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Found in translation

Time to improve the rebate program

The farm crisis is about food, not farmers

Some food for thought

Why Ontario may join `have-nots'

Good move on food aid

... but rethink biofuel bill

Elections Canada vendetta

Pushing Ontari-owe down the drain

Maybe the premier will help pull weeds

Government must step in to lower gas prices

The limits of ethanol are becoming clear

Ontario deserves a better deal

Warp speed in the ER

Health-care have-nots

Oil's dim future; Roller-coaster price will be affected by recession, climate change

Biofuel for thought

Opponents of CWB perpetuating myths

Secrets revealed will help to heal
Five-year commission will aid more than aboriginals

A rose by any other name?
Dion not fooling anyone with carbon tax lingo

500 fowl symbols tarnishing Alberta

Mother Nature's protest
The image of 500 ducks, silently lying at the bottom of a toxic lake, speaks volumes

Aid quantity and quality

We can still mitigate the worst effects of the pine beetle disaster

Aasian Pacific Post -
Editorial: A bitter harvest
We need to stop feeding our cars and start feeding our people


Protecting rights of reserve residents overdue, necessary

MacKay won't axe Cyclone deal — yet
Delays, cost overruns put replacement project in jeopardy

Recession fears overblown, Bank of Canada says

No bailout for irresponsible financial institutions, says Bank of Canada governor

Teachers, Onex slip in buyout rankings

Rich get richer, poor get poorer, middle class stays the same: census

Almost 900,000 Canadian children living in poverty, StatsCan finds

Recession Fears Grow
Faltering economy still strong, PM says

Cut wages and build smaller plants, Stronach tells Detroit 3

Canada reaches out to Taliban
After years of refusing to negotiate with insurgents, soldiers in Kandahar put word out they want to talk

Afghans relieved talks with Taliban may happen; Canada avoids direct role

Manitoba to offer free, voluntary HPV vaccines to Grade 6 girls

Searching for the right balance
We can reasonably be suspicious of sliding standards for subjecting Canadian citizens to searches by sniffer dogs -- or the next detection technology

Age of consent climbs to fight predators

Medical journal calls for independent studies on Taser safety

Highly educated immigrants still lagging in earnings: latest census

Much ado in Quebec over nothing?

Ontario demands new deal

Ontario to gather race data for pupils

On the economy, premiers pay the price

The intent of the carbon tax is to make us feel the pain

Outsourcing error left taxpayers at risk

Election off Dion's spring agenda
Liberals to sell policy proposals over summer

Will vote on Bill C-10 lead to an election?

Tories raise five times as much money as cash-strapped Liberals

Mounties to analyze files from Tory HQ raid

Tories want much of material seized from headquarters kept under wraps

Ex-candidate: 'Tories would have been afraid of me'
Louise O'Sullivan says she would have refused to take part in controversial finance scheme

Auditor balks at vetting by PMO
Independent watchdog will not abide by rule to run public statements by officials, Fraser says

AG seeks clarity over new communications vetting policy

Tories deny plan to de-fang parliamentary watchdogs

Toews letter not enough to allay independence concerns, says auditor general

Tories use 'misleading claims' to reject UN native-rights document: lawyers

Harper promises to investigate dead ducks in northern Alberta

Government inaction the reason for aboriginal protests: former PM Martin

Strahl tells UN Canada is committed to native rights despite recent vote

The Bloc Quebecois calls for the creation of new equivalent to the CRTC for Quebec. Les bloquistes ont déposé un projet de loi privé pour réclamer la création d'un Conseil québécois de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications (CQRT) et ils utilisent les récents déboires de TQS comme argument. The Bloc have tabled a private bill calling for the creation of a Quebec Council of broadcasting and telecommunications (CQRT) and they are using the recent setbacks TQS as an argument.

Commons votes to boost biofuel use

$1.6 billion highway to link 401 with new international bridge at Windsor

Government on track to reduce red tape, paper demands by November: Ablonczy

High-tech satellite could be offered to Ottawa
Firm seeks to save $1.33-billion deal.

