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Daily Digest August 19, 2008

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Election, anyone?

Harper calls a 4th federal byelection, sets stage for possible fall general election

Clement questions ethics of MDs who favour safe injection sites

Nicholson says bilingualism would be asset for next Supreme Court justice

Nicholson won't say if next SCOC justice will be bilingual

Major loophole in new federal lobbying law even surprises lobbyists

Legislative record contradicts Harper claim of parliamentary dysfunction

Federal government flyers are really campaign ads: critics

Canada to rely on NATO partners to protect new transport helicopters.

Harper's rift with Mulroney could haunt the Tories in Quebec

Culture hung out to dry

Copyright in the Internet Age

Afghanistan: Go big or get out


Charting Canada's future

Jul 25, 2008  an LTE sent out was posted to you.  Following are comments received with thanks..

This headline just came in Harper might trigger election this year if you were in an advisory position
would you say "Go for it!"  to him to Dion?                                                                                    

Unfortunately it will be some little time yet before I can return to a full organized Digest to post but will
do as has been done above when possible.                                                                                   



From: Leo Kurtenbach
Subject: [Fwd: A request]

Hello Mr.Hueglin,--Your letter re a Royal Comm. about the future of Canada was published in our local paper, The Wakaw Recorder a few days ago--.It certainly would be the right thing to do, and totally necessary.

This weekly used to publish your letters fairly regularly. I enjoyed reading them, and generally agreed with your message.

I also write letters to editors, mostly to provincial weeklies and a few of the dailies, whenever I feel something need to be said.

Wishing you all the best.

Leo Kurtenbach

From: Art Williams
Subject: Re: A request

Hi Joe,
Everything in your letter is correct.  We need to get our own act together before sticking our noses into other countries.  There was TV News item showing a large group of student lawyers demonstrating in a country where our troops are messing around and getting killed.
Let them kill their own - get our troops back here.
There is so much that is in need of correction here at home.  We have 60 cycle electricity - cancer grows 6 times faster in a 60 cycle frequency - look at our patient lists grow.  LED Lights - 12 volt DC would eliminate most of the 60 cycle use , and reduce our hydro needs. save $
Alloxin is used to bleach white flour - causes cancer, dementia, etc.   We could stop food suppliers from loading our food with MSG to reduce the obesity problem.
We could block Bill C-51 to limit our government's trying to wreck alternative medicine.
I have not heard anyone mention that we should select food according to our blood type, and eat more of the right stuff - not less.
Cancer is not a disease - its a condition that has been successfully corrected since 1885 - no prescription drugs required.  (I have the equipment and material on hand - it takes about 6 weeks to alter the condition.) OHIP won't cover the service.
Its a bit like ploughing the ocean - why bother - God help us if we do nothing.
Art Williams,  33 Third Concession Road, Tillsonburg, ON.  N4G2T3


From: "Kim Dowds"
Subject: Re: A request

"A Royal Commission Charting Canada's Future"???? Creating a white paper??? Or should it be a green paper???

From: "J. Ford"
Subject: Re: A request

Our government(s) knew when they actively promoted globalization of our economy there were going to be major hiccups until they were able to transform Canada into a nation of providing intellectual services and raw resource exporters versus manufacturing and raw resource exporting. The loss to low cost labour anywhere at anytime will require Canadians (And Americans) to suffer great system changes. We are undergoing the changes now. What was not evident was the huge cultural shift to a global community where residency is replacing citizenship and ownership of our culture shared.

From: "John Munro"
Subject: Re: A request

Our newspaper is GEORGINA ADVOCATE owned by the York Region Newspaper Group and then of course the Toronto Star
Contact  editor@georginaadvocate.com
John Munro

From: "Mark Whittle"
Subject: RE: A request

Will do. ~ MAW

From: "John Gray"
Subject: Re: A request

 Joe, I will keep an eye peeled for your letter. However, I must relate that I think you've overlooked some very pertinent points in your analysis. I agree that the "Made in Canada" label is becoming more and more scarce.

 However, when I peel the Canadian economic onion back a few layers I see an economy that stands far behind our many trading partners in productivity growth. In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, investment has justifiably gone to those countries that can demonstrate the best level of return. Given Canada's dismal and deteriorating levels of productivity growth it is no surprise that while our natural resources remain in strong demand our manufacturing and processing sectors continue to deteriorate. Given our relatively high level of post-secondary education and our apparent capacity to grow, it is, indeed, a shame that we've so poorly managed our industrial base.

 A further factor relating to your concern is the failure of our federal and provincial governments to not only address Canada's lack of productivity growth, but to even recognize it as a factor.  Prime Ministers Harper and Martin have taken pride in the tax cuts they've provided to Canadian industry and yet as all they've really done was return the huge surpluses their poor budgeting generated. Clearly Canadians have not seen our governments initiate any where near the level of corporate tax relief needed to permit Canadian industry to invest in the necessary productivity tools and procedures.

