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"Chrysler could be on hook for back taxes if Ottawa wins fight"
Chrysler Canada Inc. could be on the hook for as much as $1-billion in back taxes if the federal government wins its battle to reassess taxes owed by the cash-strapped auto maker.
< >

Chrysler Canada hit with C$500 million lien: paper - Investing Reuters Breaking News - Sympatico / MSN Finance:

Land to the tiller, forests to the communities – Part 1 – "We did it their way",+forests+to+the+communities+%96+part+1+%96+%93we+did+it+their+way%94

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"A plague on both your houses",
Meaning: A frustrated curse on both sides of an argument.

It is upon the House of Harper and the House of Ignatieff I lay "A frustrated curse", not for their being on differing sides of an issue or argument but for whatever the reasons are acting in collusion: both Conservatives and Liberal MPs say the federal budget ought to become law as soon as possible in order to stimulate the economy, via new spending and tax relief.

Theirs is an excellent argument were the Budget Bill C-10 composed solely of measures "to stimulate the economy, via new spending and tax relief".  Most unfortunately such is not the case.

The House of Harper tacking on not just one but a number of significant changes in how our country is governed and the House of Ignatieff  not ever raising what is transpiring but rather urging rapid its acceptance is collusion, a noun, a synonym of conspiracy, intrigue, deceit, complicity, connivance, secret understanding .

On February 15th views on the changes to the Competition Act and the Investment Canada Act were presented to you.  What follows is a third example of what will become law without debate, without input from those negatively affected, a fait accompli.

I've taken action by posting what follows to the National Media.

You may be able to contact Members of Parliament you know and inform them you are aware of what is transpiring.

As in all things political we make decisions as individual.

Challenging the directions of the Liberal and Conservative Parties of Canada is engaging (as Richard Neumann wrote in his post on the Digest yesterday ) in  "debate on substantive issues". 

Phil Green' and myself have done so.

Hopefully you will consider doing so as well.

From: Joe Hueglin
Subject: F.Y.I.: Negating of Common Law and Roman Law by Bill C-10

Parliament is to pass the budget at 'lightning speed': MPs
for the Opposition is accepting without question the Government's inclusion of  amendments to a number of unrelated Acts in Bill C-!0.

The post Subject: F.Y.I.: Will "far-reaching amendments" in the Budget Act be passed "with limited, if any, meaningful debate." led to the nature of the alterations to the NAVIGABLE WATERS PROTECTION ACT being brought forward.

The post that was received and quotations from researched sources provide a view of what is transpiring: change from a process where interference with navigation must be shown as being needed and necessary to that of ministerial discretion.

Is such change, change to what effectively has always been, justified by speeding up programmes of the moment? Apparently so to those with the power to shape the future of those navigating our waterways.

Joe Hueglin
317–340.       Amendments to the Act
Summary Click here for the entire document (6241Kb)

"Throughout Canadian history, and affirmed countless times in the courts, a river was navigable if you could navigate on it.  It's an ancient and fundamental right that originates in British Common Law and Roman Law before that.  Now the minister decides. "

The proposed new NWPA also gives the Minister of Transport sole discretion to determine whether or not any proposed project on a Canadian waterway will have an impact on navigation.

So my question is this: why has this been jammed through quietly and quickly? Why has there not been any public input and why have the special interest groups that utilize and protect these waterways not been invited to speak?

The proposed new NWPA grants the Minister of Transport the authority to change, at any time, the criteria used to assess whether a waterway is navigable, or whether a work or type of work may interfere with navigation.

The four named works (bridges, booms, dams, and causeways), added to the NWPA in 1883 because these structures, by their very nature, interfere with navigation…have been removed.

From: Phil Green <>
To: Joe Hueglin <>
Subject: Re: Will "far-reaching amendments" in the Budget Act be passed  "with limited, if any, meaningful debate."

Joe--Thank you for this. This is not the only far-reaching amendment though. The govt has also put in far-reaching changes to the Navigable Waters Protection Act. This is one of Canada's oldest pieces of legislation. The reason is that they want to reduce protection of navigable waterways so that they can build more infrastructure over such waters.

Here is some background on it:

My article in the Financial Post

My blog

National Post

--  Phil Green 905-271-6262 land/cell   
From: "Jacob Rempel"
Subject: I strongly suggest that you subscribe to the  REAL NEWS  for daily clarification of the news of the day.