Carbon tax a fuels paradise

Global warming may 'stop', scientists predict

Facing truth in warfare and politics

Time to draw a line in the oil sands

From watchdogs to lapdogs?

Network of protected marine sites set back

Happy birthday, Prime Minister
A poll showing the Tories in a dead heat with the Bloc is good news for Harper

A deficit would be a disaster for the Conservatives

How Stephen Harper ruined our national balance sheet
A Liberal argues that the Tories are driving Canada into deficit
Ralph Goodale, National Post

Canadian tax dodgers: Part I by Diane Francis

Canadian tax dodgers: Part II

Loophole big enough to sink a yacht

A new entente between Harper and Manning

'Eco-Judas' battles on
Former founding member of Greenpeace now fights for nuclear power

Journalists and politicians lose respect in Canada

A very foreign minister

Mediocrity takes the lead

Better safe than sorry -- weighing risk's risk


Les conservateurs ont récolté cinq fois plus d'argent que les libéraux

Une partie du matériel saisi par Elections Canada ne leur revient pas, dit le PC

L'inaction d'Ottawa pousse les autochtones à troubler l'ordre public, dit Martin

Les Canadiens pourraient négocier avec les talibans en Afghanistan

Harper accuse Duceppe d'avoir inventé le stratagème in and out

Financement de films: Ottawa prêt à soumettre le projet de loi un vote de confiance

Le Bloc réclame de nouveau un CRTC québécois

Mission militaire en Afghanistan: un demi-milliard de plus d'ici 2011

Québec aide les immigrants à parler l'anglais

Crise alimentaire - 50 millions de plus pour les pays pauvres

Ottawa ne veut qu'une seule voix


Ottawa ne veut qu'une seule voix Ottawa wants a single voice
                                                     Another negative has hit Canada's New Government.  Led by Sheila Fraser
                                                     a ukase ordering that the Prime Minister's Office vet communications before
                                                     hey go out is being challenged.
                                                     The most thorough consideration of the impasse is an article from Le Devoir,
                                                     which has been translated and the English highlighted.
                                                     This is the last sentence of the article: "At this moment, the Government had
                                                     indicated that there was "no change of policy" and that "coordination"
                                                     with the Privy Council had always existed. "
                                                     Such being the case, no change of policy, there ought not to be any difficulty
                                                     in the Government responding positively to the request made below, right?
                                                     If there is difficulty and its not made public then the question must become
                                                     one much used by those in public life "IF NOT, WHY NOT?"

Fraser told a parliamentary committee this week there are about 25 similarly problematic policies where the government wants to play a greater role in how officers of Parliament run their affairs.

Though House Leader Van Loan and Minister of Treasury Board acted swiftly on the question of the policy that the officers of Parliament get high-level approval before speaking out, there are 24 "problematic policies" not specifically resolved.  What are they?

The department refused to release a copy of the draft communications plan To be transparent, shouldn't it be released so the public becomes aware of the level of accountability the bureaucratic wing of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office is demanding?


From: "Phyllis Wagg"
Subject: something that came up today

Sometimes I wonder what is happening to this country and to our neighbour to the south.  No American or Canadian corporate sponsor could be found for a traveling exhibit called "Darwin, the Evolution Revolution."  Apparently the corporate sector considered the exhibit "to hot to handle."  The United Church Observer staff was so disturbed by the issue that they are sponsoring the exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum.
The fact that the religious right have become so powerful in North American society is disturbing. 
Phyllis Wagg

From: "Efstratios Psarianos"
Subject: US ambassador sticks it to the Dems

Now even the US Ambassador to Canada sticks it to the Dems, going so far as approving of Mr. Harper's reminder that Canada would bring up some issues too. Hillie and Obie, the sharks are circling ...
Serves you right, too. It's one thing to pander to your party's constituencies (as concerns NAFTA, that means the unions). But remember that several of your recent predecessors have been done in by that. Mondale, Gore, now more?
OTTAWA - The U.S. ambassador to Canada predicts the North American Free Trade Agreement will survive the election of a new president, despite promises by the Democratic contenders for the job to pull out of the pact if it isn't amended to strengthen environmental and labour standards.

