle cash here


Ottawa still fun and games

Obama revamp of U.S. requires Canada to react

Needling, but necessary: dealing with a drug problem

Social housing should be affordable: Isn't that the whole idea?

Join the real Darwin debate

Forestry crisis demands action

Aboriginal rights were established long ago

$900 million, and still not safe and secure



Enablers enabled by others

Sentencing circles: What are they and how do they work?

Jonathan Kay: The folly of native sentencing circles

Sentencing circles for aboriginals: Good justice?

Karzai 'orders Afghan elections'

Afghan president says polls to be held by May
Afghan president urges April poll

We will not take British orders, say US marines in Helmand

Ghost States: 'Inconvenient' Reality

Altogether four classified or restricted NATO documents on the Pentagon Central Command (CENTCOM) site were discovered to share the 'progress' password. Wikileaks has decrypted the documents and released them in full:

Coast Guard gets massive boost with new 75-tonne hovercraft


Automakers may get more time: Clement


Message sent by air mail

Russia, Norad complicate bomber tale with conflicting reports

PIMPINTURTLE.COM/2009/02/27/ us-military-might-be-sent-to-usmexico-border-as-drug-cartel-chaos-spirals .aspx

Minister rejects calls for moratorium on stun guns

Canada takes back deported gangster

Minister backs refugee status for gay Iranians

More onerous legislation by Ontario's Libs


Grits dis PM's 'Tarzan' threat

Rae slams Tories over CBC


American programming risky business for CBC

Canadians won't quit on the environment

The art of the green disinvite

Bison now roam on rehabilitated oil sands

Harper's $3 billion fund needs oversight

Whatever happened to 'strong and free'?

Homegrown Security in Post-Modern America

Will the recession end Canada's consumer society?

Un bombardier russe intercepté la veille de la visite d'Obama

Les conservateurs s'attirent les foudres des universitaires

Affaire Wajsman: Paradis persiste et signe

Un autre Québécois dans le cénacle d'Ignatieff

Trois milliards pour relancer l'économie

Ottawa veut imposer des peines plus sévères aux membres de gangs

Accès à l'information: le système est en crise, estime le commissaire


I had thought to comment here to-day and to include several articles.  Rather than this I will very probably construct and send out
a separate post related to this article.

         Joe .

Grits dis PM's 'Tarzan' threat

 It was Back to the Future this week as a tough-talking Prime Minister Stephen Harper bluntly threatened an election unless his opponents agree to quickly push a special $3-billion stimulus package through Parliament.

But while the Liberals are unhappy with what they label a "blank cheque," some experts doubt they'll topple the Tory government anytime soon.


From: Caspar Davis <>
Subject: [NS2/CNS2] RKM: Why The US Economy Was Lost

Call me Pollyanna, but I haven't given up on Obama yet.

Thanks to Richard Moore, who writes:

How The US Economy Was Lost
By Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts presents in his article a very good critique of Obama's bailout agenda. These two paragraphs summarize his conclusions, which are supported by his analysis:

The Bush and Obama plans total 1.6 trillion dollars, every one of which will have to be borrowed, and no one knows from where. This huge sum will compromise the value of the US dollar, its role as reserve currency, the ability of the US government to service its debt, and the price level. These staggering costs are pointless and are to no avail, as not one step has been taken that would alleviate the crisis.

How long will Americans permit "their" government to rip them off for the sake of the financial interests that caused the problem? Obama's cabinet and National Economic Council are filled with representatives of the interest groups that caused the problem. The Obama administration is not a government capable of preventing a catastrophe.

From: "Jacob Rempel"
Subject: 1929 -vs--2009

Great Depression Quotes 1929 vs 2008: Have We Learned Anything?

From: Joseph
Subject: Common Ground - NEW FEB edition on line NOW  - Serving Peace and  Justice for 26 Years

This is the link for our new March edition

Please enjoy and forward to others.

Physical copies will be avaiable Feb 28.


From: "Rebecca Gingrich"
Subject:  DD

Joe--thanks for the warning.  But isn't this sort of like the pot calling
the kettle black?  To me CRA IS a scam.  Guess it takes one to know one? 
One question--where did the 'scam artists' get the list of taxpayer names? 
Does CRA have a leak, or did they put a computer that had not been cleared
of info into the garbage bin?

Tax Alert
The Canada Revenue Agency warns Canadians of mail scam

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is warning taxpayers to beware of a recent
scam where some Canadians are receiving a letter fraudulently identified as
coming from the CRA and asking for personal information. The letter is not
from the CRA. A PDF version of the letter is available on the CRA Web site

The letter claims that there is "insufficient information" for the
individual's tax return and that in order to receive any "claims," they will
have to update their records. The letter attaches a form specifically
requesting the individual's personal information in writing, via fax or
email, including information on bank accounts and passports. This letter is
not from the CRA and Canadians should not provide their personal information
to the sender.

