Thursday, June 19, 2008

Daily Digest June 19, 2008


Dion sets table for epic policy battle with $15.4 billion carbon tax plan

Harper questions Liberal carbon-tax claims

N.S. premier opposed to carbon tax idea

Dion reveals details on carbon tax, income tax cuts

Dion touts tax cuts in 'green shift' plan (VIDEO)

Carbon tax plan 'good for the wallet,' Dion pledges Video

Plan has its risks

Pre-election debate heats up over carbon-tax proposals  

Liberal carbon tax plan good for planet, wallet: Dion

Dion carbon plan cuts income tax $11 billion

Canada Opposition Leader Plans Carbon Emissions Tax (Update2)

Liberals outline carbon tax plan

Calculate your benefits


A carbon plan, budget and campaign platform rolled into one

Liberal carbon tax plan good for planet, wallet: Dion

Anything but carbon neutral: The Post on Dion's carbon tax

Dion carbon tax good first step: Environmentalists


Playing chess with civil servants

Back on the water again

Climate given a CBRM scale

Taliban attack not devastating

Court should uphold shareholders' rights

Tamil listing is a little hasty

Questions about copying  

Silly secrets 

Build nuclear that works  


It's no diff whether it's C. diff or SARS, scrutiny is needed

It's up to all of us to fight off diabetes spike

Out of synch on Khadr

Why McGuinty is in California

Tory attacks sophomoric


Expand ombudsman's mandate to other provincial agencies

Salvation comes in a fuel cell

Blocking the bomb

We're still a long way from going nuclear

Dion's carbon tax flip-flop  

Well-meaning politicians should butt out

A matter of principle is at stake

Despite its opportunism, the NDP has a point on delaying the carbon tax  


'No doubt' defeated Taliban will be back: general

Taliban raise a storm in Kandahar

Fighting threatens rebuilding: MacKay

Taliban 'swept from Kandahar area'

NATO-backed offensive holds 

More work to be done' as NATO takes on Taliban

Global Video: Air strike kills Taliban fighters

New system to cut friendly fire incidents

Afghanistan crisis worse than Iraq

Taleban 'cleared from Kandahar'

Defence plan to cost $490B over 20 years

Submarine sailors faced 'toxic soup' after 2004 fire Video

U.S. report claims Hezbollah agents in Canada

U.S. Chamber of Commerce's 4th Annual North America Forum

Hezbollah sleeper cells may be active in Canada: report

Canada to host 2010 G8 summit

Why Iraq won't be South Korea

United States: We're guilty of war crimes: U.S. general  

Court ruling on parental discipline stuns

Immigration reform: inspired by Aussies?

Foreign worker ripoffs trouble Tories  

Every Albertan should care about Liberal party's change  

Obama takes aim at B.C. over coalbed methane

From Russia with love: Sockeye imported to B.C. 

Albertans missing out on the benefit of soaring oil prices

Harper & Co. have to find a way to get back into the game

Carbon tax battle could decide election  

A summer makeover for Stéphane

Gears slipping in Ottawa

Hide! It's McCain!

Arctic sea ice melt 'even faster'

Biofuel "significant" role in food crisis

Don't count on our leaders  

If Shaikh's lying, whither the case?
By, in effect, labelling its own star witness a liar, the government has delivered
a devastating blow to its entire case in the so-called Toronto 18 terror plot.

Accused 'bewildered' to hear of terror plot

Bomb plot suspect appears bewildered in videotaped interview

We need not fear words 

Just a slogan  
the reality of P2P traffic is that, left unmanaged, it consumes all available bandwidth.

That '70s feeling  

A tale of two conservatives  

The beat will go on despite the federal Conservatives

Studies replacing common sense  

Alta., B.C. leaders becoming outcasts over TILMA deal

Who's responsible for Toronto's gun violence?