David Wilkins says such hustings talk should be taken with a grain of salt.

"Often times, rhetoric on the campaign trail is not the policy that you adopt when you are the leader," he said yesterday.

From: Mary-Sue Haliburton
Subject: 28 April Digest: further comments on GMOs

RE: Mel Christian's comments on GMOs (in 28/Apr/08 Digest):

"some animals that feed GE food have GE components transfer into their metabolism."

Genetic modification has gone rogue even beyond that. According to a site reporting on the "Morgellons" phenomenon, scientists were given a funding grant from the CDC to study the strange fibers that people even including a doctor, have found in their skin. They discovered that these fibers contain the substance Agrobacterium, a genus of gram-negative bacteria capable of genetically transforming not only plants, but also other eukaryotic species, including human cells. See: <>

Later on, Mel also states:

"Also, there is a CBC documented ( taped ) report of a Health Canada meeting that clearly shows Monsanto trying to bribe the results of Health Canada's findings and decision regarding BHG ( bovine growth hormone)."

BHG was stopped (at least temporarily) by the integrity of scientists working there at the time. Apparently this was a very stressful and frustrating effort for them. One, Dr. Shiv Chopra, has come out with a new book titled Corrupt to the Core, detailing the interference he encountered while trying to practice good science for the sake of public safety. See: <>.

Excerpt from the publisher's announcement about Chopra's appearance at WholeLife Expo in Toronto:

" Health Canada's Dr. Shiv Chopra, who first saved the Canadian food supply and then Europe's from that potent carcinogen, bovine growth hormone, and Charlotte Gerson who is well-known to Toronto audiences for her superb information on  truly effective non-toxic cancer therapy; she has also published a fabulous new book.  Dr. Chopra will present his Five Pillars of Food Safety, a project to ban throughout the world synthetic hormones, antibiotics, and slaughterhouse waste in food producing animals, and all genetically engineered seeds and pesticides in agriculture. He has already presented this to various countries and is now taking it across Canada . Both Chopra and Gerson are supported, by international scientific research and their life-time experience, in their assertion that these contaminants are the wholly avoidable causes of cancer, most chronic diseases, birth and brain-developmental defects, antibiotic resistance, the so-called hospital bugs, and prion-mediated Mad Cow Disease."

For anyone who cares about health and the environment, The Five Pillars of Food Safety would make a much more logical basis for world trade than the Codex. Instead of the WTO which loses all credibility by endorsing Codex, what about a trading system called United Biosphere Trading Alliance? (UBTA) This one would bring sanctions against any nation refusing to stop using GMOs, pesticides, and other nefarious products that damage the entire living envelope on this planet.

However, Bill C-51's section 30 has a clause allowing the government to publish a regulation that would submit Canada to the Codex Alimentarius, without any debate in Parliament. And Codex will bring back Bovine Somatotropin (BST) which thanks to Chopra, Canada and Europe banned. But the chemical/pharmaceutical head honchos who wrote the Codex will make it a trade violation to refuse this to use their product. According to Dr. Laibow, their plan for total control of food will require ALL dairy animals in the WORLD to be injected with this synthetic hormone. (Don't forget all livestock must have a tracking RFID chip embedded too, so they will know where your animals are and can enforce their rules as much as they wish.)

And you are right that such hormone use is an environmental problem of growing proportions even before the forced world monopoly on BST gets established. Synthetic hormones don't break down, and along with other endocrine disruptors are contaminating rivers and whole watersheds. As reported on the Discovery Channel, some scientists are monitoring drug levels in rivers and lakes, and checking effects on various species as these become evident.
These chemicals in water are concentrated up the food chain, of which we sit at the top. Hormones are extremely powerful and affect the body at miniscule levels. Because they are chemical messengers, only a fraction of a part per trillion will trigger a physiological response. Along with all the chemicals that mimic estrogen, synthetic hormones are already causing negative effects, including disordering bodily functions. The most serious effects are those on a developing embryo. Infants are being born with major gender-related genetic and structural abnormalities to the point that doctors cannot tell which sex the child is.  (REF: Dr. Jozef Krop, MD in the chapter on hormones beginning at page 175 in his book, Healing the Planet: one patient at a time. KOS Publishing, 2002.)