All taxpayers should be vigilant when divulging any confidential information
to third parties. The CRA has well established practices to protect the
confidentiality of taxpayers' information.

The CRA has notified the proper law enforcement authorities of this scam.

For information about this and other similar scams, or to report deceptive
telemarketing activity, visit, send an email to, or call 1-888-495-8501.

From: Ray Strachan
Subject: Steve aand Pete get Media Help


Our National News Media gave plenty of authenticity to Steve and Petes
assertions that Russia is getting ready to unleash WW3 Oh yes the media. And
we havent even gotten the Morning Papers yet. Oh yes the media. The WHOLE
WORLD IS UNEASY OVER THIS, YOU CAN BE SURE.Now,actually the Russian planes
were not in our airspace,  but pretty close and President Obama, was going to
be in Ottawa,Oh My, what a scoop  The WHOLE WORLD IS UNEASY about The Russian
mischief,  The whole world, Yes the whole world.   Reminds me of listening to
The News Media in regards to The David Ahenekew Trial, depending on which
broadcast or newspaper you heard or read "The Whole World was OUTRAGED at what
Ahenekew had said, or All Canadians were Outraged at what he said. Just keep
telling we stupid people this crap long enough and we take it as Gospel. That
is just a mirror image of two lies. Thats why it is said , if you are told a
lie often enough, you eventually believe it. I believe that is absolutely true
in too dam many cases. Its a dangerous path that we are set on.The problem is,
we cant get off,the di is cast.The politicians are muted.

Ray Strachan

From: "Phyllis Wagg"
Subject: Testing for Substance Abuse

There is another side to this issue that Rubie and her Fort MacMurray friend ignores.  There are two reasons that it is in the interests of the company to test its workers:  the prevalence of drug abuse in places like Fort MacMurray and the danger that drug impairment presents on a construction site.  I take it that both the construction worker and Ms Britton both know precisely how much of their taxes go to welfare recipients (as opposed to heath care, education, defense spending, law enforcement, subsidies for companies developing the oil sands, etc.) and would have no problem in paying higher taxes to pay for the urine testing for welfare recipients.   In fact, there might be better ways to save tax dollars through testing everyone for substance abuse rather than basing the testing on the stereotyping of one group.  I am sure that companies providing the testing would welcome the business.

From: The Natroses

To Ruby: Your remark, "

What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test."  The trouble is, you targeted only one group of people who are receiving welfare payments. What you are advocating is discrimination , but if you include all groups and yes that means the CEOs and politicians - than you are advocating that government has the right to oversee the activites of their citizens. Government has the right to control what people do with their lives. Your job requires oversight from your employer.  It is a matter of safety and costs that a employer must bear if a drunk or a drug user causes an accident on the work site. However you neglected to say, if upper management such as your CEO are required to take a regular urine test. Before you move on to welfare folks, make sure all management are taking the urine test even though upper management do not posed a safety issue working at a desk. Have you thought  how many people who happened to work at desks especially the top guys, happened to be addicted to drugs or alcohol? These guys first line of defence when being arrested for their white-collared misdeeds are I could not help myself. Its the drugs. Its the drinking. Its the gambling.  Or all three.

What your are advocating is not only discrimination of a whole group of people, but adding to the perception that welfare people are on welfare due to their own fault. Leaving government to continue on not being accountable or have the responsibility to have programs or strategies that are effective to meet the basic needs of all Canadians. Unless you think, that everyone makes the same wages as a employee working in Alberta oil fields, you should change it to our top CEOs, politicians, banks, economists and anyone that has great influence over our economy. Go up the ladder, and there is plenty of groups to targeted on the financial crisis that the world finds themselves in. Welfare people are victims, but blame lies fully on our financial gurus, our bankers, our politicians and the economic model that so many thought it was the saviour of many good

From: "Rebecca Gingrich"
Subject: Russians

Joe--this email from Ray Strachan has it so right. I almost chocked when I
saw the great pretender McKay, with a very sincere expression on his face,
state that we had 'scared the Russians off'!!! What a hoot. I can't
believe the games these idiot politicians play. Does he honestly think
anyone will believe this garbage? Steve and Pete on the Gong Show? If
McKay really wanted to scare the Russians he should have sent Sea Kings
after them(not that I believe for one minute the Russians were a threat to
our new best friend Obama). The Sea Kings could have fallen out of the sky
on any perceived threat from anyone. They are our own WMDs?