Thursday, March 13, 2008


                                            Al Heisey and I have been in contact with each other on and off since 1968. 
                                            The advent of e-mail and inexpensive long distance calling has increased
                                            communication beyond what could have been dreamt of 40 years ago.
                                             HEISEY><HUEGLIN is an interchange that may end with this post, or not.
                                                     I hope not.



At 01:12 AM 09/03/2008, Joe Hueglin wrote:

The following post came to me.  The person sending it thought it was being sent to The Conservative Party of Canada, unaware that is the address of a continuing progressive-conservative party.

At 08:44 AM 10/03/2008, alan heisey wrote:
j, i take great exception to your delusion that your dance band is a "continuing progressive conservative party". i think that is a complete misrepresentation since that brand is a lively part of the conservative party of canada. i suspect it might be "actionable", as the lawyers say, and i would avoid it in future.

by the way why don't you dancers have a final email conference, bewail the failings of the conservative government and probably all the other political parties of the right and left and disappear in a sheet of blue flame up your old reliables!?  what pretensions!!! cz

Hize you are correct in stating federally there is no continuing Progressive Conservative Party because on December  7, 2003 the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, in which those styling themselves Red and Blue and Purple Tories interacted to arrive at consensus, ceased to exist.

On Sunday, December 7, 2003 the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada (CEO) recognized "Conservative Party of Canada" as the official name of a political party.

On January 12, 2004 he denied registration of the name Progressive Conservative Party of Canada on the basis the electorate might be confused by two parties with Conservative in their official names. 

Those believing in the desirability of maintaining a progressive-conservative party as an option for Canadians set in motion "Plan B". The outcome was registration
of the Progressive Canadian Party, with PC Party the Party's name on the ballot, as can be viewed on the Elections Canada website "Registered Political Parties and Parties Eligible for Registration" .

What I wrote in the March 9th Daily Digest was "the address of a continuing progressive-conservative party,".

The term progressive-conservative relates to a conservative political philosophy, as do the terms neo-conservative, social-conservative, theo-conservative. All are terms describing differentiating belief sets among those considering themselves "conservative". The Christian Heritage (CHP), Conservative (CPC) and Progressive Canadian (PCP) Parties are the political names for these disparate "conservative" groups which put forth their beliefs through political action.

You write that you think terming the Progressive Canadian Party a "continuing progressive conservative party," "is a complete misrepresentation since that brand is a lively part of the conservative party of canada.

The two parties that ceased to exist with the registration of the CPC by their Leaders on December 7, 2003 are termed "legacy parties." I pose this question to you (and to others sharing your thinking): what do you see as supporting your view that the progressive conservative "brand is a lively part" of the Conservative Party of Canada?"

Following is the positioning of the Progressive Canadian Party, details to be presented should this dialogue continue.


"The Progressive Canadian Party (PC Party) is a registered federal political party comprised of progressive-conservative minded Canadians rebuilding from the roots of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

We hold a set of values and a philosophy held by a great many Canadians. We are proud of the rich history of this Canadian progressive-conservative approach. "