Trade rules mandating an increase in the use of synthetic hormones in agriculture worldwide would certainly worsen this already-significant environmental and health problem. This is another reason why is vital that legislators and the public find out the actual content of Codex Alimentarius before passing a law that leaves a back door open for it to be imposed on us, circumventing the parliamentary review and democratic principles.

Please see this legal review of C-51:

For details on Codex surreptitious usurpation of the political process to achieve world financial control of food, please see Dr. Laibow's "Nutricide" video:
< >

I hope that if you think about the implications for the environment and health, you will see that letting the chemical industry write and enforce rules of trade is like letting foxes guard the henhouse. There is to be a hearing on C-51 on the Hill May 8th. In the meantime, try to get your MP to take this seriously.

Mary-Sue Haliburton
Ottawa West - Nepean


Subject: subsidy on biofuels - response to query

Deriving Biofuels from post-food-usage of agricultural biomass is legitimate. Making good use of waste matter always gets top marks from me.

E.g.: combining manure with used cooking oil and similar matter in big digesting tanks -- as is being done on a large scale in Texas -- has several benefits going for it. This helps farmers minimize the problem of smell from manure, neutralizes pathogens therein, and also yields a soil conditioning material as a side-benefit. That is quite acceptable. 

However, the private sector appears to be producing this gas without needing a subsidy. And there are more ways of getting gas from garbage, such as "magnegas", which can be designed to have no emissions  other than breathable gases. See: <www. >.

Rather than a focus on alternate fuels, we should put more effort into creating vehicles and heating units that don't waste fuel idling but recapture energy that is currently just grounded. It's time we let our scientists take advantage of long-ignored discoveries in thermodynamics to boost output from the available inputs. James Clerk Maxwell actually wrote 16 laws of thermodynamics, but for decades the more unruly aspects of nature such as excess heat were set aside. Mathematicians preferred the tidier equations and so were teaching only four of these laws to engineers. For decades, they were not taught about "Maxwell's demons" nor how to tame and harness them.

Please see this scientific paper outlining the complete Maxwellian thermodynamics and the implications for increasing available energy:
< >

But when people talk about biofuels as ethanol, I object. We should NOT be diverting agricultural land away from food production in order to make fuels directly from a food grain such as corn. This is not good stewardship of arable land. I've even heard more ridiculous proposals such as using maple syrup as a biofuel! Talk about a waste of the energy that it took to concentrate the sap into syrup! Foods are for giving our bodies energy to burn, not for inanimate motors.

Mary-Sue Haliburton
Ottawa West - Nepean

All documents for the public must be approved by the office of prime minister
Ottawa -- Le gouvernement fédéral élabore une politique de communication unifiée pour tous ses ministères de manière à ce que, désormais, tous les documents destinés au public transitent au préalable par le bureau du premier ministre pour fins d'approbation. Ottawa - The federal government is developing a unified communication policy for all its departments so that now all the documents for public transit in advance by the Office of the Prime Minister for approval. Cette réglementation ratisse tellement large que la vérificatrice générale du Canada, Sheila Fraser, ainsi que les autres agents du Parlement se sont sentis visés et se battent pour s'y soustraire. This regulation rakes so large that the Auditor General of Canada, Sheila Fraser, and other agents of Parliament have felt targeted and are struggling to evade.

Le NPD a sauté sur cette information hier comme étant une preuve supplémentaire que le gouvernement de Stephen Harper tente de tout contrôler au sein de l'appareil gouvernemental, même ce qui est censé en être indépendant. The NDP has jumped on this information yesterday as further evidence that the government of Stephen Harper is trying to control everything within the government apparatus, even what is supposed to be independent. Les conservateurs rétorquent que leur politique n'a rien de nouveau et qu'ils n'ont aucune intention d'empiéter sur l'indépendance des agents du Parlement. Conservatives argue that their policy is nothing new and they have no intention to encroach upon the independence of Parliament.

