Monday, June 16, 2008

Daily Digest June 16, 2008



Cheers: to the passengers' bill of rights

Too important to forget details

A bigger role for government

Competition Bureau deserves applause

Textbook foulup penalizes anglophone students

Blurry line separates fact, opinion
"Everyone is entitled to his own opinions," the old adage says, "but no one is entitled to his own facts."

Working for results

Intervening doubts

Curing the doctor shortage

Province right to act to ease doctor shortage

Curb bigoted acts not free speech

Do consumers rule?

The honest price of gas

Civil liberties alert

Carbon tax? Great! Let's scrap the GST

Tough luck for consumers

Listening on language

Given up to gravel

Big Brother hovers over your MP3 player

Frankness required for Afghan strategy

Afghanistan taking its first steps

The West and beyond

OECD report wake-up call for province

The price of alcohol abuse

Chronic offender gets his just sentence

It's time for an election

Future of Zimbabwe hangs in the balance

Great expectations

No need for alarm on cities' spending


Aboriginal group decries 'Rambo-style' policing

Canada's great crime of diminishment
The resurrection of aboriginal languages will require a cultural Manhattan Project

Don't look, don't tell, troops told

Top soldier to be sworn in July 2

Once public, now secret: Forces do about-turn on document

Canada Poured Millions into US Timber Biz 'Slush Fund' "It was very sophisticated money laundering," Goldman said.
"Canada was willing to participate with money laundering. Part of the deal was Canada would help the United States launder this money."

How the U.S. got its Canadian copyright bill

Don't blame George Bush for anti-Americanism
David Frum, National Post

Canada's productivity numbers reveal a real structural weakness

Why western farmers need the wheat board

Flaherty rules out more economic stimulus

A triumph for democracy

Schism in jihadism
There is a growing debate among militant Muslims about the brutal tactics of Al-Qa'ida

Kandahar City quiet despite threat of Taliban attack
Allied forces mobilizing into the region to 'meet any potential threats'

US runs out of patience with Pakistan

UK sends more troops to Afghanistan

Karzai threatens to send forces into Pakistan
* Afghan president says his country has right to 'self-defence'
* Vows to target Baitullah Mehsud
* Claims most fighters in recent Garmser fighting came from Pakistan
[]   Taliban warn of more attacks
[]   Kabul warned against 'interference'
[]   Get Osama before I leave, orders Bush
[]   Outgoing US commander blames Pakistan for spike in Afghan attacks
[]   US-led forces boost patrols on Pak-Afghan border
[]   2 US helicopters violate Pakistani airspace
[]   'Int'l efforts needed along Pak-Afghan border'
[]   Rs 390 billion Punjab budget today
[]   Relief measures at a glance
[]   US general questions Pakistani forces' loyalty
[]   Kabul | Under trial
Afghanistan's government should be pressured
Hasht-e Sobh (06/16/2008)[]
Karzai's star as Afghan savior fades abroad
The Associated Press (06/16/2008)[]
Taliban prepares to attack Kandahar
Canwest News (06/16/2008)[]
Pakistan's Plea For Patience
The Washington Post (06/16/2008)[]
Taliban fighters take over several Afghan villages
The Associated Press (06/16/2008)[]
Afghan villagers caught in the middle of conflict
Reuters (06/16/2008)[]
More smuggled children arrive in UK as Afghan violence escalates
The Guardian, UK (06/16/2008)[]
Women boxers challenge Afghan culture
San Francisco Chronicle (06/16/2008)[]
U.S. is uneasy as Pakistan bargains with militants
Los Angeles Times (06/16/2008)[]
Note to the next president on terrorism: Watch Pakistan
Salt Lake Tribune (06/16/2008)[]
Gilani hits back at Kabul harangue
Dawn, Pakistan (06/16/2008)
Freed Taliban infiltrate rural areas
The Globe and Mail (06/16/2008)[]
Pakistan Dismisses Karzai Threat to Mount Cross-Border Attacks
Bloomberg (06/16/2008)

B.C. set to kill a great health-care success story

Canadians getting fleeced on generic drugs: report

Strong case for health watchdog (ONTARIO)

Ontario passes ban on smoking in cars with kids under 16

Alta shouldn't approve Edmonton oilsands refineries without greener rules:report

Alberta NDP reject party co-operation proposal

Taxpayers pick up Tory tab
Thousands billed as ministers split time between official duties, filling party war chests

Couillard refuses to testify before House committee: lawyer

Afghan prison break reminder of Taliban danger: PM

Conservatives fast-tracked attack ads, source says

MPs demand changes so women not ignored in taxing, spending
Committee of opposition politicians calls for gender-based analysis of federal budgets

Liberal carbon tax would exempt gas at pumps

Public Safety Committee considering Commons order on Bernier

With opponents battling it out, Tories win

John McCain should stay away

Canada's new copyright bill: More spin than 'win-win'

Couillard affair points to need for review of security clearances
There appears to be no clear policy on how we handle sensitive documents

An avoidable jailbreak

Pitfalls of Harper's permanent campaign

Lakes across Canada face being turned into mine dump sites
Lakes are in B.C., Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories and Nunavut

