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Daily Digest April 20, 2008




No need to panic on BPA

Attacks on free trade are crowd-pleasers

One final dance for Three Amigos

Economy needs a break

Money won't solve problems


Keeping the home fires burning

Big Cod leaves military at a crossroads

McCain Supports North American Integration, League of Democracies

NAFTA the hot tune for amigos' last dance

North American Integration
Des sceptiques ont le Canada à l'oeil Some skeptics have Canada in its sights

U.S. border arrests lead to DNA samples

Clinton and Obama are not Canada's friends

Trapped in the spiral of easy debt

Bankrupt policies, empty stomachs

EU set to scrap biofuels target amid fears of food crisis:
The European commission is backing away from its insistence on imposing a compulsory 10% quota of biofuels in all petrol and diesel by 2020, a central plank of its programme to lead the world in combating climate change.

Chinese troops are on the streets of Zimbabwe's third city Mutare

Mbeki looks on sphinx-like while Zimbabwe simmers
As a mediator, Mbeki feels that he should stay neutral in the crisis
Forces that shaped South African leader make him resist pressure to tell Mugabe what to

Poppy harvest continues unabated in Helmand

Iranian, Afghan forces clash at border
The Associated Press (04/20/2008)
Afghan child among several dead in Taliban unrest: police
AFP (04/20/2008)
Taliban urge U.N. to block Afghan executions
Reuters (04/20/2008)
UK government backs militant reconciliation efforts on the Afghan-Pakistani border
Reuters (04/20/2008)
Scarred and depressed, more Afghans turn to drugs
Reuters (04/20/2008)
There is no quick-fix for Afghanistan
The Observer, UK (04/20/2008)
U.S. Commanders Seeking to Widen Pakistan Attacks
The New York Times (04/20/2008)
Answer Taliban terms: Pak envoy
Gulf Today (04/20/2008)
Khalilzad Changes Approach From Hawk to Bridge-Builder
The Washington Post (04/20/2008)
No Man's Land
Russia Profile, Russia (04/20/2008)
Pakistan more dangerous than Iraq?
Reuters (04/20/2008)
Afghan Commandos Emerge
The Washington Post (04/20/2008)
Afghan ministry denies evidence of depleted uranium
Reuters (04/20/2008)

Ontario's magic corn
Food shortages, questionable benefits downplayed as Dr. McGuinty hits the gas pedal on ethanol

In Quebec, the toxic myths are alive and, sadly, doing well

Maclean's case exposes Commission's flaws

Charest staging major comeback in Que.

Liberals weigh the merits of fighting the next federal election on Canada's changing mosaic

Voters see right through politicians who boast of 'transparency'
Series of accusations against Tories makes them look like Liberals

Ethanol Disaster Fuels World Hunger - Not Cars

Biofuels threat to environment, farms: activists
Group will be taking its message to Canadians in cross-country tour

Legislature is a place for politics, not prayer

The Fascinating World of Electoral Reform

Global Siege: The First Weapon of Mass Destruction

We hate to admit it, but girls and boys may be made of different stuff

The myth of the level playing field
Spending limits don't produce fairer elections, but they do hurt democracy


Le Mouvement Montréal français s'insurge contre le bilinguisme institutionnel

Intégration nord-américaine
Des sceptiques ont le Canada à l'oeil



Ali Shah Mauzloomyar, a tribal elder said government and international community spend millions of dollars for poppy destruction during the cultivation season but now when the crop is ripe for harvest they were silent spectators.


From: John Duddy
To: Richardson, Lee - Riding 1
Cc: ; ; ; Sharon Cairns ; Richard D. Brinkman ; nathan moulton ; David Orchard ; Connie Fogal ; Dion, Stéphane - M.P. ; ; Hehr, Kent ; ; ; ; Turner, Garth - Riding 1 ;
Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2008 2:00 PM
Subject: The Murder of 24 Canadians. (not in Mexico)

Greetings Mr. Richardson MP.

For months I did not email you or visit your Calgary office; I was in Mexico and Hawaii avoiding the winter snows.
I spent a month in Hawaii and saw a compelling documentary on TV showing that 9/11 was an inside job.
This was shown on channel 54 over and over again, daily for many days; it may still run today.

That article you sent to me, written by Rex Murphy pales when compared to a TV documentary showing architects,
engineers, military officers, European politicians and others pointing out that the official conspiracy is false.

Former Governor Jesse Ventura has been on TV in the last two weeks, stating his regret for not using his power
when governor of Minnesota to investigate the crime he recognised as a former US Navy Seal and demolition expert.

When in Maui I read that the Japanese Diet and European Parliament had debated the cover-up.

In my travels I met Peter Dale Scott, former Canadian Diplomat. Please read his material.

In Mexico I spent two evenings with David Griscom a member of the group, "Scholars for 9/11 truth and justice".
Read his bio here.