Sheila Fraser a lâché sa bombe en comité parlementaire mardi. Sheila Fraser dropped his bomb in parliamentary committee Tuesday. Elle a expliqué qu'Ottawa élaborait une nouvelle politique d'uniformisation de toutes les communications gouvernementales. She explained that Ottawa was preparing a new policy to standardize all government communications. Y seraient assujettis non seulement les agences et ministères fédéraux mais aussi les agents du Parlement que sont la vérificatrice générale, les commissaires à l'information et à la vie privée ou encore le conseiller à l'éthique. Y would be subject not only federal departments and agencies but also agents of Parliament as the Auditor General, Commissioners to information and privacy, or advise on ethics.

«Une ébauche de politique de communication circulait récemment, une politique qui prévoit que toutes les stratégies de communication, toutes les communications, absolument tout, passeraient par le Bureau du Conseil privé, a déclaré Mme Fraser. "A draft policy communication flowed recently, a policy which provides that all communication strategies, all communications, absolutely everything, pass by the Privy Council Office," said Fraser. Eh bien, je peux vous dire qu'il n'est pas question que mes communiqués de presse ayant trait à mes rapports se rendent au Bureau du Conseil privé ou que nos stratégies de communication soient approuvées par le Bureau du Conseil privé.» Well, I can tell you that there is no question that my press releases relating to my reports go to the Privy Council Office or that our communication strategies are approved by the Privy Council Office. "

Le Bureau du Conseil privé est le ministère du premier ministre du Canada. The Privy Council Office is the Ministry of the Prime Minister of Canada.

La question a été soulevée à la Chambre des communes par le député néo-démocrate David Christopherson. The issue was raised in the House of Commons by NDP MP David Christopherson. «Il s'agit d'une tentative d'empiétement sans précédent sur l'indépendance de ces agents», a lancé le député. "It is an attempt unprecedented encroachment on the independence of these agents," said the MP. «Le premier ministre retirera-t-il cette politique et reconnaîtra-t-il que l'indépendance des agents du Parlement doit être protégée et respectée?» "The prime minister will withdraw Does this policy and recognize there that the independence of Parliament must be protected and respected?"

C'est le ministre responsable du Conseil du trésor, Vic Toews, qui a répondu. It is the Minister responsible for the treasury, Vic Toews, who replied. «Je puis vous assurer que nous respectons l'indépendance des agents du Parlement et que ce gouvernement ne ferait rien qui soit incompatible avec le rôle indépendant de ces agents.» "I can assure you that we respect the independence of Parliament and that this government would do nothing that is inconsistent with the independent role of these agents."

Plus tard en journée, l'entourage de M. Later in the day, the entourage of Mr. Toews a indiqué que le NPD avait «sauté trop vite aux conclusions». Toews said that the NDP had "jumped to conclusions too quickly." L'indépendance des officiers du Parlement est inscrite dans leurs lois constituantes, qui ont préséance sur toute politique du Conseil du trésor, assure-t-on. The independence of officers of Parliament is included in their constituent laws, which take precedence over any policy of the Treasury Board, ensures there. Dans la politique de communication, tout ce qui entraverait l'indépendance des agents ne sera pas mis en application. In the communication policy, anything that would impede the independence of agents will not be implemented.

En entrevue avec Le Devoir, Mme Fraser a indiqué qu'il s'agissait «de la même réponse que nous avons eue des fonctionnaires. In an interview with Le Devoir, Ms. Fraser said it was "the same reply that we had officials. J'ai bon espoir qu'on puisse trouver une solution». I am hopeful that we can find a solution ". Mais on ne crie pas victoire trop vite non plus. But one victory does not shout too soon either. Au Commissariat à la vie privée, la commissaire adjointe Suzanne Legault a diplomatiquement fait valoir qu'«il ya une certaine ouverture mais [que] les pourparlers ne sont pas terminés». At Commissioner to privacy, the Deputy Commissioner Suzanne Legault has diplomatically pointed out that "there is some opening but [that] the talks are not completed."

