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Daily Digest June 8, 2008



Change-lite in the U.S.

Deserter file: Opposition makes a mess

No fire in Liberal strategy for cities

Guarding personal data

Watching what you wish for

Political pay-hike process stinks

Mixed net signals from wikiminister

Review of salaries is needed
Flawed system needs overhaul


Give Woodwynn to us, Tsartlip band says
Federal government should buy farm;First Nation will decide how to use land

Canadian soldier dies on patrol in Afghanistan

New general quiet, but qualified

Canadian Labour Congress president pledges support to GM workers in Oshawa

Oil, What, Where & When in North America Over the Next 3 Years

G8 ministers voice fears about surging oil prices

Afghans plead for $50 billion in aid as disorder grows

Baitullah Mehsud's fighters killed in Afghanistan

The flip-flop fad could be causing long-term pain

Alta. minister wants Ottawa to tailor its emissions approach

Tories pumped for Grit attack

Tory ads attack Dion

CTV's Question Period: Journalists discuss the ads 8:36

Ask all you like
Just don't expect any answers under the Harper government's Accountability Act

Tory gas pump ads running on empty?

Case Bernier-Couillard
Harper always on the defensive

Julie Couillard has donated $ 1000 to the Conservatives

Canada slack on protecting secrets: expert

CTV's Question Period: Wesley Wark, security expert 6:01

Cap-and-trade good biz: Enron

You never want to hear from Victim Services, but in desperate times you'll be glad they called

Theme irreplaceable
Guaranteed CBC will bring back HNIC song

Ottawa's bad prescription on addiction

A lesson for today's politician: Get yourself on YouTube

Talking to an enemy has become the fashion

Politicians live in their own little bubbles

Please, somebody, try to censor my book and make it a bestseller

Politicians treated like special class
They shouldn't be giving themselves hefty pay raises, generous goodbye cheques

It's feminist slander that men are inherently violent

Iranians' new love affair with the Great Satan
The average Iranian has an astonishing fondness for the United States and what it represents

Punishment should fit the crime

Un soldat canadien est décédé accidentellement en Afghanistan

Le Parti conservateur lance une campagne publicitaire anti-libérale

Le nouveau chef d'état-major devrait garder le cap en Afghanistan

Affaire Bernier-Couillard
Harper toujours sur la défensive


Something I came across, sent out and thought worth passing on to you as well
To: Letter to the Editor <>
From: Joe Hueglin <>
Subject: Clostridium difficile infection in hospitals: a brewing storm

Dear Editor,

The article "Clostridium difficile infection in hospitals: a brewing storm" appeared in the Canadian Medical Association Journal • July 6, 2004.

At that time three options were given "We can wait for the outbreak to happen and hope for the best. Alternatively, we can, each as individual hospitals, develop and implement plans to attempt to recognize the outbreak early on and, using lessons learned in Quebec, introduce changes in structure and practice that we hope will reduce the risk of outbreaks. . . . Could the infectious diseases and public health community use the experience from SARS to bring together the expertise and obtain the resources needed to provide answers to questions that are essential to address this problem, and to ensure that hospitals have the data, resources and encouragement necessary to develop proactive and effective prevention programs? This choice may seem expensive, and it will be, in the short term. However, we are going to pay for C. difficile one way or another ­ the choice is not whether to pay, but whether to pay for prevention or for treatment. In the mid- and long-term, paying for prevention will require less money and save lives."

The third option was not taken.  In that the deaths are in the hundreds, though Clostridium difficile does not have the excitement attached to a SARS outbreak nor to that of the always incipient pandemic of avian flu, action NOW is a must.  Particularly when simple hygiene is a significant part of the actions necessary and a superior medication, Tolevamer,, has reportedly been developed.

Yours truly,

Joe Hueglin
5838 Mouland Avenue
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Tel 905-356-3901


From: Glen Turner
Subject: RE: What Lt. Gen Natynczyk may not know.

Joe -
I would love to see a current poll (or polls) outling the Canadian public's support (or lack of same) for the current Afghanistan mission.
My contacts, friends and aquaintances seem to be as divided in their opinions as the rest of us...
One group (the minority, I think) says that we had to be there as a NATO member, and that we are doing great things there.
They often use 'defending freedom', 'preventing attacks against us', and the notion that we HAD to respond militarily to being attacked - referring the 24 dead Canadians at the WTC.
Group Two (also a minority, I think) seems to be saying that, even though they might not agree with our committment there, we have to "stay the course", no matter what. They also mention the good work being done there.
Group Three (including myself) says that 84 deaths are more than enough, that we never should have committed militarily in the first place, and that it's time to get out (a long time ago).
Manley's report says that we're not getting accurate information......
Is there a concensus among Canadians, do you think?
Also, how many deaths will it take before Canadian voters say "ENOUGH ALREADY!!!"?