Purchase of 17 aircraft rescue: green light to fall

Private firm's work with visas raises concerns
Canadian government puts privacy, security at risk using company to aid process in China, critics say

Planning flub jeopardizes research labs

Conservatives, francophone group reach deal on court challenges

Most disagree with government plan to deny tax credits to films deemed offensive

Star witness in terror trial admits to drug abuse

Harper's Cold War mindset chills relations with Beijing
As even Taiwan warms up to China, PM should set aside his biases and act in national interest

Ending life support isn't killing

When saying sorry is saying nothing at all

Giving up rights for safety a bad bargain

To get off this roller-coaster, we need to establish a floor for oil prices

Mark Steyn should not be censored, but . . .

Plan needed to curb human trafficking

Convenient freedom

Unfriendly territory

Ear to the ground in Afghanistan
Former journalist not afraid to share opinions about local politics: That's why she carries a rifle

Julie Couillard refuse de témoigner en comité parlementaire

L'attaque de la prison de Kandahar aurait-elle été montée de l'intérieur?

Les ministres de l'Agriculture de l'Atlantique collaboreront davantage

L'Ontario interdira le tabagisme dans un véhicule où un enfant prend place

Aucun registre sur les voyages des proches des parlementaires

Guerre en Afghanistan
Offensive talibane près de Kandahar

Karzaï menace le Pakistan

Achat de 17 avions de sauvetage: feu vert à l'automne


Subject: Durand Line: A line not to be crossed

The subject flows from an article in the Digest yesterday which led me to research the views 
expressed in other articles in papers outside Canada - some included in the article below    
most above in the FOREIGN AFFAIRS section of the Digest.                                             

What would you be saying to President Bush? What I'd have Peter MacKay say or different?  

And if different what would your scenario be as the Line is crossed and warfare spreads limited
resources into the Pashtun tribal territories ?                                                                     

Durand Line: A line not to be crossed

The Durand Line exists in international law. It exists on paper. The c.40 million people, 15 million on the Pakistan side, 25 on the Afghan, do not recognize this arbitrary line drawn by a foreigner in 1893 that makes them citizens of one country or another.  They are all Pashtuns speaking a common language and living by their ancient honour code: Pashtunwali .

This weekend President Karzai threatened to send his troops into Pakistan. Not surprisingly US backs Afghan hot pursuit into Pak . The U.S. has been attacking across the Line, last week killing eleven Pakistani soldiers. On Sunday there was a confirmed report that 2 US helicopters violate Pakistani airspace and that a US missile strike kills one in S Waziristan, not yet confirmed.

Whether it be the President's  Get Osama Bin Laden before I leave office,...  or the Pentagon's insistence that "We just need to occupy Pakistan's tribal territory" to stop its Pashtun tribes from supporting and sheltering Taliban," which the author of A line not to be crossed considers a driving force behind Karzai's threat, it increases the potential of an attack. "Widening the Afghan War into Pakistan is military stupidity on a grand scale, and political madness. But Washington and its obedient allies seem hell-bent on charging into a wider regional war that no number of heavy bombers will win" are the author's closing words.

Pakistan not keeping Taliban out, MacKay says, and he is correct.  It cannot, for the Pashtuns are no more controlled by the Pakistani than they were by the British in the past or the Soviets in recent years.  Rather than saying: "We have to call for calm at this time and that means speaking with President Karzai as well as officials inside Pakistan," Canada's Defence Minister would be better advised to argue against what Pakistanis (whatever their government's response is) will consider an invasion.

Will this occur? Probably not for in such matters Canada to-day is, in this as in other matters, one of Washington's "obedient allies."

Joe Hueglin
Tel 905-356-3901


From: Ron Thornton

*Hi Joe:

The June 15th D.D. provided an entertaining Below 30.  Benji from Regina might even have a point in regards to that young Canadian locked up for the past five years after being involved in a firefight in Afghanistan. It resulted in an American getting killed, so that no doubt ticked those folks just a bit. What is the official status of this poor Canadian lad, that of a POW? Now, if this incident had taken place in Moose Jaw or Wilcox, then I probably would care more and the wheels of justice might have turned somewhat. However, as the lad was fighting in Afghanistan, I guess it is up to the powers that be in Afghanistan to save his sorry arse. He was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, probably for the wrong reason.  I think the legal position would be "it sucks to be him."

Ron Thornton

From: "John Halonen"

Forget Today's Political Parties
    Ireland recently turned down the European Union and indicated the populace was against such a concept and they wished not to participate.
    My vote will go to the party that states they will introduce legislation in Canada within 100 days that citizens of our country will have the right to accept or deny a North American Union prior to any agreement with the political structure then in force. It makes little difference as to our current members in parliament, as they would really be obsolete anyway if such a union were approved.
John Halonen 

From: "John Duddy"
Subject: Stockwell Day.

Hi Joe.
Ask all readers to contact Stockwell Day and encourage him to investigate 9/11 2001, just as the petition requests.
See this US State Senator on video:-