On returning to Calgary I found that MP Jack Layton stated that he knows Barrie Zwicker and has read the material
and that he saw the DVDs presented by the 9/11 truth movement.

Scroll down here.

Last year I gave you this material and mailed it to four party leaders.

I invited the Prime Minister to Vancouver or to send RCMP officers to see the evidence presented by Vancouver 9/11 truth.
I also gave the material to many MPs and Senators.

Now I understand that every Member of Parliament will get a full package with details of the cover-up.

I respectfully request that you read the material and ask the Prime Minister to launch an investigation.

See email below from your office.

I wish you, your colleagues in Parliament and your fine Calgary staff good health and strength to get to the bottom of this matter.

John Duddy.
Calgary Centre.

Copies to:-Garth Turner MP, Author Barrie Zwicker;Global Outlook;Senator Carstairs;Edmonton & Calgary 9/11 truth.
From: Richardson, Lee - Riding 1
To: jduddy@
Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2007 1:55 PM
Subject: From Lee Richardson MP Office

Good Afternoon Mr Duddy

Mr Richardson is unaware of specific investigations into the deaths of Canadians on 911
Lee Richardson, M.P.
Calgary Centre

From: "John Halonen"
Subject: Re: D.D. SPECIAL: S.P.P. Trilateral summit meeting

Thanks Joe.
    Your e-mail provides all with the information needed to make an informed decision, yet I for one have serious concerns as to the non debates that we have been party to.
    Our media which we know to be controlled by the elite and big business concerns have failed us ( All Canadians ), by not bringing this to a public venue.  While business organizations are justifiablly right in trying to have their shareholders earn more dollars they seem to have failed miserably in providing Canadian citizens with a total perspective.
    It is so important that we as Canadians have some control in our own destiny, yet this still appears to be a subject where individual input or concerns will never be granted.
John Halonen
     Just another example on the Media and Politicians not really caring about "We the people".

From: "Claudia Hudson"
Subject: Re: D.D. SPECIAL: S.P.P. Trilateral summit meeting

Thank you  for this
Please include under 'Criticsm' one of the very first voices against the NAU. Connie Fogal of CAP has been sharply defining the situation for a long time.
Also, Jerome Corsi of
 has been reporting to and writing books for Americans using both US and Canadian Government data under  Freedom of Information access
Even if we have many more people realizing the siituation, what do we do.?

From: Joe  Hueglin <>
Subject: Rhyfelgyrch Gwyr Harlech

From: "Mark Whittle"
Subject: RE: D.D. SPECIAL: S.P.P. Trilateral summit meeting

Hi Joe, I perused the SPP web site and there is a place where anyone can submit their comments if they want to. Also they have a section about myths and facts, as you pointed out, that is quite enlightening. Seems to be a lot of unfounded fear mongering going on surrounding this issue.
Mark-Alan Whittle, C.E.O.
Street Advisor Consulting

From: "Bernard J Finestone"
Subject: Re: D.D. SPECIAL: S.P.P. Trilateral summit meeting

Dear Joe,
With respect, you are now just playing semantic games. The real problems confronting the world today are too serious for silly games.
HCol  (Ret) Bernard J Finestone,  CD, CdeG

In the Digest a heading PRESSURE POINTS was established.

Fear mongering (to use Mark-Alan's word) is rife in the world
to-day: fear of terrorists, of avian flu, of climate change.

What other problems the world faces, unless it be the newest
one of fear of starvation caused at least in part by actions
related to global warming, I know not, but am prepared to be

Concerns of mine are neither new nor global in nature.

The manifest destiny of Canada becoming under the control
of the United States of America has been a constant since
their rebellion succeeded.

Just as now there are those who would erase our, until the
American over reaction to the events of September 11, 2001,
undefended border for their own economic gains.

There have been Annexationist movements of Canada in the
past. ,
there will be in the future.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership is not of such a nature.
Incremental rather than tectonic as its pieces are put into place
there is a stirring of the moment, then once more minds and
emotions of most Canadians are stilled.

There is to my knowledge, and again I stand to be enlightened,
no "stakeholders" other than those whose interests are under
the most excellent and effective stewardship of Thomas D'Aquino
have been an approached to sit with those governing Canada
and have input itno directions being taken.

Such actions from those who solemnly promised transparency
and accountability must be challenged.

Each of us fights for the Canada we would have it be.

For some warring in Kandahar is silly . Not only silly but
without a purpose affecting Canada, like unto a game of
chess in which Canadian Forces could be likened to a pawn,
were it not for the cost in lives and in broken bodies and minds.

The silly game concerning the SPP is for some of more long 
lasting consequence than what happens in Afghanistan. Our
Canada will survive no matter what happens over there but
will it should the fullest aims of a security perimeter around
North America with internal harmonization be achieved?