Dion propose de taxer la pollution tout en baissant les impôts des contribuables

Des économistes voient d'un bon oeil le plan libéral de taxe sur le carbone

Ottawa consacrera 1,1 milliard $ en cinq ans aux langues officielles

Les agendas de Jean Chrétien ne sont pas accessibles, juge la Cour fédérale

Une agence fédérale pour promouvoir l'énergie verrait le jour en Atlantique

L'obsession pour le gazon parfait prime sur les préoccupations environnementales

Stephen Harper annonce que Huntsville accueillera le Sommet du G8 en 2010

Dion dévoile «le tournant vert libéral»

Taxe sur le carbone et taxe sur l'essence - Elizabeth May propose son «virage fiscal vert»

Pas de remaniement majeur en vue

Taxer pour mieux baisser les impôts

Conflit de prérogatives

Le Hezbollah serait au Canada

Offensive près de Kandahar
Entre triomphalisme et prudence

La Teoria Conspiratoria
U.S. School District to Begin RFID Tracking Students


From: alan heisey <>
Subject: Re: Daily Digest June 18, 2008

j, those comments were very interesting. i read them all, but please, no more! cz
On 2008 Jun19, at 2:19, Joe Hueglin wrote:


The Taliban are getting shredded in Afghanistan

(By your request)
From: "Rebecca Gingrich"
Subject: La Teoria Conspiratoria

Joe--the more things change the more they stay the same?

Isn't it interesting that these groups are now called PMCs--we knew them
as mercenaries.  Does anyone who is not dead or living in Ottawa believe
this spin?

As to your question--I believe it is long past time for Canadians to wake
up to the fact that we are killing and being killed for the likes of Halliburton
and Blackwater.  I don't often read the G&M but this article is a must read. 
Time for Canada to wake up.  We are being used and abused for greed. 
Where is our democracy?  As I have said many times before--no wonder
the countries that have been invaded are fighting back.  Who in their right
 mind would want our 'democracy'?

If this is a commercial venture the corporation building the pipeline
should be totally responsible for its construction and protection.
Having military there completely changes the flavour of the enterprise.
This is just another example of tax dollars being used to support the


From: Bob Taubman
Subject: Re: La Teoria Conspiratoria

And all along I was lead to believe our being in Afghanistan was to enable children to go to school and give women more rights.  Wow!!  They got me again.
Bob Taubman

From: derek skinner
Subject: Fw: La Teoria Conspiratoria

Now we know why we are fighting in Afghanistan.

From: Marten Gabriel
Subject: Re: La Teoria Conspiratoria

Hi Joe
I don't now what took so long to figure that one out. This was known in 2001 and if a dumb ass like me with a computer can find that out we really have to wonder what our so called "intelligence" people are doing all day long??

I want to acknowledge you Joe for all the work you put in! Not that I read all you offer, but it is nice to "browse" the news you deliver. Thank you!


(my thanks for yours)
From: "Bernard J Finestone"
Subject: Re: La Teoria Conspiratoria

Your "question" is so stupid that it is embarrassing. Or is it just malicious ?
HCol (Ret) BJ Finestone, CD, CdeG.

From: "Jacob Rempel"=
Subject: RE: La Teoria Conspiratoria has legs: a pipeline through Afghanistan being  a casus belli:

Last week, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher said the U.S. government has a fundamental strategic interest in Afghanistan that goes well beyond ensuring it is not used as a launching pad for terrorism, which was the original justification for the UN-sanctioned NATO mission of which Canada is a part. .

The Question? In that a commercial venture is in process should the task of providing the conditions for its success, making "the path free of Taliban influence", be that of Canadian Forces or a (mercenary force)?
private military company ?
Yes, Joe. And isn't it curious and crazy how Canadian forces are helping US and NATO forces help US companies build make money with pipelines to supply India and China with energy? And I thought it was US energy needs Canada wants to supply?
And isn't this what we conspiracy theorists were writing about when we explained how after the US and the Taliban pushed out the Soviet/Russian imperialists, and before the attacks on AlQaida and Afghanistan, the US oil company UNICAL had meetings in Texas with Taliban leaders about building pipelines across Afghanistan for Indian and Chinese markets. It seems those negotiations collapsed, so now Canadian soldiers support imperial US corporate oil interests build pipelines to supply Indian industry.
Canadian and NATO soldiers supporting the US forces are like Greek spear carriers for the Roman imperial regiments looting their colonies.

