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Food for thought

Bonne fete, Quebec

Climate, hunger test G8 leaders

C. difficile needs a look

A bogus refugee

Obama's flip-flop

Pass this law to save kids' lives

Afghanistan risks losing support

Dion brings sideshow to Alberta

Technological fixes take time

Food for thought

Risk to safe water demands action


Canada agrees to build so-called 'Great Wall of Kandahar'

Afghanistan's Karzai orders probe into deaths

 Afghan strike 'hit wedding party'

Afghanistan orders investigation into US attack
The Associated Press (07/06/2008)
Where extra troops will come from, asks Obama
Pajhwok (07/06/2008)
Pakhtuns called worst sufferers of violence
Pajhwok (07/06/2008)
Knives, petrol bombs found in Kabul prison
Reuters (07/06/2008)
Afghan MP shot dead; 16 'civilians' killed in US-led strike
AFP (07/06/2008)
Obama, McCain split over Afghan strategy
Boston Globe (07/06/2008)
Kabul's disgraced police chief replaced
Qoqnoos (07/06/2008)
Back in Kabul, Never at Peace
The New York Times (07/06/2008)
Farmers caught in the poppy trade
BBC (07/06/2008)
My Story: A moment in Kabul
The Jerusalem Post (07/06/2008)
Afghan Escalation
The Washington Post (07/06/2008)
What Afghanistan needs is infrastructure
The Telegraph (07/06/2008)
Restoring Past Glory in Old Kabul
The Washington Post (07/06/2008)
How America made a mess of Afghanistan
Times of India (07/06/2008)
No easy way out
New Statesman (07/06/2008)
Hold fast, we're building a new Afghanistan
The Sunday Times, UK (07/06/2008)
Crunch time comes in Afghanistan
The Hindu (07/06/2008)
Alarm Bells in Afghanistan
The Huffington Post (07/06/2008)
Missing: only aspiring female Afghan to run in Beijing Games
The Times (07/06/2008)
Frontier Years Give Might to Ex-Guerrilla's Words
The New York Times (07/06/2008)
Does Osama bin Laden Still Matter?
TIME (07/06/2008)
Afghan governor says air strikes kill 22 civilians
The Associated Press (07/05/2008)

Army in fight to lure recruits

More insurgency expected, top soldier says
Gen. Walter Natynczyk says a surge of Taliban activity won't be a problem in the long run

U.S. jets will stand on guard during Vancouver Olympics

Harper has had enough of Bush

Almost anything can be produced cheaper offshore because of lower labour and eco standards
Our economy is now at risk

Saddam's legacy to light up Bay St.

Cameco Corp. says uranium deal kept quiet by U.S. military

Running on empty

New war brewing

Rich countries lack the will to make difficult decisions
G8 must tackle high oil prices, food shortages and global warming before it's too late.

G8 unified on Zimbabwe

Cancer vaccine linked to illness in women,23599,23974632-421,00.html

Search for organ donors grows online

Blasphemy law should be repealed

Campbell defends carbon tax, despite B.C. backlash

Tories have Canucks' trust

Liberals predict Tories will try to block probe of election spending

"Machos, selfish and losers!

Turner ripped for separatist 'losers' comment

Liberal leader pitches green plan to green-minded youth from across Canada


Dion can't win the duel when Harper won't take off his gloves...

Fault Liberals for regional resentments

Dion's carbon tax talk pulling Alberta's leg

Western view of carbon tax

Don't expect climate deal at G-8 summit, Baird says

Climate spin machine

Fish board's ship sinking, report confirms

Peak oil, peak house?

'There is no market'

De l'uranium irakien au port de Montréal

Zimbabwe: Harper veut des gestes concrets

Harper en a assez de Bush

«Machos, égoïstes et losers» !

La Teoria Conspiratoria



Greater transparency and accountability is what Canadians were promised.

Having read the article sent out on the Digest of  July 2nd which had in it
"The party spent only $41,000 on fundraising in 2007," I started to dig,

The results show very little "t and a" on the part of the governing party.      

There may very well be reporting rules that can be interpreted differently, just
as in what Elections Canada is being sued about in regard to advertising in
the last election.  If so please let me know if you are aware of them so that
I can post them and bring them to the attention of those sharing my view. 

Until they are forthcoming the figures of $41 227 being the total spent on 
fund raising and $ 47 380 on polling are totally unreasonable to me.         

How about you?                                                                                  

The Conservatives, according to the Statement filed with Elections Canada, spent less than the Green Party on POLLING in 2007, less than 10% of what the Liberals spent and about one-third of that of the NDP.  An even greater difference existed in regard to monies spent for fundraising between the three Parliamentary parties, the Greens having no figure stated for expenditures in regard to this.