Friends --
You may already be doing so, but if you still are not,
I strongly suggest that you subscribe to The  REAL NEWS
for daily clarification of the mass media news of the day.
As well, I suggest that you alert contacts
in your address book
So they can get more context for daily headlines news.
-- Jacob Rempel Vancouver

Russia postpones Iran missile deal
Russia Today TV reports Russia keeps missile sale on table as it holds cards in Afghanistan Pt.2 view
The Promise '09
To reach an audience in the millions view

The Pakistan puzzle
The unraveling situation in Pakistan confounds US policy in Afghanistan Pt. 3

  Israel and Hamas reject global arms embargo
Guardian: Report claims warring parties used rockets and hellfire missiles during civilian attacks view

I strongly second Jake's opinion.
From: "Serge Crespy"

From: "Serge Crespy" <>
To: "Joe Hueglin" <>

Hi, Joe:
The website that you should refer to is:
also: . html
The original design for The Great Seal of The United States of America incorporated the random stars pattern above the Great Eagle; the existing pattern became the official design ...... 2010 is the renewal date for the existing design of The Great Seal to renew.   We may be too busy with the economy to really take notice that this is presently on the U.S. Congress /Whitehouse plate.
Best Regards,
Serge Crespy
Collingwood, ON

Hi, Joe:
This is the Timeline graph as suggested from the Pyramid found on the Great Seal of the United States, which I made reference to, in previous email ....... Text re: same to follow on next email.   

Finally retrieved text for same / click below .....

Take a look - next year is the apex of the timeline - (not that I buy in mind)
From: Ray Strachan
Subject: Yesterdays emails


Yesterday I received an email in regards to the protest marches being held in
England by the Muslims.   There was a note on it that read " Can you imagine
what would happen if we Christians tried to hold a protest march in a muslim
country". What I see in my mind is this,   When we,The West and Israel go into
a muslim country, we do not intend on holding protest marches, we go there to
kill people. All too often we kill way to many small children, but we just
keep doing it over and over again. I would defend my country but I am almost
100% sure it wont be against a Muslim invasion.(When I use the word WE I
realize Canada is a small part of it, but any part is too much for me).


From: "E E Hollingsworth"

To Robert Ede:
What a pessimistic wet blanket. He's a true ol' Canadian

Subject: The greening of Canada?
From: "Efstratios Psarianos"

The greening of Canada?
Feb 23rd 2009

Stephen Harper looks to Washington, not Alberta

DESPITE being two of the most profligate energy users on the planet, the United States and Canada have spent little time over the last eight years discussing what they might do together to combat climate change and protect the environment. That changed on February 19th, when President Barack Obama made his first post-inauguration trip abroad to meet Stephen Harper, Canada's prime minister. The environment was one of just three topics on their official agenda.

From: Real Gagne
Subject: DD


"/The very best and most engaged of our citizenry are today so focused on the mechanisms to achieve influence, we no longer concern ourselves with what we want to accomplish should we ever succeed."  /Richard Neumann, (catch-up Feb. 17th-21st DD)

/In other words, we are so engrossed in acquiring political power that we neglect to consider what we would do with it should we get it.  That is a prescription for roguery, it not worse.

Unfortunately, Richard Neumann is bang on on this one.  When will we ever learn?


From: "Suan H.Booiman"
Subject: speaking out

Reading Mr.Neumann's comments on what we should do has
been there and gone. So many like him have good suggestions
but when facing reality you can not find them. B.C. has 22
CPC MPs living in a shadow, silence, dead in the water so to speak.
Try to get an answer on any issue, you will fail. The Harper
government like all previous governments has been Ottawashed.
Good try for a candidate.

To: "Prime Minister Harper, Stephen AB" <>
Cc: <>, <>
Subject: battlefield
                                                         Suan H.Booiman C.C.D.H.
                                                             204-1220 Fir Street
British Columbia                                   White Rock V4B 4B1                      Western  Canada

February 23, 2009
Mr L.A. Lavell
Executive Correspondence Officer
for the Prime Minister's Office
Dear Mr.Lavell,
Was very kind of you to reply to my friend, Mrs.Dot Fuhrman, in regard of my e.mail about
the celebration and re-enactment of the victory by British Gen.Wolfe over the French..
Your recommendation to contact the Hon. Mr.J.Moore, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
concerning this matter is no different than asking the Pope to support abortion.
The Hon.Mr.Moore, like all his democratic elected, have tape over their mouth, so placed by the
Prime Minister who fears to have communications with anyone, especially the media and stand
up for an issue, particular when it deals with Quebec.
What a redressing tone to hear President Obahma nearly daily speaking to the country and the
world about all the events that are facing not only the USA but many in the Western World.
The overpowering dictatorial attitude to what once was my party has done no good for the country
other than for the forever whining Francophone minority dominating the bureaucracy.
OUR Prime Minister, OUR in capital letters, will not change the plans for the remembrance..the
reason that is if it takes place Monsieur John (Jean) Charest Premier (President) of the State
of Quebec will not attend.
                                  -- bowing to the gang indicated violence --
Mulroney's friend Lucien Bouchard said "Canada is not a country", he was and is so right. The
country, with Obahma's popularity, has an invisible man collecting tax-payers money for Quebec.
A British Columbian,
Suan H.Booiman