From: "Michael Watkins"

Feel free to cross post this to the DD if you like. I've added a small bit:

On Thu, June 19, 2008 5:34 am, Joe  Hueglin wrote:
> Pipeline opens new front in Afghan war

This is old news, but when the issue was first brought up the
right-wing-nuts poo-poohed opposition, calling them crazy. The fight
wasn't about oil, it was about terrorism.

Well, Bin Laden (a worthy excuse to be sure, but an excuse in the end just
the same) aside, actually it was *always* all about isolating Iran and
putting U.S. strategic interests in the area ahead of the local interests
but that's a moot point - oil and energy are the root of all evil there.

Rather than finding a way to deal constructively with Iran and Russia (and
what choice, really, does Bush or the world have?), the Bush
administration has continued its program to isolate Iran. The country is
quite literally surrounded by U.S. troops and bases. The U.S. has
interfered in legitimate trade of Iran, blocking moves to build pipelines
from its fields to Pakistan and India.

A more engaged Iran would be a more pliable Iran.

Or at least that's the spin we get from David Emerson et al when it comes to
China. How is Iran any different than China of the 70's? Well, Iran is
actually more modern for one. But China had "the bomb" back then and
despite the differences, Nixon was smart or lucky enough to engage.

Meanwhile Harper continues to belly up and play Bush and Cheney's lapdog,
following a plan which can not work and will condemn our country, our
treasury, and our military lives, to an on-going war that will carry on
for decades.

What the country, and continent, needs is a "conservative" party that is
willing to think with its head, not with its genitalia and guns.

U.S. strategic interests are not always ours. They need to rethink,
fundamentally, what the changing world means and what their role will be
in it. They've done no rethinking of the sort, and are instead headed to a
global war over energy, not based on the terror subterfuge they've been
hiding behind.

We've no need to follow nor actively support their imperialistic delusions
while they figure out what they want to be when they grow up. Maybe a new
president will cut to the quick and start looking at root causes and
lasting solutions. Maybe, but I am not hopeful, given that one of the few
things Chretien said that I could fully agree with - was about "root
causes" - was so soundly derided at home and in the U.S.

What we ought to do is figure out how an incredibly lucky and wealthy
country can share the wealth internally, sort out our own domestic ills
and missteps, share with the world how we did it, and through those
lessons we will pull above our weight internationally without raising
rifles as a reflex option.

There is no real vision in Ottawa now. There wasn't with Martin. Vision
challenged yes, but its ironic: Chretien is the only PM of late which had
any real guts and sense when it came to the world stage and our
relationship with the Americans.

Benji Regina
What Union?
And many wonder why there is a need for a Union! I'm appalled at what took place in Conservative Alberta. Two foreign workers died and as a result of an investigation it was learned the employees were not paid correctly.

It is obvious as the nose on your face the so called "union" CLAC I think it is called could have cared less, in my opinion, and opted to be what they really are and that is an extension of the employers arm.

Strange as it seems it took an accident and two lives to see the horrific mess Conservative Albertans have blessed.

The guise that CLAC represents employees in my opinion is unspeakable. I dare suggest CLAC should be held just as responsible as whomever took the pay these individuals were bilked out of.

There would be no need for a union if employers did not play games. The idea Unions are not needed today can be refuted when one learns of the horror the stealing that went on, in my opinion.

To anyone who suggests Unions are past their time… look at this situation. If we bring more foreign workers to Canada to meet our needs employers must guarantee wages are met and paid accordingly.

Any company or individual should be refused access to the program if/when it is learned they bilked their workers.

Its okay for businessmen to belong to organizations they assume will help them. Strange how employers have to disguise a so called union when in essence it is just a guise in my opinion that gets them around a requirement for employees to be represented. Like Duh!

Do workers really know the score or are they just happy to have a job? Most workers don't know and only learn from a horrific experience I am sorry to say.