Monday, June 02, 2008

Daily Digest June 2, 2008 Potpourri


Tories eye $500 fine for illegal downloads

Top generals expected to face fire at Senate committee

Baird blasts provinces' Kyoto knock-off

Canadian consumer confidence sours

How the Tories got their spunk back

Harper's Quebec dilemma

Regions aren't everything

Ignatieff has a vision

Canada's hypocrisy on hunger

Maximum sentences have a place

Baird fuels fireworks for historic meeting  

Don't tar CANDU with MAPLE issues 

A new perspective from space  

Bernier�s dangerous liaisons damage Harper

Poll points to shifting political sands in Quebec 

Canada's tourism industry on verge of crisis: report

B.C. launches probe into polygamous community

Quebec, Ontario sign historic climate pact

Consumer confidence plunges

Will MPs' summer last until November?

Liberals fall to fourth place in Quebec

'Storm clouds' loom for Tories, poll finds

No Waiting To Be Judge, MPS Assured

Harper: eager to rejuvenate Canada's foreign politics

Dion extends hand to cities

Harper needs to reinvent government, bring in new policy ideas

Van Loan ... the Answer Man

Canada's claim could go beyond North Pole

Two biggest Canadian provinces sign emissions deal

Delay In Toronto Terror Plot Trial

Human rights hearing against Maclean's magazine begins in Vancouver

�Gun-toting Yanks� not welcome in Toronto

A struggle between war and peace

Outspoken MP driven from Wolesi Jirga session
Pajhwok (05/02/2008)
'I Wish I Had the Taliban as My Soldiers'
Der Spiegel (06/02/2008)
Karzai blames West for Afghan violence
Reuters (06/02/2008)
Afghan children paying family debts
Al Jazeera (06/02/2008)
A struggle between war and peace
Asia Times (06/02/2008)
Ahmed Rashid's 'Descent into Chaos': terrifying
Austin American-Statesman, Book Review (06/02/2008)
Taliban poison
Toronto Star (06/02/2008)
A Jihad Between Neighbors
Newsweek (06/02/2008)
Afghanistan counterinsurgency or colonialism?
Toronto Star (06/02/2008)
Afghanistan counterinsurgency or colonialism?
Globe and Mail (06/02/2008)

Cap-and-trade or a carbon tax?

Trading in human hunger