From: "Rebecca Gingrich"
Subject: RE:Have you heard about the Dion Tax Trick?

Joe--the only thing I notice at the pumps is the illegal tax on tax that we
have been paying for years. Why doesn't that bother the righteous CPC or
the Liberals?
The silly games of one-upmanship played by all politicians is disgusting, to
say the least. I am so tired of the mantra that "we are better than the
other guys" while nothing changes. What concrete initiative have any of
them done except give themselves big raises and therefore bigger pensions?
When does any Party let us decide what we want? We are blamed for all the
ills of the country and then taxed to 'solve' the 'problem' while at the
same time being held hostage by the money-market manipulators.
We ain't seen nothing yet. A tax is a tax no matter what it is called.
Does anyone believe the carbon trading farce won't increase our prices for
Slick advertising does nothing for the truth. Just more spin.

Any one who does is dumb stupid.
From: Ellery Hollingsworth
Subject: Re: Have you heard about the Dion Tax Trick?

Wouldn't it be lovely if those buffoons that sit in the House of Commons could bring themselves to do something good for the Country, rather than just look at ways to get themselves re-elected.
As for Lorrie Goldstein, remember, he does work for the Toronto Sun so that puts things into perspective. Also remember, that one man's opinion, when all is said and done is still one man's opinion.

From: Bob Taubman
Subject: Re: Have you heard about the Dion Tax Trick?

Hi Joe,

There was an add on tv years ago for an oil filter company.  It said "You can pay me now, or you can pay me later."  The "new" Conservatives would rather delay than face today's reality.  Their goal, the "new" Conservatives, is to protect the western oil companies who are already heavily subsidized by you and I.  Next thing you know, they will be touting clean coal, which we know is another fantasy. 

Nobody wants extra taxes on top of the already obscene price at the pumps but IIRC, wasn't there a mention by the Conservatives about taking the GST off gas at the pumps if the price go too high?  How high is high?

Anyway, if the Conservatives have a better solution to the problem, which isn't obvious at present, I would be pleased to hear it and happy to accept it.  Being a doubting-Thomas by nature when it comes to political solutions, I'm not holding my breath.  Is the Rhinoceros party still around?  Just wondering.

Bob Taubman

From: "Mark Whittle"
Subject: RE: Have you heard about the Dion Tax Trick?

Hi Joe,
You gotta love that website, pure genius. But showing the ads at the gas pump is a perfect way to get an audiences undivided attention. Dion will never, ever be prime minister. Thank goodness for that.
Mark-Alan Whittle

From: Gord Hill
Subject: Re: What Lt. Gen Natynczyk may not know.

I listened to a brief interview with Lt. Gen. Natynczyk which was released recently, he was the first Canadian Military Leader I have heard to sound like an American, there was a directness missing that I have been used to hearing.

From: "Rebecca Gingrich"
Subject:  A Canadian reality

One Canadian family's reality. This is life for this family--can you
imagine what the cost of fuel takes away from the health and well-being of
this family? This is reality in a 'rich country' like Canada. Our
government fights about which leader can beat which leader while real
Canadians suffer. I am not suggesting for one minute that the government at
any level step in to 'help' this family--God knows they would only make the
situation worse. But this is just another story of how real Canadians
sacrifice daily while our 'removed from reality governments' slurp away.

Trucker turns transport cab into hospital to care for son, 2, on the road

From: "Jacob Rempel"
Subject: ... report by the Parkland Institute
Bent over a barrel
 NAFTA clause may leave Canadians out in the cold by Trevor Howell
  Trevor Howell
Now that Canada's conventional oil and gas supplies have peaked and are in decline, the country may not be able to reduce its exports to the U.S., potentially leaving its citizens out in the cold. This, according to a recently released report by the Parkland Institute, a public policy research institute based at the University of Alberta, is a scenario made entirely possible because of an obscure clause in the North American Free Trade Agreement.
 ……………….. continued

To: "You Need To Know": ;
From: Charles Tupper
Subject: Cui Bono? Who benefits?

Good movie here:
Who Benefited from 9/11?
When a crime has been committed, any good investigator will ask the question, "Who benefits?"

Subject: ... he's probably spot on.. on two points!

Ahmadinejad says market full of oil, prices artificial
Tue Jun 3, 2008 10:44am EDT

ROME (Reuters) - The global market is "full of oil" and rising crude prices are being artificially driven by forces trying to further their geopolitical aims, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday.

