Friday, February 08, 2008

Daily Digest February 8, 2008



ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - Psst! Wanna buy some snake oil?

CORNER BROOK WESTERN STAR - Is this the start of an oil boom?

HALIFAX CHRONICLE HERALD - Budget bundle a failed tactic

AMHERST DAILY NEWS - A speed bump we don't need

TORONTO STAR - ... and a reason we lag

NATIONAL POST - How Harper Checkmated Dion

TORONTO SUN - How to fix halls of shame

NIAGARA FALLS REVIEW - Drugging and driving

WINDSOR STAR - After Nemak
The news is grim and the outlook poor -- another
plant closure in a city with one of the highest
unemployment rates in the country.

SUDBURY STAR - U.S. Iraq-war deserters should be welcomed

School breeds more solitudes

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Tory goon act hurts Canada's image in world

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Oh all right, Ottawa! Hold your election

LETHBRIDGE HERALD - Better, but hardly ideal

VANCOUVER SUN - Tagging citizens electronically is out of place in a democracy

VANCOUVER PROVINCE - Justice takes back seat in puzzling pot-plant ruling


'My men don't want to come back after 2009'
Much remains to be done in Kandahar, soldiers and civilians agree

Military fast-tracking plan to lease aerial drones
Critics say government should just buy the craft outright

U.S. Confiscating Data at the Border

Bid to buy Air Canada

Private sector to fund, run nuclear plant
AECL plans new model of ownership for proposed
reactor in New Brunswick; consortium would sell power

Economy adds slew of new jobs

The 10/10 tax cut plan

Minister of lower expectations
We don't expect tax cuts because we were told not to

Rewarding stagnation
Unfair tax breaks produce an excess of inefficent small firms

Putin warns new arms race is under way

Ceasefire: A lull before the storm

NATO meeting ends with hints, but no commitments for reinforcements

It's safe to resume handover of captured Taliban, Canada told

Nato at pains to dismiss Afghan tensions

France ready to help Canada in Afghanistan
MacKay's blunt message pressures NATO allies

The US and UK have been urging other Nato
countries to share more of the combat burden in the south of Afghanistan.
BBC correspondents sum up viewpoints from
different troop-contributing countries to the international military operation.

A high-level Canadian delegation has been sent to
France to sound out a possible offer to support
Canadian troops in Afghanistan, officials said.

Heed Canada's Afghan ultimatum, Gates urges
'Certainly be a setback if Canada left': U.S. Defence Secretary

Diplomat oversees help for Afghan civilians

Afghans speak out on Nato and security
As Nato discusses the nature of its future
mission in Afghanistan, people across the country
discuss aspects of daily life and the impact of foreign troops.

<>Freedom for women
and women
<>Rural hardship
<>Urban poverty
<>Life in the North

Taliban, al-Qaeda on the run: Bush
linked to defeating
proposes huge aid to
bears brunt of Kabul's
Karzai: 'Ive been
vows justice will be done 'in the right way' for Pervez
A lull before the storm
chief says Afghan government must
border province angry Kabul 'doesn't bother'
defends his government
walks fine line in Europe to seek Afghan
Solution in Afghanistan?
quagmire can sink Nato

New drug rules pose grave risks: critics

Marijuana ruling riles B.C. Solicitor-General
British Columbia's top police official wonders
whether the courts want police to wait while
criminals "lock and load" their weapons before
officers move in to execute a search warrant.