Les huit agents du Parlement ont en effet créé un comité pour discuter en groupe de ce sujet avec le Conseil du trésor. The eight agents of Parliament have created a committee to discuss a group of this matter with the Treasury Board. Leur position est unanime. Their position is unanimous.

«Je me demande combien de temps nous devrons faire pression sur Stephen Harper pour qu'il comprenne qu'il ya des gens dans ce pays qu'il ne peut pas contrôler», a lancé le député Christopherson. "I wonder how long we will have to put pressure on Stephen Harper to understand that there are people in this country he can not control," said Mr Christopherson.

Des communications encore plus centralisées? Communications even more centralized?

L'ampleur de la nouvelle politique de centralisation des communications que concocte Ottawa n'est pas connue. The magnitude of the new policy of centralization of communications concocted Ottawa is not known. Le gouvernement n'était pas en mesure d'en fournir une ébauche hier. The government was unable to provide a draft yesterday. Le porte-parole du ministre Toews assure que cette réglementation n'est pas différente de la politique actuelle et que le Conseil privé jouera seulement un rôle de «coordination» des communications. The spokesman for the Minister Toews ensures that this regulation is no different from current policy and that the Privy Council only play a role of "coordination" of communications.

Mais ceux qui ont vu l'ébauche de politique, notamment Sheila Fraser et Suzanne Legault, soutiennent qu'il s'agit de faire «approuver» toutes les communications gouvernementales, y compris les communiqués de presse, par le bureau du premier ministre Stephen Harper. But those who saw the draft policy, including Sheila Fraser and Suzanne Legault, argue that it is to "approve" all government communications, including press releases, by the office of Prime Minister Stephen Harper . Dans ce cas, il s'agirait d'une tentative inégalée d'uniformisation des messages fédéraux. In this case, it would be an unprecedented attempt to standardize federal messages.

Ce n'est pas la première fois que les conservateurs tentent de faire parler la capitale fédérale d'une seule et même voix. This is not the first time that the Conservatives are trying to talk the federal capital with one voice. Outre le fait que le premier ministre Harper annonce désormais lui-même à peu près toutes les initiatives d'importance de son gouvernement, les ministères se sont fait retirer leur droit de fournir des informations factuelles, tout particulièrement aux journalistes. Apart from the fact that Prime Minister Harper announces itself now almost all the important initiatives of his government, ministries were withdrawing their right to provide factual information, especially journalists.

Par exemple, le ministère de l'Environnement, pris dans le tourbillon des changements climatiques, a rapidement perdu son droit de parole. For example, the Ministry of Environment, caught in the whirlwind of climate change, quickly lost his right to speak. Toutes les questions, mêmes les plus anodines, sur des sujets factuels sont désormais transmises au bureau du ministre John Baird. Any questions, even the most innocuous on factual issues are now forwarded to the office of Minister John Baird. Lorsqu'on a appris, par exemple, que certains programmes de préservation de la faune avaient été abolis, il a été impossible d'en obtenir confirmation. When it was learned, for example, that some programs for the preservation of wildlife had been abolished, it was impossible to obtain confirmation.

Plus récemment, le ministère de la Défense a subi le même sort. More recently, the Ministry of Defence has suffered the same fate. L'automne dernier, une consigne du Conseil privé a été émise, obligeant les militaires à obtenir l'assentiment de fonctionnaires civils avant de divulguer des informations jugées «d'importance nationale» en ce qui concerne la guerre en Afghanistan. Last fall, a record of the Privy Council was issued, requiring the military to obtain the consent of civil servants before disclosing information deemed "national importance" in regard to the war in Afghanistan. À ce moment aussi, le gouvernement avait indiqué qu'il n'y avait «pas de changement de politique» et que la «coordination» avec le Conseil privé avait toujours existé. At this moment, the Government had indicated that there was "no change of policy" and that "coordination" with the Privy Council had always existed.

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