As well, given our poor levels of productivity and relatively high levels of corporate taxation foreign manufactures and processors have no incentive to invest in Canada and look to other regions, such as Asia, where productivity growth is strong.

 Joe, I won't disagree that the "Made in Canada" label is growing harder to find. But, the remedy is ours and rather than challenge our trading partners in the ever growing free global marketplace we should gives our selves a cold shower and put some fiscal programs in place that will inspire Canadian industry to become a proficient, economic and, indeed, justifiable entry in the global marketplace.
John Gray

From: "J.D. HAWKINS"
Subject: Re: A request

will do

From: "John E. Stevens"
Subject: Re: A request

Will watch for it - and most certainly agree

From: "Derek Skinner"
Subject: Re: A request

Joe, I agree with the thought of a Royal Commission on Canada's Future.
Difficult to get it implemented because each Govt. knows perfectly well in its own mind what (is best for itself) is best for Canada.
Sorry to be cynical but until we can mobilise a group or party that is prepared to be nonpartisan I think we will be stuck with partisan agendas.
I will certainly let you know if your post appears in the CanWest Times Colonist.

From: Frédéric Grenier
Subject: Re: A request

Hello Joe,
Very good letter.
Frederic Grenier

From: "Brian Clark"
Subject: Re: A request

Hi Joe,

I certainly agree with you about the urgency of acting. The question is how.

I would debate the chance that our government can solve this. I think it's the public sector's job to create an environment that is friendly to industry and it's the private sector's job to be the engine of growth in that friendly environment.

Travel up to Kitchener - Waterloo to see a community thriving. The secret in KW - collaborative, innovative and productive people together with a willingness to invest in entrepreneurial spirit.

Canadians are world leaders at innovation. Our success stories are all examples of a willingness to invest in our entrepreneurial spirit. Most are despite our governments, not because of them.

Sadly, there is a huge leadership void in the five individuals who have the leadership title in our federal parties. Ditto for the leaders of provincial parties in Ontario. And a huge ditto for the mayor of Toronto. Look at all the dithering and grandstanding that has slowed progress on the Spadina subway extension to a crawl.

All I ask of our public sector is to get out of the way and stay out of the way. Sadly, even this is probably expecting too much of them.

Best regards, Brian

From: Anchors and Sails
Subject: Re: A request

Very good points.
I'll look for the letter


Subject: Re: A request
From: amjfraser

Dear Joe.

I agree with your thoughts.

The situation is critical. As Chief John Kelly expressed to the Royal
Commission on the Northern Environment 1970 (Kenora ON) "The circle of
Ojibway gets bigger and bigger. . . . And so I come to plead with you to
save me from the monstrous stranger of capitalist greed and technology. I
come to inform you that my danger is your danger too. My genocide is your


From: "Paul Pisani"
Subject: RE: A request

Hi Joe   yes I read it Paul

From: "Brian Graff"
Subject: RE: A request

Hi Joe:
The problem with almost any royal commission on such a broad topic is that the results will be determined by a handful of people deciding the solutions in private - and the results will largely depend therefore on who is selcted to serve. For example, somone less pro-business that Donald McDonald might not have recommended Free Trade when Trudeau started a similar exercise.
Even something like the Ontario or BC citizens assemblies on electoral reform came up with unpopular/poor solutions to the problems presented to them.
We need a broad public debate on this issue - what we realy need are several teams of people coming up with different alternatives which could then be debated upon and contrasted against each other, for the public to then use as a basis for establishing a concensus.
No doubt, right wing economists and pundits will push for "less government and more globalisation" - bank mergers, privatisation of health care, more integration with the US, fewer restrictions on foreign ownership etc., and lower taxes.
the standard left wing solutions will probably be presented as well. But we need to debate a variety of things - like immigration policy, skills development, the environment (global warming), and in general, whether our economic model is closer to Saudi Arabia or to South Korea or Japan (less resource dependence, less foreign ownership, more exported oriented domestically owned companies etc.)
With the internet and the ability of hundreds or thousands of people to submit information or strategies, and for hundreds of people to sift through them to analyse the problem, Royal Commissions are an obsolete method.
Therefore, the process should involve:
1. Public hearings and a website for anyone and everyone to submit their views.
2. Select at least 6 key people, from various backgrounds and idealogies, to head up small teams of volunteers to present different visions, and then have a Spicer like set of local meetings for people to meet and discuss them, and then to let people vote their preferences by rank (1st, 2nd, 3rd) after attending a local meeting where they can debate the issues with their negihbours.
We are too used to either "top down" leadership in this country, or no leadership at all (muddling through and compromising). We need a plan for the future - but it requires open debate and not some corporate hack presenting ideas that he had formulated long before being appointed.