Judge blasts Ottawa on Afghan detainees

Harems pay off for Muslims
Islamic leaders: Hundreds in GTA get extra welfare for polygamous unions

Equalization hurts Ontario, expert warns

Que. reverses ban on smoking outside prisons

Ottawa kinfolk's secret visit

Harper and Premier Charest hold private meeting in Quebec City

Tories set on effecting spring vote
Crime bill becomes third potential trigger

Tories, Liberals in dead heat as Conservative support slips

For more details of the poll and methodology, go to

Canucks cooling to idea of Tory majority

PM denies supporting `open-ended' commitment

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C.B.C.>Tories seek to extend Afghan mission to 2011 in confidence motion
Dion says he can't accept motion, but won't say
whether vote will bring Harper down

C.T.V.>Tories introduce motion to extend Afghan mission

REUTERS - Canada plans to extend Afghan mission to 2011

C.P.>Tories introduce Afghan confidence motion

Dion should be able to buy into Afghan motion, if he wants to

Election could come if no compromise on Afghanistan, Dion says
Demands troop help, new equipment

Afghanistan vote, budget present election triggers
Liberal Leader Stephane Dion says he will propose
amendments to the motion the Conservatives will
put forward on the future of Canada's role in

MP to Dion: Change war policy
Thibault wants parties to agree on length of Afghan mission

Liberals paper over internal divisions on Afghan combat mission

Liberals rip bully tactics
Confidence motion over crime bill

Tories put election on the line for crime legislation
Facing 'insane' deadline, Senate agrees to extend
hours and cancel its February recess

Tories push for vote on crime bill
Election Trigger; Liberal leader Dion says party
will not fall for 'juvenile trick'

Tories set traps for Liberals
Dion says he won't get tricked into election as
PM sets votes on crime, budget and Afghanistan

Tories reject justice bill amendment
The Conservative government doesn't care about
Quebec's English community, a Liberal MP charged
yesterday after the government rejected
amendments to a bill that Quebec's bar
association has warned could undermine the rights
of Anglophones to criminal trials in English.

Feds warned early in crisis

Harper government gave other untendered contracts to former Harris aide

MPs' wish list too expensive, Tories say

Officials were warned on isotopes, panel told

Election campaign bound to highlight debate on Kandahar mission

Reject this wedge issue
Election over mission would encourage Taliban

All not lost for Stephane Dion

Flushing out the Liberals

There will no winners in an election over Afghanistan

Mulroneys' spending habits left a bad taste with former chef

Privacy czars want condition on new IDs
As Canadians cross border, data on enhanced
driver's licences should not cross with them, statement says

Biofuels very un-green: studies

Suzuki jail talk draws fire

Canadian pettiness is showing

No side of Commons has a monopoly on patriotism

No wonder governments stonewall

SPP and Operation Enduring Freedom

Cities asking Ottawa to think of them in the Budget

We need leaders who stir our souls and are not just political operatives

Confidence in nuclear power shattered by blame game
The Chalk River shutdown is only the start unless
we cure the industry's systemic ills

Harper présente sa motion sur la mission en Afghanistan; Dion la rejette

La France envisagerait un engagement accru en Afghanistan

Québec n'a pas été invité à la rencontre sur la biodiversité à Rome

Les détenus pourront fumer dans les cours des prisons du Québec

Les villes demandent à Ottawa de penser à elles au moment du budget

Le Canada demande une réponse à l'OTAN concernant les renforts

Le Canada demande une réponse à l'OTAN concernant les renforts

Le gouvernement intensifie ses efforts pour faire passer sa loi sur le crime

Stephen Harper sollicite une rencontre avec Jean Charest à Québec

Tête à tête Harper-Charest

Une prolongation de près de 3 ans

Maoeuvres conservatrices: c'est assez, estime Dion

Dion approuve le site d'injections sécuritaire de Vancouver

Internet? Dépassé. La vraie révolution approche.


"I'd like to see a little more good faith on both
sides, the Conservative and us, to see if we
can't come up with a reasonable compromise."

Cullen questioned why Manley and Harper believe
the "magical" number of 1,000 additional NATO
troops is sufficient. And he said he's concerned
that neither will put an end date on the mission.

Still, he said he's not yet convinced it's
realistic to insist that Canadian soldiers play
strictly a non-combat role after next February, as Dion proposes.

"I need to better understand how you can build
roads and hospitals and schools and not be
involved in combat of some kind," he said.

"In the heat of the action, if you're building a
road and you're being rained upon by mortars or
rockets or grenades or whatever, it's a fine line
it seems to me sometimes what's combat and what