"While the growth of consumption is lower than that of production and the market is full of oil, prices continue to rise and this situation is completely manipulated," Ahmadinejad said in his address to a U.N. food summit in Rome.

Subject: a point of view - WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?

This is an excellent overview of world economics/demographics which predicts various outcomes which will influence our way of life, the stock market, etc. Well worth the read

What In The World Is Going On?
A Global Intelligence Briefing For CEOs

From: Rubie Britton
Subject: Solution to Global Warming +++++

Solution to global warming and disappearing polar bears
Global warming, disappearing polar bears and dire warnings of bringing the end of the earth have been dominating headlines for the past few years. The birth of the 'environmental crisis' was concoted by the international communists a long time ago. It's very well documented. What you're seeing now is how tyrants impose more totalitarian government and in the case of these united States of America, the destruction of private property rights with the ultimate goal: destroy capitalism.......
by Devvy Kidd

Subject: Fraud.

A blatant and absolute fraud! 
What Is The Cause Of The Word-Wide Rise In Oil And Food Prices?
By Ibrahim Turner
What is in store for the billions of poor people around the world who live on $1 a day? What is in store for the relatively rich populations of America and Europe when fuel prices have greater and greater impact on already rising food prices, driven up by these same speculators?

From: Derek Skinner
Subject: Fw: [vic911truth] Cell Phone RADIATION making popcorn, unbelievable...

spread the word - how many brain cells do you zap each day

Here's a few videos on how to make popcorn using your cell phone...
These videos are all about 20 seconds each, check them out.
If dried corn reacts to 'low-level' microwaves like this, then what's going on inside your brain cavity...!

From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
Subject: Calls for elected Senate threaten nation's unity

From: "John Duddy"
Subject: 9/11: David Ray Griffin will be speaking in Montreal, June 21

From:: Joseph Common Ground
Subject:* Google Alert - Health Canada Bill C-51

Google News Alert for: Health Canada Bill C-51*

Group claims *Bill C-51* could be lethal < >
Georgia Straight - Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada
By Matthew Burrows A Kamloops-based constitutional lawyer believes *Bill C-51*'s overarching enforcement powers and limiting of access to natural *health* *...*
See all stories on this topic < >

Google Blogs Alert for: *Health Canada Bill C-51*

Astroturf Activism <>
By admin
Yet, if a Canadian company earns millions selling dime store candies in medicine bottles, *Health Canada* is powerless to fine them an amount they'd even notice. *Bill C-51* would raise the maximum fine to a heftier deterrent of $5000000 *...*
The Good, The Bad, The Spin - <>

Your Freedom And *Health* Are At Risk! < >
here is a good break down some of what this *bill* is going doing: *Bill C-51* Will:. Allow Government agents to:. -Enter private property without a warrant, Section 23 (4). -Confiscate your property at their discretion, at your cost *...*
Robin Mitchell - <>

Still Think "Organic" Doesn't Mean "GMO"? = Top 10 *Health* Risks < >
By Amandha/Ananda(Amandha/Ananda)
supplements worldwide with *Bill C-51* in *Canada*, previous measures in Europe and new ones in the US These are part of UN plans to control the world's food supply. Much of the world knows this and is upset. *...*

From: "Grenville Rogers"
Subject: Mr. Ron Thornton, and Harper's Twits

Hello Joe   -  
To Mr. Ron Thornton.    Harper is right.  We Canadians are a band of twits.
Re: "no alternative" to Harper. Harper is the most dangerous PM Canada has ever had.
I used to think nobody could be worse than Trudeau. Then came Mulroney, proving me wrong (again).
Now we have Harper, who is Mulroney in spades.
Harper, building upon the treachery of Bryan Mulroney, of Paul Martin, of John Manley,  and of Harper's masters in the corporate world, the political world and in Israel, is presiding over his planned annihilation of Canada as a sovereign nation. Harper just cannot be trusted. He is servant to his corporate and Israeli masters.
Every politician, at every level of government, must be required to be a Canadian citizen, only.
Dual citizenship must be forbidden.  Dual citizenship is an invitation to disaster for Canada. Canada simply cannot trust a person holding more than Canadian citizenship.
Every person who seeks, or currently holds elected office, at any level, must be required to declare his religion, including the religion of atheism.
Harper's treasonous, treacherous and indecent haste to annihilate Canada as a sovereign state, demonstrates that he lied to Canadians when he hypocritically said that he would stand up for Canada.
Harper lies. Harper is very dangerous.
Grenville Rogers