Sunday, June 08, 2008

Have you heard about the Dion Tax Trick?

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The Dion Tax Trick is a permanent new tax that will destroy jobs and drive up the cost of gas, electricity and everything else that you buy. That's right. EVERYTHING. To learn more about the Dion Tax Trick visit

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Sun, June 8, 2008
Tories pumped for Grit attack
Ads on radio, online and at gas pumps take on Dion's new carbon tax plan

TORONTO -- The federal Conservative Party is launching an aggressive attack ad campaign today targeting Liberal Leader Stephane Dion over his proposed new carbon tax.

Coming at a time when Liberal caucus members are urging their leader to plunge the nation into a federal election, the campaign will undoubtedly fuel election speculation and heat up the war of words between the two major parties.

But it is intended, Conservative officials insisted while giving Sun Media an exclusive sneak peek at the campaign, to let voters know Dion's carbon tax plan will raise the price of everything Canadians buy, including gas and electricity.


"They're preparing to institute the mother of all tax increases," a Conservative source told Sun Media. "Green shift (the name Liberals give it), these are weasel words."

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Conservative MP Jason Kenney said Dion's carbon tax has nothing to do with the environment, although it will be wrapped in green packaging.

"It's like telling a teenage smoker they can keep smoking as long as they give a donation to the Lung Association, it doesn't work," Kenney maintained. "I don't think Canadians will be fooled."

Dion should start explaining his carbon tax to GM Oshawa workers facing job losses because it will drive "the last nail in the coffin" of their industry, Kenney said.

The bilingual, multimedia, nationwide party-funded campaign that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars will roll out in four parts across the country - catching Canadians listening to the radio, online, at the pumps and on the streets.


Although a party source admitted they expect Dion's "Tax Trick" campaign will stoke the fires of election speculation, when the country goes to the polls remains up to the three other parties.

The real focus is to ensure Dion's carbon plan, expected to be announced this month, is exposed as a new and significant tax, the source said.

A shoulder-shrugging Dion and comic-book-style lettering stating "Dion's Tax on Everything. Will You Be Tricked into Paying More?" is the main image of the campaign.

Instead of attacking Dion's leadership ability directly, as past Conservative ads have, these new ads focus specifically on his carbon tax plan and the Liberal claim it won't cost Canadians.

Conservatives are betting when the Liberals do announce the plan, they'll focus on the environmental elements, claim it's revenue neutral and try to avoid the T-word.

"Stephane Dion has made tens of billions of dollars of non-budgeted spending promises," said Conservative campaign director Doug Finley. "He is now trying to trick Canadians into paying a permanent new tax he once vehemently opposed to raise colossal sums of revenue - it's as simple as that."

Radio spots will begin playing in target markets across Canada in English and French.

Gas pumps will play a key role in getting the message out.

Fuel-casting - ads played on TV screens mounted atop gas pumps - will deliver a short, 15-second clip to drivers while they fuel up.

Strategists hope the fuel-casting ads, the first time a Canadian political party has used gas stations as a medium, will reach people - something much harder to do in the satellite radio, multi-channel, Internet world.

"Hey you, you at the pump ... listen here," says the gas pump. "Better not fall for this trick."

An interactive website and a guerrilla marketing campaign featuring T-shirt-clad young Conservatives will also be used to deliver the "Dion's Tax on Everything," message. also gives users the chance to "Reach out and tax someone" by e-mailing their friends.

Sun, June 8, 2008       
Picture this. You drive into a service station over the next few weeks, walk up to a fuel pump and as you get ready to fill your tank with outrageously expensive gas, the pump starts talking to you and a 15-second mini-cartoon plays out on its video screen.

You hear: "Hey, hey you, at the pump, over here, listen in" or "Yoo hoo, hello, over here, I've got a warning for you" and the talking pump then tells you about Liberal Leader Stephane Dion's sneaky, multi-billion dollar "permanent carbon tax," an idea he used to oppose.

It's funny, clever, hokey, inaccurate (Dion insists he won't tax gasoline) and brilliant.

And since the whole idea is to raise doubts about Dion's carbon tax, what better place to do it than right at the pump?

It's also the centrepiece of a multimedia summer advertising campaign by the federal Conservatives starting today, by which they hope to make Canadians not only cynical about Dion's proposed carbon tax, but suspicious of the Liberal leader's motives.

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Doing what they do best -- attack -- the Tories want to define Dion and his carbon tax before he can do it himself.

They hope to convince voters Dion's "green tax shift" is really a massive tax grab aimed not at addressing climate change, but paying for expensive Liberal election promises.


Or, as the Tories brand it: "Dion's tax on everything -- will you be tricked into paying more?"

The "fuel-casting" ads appear to be a first -- using the audio/video capabilities of many of today's gas pumps (normally used for commercial advertising) to mock a political opponent.

Rounding out the media campaign, costing the party "several hundred thousand dollars," will be three, 30-second radio commercials done as exchanges between callers and a host cynically dismissing Dion's carbon tax as a scam, along with a website with "viral marketing devices," all launched today.

There'll also be a "volunteer-based guerrilla marketing campaign" -- T-shirted Tories descending on communities attacking Dion's carbon tax as a tax on everything from gasoline to electricity to heat to manufactured goods and food, which all must be transported using fossil fuels.

The website's gimmicks include a "Reach Out and Tax Someone" viral feature for visitors to "tag" friends into being "tricked" by Dion's carbon tax, with the names and tallies of the top 10 e-mail "tricksters" posted online.

Another feature, "Tax Tag," invites visitors to click on pictures of Dion, Liberal MP Garth Turner and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May (all "taxed and loving it"), everyday folks ("taxed") and the only things the Tories mockingly suggest will escape Dion's carbon tax -- fictional unicorns, leprechauns, ghosts and "foreign polluters."


The campaign, designed to reach ordinary voters directly while bypassing media and academic elites, reveals Conservative thinking.

Clearly, they're worried Dion's carbon tax, whenever he releases it, could appeal to voters concerned about global warming, particularly if the Liberal announcement is backed by environmentalists, economists and business groups stressing it will be effective and "revenue neutral," a claim the Tories mock. You don't put this much effort into attacking someone you don't think is a threat.

Finally, the Conservatives haven't been good at explaining their own plans to combat global warming.

Simply mocking Dion without credibly explaining what they'd do instead, could be their Achilles heel.