From: "Garry R. Holland"
Subject: Re: A request

Hi Joe;
will do . . .


From: "Andrew Rutherford"
Subject: Re: A request

Joe I have been saying this for Quite some time. Mr. Mulroney sold us all down the river and everyone including yourself has been so busy criticizing Mr. Harper without much substance while the rest of the country goes to hell in a hand basket. I don't think that Mr. Harper is much different than the rest of the Canadians as far as that goes as he is so busy fighting off the partisan public who criticize him and being so blinded with tax surpluses the he  has not looked at the big picture. I have passed on some info gleaned from the CAP[Canadian Action Party that would address most of your concerns but like most people the would say who is the Canadian action party?
I hope that you are not offended with my critique as I consider you as a friend who is trying to make a difference.
From: "M.J.' Butch ' Collins"
Subject: Re: A request

Joe :
I largely agree with your view of our shortsighted outsourcing policies . The
likely effect of these policies will be  burgeoning middle classes in India and
China etc. The natural environmental problems engendered by this development
will be enormous ..... although we have no moral right to delay this gigantic swing
in commodity consumption .
Free trade is a wonderful concept , but any who can not see or refuse to see where
it must ultimately lead , are  in for a rude awakening . The rush to the bottom has its
cosequences , and although the rise of middle classes  in the developing countries is
beneficial to these countries , the maturing of these middle classes will be costly to
Canada & the USA  , as is now becoming evident .

From: "Mike James"
Subject: Re: A request

For Heaven's sake, Joe.  We can't refine iol here - that would be poluting and Greenpeace, the NDP & all those other fine organizations would fight it into the ground!
And when we have a good industry, eg, nuclear, they succeed in destroying it.
Mike James

From: "Anna Curtis-Steele"
Subject: Re: A request

will do

From: "R. Gagne"
Subject: Re: A request


Will keep an eye open for your letter in the media here.

If what you're proposing is something along the lines of the MacDonald Commission, (the process) I would also see that as useful.


From: "Peggy merritt"
Subject: Re: A request

Hi Joe:  Yes we do need some cooperation between political partys on
plans for the future of Canada's environment.  We also need some
rational discussion from the Environmentalist lobby who do not seem
to worry about how their severe regulations will affect Canada's
economy. With Canada's huge area and many diverse conditions I am
happy to see the provinces active in producing local solutions
according the conditions in each area. I do not see that a Royal 
Commission is the answer. it will just another wangling body that
will be under attack at every turn I am inpressed with Jean
Charest's ability to bring the Provinces together where at least
they are not  in the blame game and are looking at some solutions
for themselves. I was impressed with Lawrence Martin's column in
last Thursday's  Mob and Pail. To quote prime Minister Stephen
Harper declared recently that "we are more united at any point, than
we have been in four decades" The observation didn't gather much
attention. But it should have....It not be just noted but celebrated
unquote. Maybe instead of ANOTHER study we are now mature enough to
start making meaningful DECISIONS.  Cheers Peggy 

From: "John Parsons"
Subject: RE: A request

Not read in any of the few papers I receive. I do applaud
the sentiment of your letter, being careful of extremism.
John Parsons

From: "Gordon Baker"
Subject: Re: A request

We just had a high profile group of Canadians  who understand these issues report on Canads competitiveness . No Royal Commission would be as  useful.
Gordon R. Baker, Q.C.

From: "Jean  Pycock"
Subject: Re: A request

I agree absolutely with your analysis of our problems. I hope that a Royal Commision would be effective in finding solutions. 
    I am forwarding to you, an email of Al Gore's speech challenging the U.S.A to produce all its electricity from renewable resources within 10 years. It is worth hearing. Have a good holiday.  Jean Pycock

From: "Glenn Harewood"
Subject: Re: A request

Here is a link that gives one a panoramic view of DAILY WORLD news   www.maplandia.com/news 
It is unique in that it also gives a map of the countries involved in the particular news article. It uses the BBC as it's source, but adds  value to  the  BBC  News. 
You may discard it if you are not interested.
I'll let you know if your article appeared in my local newspaper.

From: John McCrea
Subject: Re: A request


Quite succinct I thought.
all the best
John McCrea

From: "Bonnie Laing"
Subject: Re: A request

Great thoughts, Joe. We are giving away our future when we sell off our resources
so cheaply. What about the future of our young people? We need job opportunities at every level. We can't all be University professors, we need truck drivers, factory workers etc to produce our own finished products. It seems everything you see in the stores is made in China these days and not Canada. Perhaps Globalization has gone too far?