The POLLING and FUNDRAISING figures for the Conservatives are open to question. The improbably small amounts stated. may be based on creative accounting.  The    reporting of Cabinet Ministers flight expenses, essentially national ads flowing through candidates' campaigns and errors regarding expenses related to their National Meeting suggest the possibility

A question, then, were all expenses related to POLLING and FUNDRAISING included under these accounting headings? And if not what were they?

                  2007       2006            PARTY
              47 380        544 669   CONSERVATIVE
              53 000                      GREEN
            579 908         566 544   LIBERAL
            131 392         144 642   NDP

              41 227          33 576   CONSERVATIVE
            602 616         654 834   LIBS
        1 209 833       1 091 842   NDPS

Quotes: Statements of Revenues and Expenses – 2007 Fiscal Period
            Conservative Party of Canada
            Green Party of Canada
            Liberal Party of Canada
            New Democratic Party


From: "Rene Moreau"

To Joe; From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347) re; Morgantaler abortion reward;    Sure, there are times when abortion is warranted, but nothing like the numbers he advocated. What's next, an award for population control, a la Hitler, Stalin, Picton the pig farmer, or Bernardo. And for the convenience of the mother and father to reduce undue stress and  expense?      It was said that Christ would come back in 2000 years. It's 2008 now. Did he try, and get aborted? Remember, his mother was poor and un-married the first time.      If all the future kids born, were born in comfortable circumstances, without stress, would all the future generations be  untested wimps, with nothing to make them stronger, like coping mechanisms? In the past, some of out best humans had real challenges to face, to harden them up.    If every-one is born with a gift, how many gifts have we destroyed, with Henry's help?    Is it just my imagination, or are the right-win types able to blame the left-wing types for  this infanticide, and the public accepts it?    If Nobel starts giving such awards, start building   Arks!                                                        Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
Subject: Fw: "Stop the Carbon Tax Smear Mr. Harper!" sent you a message on Facebook

----- Original Message ----- From: "Facebook" <>
To: "Brian Marlatt" <>
Sent: Friday, July 04, 2008 8:00 PM
Subject: "Stop the Carbon Tax Smear Mr. Harper!" sent you a message on Facebook

Kevin Grandia sent a message to the members of Stop the Carbon Tax Smear Mr. Harper!.

Subject: Sick and tired

Of politicians thinking they can win my vote with cheeky marketing, PR spin and attack ads. And the joke is the Conservative Party is doing a really, really pathetic hatchet job:

You would think that the leaders of our country would have more respect and bring us the issues and policy instead silly talking oil slicks.

Please take a moment to urge all your facebook friends to join Stop the Smear Stephen Harper:

To reply to this message, follow the link below:

From: "Rebecca Gingrich"

What's your experience? What's your reaction?

"The party spent only $41,000 on fundraising in 2007,"

Joe--i haven't rec'd a phone call recently as on the last phone call I told
them I will not be voting for CPC again and told them why.
I have rec'd a 'special award' as a (I forget the words) valued worker and I
recently rec'd a 'card' desigating me as a 'conservative'--both also asking
for money. I don't remember the exact wording but I will tell you both the
card and the certificate burned well in the fire pit!

On the other hand--I NEVER receive an answer to my emails!


Thanks .until this I thought I was the only one being contacted

Subject: Death toll linked to Gardasil vaccine rises...Complications include shock, '

Health Canada sure is doing it's job, eh?

>Death toll linked to Gardasil vaccine rises

Subject:  Politically skewed and dishonest!

GW political?  NAH!!!    I am so disgusted with Baird and the CPC.  A total
about face after the election.  Just sick!

This was posted on AGWN by a commenter.

The UN climate change numbers hoax

Subject: Preach change?  Then Live It

Can you imagine our elected officials walking anywhere? The latest report
out is that heating with natural gas this winter will cost 45% more than
last winter. I can't see any elected official turning the thermostat down,
can you?
When thinking of the self-righteous politicians telling us what we have to
do to cut back our CO2 emissions the phrase comes to mind, that being "there
is no-one as virtuous as a reformed prostitute"!
The taxpayer just paid for a 'study' that proved the rich have a bigger
carbon footprint than the poor! Well, DUH! I wonder if this includes
politicians that just gave themselves a big raise? They aren't poor so they
must have a big carbon footprint?

Preach change? Then live it

Subject:  Health Canada

This was first stated in 2005. The solution was not to withdraw the drug
but to 'warn parents and doctors what to watch out for'?
A friend had a daughter on Ritalin for about 4 years. They didn't like the
way she was acting so had the doctor discontinue the medication. This girl
was extremely intelligent. A month after discontinuing the drug she started
having grand mal seizures. The doctor was not surprised as this is a side
affect of Ritalin. The parents were not told at all that this would happen.
The seizures continued for about three years.
Health Canada--looking after the drug companies, er, the citizens of Canada?


ADHD drug linked to suicide attempts: Health Canada

Subject: ice caps

Are the ice caps melting?

Subject: Oh Canada
Longing for the Old Canada