Enough for now,

        Joe Hueglin
        Canadian Canadian


9:30 a.m. – Prime Minister Stephen Harper will depart for New Orleans, Louisiana to participate in the North American Leaders' Summit.

From: "Don Keir"
Subject: Re: Daily Digest April 19, 2008

Hi Joe::
It appears to me that Phyllis Wagg describes the situation in Canada rather accurately in her piece, "Rant for the Daily Digest".
In the same vein, if anyone would like the same type of view for the whole planet I suggest the book "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group." by Daniel Estulin. Did you know that it was intended that Canada should break up and English Canada should be joined to the bankrupt USA by 2005? According to this book that is the way it was planned.
Don Keir

From: "Claudia Hudson"
Subject: cartoons which say it all

From: "Real Gagne"
Subject: Re: Daily Digest April 19, 2008


Like you, I no idea what the facts are in the case of the Elections-Canada motivated raid by the RCMP on the headquarters of the Conservative Party.

However, unlike you, I have no blind faith in either of these institutions. Elections Canada has a well-known history of attempting to suppress free speech so an attack on the Conservative Party is not beyond the realm of possibility. Similarly, the RCMP itself has been mired in any number of scandals since they conspired to blow up barns in rural Quebec years ago so, again, I would not categorically rule out corruption. For the time being, I'm prepared to reserve judgment on this until it gets sorted out in the courts.

In a similar vein, in this DD Phyllis Wagg excoriates the current Conservative government for challenging the authority of "various arms lengths institutions" to act as they see fit irrespective of the wishes of Parliament. Applied in practice, such a stance would relegate Parliament to no more than a funding mechanism for such "arms lengths bodies." As for me, I much prefer to place my trust any day in the elected representatives of this country (no matter how ineffective they sometimes are) over un-elected, empire-building, secretive bureaucracies.

In like manner, she takes the current federal government to task for promoting divisions in the country and "deep integration" with the United States. From my perspective, both of these alleged developments were born of initiatives taken by the Mulroney Conservatives, including the Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accord disasters as well as the FTA and NAFTA.

I'm hardly a fan of the Harper government, but he cannot be blamed for what Mulroney and company inflicted on this country. He's not perfect by any means, but in my view is by far the best of a rather mediocre bunch who warm the chairs in Parliament.


Subject: Here goes with Georgia ...
From: "Efstratios Psarianos"

Hi, Joe.
After that Ukraine and Georgia proposed-admission fiasco at NATO, the scheisse begins to hit the fan.
1. What the hell did the Bush Administration THINK would come out of proposing Georgia's way being opened to NATO admission? Apart, from greatly increasing dangers of war in the region by giving Georgia an unconditional guarantee of its borders?
2. Were Georgia within NATO, would other NATO members REALLY be ready to go to war if its borders are violated? If not, wouldn't declarations of war becoming conditional gravely weaken (and potentially cripple NATO)? Just look at what's started happening .. and at NATO's response so far (i.e., nothing).
3. It's all very nice for Georgian politicians to wish that NATO extend it a geopolitical insurance policy. But given that Russia is right next door, that Russia's core region isn't that far away, and that NATO's is, they strike me as reckless in their effort to get that insurance policy at the price of making the disaster that it's meant to avert that much more likely.
In a situation like this, diplomacy and sanctions are the best tools to use. In the short run, sanctions will be much less effective than at other times because Russia is awash in oil-and-gas cash. But even then, sanctions take a bite of Russia's economy if things get out of hand.
The point I'm trying to make is that security doesn't arise only from having a friendly government present in a given country. And in this case, it would arise from keeping Russia OUT of Georgia, not by having ourselves IN it.
P.S. And what the hell did the CPC think it was doing when it supported the Bush Administration's push to get Ukraine on the future admissions list? The particular danger there is insurrection and partition.
From frozen to boiling
Apr 17th 2008

Georgia in the firing line: who's watching?

DON'T give Georgia a firm promise of NATO membership, the argument went at the alliance's recent summit in Bucharest, because it will provoke the Kremlin. If that was a calculated risk, it now appears mistaken. Russia is stepping up its political representation in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, two breakaway enclaves in Georgia that it has supported for the past 15 years, as well as its recognition of their legal system.

Just before the NATO summit, Georgia came out with a peace plan which-had it been offered a few years ago-would have counted as a magnanimous attempt to restart the blocked negotiations. It offered Abkhazia wide-ranging autonomy in return for talks on other contested issues. But the timing made it look like a gimmick, and it fell flat.

Now the Kremlin has taken the initiative, with neat double-edged argument. The first is aimed at Georgia: by moving towards NATO, you are provoking us, so take the consequences. The second is aimed at NATO: if you really want to take Georgia under your wing, you will have to worry about direct military conflicts with us. So beware.  . . .